It was a normal day in the village of Konoha as our three heroes met on the usual bridge.

"Good morning Sakura Chan" Naruto said as he came up on the bridge.

"Oh good morning Naruto" Sakura said as she turned to look at him.

The two waited on the bridge for a while longer then Sasuke came up on the bridge.

"GOOD MORNING SASUKE KUN". She yelled out at the top of her lungs.

He just gave a "hmph" and turned and went to the opposite side of the bridge.

"Hey jerk say hi at least!" Naruto said now getting mad that he just blew Sakura off.

"........Make me." Sasuke said bluntly.

Naruto let out a low growl ant took a step forward "Finally I thought you'd never ask" Naruto said as he cracked his knuckles and continued to walk forward. He suddenly stopped as he felt a hand take a hold on his own hand. He turned around to see that it was Sakura who grabbed his hand.

"Sakura Chan..........." He quietly as a blush crept up on his face said.

"Just forget about it Naruto" She said with a sad tone.
Naruto didn't want to upset her more so he respected her wishes. The three of them waited for another two hours or so until Kakashi finally showed up. "Sorry I had to help an old lady cross the street." He said, he was met with his usual chew out by Naruto and Sakura. "But I would never lie to my subordinates..." He said trying to defend him self.

"Uh huh sure you wouldn't" Sakura said slyly.

"O...k.... now we have a few reports about a strange golden haired man appearing out of thin air and destroying anything that he can." Kakashi said as he paused for a couple of seconds then he continued. "But the way he destroys things isn't by punching or kicking, he uses energy blasts." Kakashi finished.

"He uses what" Naruto said in a shocked tone "Is it any thing like my Resengan?" Naruto asked.
"Kind of I guess, but he doesn't have to do the special stuff you have to do." Kakashi said. " Oh well isn't he lucky." Naruto said as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Wait a minute" Sakura cut in "What the heck is a Resengan?" she asked

" Oh yeah you guys haven't seen me do the Resengan have you?" he said. " Okay well I'll try to explain it." He said as he put his hand to his chin." Well the Resengan is like a swirling ball of pure charka and I can use it to hurt my enemies........really.....really hurt my enemies." He finished.

"O...k....." Both Kakashi and Sakura said.

"Well Naruto you will have to show Sakura later" Kakashi said.

"Anyways back to the weird destroyer guy" Kakashi said. "He has been appearing for a couple hours every day for the last week and now we're being called in." Naruto walked forward and began to talk. " Well why weren't we called in before did the villagers think it was just a common gang?" He asked. " I guess so but I now I guess they got to a point where they could rule that out." Kakashi said

"Well what told then that it wasn't just a common gang?" Sakura asked

"Maybe that fact that whenever this guy came all the common gangs ran away." Kakashi said "Oh well ok then." Sakura said.

"Well when do we leave and where are we going" Sasuke asked. "We aren't going anywhere this vandeliser guy is right here in Konoh ." Kakashi Said

"He is, why haven't we heard about him or seen him yet?" Naruto asked. "Well probably because he always apears on the other side of the village." Kakashi said. "Oh but like I asked before why haven't we heard of him before?" Naruto asked again. "Probably because the Hokage didn't want to alarm the villagers." Kakashi said but then he continued. "But now we've found that he is getting closer and closer to us and now Hokage wants us to go and intercept min before he gets in here and find out who he is." Kakashi finished.

"Well ok go home and pack up we are going to be staying in a hotel so dont bring to much Sakura it's not like we're going into the Forest of death or anything." Kakashi said.

Two hours later

"Okay Kakashi we're ready!" Naruto said exitedly. " What are you so happy about?" Sakura asked. "I'm happy becuase I'll be able to kick this guys ass for what he's done to Konoha!" He replied. "Oh okay then" Sakura said.

"Well lets get moving." Kakashi said and with that they were off.

end chapter one

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