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Type: Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin Crossover

Summary: Today on Inuyasha, Kagome travel backs to the present time and senses another Jewel Shard. A new boy in school possesses the shard and he's becoming suspicious of Kagome and her 'illnesses'. She can sense a strange power coming from the boy and it's not from the shard! Will she be able to retrieve the shard and still be able to keep her travels a secret? Find out today on Inuyasha!

Kazuki and Kagome's Secret!

"Are you sure you wish to go back now Lady Kagome?" Miroku asked. Everyone, except for Inuyasha, was gathered at the bone-eaters well for a meeting. "You still have a few days before you need to get back to your own time."

Kagome sighed and looked at her comrades, "I think Inuyasha needs a break for awhile. And me being here isn't going to help. Besides, I'm falling way behind in my schoolwork!" Everyone reluctantly agreed and bid farewell to Kagome as she jumped down into the well. Kagome landed with a soft thud and she slowly stood up. "What if next time Inuyasha doesn't go back…and he just… No Kagome, don't think such things. He's stronger than that. I hope…" She climbed out of the well and headed for the house. When she walked in her mother was talking to a woman. They were conversing about the best places to shop and what roads to avoid. Kagome's mother looked towards her daughter and was a little surprised to see her. She smiled and waved to her.

"Kagome! I didn't expect to see you today! Weren't you going to be with your friends for a few more days?"

Kagome nearly melted out of her socks. Doesn't she realize that other woman is here!

Kagome's mother's smile went wider and she looked at the other woman, "She was staying with some friends for awhile and I didn't expect her back." The woman smiled and nodded. "Kagome, this is Mrs. Kitakawa. She and her family just moved into the old house next door. You want to come help move them in?" Ms. Higarashi waited for a reply but Kagome still stood there in disbelief. "Or…do you want to go to school today?"

Kagome shook the thoughts out of her head and forced a smile. "I better go to school today." She laughed nervously and picked up bag so she could clean it out first in her room. Kagome walked backwards towards the stairs still waving to them when she walked right into someone. Stuff went flying everywhere out of Kagome's bag including the few Jewel shards her and her group still had.

"Nice outfit…did you stop by the edge of the road for a snack or something? Never mind, judging by the noodles in your bag you didn't need to." Kagome looked up to see a redheaded boy staring down at her with a bored look on his face. She turned red and hurriedly began picking up her items.

"Kazuki! How rude! Apologize to her and help her pick up her stuff!" Mrs. Kitakawa yelled at the boy apparently known as Kazuki. He groaned and helped Kagome pick up her supplies. Kagome was still furious at the boy so when they finished she didn't bother to thank him.

Kagome double-checked her bag to make sure everything was there. Everything was except for the jewel shard container. "Oh no! Where did it go?" She could still sense the shards and she realized that the boy was looking at them. "Hey! Give me those!" She tried snatching for them but the boy managed to hold them above their heads. She jumped up and down trying to grab them from him but the managed to dodge her hands. He laughed and gave her the jar.

"Jeez, I was just looking at them. They look like the one I got." The boy pulled up his necklace from his shirt to reveal a jewel fragment. Kagome was tempted to steal it from him but there was no way she could without him hurting her.

Kagome's thoughts were interrupted when her mother spoke, "Kagome, why don't you show Kazuki the way to school. He's in the same grade as you and he doesn't know the way yet. Go take a quick shower and get changed first though!" Kagome glared at the boy and went up to her room. When she was done taking a shower and changing she came back down. Kazuki was swinging his necklace around his finger as if he held no value to him. They said good-bye to their mothers and headed off to school.

They were about half way there and nether one of them had said a word. Kagome was staring at her feet and Kazuki had his hands behind his head like he didn't have a care in the world. She studied his features closely: Long red hair, violet eyes, and it was obvious he worked out a little. Plus she thought he was somewhat cute.

"Tell me, do you normally stare at people, or do you think if you stare long enough I'll blow up. Believe me, it doesn't work…I've been trying for awhile…"

She jumped when she heard his voice. She turned her head trying not to look him in the eyes. "Sorry, yeesh. Hey…wait! What do you mean you've been trying awhile?" He ignored her question and continued walking. "You are so obnoxious! One question, where did you get that shard?"

He stopped so Kagome could catch up with her. "Let's see…I think a rabid squirrel had it. I had to shoot it and this thing was in its forehead. Pain probably drove it nuts or something. Where did you get yours?"

Kagome jumped a little. "Mine? Uh, from a friend," she lied and quickened her pace. "Let's get going before we're late!"

Throughout the day she couldn't help but wonder about Kazuki and the shard. She needed to get it away from him without his knowing. At lunch her friends nagged at her telling her how could she do this to Hojo. She chose to ignore them and continued to eat her lunch while random girls in her grade bugged Kazuki. During history she nearly fell asleep. The teacher smacked his ruler on her desk to wake her. Kagome jumped up and her classmates snickered excluding Kazuki who had just woken up himself.

"All right class, we will be doing a report and the report and it can be over about anything you want…"

Kagome smiled to herself knowing she could do it easily since she had learned a lot in the past.

"The time setting will be the Meiji Era. You may all go to the library to look up information."

Kagome's desk tipped over. She was really hoping that she could do it about Feudal Japan. They all went to the library for information. Kagome pulled out a book randomly. It was about people from the era. She lazily flipped through the pages. The pages were yellow and torn from age. She flipped to a page and gasped. It was a picture did in ink of a man with a scar across his cheek. "It can't be…" She read slowly to herself

Kenshin Himura was also known as the Battousi. He had blood colored hair and violet eyes. His main trademark was a cross shaped scar on his cheek. He was a manslayer for the revolution but mysteriously disappeared right before it ended…

Someone can't live that long, can they? He looks almost exactly like the picture except younger...of course this is only a painting. Kagome had been through so many situations she could believe that Kazuki was the Battousi. Maybe he also lived through the Feudal Era…and that's where he got the shard. Maybe with the shard you can live forever! That would explain why he looks nothing like his mother. He must have been adopted. Kagome looked through the pages trying to find out more about the Battousi after the revolution. There was nothing about him. "Fine, I'll just do a report about him! I'm bound to find something more!" Kagome was shushed by the librarian and sent out of the library.

The rest of the day was pretty tedious. She managed to get a great amount of her work done surprisingly and her friends got her ointments for her feet. Apparently Kagome had developed an unknown fungus on them recently. When school was out she saw Kazuki waiting for her. They walked home in silence for the majority of the trip.

"So…what are you doing your report on?" Kagome was startled by Kazuki's voice. He rolled his eyes and continued talking. "I'm doing mine about some sort of 'false army'. Interesting stuff. So what is yours about?"

"I'm doing mine about a Battousi, heard of him?"

"Nope, can't say I have."

Kagome was disappointed to hear this. She was hoping that she would catch him with his wording. "What kind of stuff are you into? Music? Movies? Food? History? Computers? Art? Killing people?"

"What? Uh, I guess I like soccer. It keeps me in shape. I'm in track. I also like foreign music. No idea why but I do. What are you into? Music? Sports? Art? Jewel collecting?"

"What! Did my mom open her mouth? I can't believe she did that! I swear I can explain!" Kagome was frustrated. How could her mother tell this kid, whom she barely knows, about her jewel collecting! She was trying to think of an explanation.

"What the fu…heck are you talking about? I was just wondering because of those shard thingies. My dad collected old swords. You're a paranoid schizophrenic, you know that?"



They continued to argue outside of the Higarashi shrine. Nether one of them was going to give in anytime soon. The two mothers came out because of the racket and began their own yelling. The two teens quickly calmed down and glowered.

"Sorry Kagome, I didn't mean to call you a…well you know. Truce?"

Kagome was shocked by his sudden mood swing. Kazuki extended his hand to shake. Kagome took it not wanting to offend her mother or anyone else. "Truce."

"Good, now that that's settled why doesn't everyone come inside for tea? You guys can stay for dinner too!"

"Thank you Ms. Higarashi. It's much appreciated." Kazuki bowed slightly. "Oh, but first I wanna go change out of my uniform. And this necklace is chaffing my neck so B-R-B!" He quickly ran out of the yard and headed towards his own house to change.

The dinner went quite well to Kagome's surprise. Kazuki wasn't as rude as he made it seem, unless he was only nice in front of his mother. Kagome could sense a weird aura around him as if there was an untapped power source in him. Sota really looked up the Kazuki and asked if he could stay. He agreed just so Sota was happy. Kagome turned red in the face at the thought of a male classmate staying in her house. Mrs. Kitakawa said she had work in the morning so she really had to get some sleep. She was also going to bring Kazuki some fresh clothes in the morning. They said their farewells and headed off to bed.

"We need to look for more jewel shards! She can't just leave like that!" Inuyasha was yelling at Miroku. Sango and Shippo stood afar not wanting to deal with the half demon's wrath. "I don't care if she was leaving for my own good! We can't have damn Naraku finding the jewel shards before we do! I'm going after her!"

"Wait! Kagome specifically asked that you get some time alone. We mustn't disobey her wishes."

Inuyasha ignored the monk's statements and jumped into the well without a second thought.

"Hey Kagome!" Kazuki was brushing his teeth in their bathroom. He spat and wiped his mouth. "Don't you need to take some medication or something?"

"What? Uh, ya, I will soon." Kagome was yelling through the door of her room. She put on her top and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Kazuki was using mouthwash and gargling. "Don't choke on it…" Kazuki eyes went wide and he spat up the liquid. They looked at each other and laughed. Kagome stopped abruptly and grabbed a washcloth. What am I doing, he's a jerk! She wiped up the mess he made on the mirror and put the towel in the hamper. Oh great, now he's flossing! She stared at his teeth; they were pearly white and seemed to be flawless.

"I thought we discussed the staring thing…good thing you haven't realized I don't have a shirt on…" Kazuki voice was muffled from his flossing. Kagome looked at his chest and her cheeks were tinged with red. She quickly excused herself and walked hurriedly to her room. "Oh, and when I checked your medicine cabinet for mouthwash there wasn't any medicine bottles! If you're going to fake being sick at least put up some props!" Kazuki yelled after her knowing she could still hear him. Kagome slammed her door shut furiously. The sound echoed through the house. She flopped down on her bed and put her pillow to her face. Screaming into the pillow she could still hear Kazuki outside walking to Sota's room. She stopped and sprawled on her bed. She switched off her lamp and dozed off into a deep sleep.

Next time on Inuyasha! Kagome thinks for once she can have a moment's peace but is she in for a surprise! Inuyasha climbs through the well and is attacking Kazuki. How is Kagome going to explain this one? Next time: Kagome's Secret Revealed! See you soon.