Chapter One: No Truth at All

Commodore James Norrington descended the steps of the jail area where they kept their prisoners. He saw the pirate captain sitting against the wall with his back to the bars and his hat tipped down over one eye. He appeared to be sleeping, but the elder man knew better.

As he moved closer, Jack Sparrow tipped his hat back so he might glare at the commodore. Norrington so the darkening bruises that lined the captain's cheekbone and saw how he held his left arm more to his side than his right. "Decide to show yer face?" the pirate asked, his voice raspy from the hollering and cursing that he'd been doing earlier.

Norrington straitened his stance. "I had little choice, Captain."

"Little choice?" Jack asked mockingly. "Little choice, ya say?" He stood in the cell, suddenly right against the bars, eyes sharp and dangerous. "What the 'ell do ya mean by that?"

The commodore sighed. "You chose a very poor time to come for a visit to your friends, Captain Sparrow."

"'ow's tha', mate?"

"Admiral Cromwell also chose that time to visit."

"An' tha' means wha' to me?" Jack growled, anger evident in his usually calm voice.

"That means, Captain, that there was little I could do."

"We 'ad a deal, Norrington."

"And with the presence of the Admiral, I can do little about that deal. I am quite sorry. I may be able to convince him to let you out of this alive."

"Alive's a relative term with yer type."

Norrington sighed as he turned in his place. "I am truly sorry, Captain Sparrow."

Jack felt his temper flare and did little to stop it. "Well ya and yer apology can go strait to 'ell, ye sorry son of a dog," he growled out. "Get the 'ell out of 'ere!"

And leave the commodore did, but not without a heavy heart.

The Black Pearl and her crew truly had chosen a bad time to visit Port Royal. Admiral Leroy Cromwell was well known for his hatred of piracy and especially the renowned Jack Sparrow. He had come to Port Royal two days before the captain's arrival to check on Commodore James Norrington and how he was handling his pirate hunt. No one had had time to send word to the pirate to keep his distance.

Norrington now sat in his office, playing the event over in his mind. The Pearl hadn't docked in the main docks, but that hadn't been enough to save them from notice. Jack had been picked up on his way to the Turners' house by Cromwell's men. Needless to say Sparrow had thrown a fit over it, screaming and cursing and hollering the whole way. The commodore was told that it had been the butt of one rifle that had bruised his cheek so badly – he was lucky they hadn't broken his cheekbone – and another man's rifle that had driven his left shoulder from its socket. Cromwell had personally jerked it back into place.

"My men said that Sparrow said something about having clemency at this port," Cromwell's deep voice filled the small office.

Norrington looked up and then stood quickly. He hadn't even noticed his superior's entrance. "Excuse me, sir?"

"Sparrow was muttering something about clemency," Cromwell repeated. "What might he be talking about?"

"Babbling. He tends to do that."

"Ah. Well, I should hope that is all that it is, Commodore. Certainly the rumors I have heard about you housing pirates are only that."

"I had not heard of such rumors."

"People tend to dirty names that are clean over jealousy."

"Yes sir."

Cromwell smiled. "No matter. We have Sparrow now and he will die here at Port Royal. You will prove to your superiors that you are still who you were always."

"Yes sir."

"I knew I had confidence in you, Commodore."

Norrington suppressed a grimace. "Thank you, sir."

Ana Maria paced the Turner house. She'd been upstairs and down, through the dining and the living quarters, and everywhere in between. She was making Richard nervous and Marie anxious while little Bill and Katherine both found it entertaining to follow her around.

"I just can't believe he'd let it happen..." Ana muttered.

Marie sighed. "It's bureaucracy, dear."

"Bureaucracy with someone's life!" Ana yelled.

Richard nodded as he pulled Bill onto the couch next to him, seeing that the boy and his sister were driving their "Aunt Ana" up the wall. "We'll think of something as soon as Will and Elizabeth come. We'll have time. I've made sure of that."

Ana turned her dark eyes on him. "How can you be sure?"

Marie let a sly smile cross her lips as she took hold of little Katherine. "Oh, we have our ways, Ana. Don't you worry about that."

Ana turned her wary eyes to Marie next and nodded slowly. "They just better hurry."

Norrington knew he was risking it as he returned to the cell later that evening. Yes, there were knew guards and he had changed into civilian clothes and taken off that ridiculous wig and hat, but if the Admiral knew he were here, that might jeopardize everything.

"Givin' me more 'n' one chance to ring yer neck?" Jack asked form his position next to the bars once again.


"Don' even start, Norrington," the pirate said in a low, frightening voice, though he didn't move an inch. "We 'ad a deal an' ye just threw it away. 've never thrown it away when it suited me, ya know. Me ship's taken some hard beatings for yer deal, did ye know tha'?" He turned slightly and fixed his eyes on Norrington. "Tha' makes me the honest one in this room, don' it?"

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