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Chapter 11: Finally

"So, Sands," Adrianna said, settling herself comfortably on his bed. "What's new?"

"Stop with your fucking games," snarled Sands.

"So demanding," Adrianna laughed. "But then, I guess that's part of your charm."

"Get to the point," said Sands. He stood and began pacing again. "Alison."

"Alison," Adrianna repeated, nodding. "Well, she's doing fine. She's healing quite nicely. We had a little chat earlier, during which she was very calm. I admire that."

Sands just grunted.

"She's pretty, Sands," she continued. "I don't think she's up to your standards, though."

"What do you want for her?" Sands interrupted.

"Whatever do you mean?" Adrianna asked, feigning innocence.

Sands paused briefly in his pacing to glare in her direction.

"Alright, alright," laughed Adrianna. "Maybe all I want is to cause you pain. To get back at you."

"You've already done that," Sands pointed out.

"True," reasoned Adrianna. "I'm just not sure how far I want to take it."

"You almost killed the love of my life," snapped Sands, stopping his pacing but staying standing. "I think that's far enough."

"The love of your life?" mocked Adrianna. "Jesus, Sands. What's happened to you?"

"What will it take to get her back?" Sands asked, ignoring what she'd said.

"I'll be reasonable," said Adrianna. "Make sure your CIA pals stay off my back and keep yourself off my territory. If I never see you again, it'll be too soon."

"The feeling's mutual," hissed Sands.

"No need for that, Agent Sands," Adrianna said calmly. "Focus on the terms."

"It's done," Sands said. "Just give her back."

"Certainly," Adrianna stood and walked to the door. "Sit down, Agent Sands. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back with Alison in a few hours. If you're good and don't do anything stupid, like call the cops, no one needs to get hurt."

She sauntered out the door and closed it behind her. As soon as she'd left, Sands slammed the wall and let out a feral yell.

Adrianna smiled smugly as she heard the shout. She called a cab and was driven to the police station. There, she picked up her car and drove to the barn that stood above her hideout. Once there, Adrianna quickly made her way through the underground hallways until she reached Alison's room. She entered soundlessly and found the young woman sitting on the bed, looking alert and bored. She stood when Adrianna walked in.

"When do I get to leave?" Alison asked urgently.

"Very soon," Adrianna replied smoothly. "But first, I need to check your wound."

For a second, Alison couldn't understand what she was talking about, but then she remembered the shot. She remembered the airport, and Sands talking to her, and watching everything go dark.

"Wait," Alison said and Adrianna gently examined her stomach. "What even happened to me?"

"You were shot," Adrianna said.

"I know that," Alison said, rolling her eyes. "I mean afterwards. I remember passing out and then waking up here. What happened in between?"

"Well," Adrianna began. "After you were shot, my friends and I left, but we didn't go far. We watched as Sands attempted to stop your bleeding, as you eventually lost consciousness. Two of my friends "persuaded" Sands to step away from you while my third friend picked you up. They then knocked Sands out and we brought you here."

"You left him unconscious in the airport?" Alison gasped.

"He's fine," Adrianna said, not answering the question. "Once you arrived here, a doctor associate of mine fixed you up." She straightened up. "Your healing is going as planned. Now, we need to go."

Alison didn't say anything but stood still as Adrianna put a blindfold around her eyes.

"I can't risk you giving away this location," she explained as she led Alison outside and into her car. She helped her inside and jumped into the driver's seat before starting the engine.

The car ride was silent. Adrianna reached the motel quickly and gently led Alison to Sands' room. She knocked on the door. Sands came to it instantly and Adrianna took off Alison's blindfold.

"Sands," Alison whispered as she laid eyes on him.

"Nice doing business with you, Agent Sands," Adrianna said before returning to her car and leaving the two alone.

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