A Bittersweet Christmas


"I…I moved back to Gryffindor"

"Wha…What? Lils, Lily why?"

Lily put her head down again.

"I was because of James wasn't it, your bloody in love with my twin brother, mind you, he's tried to kill me! Several times"

"James offered protection to you if I went back, I'm sorry"

"You're doing this so I can be safe?"

"Yes, please understand"

"I'll try, thanks Lily"

End Recap

A Bittersweet Christmas

The next day all the students left for the winter hols other than the ones who were staying, the marauders other than Remus had left. And most if not all of the school were gone, because of this the Headmaster put everyone in one Dormitory for the hols. Jasmine was let out that day...well she was smuggled out of the hospital wing by Sev, Lily, Shaunna and Remus. So she could enjoy the winter scene of Hogwarts. The five of them sat by the lake just content in each others presence.

Jasmine who sat between Sev and Remus turned to the teen werewolf "Hey Remy?"

"What Jazz?"

"How was the transformation? I was knocked out all last week"

And it was true Remus had transformed two days after her accident and to tell the truth Remus was still feeling the effects, but he wouldn't worry his little 'sister'.

"Fine, I had no problem"

Shaunna turned her head she was seated at the end of Lily and looked straight at Remus giving a stare that told him that sh didn't believe him at all.

Jasmine noticed the look that her big 'sister' was giving her big 'brother' and her sighed "Remus, stop lying they're getting worse" Her eyes looked towards the frozen lake, then looked at Remus with happy eyes "but don't worry we've been working on something for them ever since we found out in third year, right guys?" She smiled and the other couldn't help but join in.

Lily was the next to speak "Hey who else is staying here?"

Shaunna answered "From Ravenclaw: two seventh years Kratos Aurion ,and Anna Irving, and a third year, Genis Sage.

From Hufflepuff: a first year Colette Brunel, a third year Martel Angel, and me.

No one from Gyffindor other than Lily and Remus.

And from Slytherin a first year: Katlin Shields, Sev, and Jazz."

Lily and Jasmine shared looks before jumping up and down "We have the whole place to ourselves COOL!"

The others shook their heads at the girls antics, at the group made their way up to the castle, tomorrow they would go to Hogsmead for Christmas shopping.

Around lunchtime everyone in third year or up made there way to Hogsmead, other than Severus and Jasmine, they first off didn't have money at all due to their 'care takers' and they each wanted to tell each other something. So when Sev met Jazz in one of the towers they both blushed. They stood side by side feeling the winds play with their raven black hair. Jasmine looked at her friend wondering how handsome he would look without the curse-wait handsome? Did she just think that, but he was even with the curse- great she was falling in love with her best friend! How could things get any worse? "Damn!"

"What's the matter Mine?" Severus looked at her in concern.

"Nothing" But inside she was cursing herself. Why? Why did he call her that..that name Mine, every time he said it, it made her insides squirm like butterflies-- Damn.

"Jasmine" Severus called and when she was out of La La Land spoke not looking at her but outwards towards the sky.

"Jasmine we've been friends since we met on the train, and you have been best friend, one on who I can share anything with, and I wanted to say thank you"

"You don't have to thank me, you did the same things for me, I should be thanking you."

"No I have to thank the one I lo-nothing"

"What was that Sev?" He couldn't have started to say what she thought she heard could he... love her?

"Nothing Jazz"

"Well then I have something to tell you then...I think I'm falling in love with you"

Severus stood there stunned, the Slytherin Princess known as Jasmine Potter was falling in love with him, HIM! Severus smiled and hugged Jasmine he bent down to whisper in her ear "I think I'm falling in love with you too" And they shared their very first kisses...with each other.

When the others got back they could see that something had changed between the two, but they left them alone...for now. A few days later it was Christmas day every one opened presents in the common room, the Ravenclaw Kratos had proposed to his girlfriend Anna and everyone congratulated the pair. Lily had gotten several items including a book from James titled "HELP! MY NAME IS A FLOWER". Remus got from Shaunna a journal, that on the cover was a silver wolf, and under it was his name. He thanked her and handed her, her present from him, it was a dream writer, it records any dream you may have so you can interpret the dream.

"So Remus does it record naughty dreams?" Shaunna asked smirking. Remus turned red while everyone else were on the floor laughing. Jasmine had given Sev a green scarf which she had made herself. She put it around his neck and sat back down but not before she kissed him on the cheek for the silver Celtic rose pendant he had made with magic. Now it was his turn to blush while the others called out catcalls and cheers.

The group made their way to the Great Hall, for Christmas dinner where they all ate with cheer along with the teachers, when a black crow flew into the Hall, everyone stopped eating. Black crows were death bringers and someone was about to find out that some person had died. Everyone watched as it landed in front of Jasmine. Sev at this time along with Jasmine hoped that the letter was about James ,but they pushed the thought aside. Lily would be hurt if it was true, so she hoped it was one or both of her parents. She opened the letter read the contents, blinked, and re-read it again and still the words didn't change. Tears appeared running down her face, she tried to hold in her magic and despair at the letter but she could only do one. Jasmine leaped up and raced out of the Hall sobbing, Severus wanted to follow her but Remus held him down as he watched Lily and Shaunna race after the crying girl. Severus noticed the letter that started all this by his hand and he read it, twice, three times and like Jasmine the words never changed:


Your grandfather, Harold has died, and it was only because of him you were still a Potter, so know we take this time to disown you of the Potter name and any royalties that go with it. We don't want to see you anymore, you are to find other arrangements for the rest of your boarding during this summer and the rest of your schooling. Shame we couldn't of had a better daughter, but you will no longer disgrace our family.

James Potter Sr.

Sara Ross-Potter


For a picture of the Celtic Rose go to this site it's just like it but the one Sev gave her is silver.

www(dot) princeofdiamonds(dot)com/goldrose(dot)JPG