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Summary: Takes place in the park while everyone else is having their own thing (Blake and Tori kissing, Dustin and Marah talking, Hunter and Cam looking for a place to make-out, lol)

Category: Trent/Kira/Conner love triangle

Note: Told in Kira's POV. Sorry for the long delay guys.

I felt two sets of eyes on me as the fingers of my left hand glided along the neck of my guitar and the fingers of my right hand plucked the strings. I knew exactly who those two sets belonged to—Trent Fernandez Mercer and Conner McKnight. Two of my good friends and teammates. Although, simply calling them friends would be an understatement. Ethan was my friend, Hayley was my friend, the ninja rangers were fast becoming by new friends……..Heck, even Dr. O was my friend. But Trent and Conner? They weren't just my friends. I remember back when I first met both of them. The second I laid eyes on Conner, I was so sure I had him pegged—a self centered jock pretty boy who thought he was God's gift to the female gender. He didn't exactly disprove that assumption at first, mind you, but the more I was around him the more I saw there was more to him. Dare I say it; Conner McKnight actually had some depth. And then there's Trent. My first impression of him was the complete opposite of that of Conner. The moment I saw him walk into Cyberspace, I was under his spell. He oozed artsy mellow guy, just my type. And it didn't hurt that he wasn't unpleasant to look at. I was so sure he and I would become something but he started to act strange. Only a little while later we all learned he was the evil White ranger. Even after he joined our side, neither of us made a move towards romance. I guess even though I trusted him enough to depend my life on him as well as the other guys during battle, the fact was I couldn't get past the fact that he was the guy who handed our asses to us on a daily basis for a short while. Not that I hold that against him. It wasn't his fault. But it's hard to forget it. Maybe he felt the awkwardness as well, which was why he didn't ask me out on a date and just secretly stared at me whenever he could just like Conner.

"So, you playing at Hayley's this Friday?" Trent asked, tearing me away from my thoughts. I looked up at him and nodded.

"Yeah. Not sure what songs to do though." I said.

"You should do 'Freak You Out'." Conner suggested. My eyes shifted to him and I couldn't help it as the corners of my mouth turned up into a smile.

"I've already played it." I reminded him. "It was the first song I did, remember?"

"Yeah, but who says you can't do it again? It'll be like a return to the beginning, you know?" He replied with one of his confident smirks that always made something inside me twitch.

"Whatever." I replied, chuckling softly, looking back down at my guitar. I thought for a moment before looking up at him. "You really think I should play 'Freak You Out'?" I asked. Conner nodded.

"I think you should play something new." Trent interjected. My eyes shifted to him.

"Oh?" I asked.

"Yeah, give everyone something fresh, ya know?" He said. "A new insight into the inner thoughts of Kira Ford." He said, giving me a soft warm smile. There was something infectious about it and I couldn't help smile back.

"Well, I didn't know my inner thoughts were so…..insightful." I said. I looked back down at my guitar and went on playing. As I played a long, I thought about what Trent suggested. My inner thoughts? A few hours later, it was starting to get dark. The former rangers said they needed to get back so we all said our goodbyes and as they left, the rest of us went to our separate homes. On my way home, I began thinking about Trent and Conner and as I thought about it, words started forming in my head. I quickened my pace, wanting to get home before I forgot any of the stuff I was thinking up. As soon as I did get home, I rushed up to my room and set my guitar on my bed before pulling out the notebook that served as a home for all my songs. I opened it to a fresh page, pen ready in hand, and started to write.

Coming across a fork in the road
don't know which way to go.
His smiles make me feel warm inside
but his smiles make me feel alive……..