TITLE: Reaching the Destination



SUMMARY: Han's thoughts at the wedding that Dave Wolverton badly miswrote in The Courtship of Princess Leia

DISCLAIMER: The characters mentioned in this short belong to Lucasfilm and all its little divisions, I'm just playing.

NOTE: Two books were used as reference for this – Star Wars: A New Hope novelisation, and the aforementioned The Courtship of Princess Leia.

She was dressed all in white, beautiful flowing white, and his breath caught as he saw her. His eyes saw only her. Everything else was lost to him, including the fact that his future brother-in-law had caused a slight disturbance at the back of the room; late in arriving to the ceremony.

After everything they had been through, she was his. She would always be his. Nothing in his life would ever compare, and this day was more than enough reward for his past sins. He thought briefly about the past, about how close he had come to losing her so many times, and then his mind turned to thinking about what she had never come into his life. Where he would be today if not for her – still an ornament in Jabba's palace perhaps? He hastily blocked that thought, took a deep breath, and smiled.

This was 'Her Highnessness,' the spoiled brat who had yelled at him, called him a flyboy and a nerf-herder, the woman who had once implied he had no principles. They hadn't exactly got off to a great start, yelling at each other, an electrifying clash of principals and personalities. But over time she had bewitched him, charmed him, ultimately making him hers and vice versa. She was no spoiled brat, he knew that now, and he was thankful Luke had been so vehement that day in the office on the Death Star.

"But they're gonna execute her," the former farm boy had protested, trying to convince Han that she was worth rescuing.

"Better her than me," he'd retorted. Han's heart sunk every time that memory came to mind. It was something that would tear at his conscience for the rest of his life. He didn't know if she knew what he'd said, but he knew it was something he'd never want her to know. Not if he could help it.

With those words he could have so easily lost her, without ever knowing the completeness she could bring to his life. Since then it had taken countless heated debates, stinging remarks full of sarcasm and a hidden respect for the other to bring them to this point.

Up until this moment he still hadn't quite believed that she would choose him. Isolder had lots to offer including the life to which she had once been accustomed. Han knew he could never compare to the Hapan prince. What did he have to offer an Alderaanian princess besides a beat up old ship and a Wookiee for a best friend?

The answer came to him as they repeated their vows to each other.

He had himself and for some reason beyond him it was enough for her.

And if it was enough for her it was more than enough for him.