Hammond strode into the control room, buttoning up his shirt while the sirens blared around him. This was, of course, the fates showing him that they disapproved of his plans to go on vacation, and the two months spent setting it up.


Carter turned to face the general, instantly lessening the stress levels of the technicians who'd she'd been ruthlessly micromanaging. "The Stargate's opened on it's own. We can't close the iris - some kind of energy surge."

"Major? As far as we can tell - nothing's coming through the Gate."

Carter's mouth motioned as she tried to assimilate the fact. "Maybe some kind of explosion? A blast?"

"Negative, Major."

Hammond glanced at the window overlooking the landing area. O'Niell was already mobilising a squad around the Gate and the ramp. "Meaning?"

"Either it's some kind of random bug ... or something we've never remotely encountered before."

Colonel O'Niell chambered a round before turning his head slightly to his men. "Okay! Fire only on my mark, got that?"

He dug the stock into his shoulder and braced himself.

The sirens were flashing and the speakers were ... speaking. Loudly. In thirty seconds, this would be a Tylenol moment. In fact, they were sounding higher pitched than normal, almost screaming ...

No. This was a brand new noise.

A drawn out, alternating moaning accompanied by a howling screaming sound, a noise reaching the peak ...

... right behind him.

O'Niell turned, and saw it.

A blue rectangle slowly appearing out of nowhere, less than two feet away from him.

The rectangle became more ... more real, as the sound increased. Features on the surface grew more and more distinct.

Then as it finally appeared into reality, the sound cut off.

The squad were adjusting, moving to new positions, covering the new object while keeping their fellows out of their line of fire.

Hammond squinted, hoping that this was simply a very exotic cataract. Nope.

Carter glanced at the readouts - the surge that preceded this new arrival had gone, she quickly ordered the Gate be shut down while control was still available.

Suddenly - movement.

Part of the surface of the rectangle – which was, roughly the same dimensions of a phone booth - swung inwards. Out of it was a humanoid figure.

Brownish long coat. Hat. Something around his neck. The figure closed and locked the door he'd just exited -

- and turned, to see several assault rifles stuck in his face, accompanied by a near-simultaneous chambering.

The man - tall, brown curly hair, and a ... scarf? ... gave a large, wide smile, while slowly raising his hands to shoulder height.

The visitor glanced at a wristwatch on his left wrist, speaking softly to himself. "Six seconds Doctor. Must be a new record."