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Bear, Mimiru, Crim, BT, and a few others were hanging around the bridge in Mac Anu talking.

"So there's finally a monster that the "great" Bear couldn't defeat!?" Mimiru said with surprised sarcasm.

"Heh..heh.." Bear said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Aha! So you ADMIT it!!" Mimiru said accusingly while pointing a finger at Bear. Lorelei let out a short laugh.

"Well it was considerably stronger and a mite tricky." Bear said.

"But you've fought monsters like that before..have you not.." BT questioned.

"Well yes..but.." Bear started.

"..But the point is it kicked your ass!!" Tyoki said. A sweat drop appeared by Bear's head.

"..Well..if ya wanna be so blunt about it.." Bear said somewhat in sarcastic defeat. Mimiru's eyes widened.

"DUDE SINCE BEAR COULDN'T DEFEAT IT..IT'S MY TURN!!!!" Mimiru raised her sword. "NOW SHOW ME TO THE....uh..wha.." Mimiru stopped. She felt something on her leg and looked down.

"AHHHH!!!! SORA YOU PERVERT GET OUTTA THERE!!!!" Mimiru shrieked bashing Sora on the head with her sword. Sora slapped on the puppy dog face and looked at Mimiru.

"....But..but..I was just curious on what was under there.." Sora said with a few whimpers.

"..Oh..cut the crap!!" Mimiru said.

"Yeah Sora..besides..there's nothing to see under there anyway.." Crim said. BT glanced at Crim and crossed her arms.

"..And how would you know that?" BT asked while raising an eyebrow. Crim turned a bit red and sweat dropped.

" see.." Crim started.

"Oh save it for someone who cares!" Mimiru screamed. Suddenly Mimiru hit Crim on the head with the hilt of her sword, Tyoki socked him in the gut, BT whacked him with her staff, and Tsukasa grinded her heal into his foot.

"....Mommy...." Crim squeaked while falling to the ground.

"Lorelei would you grace us with your electrifying skill!?" Mimiru said. Lorelei nodded and raised her staff.

"Wait! Wait! Hold on!!" Tyoki said. Lorelei lowered her staff. Tyoki grabbed Crim dunked him in the water. She then pulled him out after a few seconds. "Okay! Now!" Tyoki said placing Crim on the ground. Lorelei raised her staff in the air.

"RAI DON!!!!" Lorelei called. Suddenly a bolt of lightning came from the sky and struck Crim. Crim screamed painfully and slowly disapeared. All the girls cheered. Sora then crawled in between Mimiru's legs and looked up at her. He poked her leg. Mimiru looked down.

"....Will you go out with me?" Sora said. Mimiru shrieked and sliced Sora in two.

"WHY YOU LITTLE!!" she screamed.

"Mimiru..calm down.." Tyoki said. Mimiru glared at her.

"Has Sora ever hit on you before!?!?" Mimiru asked.

"Uhh.." Tyoki just shrugged.

"WHA....well if you don't even know..then how the hell do you know what i'm going through!!!!" Mimiru whined.

"I..uh..don't...." Tyoki said.

"Well then shut up!!" Mimiru came running towards Tyoki with her sword up.

"Okay..someone's overreacting.." Lorelei said.

"Mimiru! Stop! You've completely lost it!" BT yelled. When Mimiru's sword was right over Tyoki's head Crim logged in. He logged on and looked around. He spotted Mimiru and Tyoki. He gasped and ran towards them. Mimiru's sword came down faster and faster. Tyoki's blades clashed with Mimiru's sword. Crim jumped and lept towards them.

"Watch out! Idiot at ten o'clock!!" BT screamed.

"Huh.." Mimiru and Tyoki said at the same time. They both turned around. Right when they turned Tyoki's blades pierced Crim's chest....and Mimiru's blades accidently went through Tyoki's back. Sora then logged back on. He saw Crim and ran towards him.

"Ooh!! Crim-ka-bobs!! Lets eat!!" Sora screamed. A knife and fork appeared in his hands along with a bib around his neck. Sora put his fork through Crim's head.

"Hey!!..How come he didn't scream!?" Sora said repeatedly sticking Crim's head with the fork . "Die! Die! Die!" Suddenly both Crim and Tyoki disapeared.

"NO!! MY DINNER!!" Sora screamed. "Why must everything always go against me!!" Suddenly pringles started raining from the sky. "Huh...." Sora said looking up.

"NO! NO! EVIL PRINGLES!! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!!" BT yelled running around.

"..And why are they so evil?" Tsukasa asked.

"BECAUSE THEY....ooh grass flavored." BT said. All of a sudden she started choking.

"And this my friends is what I call a ten star movie!!" Kite said.

"Huh..where'd you come from?" Mimiru asked.

"Um..I came from that white thingy with the orange dippy thingy that eats babies!!" Kite said.

" mean a stork.." Bear said.

"YEAH!!" Kite said. Suddenly BT started hacking up.

"Oh! EEW! GROSS!!!!" Mimiru screamed. Suddenly a machine gun flew out of her mouth and into the air.

"HEY! THAT'S MINE!" Tsukasa said. Everyone stared at her baffled. Suddenly a giant bazooka gun flew out and hit Sora on the head. "OOH!! THAT'S MINE TOO!!" Tsukasa yelled.

"Wha..when did you get all this!!!!" Bear asked.

" iron!!!!" Tsukasa hastily said the first thing that came to mind. Bear just stood there with a sweat drop.

"..Um..okay.." he said. Lastly a diaper exited BT's mouth and flew into the air. Then she dropped dead and everyone cheered.

"THAT'S MI....NOT MINE!!!!" Tsukasa said.

"I should hope not!!" Mimiru said. Suddenly they heard a voice in the distance.

"THAT'S MINE!!" said the voice.

"Hey look! It's Balmung! Hi Balmung!!" Kite said.

"Huh.." Balmung looked down and smacked into a pole that was growing in the middle of the sky.

"..Uh..whoops.." Kite said. Everyone else got sweat drops. Suddenly they heard another voice.

"MINE!!!!" It was Silver Knight falling from the sky. Silver Knight caught the diaper in mid flight and landed on the ground safely. Balmung, however hit the ground with a loud BOOM!!

"My diaper!" Balmung said.

"No Mine!" Silver Knight said. They both had a side of the diaper. They continuously tugged on it. Tyoki had just logged back on and was walking towards all the chaos. She watched Silver Knight and Balmung fighting over the diaper. She shook her head.

"My boyfriend is a buffoon!!" Tyoki said logging off immediately in shame. Tsukasa scratched her head.

"....did she say her boyfriend is a baboon?" Tsukasa asked cluelessly.

"She's dating Silver Knight!!" Kite said.

"....uh..saying Silver Knight is a baboon is actually a compliment....he's more of a sloth type!!" Tsukasa said.

"'re right.." Kite said.

"GIMME MY DIAPER!!" Balmung said tugging at it.

"Okay..that's it!" Tsukasa suddenly shot her bazooka gun and a giant panda flew out and towards the diaper....splitting it in two.


"WHOO HOO! I GOT MY DIAPER!" Silver Knight said as he put the shredded piece of diaper on his head and did a funky dance. Everyone sweat dropped. Finally Bear started getting a tad impatient and pissed off.

"GIMMEE THAT!" Bear said snatching the bazooka gun away from Tsukasa and shot it at Silver Knight. Suddenly a cow flew out at Silver Knight and tore its way through his head. However....


"Well looks like we're having steak...." Lorelei said with pure sarcasm. Bear then shot the bazooka at Balmung. A combat boot ripped threw Balmung's stomach. Kite ran up to Balmung and looked through the hole.

"HEY! I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE!!!!" Kite said. Tyoki then logged back in just in time to see Balmung disappear. A sweat drop appeared on the side of her head when she saw Silver Knight. Bear walked up to her.

"....uh....why's Tin Foil walking around with a cow growing horizontally through his head?!" she asked.

"Um..mad cow disease.." Bear replied hiding the bazooka behind his back.

"....And why did I nearly get mauled by a flying combat boot!?"

"....Um....bootcamp...." Bear replied.

"Uh..huh.." Tyoki replied.

"Tyoki..I thought you said that you were gonna take that white winged pansy to a psychologist!!" Bear said.

"....Yeah....but then I was thinking..why torture a psychologist..when I could stick him in an Institution for the mentally insane." Tyoki replied. Lorelei walked up to Bear.

"You mean the psych-ward at the hospital...." Bear said.

"No..My house....he'll have a one on one course with my mom.." Tyoki said.

"..Uh.." Bear said.

"....And if he's still alive i'll give him a one on one course in manners....I mean have you seen the way he acts and what he does....One time we went to the Lobster House....He freed all the lobsters. Then he started playing tackle football with the lobsters ....Him verses the rest of the people in the restaurant....(i think i worded it kind of weird so i'll explain that the lobsters were the "football)!!!! I had to take out my spare tranquilizer gun and shoot him with it!!!!" Tyoki explained.

"That was you guys...." Bear said. Tyoki nodded slowly.

"Who..what..what happened?" Lorelei asked.

" remember that lobster incident that was all over the T.V. last month...." Bear asked.

"..Yeah.." Lorelei said.

""That was Balmung and Tyoki...." Bear explained.

"What's Tyoki doing with that lunatic anyway!?" Lorelei asked.

"....She's dating him...." Bear said.

"YOU'RE WHAT!?!?" she said in shock. Sora ran over to Bear, Lorelei and Tyoki.

"What? What happened!?" Sora asked.

"Tyoki's dating B....Balmung!!!!" Lorelei blurted out.

"Oh..and you were next on my girls to hit on list.." Sora said sadly.

"Oh..I feel so are cute.." Tyoki said.

"B..but in the fic that dotbf co-wrote with VTM in the second said that I wasn't cute...." Sora said with a few sniffles.

"Well..I didn't mean it..I just developed a HUGE crush on Crim at the time..that's why!" Tyoki explained.

"Oh..can I still hit on you.." Sora said.

"You do whatever you want..on two conditions.." Tyoki said.

"What's that?" Sora asked.

"One..make sure Balmung isn't around..he tends to get kinda protective and weird when he sees other guys hitting on me..and prepared for me to act on impulse and most likely hurt you for your actions.." The female twin blade replied.

"Okay.." Sora said. Tyoki walked by Sora put her hand on his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. Then she logged off.

"...." Sora turned red.

"....Um....did anyone see what just happened!?" Mimiru said. Everyone just blinked cluelessly.

" gotta go..Mom says its getting pretty back tomorrow.." Mimiru said. Sora ran towards her.

"NO! MY LOVE! DON'T LEAVE ME!!" Sora said as he lept towards Mimiru. He reached for her leg, but as soon as Sora's hand touched Mimiru's leg she logged off. "NO!!!!" Sora said. Silver Knight was still walking around. Bear spotted him. He rolled his eyes.

"Oh my god.." Bear said flatly. Bear shot the bazooka at Silver Knight. "Don't you know when you're NOT wanted!!!!" Suddenly a pine tree flew towards Silver Knight and blasted him to smitherines. Everyone cheered.

"WHOO HOO!!!! Now gimme my bazooka back!!" Tsukasa said snatching her gun away. Kite tied a string to her waist and ran up to Bear. Kite shoved the remaining string in Bear's hand.

"I MUST FLY AWAY AND BE FREE TO FIND MY INNER KITE!!!!" Kite said jumping in the air repeatedly. Bear developed a sweat drop. Kite flapped his arms.

"Um..Kite..hate to break it to you....but kites don't flap their arms...." Bear said.

"NO!! MY BROTHER KITES!!!! I'M A FAILURE!!!!" Kite went down on his hands and knees. Bear, Lorelei, Sora, and Tsukasa all looked at each other.

"I got an idea!!!!" Sora said.

"Oh boy that's scary...." Lorelei's voice was dripping with sarcasm. Sora took Kite and the string up to a cliff.

"Ready.." Sora said.

"You..sure this'" Kite asked.

"Oh sure....I've seen Crim do it a bunch of times!!!!" Sora replied.

"Oh..okay then....lets do this!!" Kite said with excitement. Sora tied a bungee cord around Kite's waist.

" just walk to the edge...." Sora instructed. Kite obeyed. "!!!!" Sora said. Kite jumped.



"Uh...." Sora said looking down just in time to see Kite do a face plant on some pointy rocks "....Whoops...." Sora said. Kite disapeared. Sora stared down at the rocks for a minute. Sora dropped to his Knees and started banging his head on the cliff.

"NO!!..ow..I KILLED HIM!!!!..ow..I DON'T DESERVE TO..ow..LIVE..ow.." Sora screamed while hitting his head on the cliff.

"....But....Sora....isn't that what you do....PK people...." Tsukasa said. Sora lifted his head.

"....Oh yeah...." he stood up.

"....Idiot...." Bear said. Sora suddenly started running around like a maniac.

"NO!! NO!! MY MOM'S TRYING TO FEED ME EVIL BROCCOLLI!! HELP ME!! HELP!!!!" Tsukasa took out her bazooka and shot it at Sora. Suddenly a giant piece of broccoli wearing boxer shorts and boxing gloves flew towards Sora. "NO!!" was Sora's last word before he disapeared.

"....broccoli in boxer shorts....thats new...." Lorelei said.

"Indeed...." Bear said.

"Bear....i'm hungry....can we go to tat new lobster place?!" Tsukasa asked. Bear imagined a giant lobster with Tsukasa in its claws carrying her to the end zone.

" don't we go to Wendy's instead...." Bear suggested.

"Ooh!! Then I can say "HI" to John!!!!" Tsukasa said.

"....Who's John!?" Bear asked.

"Silver Knight and Subaru's kid...." Tsukasa replied.

"....Anyone up for lobster!?" Bear said immediately.

"YAY!!!!" Tsukasa said. Bear, Lorelei, and Tsukasa logged off.

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