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Summary: Arwen's thoughts as she looks at her dead husband. I suppose it could be seen as a companion piece to Death and Glory, but could also be a stand alone.

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I knew a man called Estel…

He is gone. The one I love has died in my arms now and I was powerless to stop it. I always knew that by loving a mortal, I would have to face his death. The fearful cried to me, begged me to turn back and take my rightful immortality, but an elven heart is true, so they say, and so is the love that resides within it. My father was one of the many who cried out, but like so many others, his pleas fell on death ears, his fear on blind eyes.

I have cried for him. When he was a young man… younger man, he left for war and I cried for him then, as if he had died then. I was afraid of losing him as I am now that I have lost him. He looks as if he sleeps, my love, of many, many years and I love him now, as I always have. But now I love him like never before for he is here with me now when we were always so far apart. Then when he fought in battle and now as he lies in my arms, the thought of him makes me sane. He was and always will be my Estel. My hope.

His body shifts in my arms now as my arms grow achy and tired, and for one singular special moment, I can pretend he is alive. He is smiling now. In his eternal sleep. He is at peace, free from the constant war and bitterness of mortality. But my Estel is… was a fighter, a warrior, and he will be now. Even in death.

My time will come soon, I know this, I have known this for years, though it seems that now I have only just realised it. I will die and there is nothing I can do about it. In a way, it frightens me, and I think of loneliness and despair, but then I think of Estel and I feel love. The warmth, the comfort and the freedom, all there. Waiting for me. I am ready to feel that again.

I cannot stand the thought of living without Estel; he is as much of a part of my life as he was when he was younger. When we were both younger, but being of the elves, I have no concept of the passing of time, nor the aging of my body, though I know I have aged. And wizened considerably. I know now what it is to be alone. I am alone now, no company but the putrid smell of death.

As I await my end, I wonder. Am I a selfish woman? To leave behind her children in pursuit of true love. To leave her children alone to face the grief of losing their father. Many say that I am, but I am not sure. I do know this, however. I am not so blinded by my love that I cannot see beyond my own grief.

The situation is simply, they will live on without their father, without their mother for they are young and they have so much to do, so much to live for. But I, I cannot live without Estel by my side. So I ask you this; would my children be better living with a mother who, since the death of her husband has become grey and dreary as the sky on a rainy day. To live with a recluse, a shadow of the woman they loved a s a mother. Or, would they better knowing that I'd always be there for them, watching over them, and at peace, and happy. They wouldn't be alone, even though I would not be at their side, I would still love them. How could I not? My children are that mixture of childish mischief and innocence that makes them so special. They will always have a place in my heart.

My time draws near, and I can feel it. Our love will be legendary as Beren and luthien's before us, and our children will remember and the people will remember that I died for love of a mortal. The people will know I died for their king. The people will know I loved them as my own children, each and every one of them and I will carry them with me. They will know Aragorn's love for them and his love of his country. They will know this. All of this. The world will know…

I knew a man named Estel. My hope.

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