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Broken Wings - Chapter 1: Death of a Random Fat Man.

"Five… four… three…" he took in a breath. A limo pulled up on the street corner. Out stepped a large, red looking man glowing vibrantly as if he didn't have a care in the world. He let out a bellow of laughter and pulled out his half-million dollar watch. The curious on lookers surrounded him, creating somewhat of a shell. 'Time to move.' He stepped off the roof, and skillfully jumped to the next.

The man walked into the restaurant chatting diligently with the guests surrounding him. "Sir." A waiter addressed him and pulled out his chair. "My name is Maki. Uzu Maki." He introduced himself. The large man simply nodded and waved his hand dismissingly.

"Crown Royal, a whole bottle, and quickly. Get to it! My guests need tending to also. Make sure they is taken care of." The fat man said sternly. The waiter nodded and went to perform his task. The large man tugged on his sleeve. "You look odd dear boy," he stated noting the waiter's blonde hair and blue eyes. "What nationality are you?" 'You're rich and suddenly manners don't matter naymore.' The blonde's eye twitched.

"Sir, I have a task to attend to." He said wanting to avoid the subject. The rich man glared at him. "But if you must know, I am Japanese." The fat man nodded, laughed and shrugged. He spanked the waiter as if saying, 'Get to it, tut tut.' The blonde waiter walked off, irritated and partially violated. "Blubbering idiot." He grumbled.


He walked into the spacious dining room of the restaurant, carrying himself like a fine gentleman. His black clothing seemed uncommon yet fitting for his slim figure. A black trench coat hung onto his shoulders, which went down the length of his body until the heels. He wore a black button down shirt, tailored black pants… and a pair of sunglasses to add a hint of mystery. Underneath it all, his eyes scanned the area.

His lips were set in a grim line, when he noticed he'd caught some unwanted attention from females fanning themselves from the other side of the room, glancing flirtatiously at him. He rolled his eyes and kept his cool. A waitress finally placed him in a corner seat, far away from the females, and close enough to his target. He took a glance at his watch. 'Two minutes.' For now, all he could do was sit and watch. 'You'd better pull this off.' Underneath the glasses he glared.


"Your Crown Royal, Sir." The blonde placed the drink onto the table. His eye caught a slight glimpse at a figure in black strolling in. His face darkened; he turned his head toward the large laughing idiot. 'Don't you dare spank me again, old man, I have a job to do.' "Is there anything else you need, sir? Perhaps you'd like to order?" He asked in a light tone. The man was talking to his guests, and didn't seem to notice Maki's presence. He shrugged the waiter off. "Forget it." Maki grumbled.

Maki cursed the old fart and stepped into the kitchen, going all the way to the back into the power room. 'Thirty seconds… thou shalt pay old man!' He glanced around the room, studying the many colors of wire and metal contraptions. From what seems out of nowhere, he pulled a pair of clippers. 'Green… blue… yellow…' He placed a hand under his chin as he thought about it. "Bah!" After two seconds he gave up and decided to cut all the wires. 'No time.'

"Maki!" A sharp voice yelled his name. He was surprised by the sudden outburst and fell back, and hit his arm on the control panel. "What are you-…" His manager stepped in. Unfortunately, Maki had hit the power control. "Great… you klutz the powers out-…" A sudden gunshot rang from the dining room. Screams echoed and panicking people could be heard running throughout the restaurant, knocking over chairs and spilling over tables. A brawl will begin soon if control didn't ensue soon. "Maki get your ass up and flip the switch!" The blonde did so.

The lights flipped on and the chaos had died down, but a single scream pierced the air. 'Shit.' Maki cursed as he pushed his manager out of the way and ran into the dining room. A crowd was bent over something, or someone. He shoved his way through it until he made it to the center of it all.

It seemed, that the person he'd been hosting was murdered. A clean bullet was made directly to the forehead. His eyes were still open, his expression of shock and fear was still apparent also. One of his closer friends was cradling his enormous dead body. Maki's head snapped up.

He pushed his way out of the crowd and scanned the room. The man in black was nowhere to be found. 'Damn.'

"Maki!" The annoying voice of his manager rang in his ears. The taller brunette man glared at him. "This is all your fault!"

"But- but you're the one that made me-…" he began to reason.

"No excuses Uzu! You are fired! That's it!" his manager yelled. "Just get out of here!"

"Ok." Maki stated nonchalantly and ripped off his nametag. Inwardly he was smiling. He left the restaurant leaving a fuming manager behind him.

"And don't ever come back!" The manager's voice boomed from inside the restaurant.


Maki grinned from check to cheek and walked down the street triumphantly. His eyes examined the area. "Hmmm…" They finally settled on the roof. Satisfyingly, he found who he was looking for. The man in black had his back faced toward him, but at least he found the guy.

"Smooth." The blonde stated when he made it onto the roof. "You think it could've been a little more quiet than that-…"

"You're just complaining because I got to him first." The other man smirked. "You were there longer than me, you had the opportunity the entire time."

"Still! He was my target! And I was going to take that opportunity, until you," He pointed a finger blaming him. "Shot the fat bastard in the head!"

"It's not my fault you screwed up, dobe." The man in black turned to face the blonde. "Besides, I was timing you, and you didn't meet the deadline."

" It's all that stupid manager's fault! Jeez, if that idiot hadn't-…Thank god I got fired." He ripped off his waiter's vest. "You were a little suspicious too, if you ask Me." he said changing the subject, not wishing to speak about this one any further.

"Odd, I thought the fan girls were a good enough cover." He shook his head at the former waiter. "It's not like you would know." He said flatly and ran a hand through his raven hair. "Anyway," He removed his sunglasses, "Orochimaru would want your report…"

"But-…" The blonde scratched his head. "I don't want credit for something I didn't do. After all, you're the one that killed the guy."

"First you complain and now…" He sighed. "If you don't take it, it'll be another failed mission for you, Naruto." The blonde nodded. He was stating the truth. "You can't afford that now can you?" He shook his head. "Well then, write the report and say you killed the guy."

"Fine, I guess I owe you then… Sasuke." He shrugged, swallowing. "But next target, I'll make sure I get him before you do, watch." Naruto laughed evilly and loudly and then glared at the brunette. "Damn you. I would've made deadline."

Sasuke shrugged. "You had thirty seconds, and by that time you were still pouring the drinks. When you went in the back you were fifty-five seconds off, and if you wanted to pull off the assassination and have enough time to make an alibi, you would've done it sooner. Why didn't you just poison him?"

"Quit being such a smart ass." Naruto placed his hands behind his head slyly with a grin. "It just wasn't my style." He stated simply.

"You don't have a style, you haven't killed anyone!" Sasuke scorned. Naruto's face suddenly became serious. He looked down at the crossing streets below him. "How many blocks?" Sasuke asked in a firm tone.

"Two… no make that one and a half." Naruto studied the streets. "Shit." Sasuke nodded.

"Think we can make it?" He asked challengingly, noting the scene blow him also.

"Make it where?" Naruto asked curiously, in a suspicious tone. "It's not like we're going to get caught or anything." Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Hey you two!" A voice called out to them.

"Oh shit." Naruto cursed and backed away from the building's ledge. "Great, someone saw us… now were suspects." Sasuke began walking. "Hey! Wait!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's shoulder.

"Hey get back here!" The voice below called out again.

"No time." The raven-haired assassin said seriously. He pointed at the ally below them, which was a mere eight stories up. He shrugged. "It's not that bad, we've jumped from higher." Naruto nodded. "Well, lets go then, and hurry the hell up." Just as the two jumped, the cops surrounded the restaurant area… They just barely made it.



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