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Somewhere lost in literature's journey, his hand had sought the weight deposited in his lap, and his hands relinquished to the itch that had been plaguing them since the first contact. He unconsciously massaged her calves through her jean-covered legs, feeling the relaxed muscles beneath his touch.

A moan halted anymore movements, and his eyes worriedly travelled to her resting form; not fearing any injury on her part, but more frightened of his reactions, having just heard one of the sexiest sounds that fortune had bestowed upon his ears. A slight grin paved way for the expected reaction, but his hands refused to stop their massaged ministerings, claiming jurisdiction from mid-thigh all the way to her toes.

He glanced out the window, seeing the lit city of Montreal down below, casting a warming glow beneath the clouds. He glanced over at the sleeping strawberry-blonde beside him and smiled lightly, selfishly wanting to see her face light-up, mirroring the array of neons shinning proud from down below. He reached over, one hand conformed around her leg, while the other gently took hold of her arm, that was draped across her exposed tummy. "Cath..."

She blinked awake, awaiting for his form to shy away from her blurred vision. Once clarity stepped forth, she tilted her head to the side, slightly grumpy from the sudden wake up call. "What?"

He nodded towards the window, and then turned back to her; a personal giddy feeling anticipating her own excitement. "Granted, it's not like Vegas but..." He trailed off, suddenly feeling foolish for waking her up to see the city lights.

She smiled her thanks, and still curled up, leaned over his body, bracing herself with her elbows on his thighs. She took in the lights, though not as grand as Vegas but still carrying an art of their own. A youthful feeling graced her soul, and she could no longer curb the smile that kept tugging at her lips until it became a full-fledged gratitude. "Thanks." She mumbled, her eyes soaking up as much of the city night-life as possible.

Gil swallowed a moan upon feeling her breast graze the side of his leg. He sat there, staring at her while she commented about the beauty of the city; he making his own parallel to her words.

Her eyes began to pull close and instead of reverting back to her previous position, she dropped her head in his lap, claiming it as her new pillow.

He held his breath, eyes kissed with uncertainty. Nervously chewing his lower lip, he finally managed to calm himself, deciding to continue reading in order to escape sweet torture, now laying with temptation. Opening his book, he flipped over to his last page, willing his mind to focus on the words and not on the sensations.

Minutes spilled to hours and Gil found his busy hand once agains roaming towards her form, however this time seeking the silk curls of her hair. Eyes still scanning the words, his fingers relished in the feel as they danced among the strands, towards her hair's tips. Reaching the book's end, he closed it and then looked down, taking in the serenity of her slumber.

A half-smile adorned his lips, realizing that tenderness can be present, due to her unconscious position. He ignored the numbness in his legs, and just stared down at her strawberry-blonde curls, fanned out around her. Chancing intimacy, he strokes a finger down the side of her cheek, enjoying the softness of her skin, while keeping his other hand a willing captive in the tangles of her hair. Control withered and his finger dared to rest longer against her skin, even tempting to dance across her full lips. He sucked in a deep breath as he gave into temptation, running his finger across her lower lip, feeling the arousing repercussions stir in the south.

Catherine moaned, stretching her limbs as she semi-awoke from her deep sleep. Eyes still closed, she exhaled a loud sigh and turned on her other side, now facing his body.

He tried to mould his body to the seat that supported him, wanting to be completely absorbed into the material. There, in his lap, was Catherine; her warm breath hitting his evident arousal. He tried once again, pushing himself further back against the seat, all the whilst avoiding waking her sleeping form. His biggest error was letting his eyes slip shut, as images of arousing intent filtered through his mind.

His eyes snapped open, realizing his inappropriate behaviour and he gently roused the sleeping beauty. Chance was on his side as he heard the captain announce their approach to Heathrow. Letting out a sigh, he placed a hand on Catherine's hip, gently rousing her. "Cath..."

Catherine turned on her back, staring up at the man that awoke her. "More lights?" She asked, taking in a deep breath in a poor attempt to wake her senses.

Gil chuckled, and glanced out the window. "We're approaching the airport." He offered her a smile, his eyes lingering on the exposed skin of her tummy. His fingers twitched, and his eyes flicked to her inquisitive stare. Moments of silence twirled by, each battling for answers to questions they both feared to ask.

Catherine watched as his mouth parted slightly, and could almost imagine the thin weave of air travelling in with his inhalation and then exhaled back out, dissipating around her. She wanted to feel that breath against her skin, she wanted him to tell her that breath was only rationed for her pleasure. She knew he was preparing to speak, and her brain alerted her ears, preparing to hopefully hear a fact that she had been waiting their whole frienship to hear.

"My legs are numb."

Both CSIs frowned at his statement, but remained still none the less.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Welcome to London, England, the time is 11:45pm and the forecast for tonight is slightly foggy with a small chance of light showers. I ask you to buckle up as we make our decent to Heathrow Airport. Thank you for flying British Airways."

Catherine pushed herself off from his lap and settled back into her chair. She buckled the belt, while watching her best-friend stretch his legs discreetly. "You could have woken me up earlier if you were that uncomfortable."

He gave her a wink, dismissing her guilt. "It's no problem, don't worry. Besides, it was a very peaceful ride."

Her mouth dropped open in mock disbelief as he uncharacteristically poked fun at her. "Wise guy..." She muttered under her breath as she felt the plane begin its descent. She glanced over, and flashed him a thankful smile upon seeing his hand offered to her. Placing her in his, she closed her eyes and leaned back, feeling the plane tip downwards.

After having finished checking out their suitcases, Catherine and Gil stood outside the airport, breathing in the refreshing drizzled air. They were about to step into an awaiting cab when they heard a scream echoing from the alley beside the airport. Picking up their suitcases, both CSIs rushed towards the direction of the terrorized scream, stopping short behind a woman in hysterics.

Catherine stepped in front of her, ushering the terrified flight attendant away from the crime scene, while Gil stood in place, staring down at the victim. Catherine walked up to him, standing close by his side, and pressed her head shoulder, looking away from the horrific scene.

Gil sighed, shaking his head, his eyes trailing over the dead body, taking in the slashed throat, the shredded clothes and the concentration of blood near her genital area. He dropped his head to chest, though his eyes never strayed from the mutilated woman. "Macky's back in town..."