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Bear, Lorelei, and Tsukasa walked out of the restaurant.

"Man, that had to have been the WORST service ever!!" Tsukasa said. "I mean..It looked like our waiter was high on crack or something.."


Karasu walked back to their table.

"Hey..where's my tip?" he asked.


"You didn't tip him..did you Bear?" Lorelei asked.

"Are you nuts!? I left something else instead...." Bear replied.


Karasu was still searching the table. He finally spotted something sitting under a ketchup bottle. Karasu picked it up. It was a pack of tropical splash cigarettes. Karasu opened the pack and a note fell out. It read:

What ever your name is,

Try these....they're probably a little bit better and healthier than that crack that you currently smoke....and i'm trying to quit....


non-smoker to be

Karasu stared at the note. He then popped a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. Karasu removed it with his pointer and middle fingers and puffed out some smoke.

"Ooh..this is good!" Karasu said. He put it back in his mouth and puffed a few more times. Just then his boss saw him.

"HEY KARASU!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU NOT TO SMOKE YOUR DAMN CRACK ON THE JOB!!!!" Kurama yelled. (Yes you heard right....Karasu works for Kurama)

"....But.. this is a cigarette." Karasu replied. Kurama marched right up to him and smacked Karasu across the face.

"AH! You have no idea how long i've been waiting to do that and how good that felt!" Kurama said. Karasu sniffled a few times.

"....Bitch...." Karasu said. Kurama grabbed Karasu by the collar and shook him violently.

"If you think i'm gonna stand here and take this than you're dead wrong!!" Kurama yelled.

"Kurama please..people are staring...." Karasu said through clenched teeth just loud enough for Kurama to hear.

"I don't give a rat's ass if people hear this....YOU'RE FIRED!!!!" Kurama screamed at the top of his lungs. He dropped Karasu. "Now get the hell out...." Kurama said in a slightly calmer voice.

"....But...." Karasu started. Kurama glared coldly at him. Karasu retrieved his black trench coat and put it on. He shoved the cigarettes inside. Karasu took one last look at Kurama. Kurama looked Karasu's way to make sure he was leaving. Karasu flicked Kurama off. Kurama marched halfway up to where Karasu was standing.

"OKAY THAT'S IT!!!!" YOU CAN JUST FORGET ABUT ME HAVING A SEX CHANGE TO BEAR YOUR CHILD!!!!" Kurama yelled. All the customers just stared at Kurama in shock.

"....You're a guy...." a random teenage guy said. Kurama rolled his eyes. "....But I thought you" Karasu walked out the door. Kurama stood in the same spot and scratched his head.

"Hmm....Maybe I was a bit too rough on him...." Kurama thought aloud.

"No! Your were great! Now will you go out with me!?!?" the random teenage guy from before asked. Kurama picked up a rice ball from a passing tray and threw it at him then walked away.


Karasu walked past Bear, Lorelei, and Tsukasa with his head down. Bear recognized the cigarette hanging out of Karasu's mouth. Lorelei looked up at Bear.

"Bear..What's wrong?" she asked.

"..Hm..oh..nothing.." Bear replied. Bear saw Karasu get in his Jaguar and drive away. "Damn....that guy was filthy rich anyway!! Good thing I didn't leave him a tip!

" Bear said.

"What do you mean?" Tsukasa asked. "How can ya tell?"

"I saw him drive away in a Jaguar...." Bear said. Lorelei rolled her eyes.

"....and he was a waiter....probably spends all his money on crack...." she said. Bear shrugged.

"So said that you left something else other than a tip....what did ya leave then?" Tsukasa asked.

"Hm..oh..don't worry about it.." Bear said. "c'mon lets go back to my place and watch a good movie!!" Bear finished.

"How about a horror flick!?!?" Lorelei said energetically.

"HELL NO!!" Bear said immediately.

"Oh! Come on Bear! Don't be such a chicken!!" Lorelei said.

"Yeah! C'mon Bear have some fun!!" Tsukasa said.

"Please...." Lorelei looked at Bear with big puppy dog eyes. Finally Bear sighed in defeat.

"..Fine.." Bear said. Lorelei and Tsukasa cheered.

"Well then lets go to my house....I got all my movies there...." she said.

"Dude!! Bear can we!?" Tsukasa asked anxiously.

"Sure..lets go.." Bear said.

"I'll give you the honors of picking the horror flick!" Lorelei said. Bear gulped.

"....Okay...." he said. They all headed to Lorelei's place..which is about one block away from Bear and Tsukasa's house.


Tyoki walked up to Balmung's house and fished a key out of her pocket. She unlocked the door and pushed it open. She looked around.

"..Balmung.." she said. It was pitch black. She felt her way up the stairs and to his room. She peeked in..nothing.

"..But..I saw his silver jeep in the driveway. She went back downstairs. She plopped down on the couch. All of a sudden she found herself flying across the room.

"BURGLER! BURGLER! " Balmung screamed as he grabbed a club from behind the couch and started swing it wildly around.

"....Ow! Ow!" Tyoki said.

"Ha Ha! I have found you!" Balmung said.

"Will you stop it you Idiot!!" Tyoki said.

"Why should I!?" he said. Tyoki clapped twice and the lights came on. Balmung saw Tyoki. He immediately dropped the club. A sweat drop appeared on the side of his head. "..Uh..whoops.." he said. Tyoki took the club and whacked him upside the head. "OW! What was that for!?" Balmung said. Tyoki shrugged.

"....Don't know..I just felt like it.." she replied. They walked back to the couch. Balmung sat down. Tyoki walked behind him. She kissed him on the cheek then started giving him a light shoulder rub.

"..That feels.." he suddenly stopped speaking and turned around. "What do you want.." he said.

"..Nothing..I have something for you.." she said.

"What's the reason?" he asked. Tyoki turned him back around and put her hands on his shoulders. She brought his back to meet with the back of the couch. Then she draped her hands to his chest.

"Do I always need a reason to give my loving boyfriend a little something to show my love and affection?" Tyoki said.

"....Yes...." Balmung said defensively. Tyoki whacked him upside the head once more (with her hand this time.)

"..Ow! Okay! Okay! No! No!" Balmung said. Tyoki smiled and handed him a small box. Balmung looked at her for a few seconds and carefully took the box like it was about to explode or something. He opened it. Inside was a card. He took it out. Tyoki jugged him like before. "..But..I don't need therapy.." he said. " I really THAT bad...."

"Hmm..No! No! I love you and all your wacky's just..well..other annoy them to the highest extent!" she blurted out.

"..But.." he said.

"It's okay...." she nibbled his neck a bit.

"..But why..THERAPY!?" he asked.

"HEY!! It's either that or my; mom!!" she said.

"So.." Balmung said. Tyoki walked to the front of the couch and sat beside Balmung. She put turned his head so their eyes met. She kept her hands on the sides of his face.

"Balmung....she HATES you.." Tyoki said bluntly.

"So what! I can take her down!!" he said.

"Balmung..I'll never see you again!! Just..please..for me!?" she said. Balmung pondered his thoughts for a moment.

"On one condition.." he said.

"....And that would be.." Tyoki said.

"MARRY ME!!" he said. She smacked him upside the head.

"We're still in high school you dolt!!" she replied.

"Okay..Okay..will you at least stay over tonight?" he asked.

"mmmm....Yeah I guess so.."she said.

"How about two days.." he asked.

"Maybe.." she said.

"How about a month!?" he asked once more.

"Don't push it buddy!" she said poking his chest and pushing him back with a single finger.

"Hey it was worth a shot!" Balmung said. Tyoki laughed.

"Indeed.." she said. "but..I suppose I ban babysit you for a couple day..but it'll cost ya!" she said kissing him.

"What do you mean..HEY!!!! I'M NOT A BABY!!" he said feeling insulted.

"Oh were fighting over a diaper with Silver Tin Dork...." Tyoki said.

"Wait! Wait! I can explain!!" he said.

"Oh..i'd love to hear this!!" she said.

"I'll explain what happened over some food! I'm starved! How 'bout Wendy' teat.." he said.

"Can't argue with that!" she said.

"Okay..let's go.." he said grabbing his keys.


"Come on Sora..just one more piece of broccoli." Sora's mom said.

'Oh come on! Just shove it down his freaking' throat!!' the father thought silently as he walked out of the kitchen. Sora put on a bare-all-teeth grin, looked at his mom, and shook his on sweetie...." she said. She just remembered the wilting plant in the front room. "Now..I gotta go water my plant.." she said filling a cup with water. "When I get back I expect that piece of broccoli to be gone!" she said walking out. Sora looked under the table and saw his dog there. He dropped the piece of broccoli on the floor. The dog got up and sniffed the broccoli. The dog picked it up in it's mouth. Sora then put the fork in his mouth. his mom came back in. Sora pulled the fork out of his mouth and pretended to chew.

"Good boy!" she said. He swallowed. Suddenly the dog nuzzled the mom's leg. She looked down. "Hmm.." she said. She bent down and looked at the dog. She opened it's mouth and the piece of broccoli was just siting there. She took it out and looked at Sora.

"Um..the dog got curious.." he said.

"Okay..okay..I get the point..I'll just make some yummy brussel sprouts instead!!" she said. Sora's eyes widened. He immediately took the broccoli and shoved it in his mouth.

"Um..Okay.." the mom said. "Lets get you ready for bed." Sora attached himself to the table. "C'mon!" she said pulling him away from the table. She finally released him. The walked out of the kitchen and upstairs. She led him to the bathroom. "Now brush your teeth and i'll tuck you in!" she said. Sora nodded and walked into the bathroom. He put some toothpaste on his brush then ran it under some water and started brushing.

About a few minutes later he came out. He went into his room to change into his pajama's that had little pickle people on then. He went to his mom's room afterwards. She saw him.

"Ready?" she asked. Sora nodded. They both walked to his room. Sora climbed in his bed. The mom tucked him in and kissed him on the forehead. "Goodnight honey.. see you tomorrow." she turned the lights off. "Love you Sora..sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!!" she said. Sora grew wide eyed.

"BED..BUGS.." he said. He immediately curled up onto his pillow. Sarah sweat dropped then exited the room. Sora yawned then slowly closed his eyes.


Sarah was on the couch watching T.V.

"Hey..Sarah..i'm gonna go upstairs and say goodnight to our boy...." the father said. Sarah looked from the corner of her eye quickly. "Huh.." she said. Sarah then glanced toward the stairs. "What the.." she squinted her eyes. She noticed something shiny in the father's hand. Sarah got up and followed him at a safe distance. When Jack reached the stairs the mom stayed down a few steps.

"Huh.." Jack said looking towards the stairs. Sarah immediately ducked down. "Hmph.." he shrugged.

'That was close.." Sarah thought silently. She carefully peeked over the stairs once more. The father flicked out his pocket knife and put his hand on the brass doorknob to Sora's room. Sarah saw this and immediately jumped up and ran towards him. She pushed him aside.

"NO!!!!" she yelled. He hit the wall and the knife fell out of his hand. The mom grabbed it. "How could you!?!?" she said. He slowly got up.

"....You....bitch...." he said.

"I won't let you" Sarah said. She looked at the knife. Her breathing was extremely unsteady. " die..for tried" she said walking slowly towards him. The knife held high. The father saw her.

"Heh..Sarah..don't be stupid's not what you think.." he said.

"..The..only..stupid one you!!" she said. When she came close enough he stuck his foot out and tripped her.

"Ahh!!" she screamed as she fell. He stepped on her and took the knife.

" stay out of my business..and I won't hurt you...." Jack said walking into Sora's room.

"" Sarah said as she got up. She looked around rapidly. She saw Sora's door open and gasped.

"SORA!!!!" she immediately ran into her son's room. She got there just in time to see the knife right over Sora's neck. She ran towards the father..grabbed him and flung him out of the room and into the railing. She looked towards Sora and kissed his head. Sarah then walked out of the .room and shut the door quietly.

'THE POLICE!' she thought quietly. She quickly ran to her room and grabbed the phone. She started to dial when all of a sudden she dropped the phone and fell to the ground. She reached in back. She brought her hand back to the front and gasped. She pulled the knife out of her back.

"....You....BASTARD!!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!" she yelled.

Sora slowly opened his eyes.

"I have to go pee.." he said. He walked towards the door. He prepared to open it when he heard screaming. "Huh.." Sora put his ear up against the door.




"Uh..uh.." Sora said dropping to his knees.

"I won't let you touch him!!!!" Sarah screamed. Jack walked up to Sarah and started strangling her. Suddenly sirens could be heard in the distance."Huh...."Jack said. A few moments later bright lights shown through the window. "....Crap...." the father said. He let go of Sarah's neck and ran downstairs. He went into the kitchen and escaped through the back door.

"Mother!!" Sora said running to her room. He saw her. " you okay!?" Sora knelt down beside her. He noticed the wound in her back. He tapped her. "Mom! Mom! WAKE UP!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!" Sora sat her up and hugged her. A few tears trickled down his cheek. Suddenly a hand brushed his hair.

"S..Sora...." She said. Sora looked up.

"M..Mom.." he said.

"Oh..Sora i'm glad you're all right!!" Sarah said.

Suddenly a couple cops busted down the door and held their guns.

"I'll check upstairs!!" one cop said.

"Okay..Joe..I'll investigate down here...." another cop named Marrisa said.
"Right!!" Joe said heading up the stairs. Joe reached the top of the stairs. Sora spotted him.

"HEY MISTER!!!!" Sora said.

"Huh.." Joe said. He looked in the direction of Sora's voice. He finally spotted them. Joe walked towards them.

"Hey little guy..what happened here?" he asked. Sora didn't say anything he just gently laid his mom back down. Joe spotted the wound.

"HOLY CRAP!!!!" Joe raced into the hallway. "MARRISA QUICK....CALL THE PARAMEDICS!!!! WE GOT A CASE OF MAJOR BLOOD LOSS HERE!!!!" he said.

"SIR!!!!" Marrisa said. Joe raced back into the room. Joe sat Sarah back up.

"Madame..Madam.." Joe said.

"Huh.." Sarah said.

"Don't worry the paramedics are on the way. The rest of our squad is looking for the sicko that did this to you."

"" Sarah said.

"Just doing our job...." he said. "While you're in the hospital we need someone to watch your son. Do you know anyone?" he asked. Sarah nodded.

"Memory one on the phone...." Sarah said. Joe nodded. Suddenly the paramedics came in with a stretcher. They lifted Sarah onto it.

"Madame..May I quickly ask your name...." Joe asked.

"....Sar..ah.." Sarah said weakly. The paramedics carried her away. "....Sora....good bye...." she said.

"Mom!" Sora said.

"Sora....I take it that is you're name?" Joe asked Sora. Sora just nodded.

"Okay....well lets call this person...." Joe said.

"Joe!! I just got word that they captured the guy....they're on their to the station now!!" Marrisa yelled from downstairs.

"Right!!" Joe said. Marrisa came upstairs.

"Oh my...." she said when she saw Sora.

"His mom gave me a number to a person that can take Sora in while his mom is in the hospital. Marrisa nodded. She knelt down beside Sora.

"It'll be okay.." she said rubbing Sora's back. Sora sniffled a bit.


Crim was laying on his stomach on his bed picking at a flower.

"....Tell her....don't tell her....tell her....don't tell her....tell her...." he said dropping the last petal. He sighed. He walked towards the window. Crim looked out of the window. He saw a passing cop car. "Huh.." he said


"AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bear screamed while hiding underneath a table and hugging a on bear....the guys head just got chopped biggie!!!!" Tsukasa said.


"Well you just just have to remember its not real...." Lorelei said.

".....Well....still it was scary......I mean it was gushing out blood like a freakin' fountain...........and besides I get queazy of blood.............." Bear said. Suddenly the guys arm got chopped off and it was spraying out blood! Bear suddenly got very pale. He suddenly ran away upstairs. A few seconds later Lorelei and Tsukasa heard throwing up noises.

"That's more horror movie marathons for him!!" Lorelei said.

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