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Chapter Thirty-Two: C'est Fini

"So…it's finally over," Tootie says, biting her lip and watching, as if from outside her body, the aftermath of the trial on TV. She sits on Timmy's bed and feels strange. Something very odd surges through her body and it takes her a while to recognize it. She's finally happy.

Everything, all the hours of testimony, the tape, all the years of enduring Vicky and it's finally over. She doesn't have to come home to be a slave, to do everything she'd bidden, to wonder when her next meal is. In fact, she'll never have to do that again…

However, it hasn't sunk in yet. Even though she was there for the judgment and heard for herself Vicky and Ricky's imprisonment, she can't quite fathom it. How could something that lasted so long suddenly end so abruptly?

Meanwhile, since she's been delegated to Timmy's room, Timmy hurries around downstairs, making preparations. Whenever she asks him for what, he just smiles sweetly, kisses her, and tells her not to worry. That she'll never have to worry again about anything.

It's a nice sentiment, but she can't help but wait for the second shoe to drop. Life can't be this good; she can't have everything she's ever wanted. She doesn't deserve it…

Lying back on his bed, she gazes up at the ceiling and wonders when someone's going to pinch her and wake her up. She hopes it'll be soon, before she really starts to believe this.


"So you're really doing all this for her, right?" Wanda asks suspiciously, taking in all the decorations. Timmy darts to and fro, fixing this, adding this, making sure this is perfect. She's never seen him so excited in his life…and that includes when Trixie accepted his offer to be her boyfriend.

"Wanda," Timmy asks, pausing, "Would I really throw her a big bash for her to enjoy and then pop the question if it weren't all for her?"

"Pop the question? What question?" Cosmo says, moronically oblivious. Wanda mentally slaps a hand to her forehead.

"I'm going to ask Tootie to marry me as soon as we get out of high school," Timmy replies, a goofy grin on his face.

"Are you going to say you're going to get the milk and then disappear for ten thousand years?" Cosmo replies and this time, Wanda jabs him in the ribs. When he isn't stopped, he can keep going and going, like the Energizer bunny.

"Cosmo, one, humans don't live that long and two, I think he's actually planning a wedding. I don't think he'll elope like we did," Wanda answers, shaking her head. She doubts he'll get it, no matter how she explains it, so she'll let it drop.

Meanwhile, Timmy lights the last scented candle, ensures the red silk cloth covering the table is all set, turns down the lights, and puts on romantic music. Wanda stifles a laugh- he's really going all out. The poor boy's head over heels.

"Well? Do you guys think it's perfect?" He's bubbling over with enthusiasm.

"Sure…get some Barry Manilow and some condoms-" Cosmo starts, but a swift jab to the ribs quiets him. She shakes her head, indicating he wants her to marry him, not sleep with him. To Cosmo, they seem to be one in the same.

Timmy, far too nervous to do anything but nod in acknowledge of Cosmo's inane comment, darts upstairs to drag her down here. The thought makes Wanda smile, aware Tootie won't easily forget this night.


"Yes!" Tootie screams, tackling him to the floor. He recalls, amused, when they were both ten and she used to tackle him to the ground and cover him in kisses. (Which, ironically, she's doing right now).

"Are you sure?" Timmy teases, brushing her hair back behind her ears.

"Yes!" With a grin, she proceeds to cover his face in kisses, her hand wrapped triumphantly around the box.

"I love you, Timmy Turner," she murmurs, kissing his neck.

"I love you, too, Tootie…"


Vicky spent her jails days miserable and alone, with no one to turn to. The inmates decided she was just their type and the rest was history.

Ricky, too, found the same fate. By the time he'd met the guy he thought could break him out, his spirit was finally broken. Such ended the great couple.

Their children went to respectful foster homes, all of whom strived to beat the little parenting Vicky and Ricky infused in them. Whether or not they were successful remained to be seen, but, so far, it seemed to be working.

Chester attended the same college as Timmy and Tootie and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Although he had not been privy to the whole situation, Timmy filled him in and, for the remainder of their days, he remained Timmy's one true friend.

Veronica, after much urging from her girlfriend, attended a prestigious art school in New York, found a job in computer animation, and, with the money she earned, sent for her girlfriend. They lived in an apartment by themselves, free from Dimmsdale's scorn.

A.J., as he'd planned, left the state soon after they graduated and ceased all contact with Timmy and Tootie. Although he'd discovered their wedding date, he neither attended nor gave them a gift.

And what of our love birds? Soon after high school, they wed and had their twins. Now…if only they could place that weird robot that babysat them...

But that's a story for another day, perhaps.


Sometimes, when you know you're not normal and you can't be unless you accept the truth, it's hard to just come home. Home, where you think you're accepted but you're really not, because you have to keep up a front. They swallow the lies because they're easier than the truth and you can't help but feel fake. What did you do to deserve this? Why was this terrible fortune bestowed upon you?

Then, when the weight is lifted, it isn't the end. What if society isn't ready for what you're going to be? What if you still have to hide, not from your family, not from yourself, but from the people who see you? Are you really out then?

Is there a way to truly be liberated, if everyone snubs you for who you are? Maybe, some days, it's better to just lie under the sheets and forget going outside today. Until everyone's ready for who you are.

But this isn't the best way to live. You have to realize that even if they don't like you, you can do nothing to change them. You have to live life for you, not for someone or something else. You can't expect someone to give you a break until you take the break you earn yourself.

Pain is only a temporary setback, so is failure. You have to get up and try again because if you don't…you'll be stuck under the sheets for the rest of your life.


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