Author's Note: Veronica, Trixie, and co are seventeen.

Oh, and on a side note, this story is not related to any other story I'm doing. So, no Lorenzo for ahhelga, no Timmy/Trixie for Shallow Reflections, nothing. It is, if you may, an alternate universe from them.

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Chapter One: Lies and Girls

Her life is a lie. Every day, she returns to the same table, talks to the same friends, and pretends to like a boy. She knows Trixie likes him, only she keeps it well hidden.

She's good at deluding herself, telling herself she's straight. She knows she isn't, not really. Her obsession with Trixie is rampant and, no matter how many times she sees Tootie throw herself at Timmy and force herself to be jealous, she isn't. She never will be.

Trixie Tang is her best friend in the world. But she doesn't want just to be friends with her. She wants something that isn't her right to have, something a normal, popular girl shouldn't want. She wants to be her lover.

For years, she's wanted to be just like her, to be her. A lot of girls emulate people, but few take it to the point that she would settle for sleeping with her.

For sleeping with Trixie would be like sleeping with perfection, something she's sure Timmy knows well. He is, after all, her boyfriend. Every time she sees him, she's caught between her lie, being in love with him, and the truth, she wants to gouge his eyes out for looking at her goddess like that.

No matter how many times the girls chatter about boys they like and even things more graphic than that, she grows bored. She has no interest in males as a whole, including their 'packages'. Only during the brief periods of her feigned straightness did she act as though she wanted Timmy this way, but she knew they were false to begin with.

She almost pities those girls, who will undoubtedly experiment in college and discover they weren't into boys to begin with. Or they'll end up pregnant, she could clearly care less.

For now, she trails after Trixie, checking her out on the side. Every time she does, her heart leaps and she imagines yet again her as a girlfriend. The causal touches of her hand make her so happy, send shivers down her spine.

But Trixie's happily oblivious. She prattles on about Timmy, Timmy this, and Timmy that. It's on the tip of her tongue to snap, "If you like Timmy so much, why don't you marry him and shut the hell up?!" It'd serve her right.

They walk to class together, like a couple of friends. And she hates her life.

No…she loves seeing Trixie. She loves every second of her touch, the way her mouth pushes the words past her perfectly shaped lips, lips she'd love to taste, just once.

She'd die for a kiss…

(Lunch time, kiddies!)

Trixie's off with Timmy. She wants to kill him, feel his blood on her knuckles. Tootie gazes after them mournfully and Veronica wants to laugh in her face; the girl hasn't a chance or a clue. Seriously.

Around her, Tad and Chad speculate on just how far Trixie's gotten. Veronica wants to yell, scream that her angel is saving herself for someone better, someone like her, but that would give herself up. She can't risk being exposed.

The violinist is off today, playing some sad melody for another group of kids. She wishes he were here, so she could have something else to focus on. As it is, her fork writes, "I love Trixie" over and over. Damn betraying fork.

Fortunately enough, she isn't important enough to be noticed and they chatter on, ignoring her and her odd spellings in the mashed potatoes. She thanks God that, for once, she isn't Trixie and therefore unworthy of attention. They can go on, babbling incoherently, while she muses about Trixie yet again.

And, in the courtyard, Trixie muses too, only it's not what her pretty blonde friend thinks it's about.

(The courtyard)

Trixie Tang is living a lie. Every day, she goes to school, pretends to like Timmy Turner, and acts as though she's excited around him. She's never been less attracted to anyone in her life.

She pretends it's the buckteeth, but she knows that isn't it. It's not the pink hat and pink shirt, either, as much as other girls think it is.

It's that he's a boy. Yeah, stupid reason, she knows, but that's why she isn't attracted to him.

She enjoys playing with boys' heads, making them think their dreams can come true. And, to her, Timmy is just a grand-scale version of this, only she's playing with her own head too, thinking she can pull this off. Thinking her 'orgasms' are real, when she knows they're not. They could never be.

No matter how many boys she's been with, she's never felt anything. Nothing. This unnerves her, so she tries to ignore it.

Timmy's talking to her seriously and she behaves as though it interests her. He wants them to stay together in college, to even raise kids. She has no interest in children, not with him.

They walk back inside, his arms around her. She wishes she could enjoy it, but she knows the only person who would is sitting alone, watching Timmy like a hawk. Tootie is the only blatantly straight person she knows, aside from Veronica.

Veronica and Tootie could fight amongst themselves over Timmy, she could care less. He's a nice guy and all, but he isn't the guy for her. No guy is the guy for her.

Biding him goodbye as he goes to his table and she to hers, she notes with a smirk Veronica hurriedly erasing something in her mashed potatoes. She wonders briefly what that is, but decides against asking. Probably, "I love Timmy Turner" or something like that.

They chat, the group and her (excluding Veronica, who seldom says anything unless she's directly addressed), and she feels like a queen. A queen with a huge secret, but a queen nonetheless.

Little does she know she's not alone…