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# ShinobiLove Round Robin #

Round 1: The Night Life

Strapping on a pair on three-inch black stiletto heels, Misao groaned silently as she stood up and wobbled slightly as she was unaccustomed to the heels. Walking over to her vanity mirror, she looked at her reflection.

Through threats of physical violence from her best friends Kaoru and Megumi, Misao was forced to dress to their choosing. Their 'choosing' happened to be a knee-length black velvet skirt with slits on the side going to just below her thighs, a black satin corset, and a black choker and wrist cuffs. And the evil Heels from Hell.

Her hair was in its usual braid but her face was now painted with more make-up than she was accustomed to. She wore pale powder and dark eyeshadow and blood red lipstick that shimmered on her lips. She really looked like some sort of gothic girl, though at least not a Lolita Goth. It was bad enough that she still looked sixteen and not twenty-one.

"Oi, oi Misao-chan!! You ready or what?! The night is young and so are we!!!" Kaoru yelled from the living room.

Misao marched out of her room.

"Geez Kaoru-chan, are you drunk already?"

Kaoru flipped her violet ponytail over her shoulder and made a 'hmph' noise. She was wearing leather pants, boots, and a short sleeved brown shirt with a studded gold star on it.

Megumi, being the eldest of the women at twenty- seven, wore a dark crimson dress and matching heels and kept her long black hair loose as always. She was currently seated at the kitchen island resting her chin in her hand.

Seeing Misao, she made a whistling noise.

"Well well, someone cleans up well. Really Misao, you'll have J-rock boys after you in no time. Just like you dream about." Megumi teased.

Misao stuck her tongue out at Megumi, wishing she had never blabbed all that out drunkenly on her last birthday. After six screwdrivers Misao was practically molesting the TV screen as Sakurai Atsushi came on screen before the show aired a Buck Tick music video and Misao began screaming 'J-ROCK IS SEXXXXXXXXXXYYY! I WANNA J-ROCK LOVER!!!!'

"Oh come on you two!!! Come onnnn!!!!" Kaoru said, almost running in place as Misao and Megumi rolled their eyes and followed the overzealous tanuki out the door and onto the streets of Tokyo in autumn as they walked towards downtown.

"So where are we going?" Misao asked.

"Some club called Delacoeur. I got an invite from Rooster."

"Ahh...perhaps boots would've been better footwear." Misao grumbled, remembering her long trek down a gravel trail in the woods last time they all hung out with Sagara Sanosuke, Megumi's sometimes boyfriend/sometimes bed buddy.

"Well he had heard about the place from one of his gambling buddies and wanted to check it out." Megumi said flippantly.

And thus the three were off.


Sanosuke sat at the bar, waiting as he looked around the room at the gothic-dressed people. He himself wore black pants and a white button up shirt. The music was a fusion of techno and rock, and the lights were quite dim.

Suddenly, he felt an almost cold draft and an odd feeling creep up his spine. Turning to his left, he saw a tall man sitting down. The man wore a long beige trench coat and parted slightly to reveal he was wearing all black underneath. He had jet-black hair and long bangs that fell into his eyes. Whoever he was, he gave Sano the creeps.

The bartender paused in front of the tall stranger.

"Shinomori-san, what can I get you tonight?"

"The usual." he replied, in a voice that was deep...almost hypnotic.

As discreetly as he could, Sanosuke observed the bartender return with a glass of red liquid and surmised it was wine.

Sano hoped the girls would show up soon. He was starting to feel more and more creeped out by this 'Shinomori-san'.

Even more so when the man turned and faced him, with eyes so cold and almost glowing.

"Yo Rooster!!!" Sanosuke turned as the three girls approached and smiled.

"Hey ladies! Way to keep me waiting."

"Well we did walk you know." Megumi pouted before pressing a kiss to his lips while Kaoru and Misao rolled their eyes.

Misao's eyes lingered on the tall man next to Sanosuke, and as she blinked she almost could of sworn that he was grinning as he sipped his wine...and were those fangs? She shook her head.

'Makimachi, you're losing it!'

Aoshi set his drink down and closed his eyes.

It was going to an interesting night.

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