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The Phoenix Child


Harry Potter smiled at his two best friends although sadly, he had just come to # 12 for the first time since Sirius' death.

"Come on Harry my brothers made a new candy with Ginny, they call it Bat Balls turns you into a bat and everything" came the voice of Harry's friend Ron.

"Oh Ron he just got in, let him rest for a bit" Hermione huffed at Ron. Harry gave a graceful glance at her. He couldn't help it but he had started thinking of her than more than a friend.

"Okay but let's go to your room"

The trio got to Harry's room. On the way there they saw the start of a meeting "I wish I could got to the meeting Fred and George still can't join mum won't let them" Ron shook his head trying to get rid of the memory of THAT discussion. They laid on his bed and talked for a while about their summers, when the twins and Ginny came in.

"Hey Harry"

"Hey guys" they played with the twin's new candies, Bat Balls and Plastering Pumpkins, when they heard a large THUMP.

"What was that?" Ginny asked from her place by Fred.

"Don't know, let's go see" Ron stood up and looked though Harry's trunk; he looked for a minute and came up with Harry's Invisibility cloak. "Here that should hold us all" the six wrapped themselves around the cloak and snuck downstairs. When they got downstairs they could not believe the sight the met their eyes.

Mad Eye Moody had their Potions professor up on the wall with his feet almost leaving the floor. Moody's hand wrapped around his neck slowly cutting off any and all air. But what had really got them was the look of terror on their most controlled professor's face. His long fingers trying to pry Moody's from his neck. Most if not all of the order was there at what was happening just standing there.

"Snape we as an order can't trust you, we don't know why you came over in the first place, and you could be Voldermort's spy for we know not Albus' "

"I'm true to Albus, you don't have to know why" Snape spat out in his true fashion, but his voice was weak and raspy.

"But I don't, I need proof I can't take your word"

"MOODY!!!!" McGonagall scolded and tried to pry his hands from her collogues neck.

"Minerva you can't tell me you don't have doubts about him, he's a Death Eater" Moody's hands had dropped to his sides and in a flash of black Snape was on the floor trying to catch his breath while backing away into a far corner.

"No I have never and never will have doubts about Severus, you're very lucky that Albus is not here." She looked toward the others turning her back on Moody. "And you all" pining a glare worthy of Snape to everyone. "Can't even help, as you stand by and watch oneof the most dedicated Phoenixers, one that risks his life every single time he gets us information so we can stay one step ahead of Voldermort!!!" She had been scolding them, Moody moved unnoticed towards Snape slowly as not to alert Snape to his presence he aimed his wand at his crouching form. "Harry look!" Hermione nudged him "Moody's going to curse Snape" Mrs. Weasley had also seen him because she yelled "MOODY NO!!!!" everyone looked back to Mad-Eye and Snape just in time to hear Moody yell "Viewus Pensive" at the same time Albus Dumbledore apperated in........

This is just the prologue all other chaps will be MUCH longer.