Title: Royal Flush - Epilogue
Author: Alicia Blade


November 2004 ANs:

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Here's the long awaited epilogue!! >snicker
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Royal Flush

"I want..." said the little girl, peering through the glass dome at the many buckets of tasty looking ice cream, "that one... and... that one!" Her little nose pushed up to the glass as her eyes roved over her final decisions.

"You sure, Patricia?" asked Darien, holding her left hand in his, while the girl's other hand held was clasped with that of another excited girl, also staring adoringly at the delightful treats.

"Yup! Yup, I want those two, I'm sure!"

"Alright. Have you decided yet, Serena?"

"I'm still thinking..." she said, letting go of Patricia's hand for a moment to prowl around the other cases, smiling at every one of the thirty-one flavors. Darien laughed, watching her joyous face as she bit her lower lip in concentration and her bright blue eyes sparkled mischievously at every treat offered. Finally, he turned to the young lady standing behind the counter.

"Okay, we'll have two large waffle-cones and a child sized waffle cone. Um... I'll take two scoops of triple fudge chocolate and the little one will have..."

"Black licorice and blueberry bubble gum!"

Darien cringed disgustedly. 'How can anyone EAT that?!'

"And the other one?"

"I'm still thinking!" Serena called from the other side of the room. Darien laughed as the woman began making Patricia's order. Finally, a loud squeal erupted from the blonde and she hopped enthusiastically in front of a glass case. "I got it! I'll have chocolate chip cookie dough and... and... mint chocolate chip!" she said with a bright smile.

After they all received their ice cream, Patricia led them happily to a round table with three tall stools next to the parlor windows. Grabbing onto the pale pink seat, she looked helplessly back at Darien. He chuckled, lifting her up onto the seat. Serena claimed a stool as well.

"Thank you SO much Darien!" she squealed, immediately beginning to lick at the large cone. He smiled lovingly at her.

"No problem, princess."

There was a silence as they all ate happily, savoring the sweet sugar-filled ice cream.

"How's your dessert?" asked Serena, giggling slightly as most of it landed on Patricia's face instead of her tongue, leaving a huge ring of black licorice ice cream around her lips. But the little girl simply grinned up at Serena and took another bite.

"So are you happy to be out of the hospital?" asked Darien.

Patricia nodded her head vigorously. "Oh yes, very happy!"

"Good. See, I TOLD you that you'd be out of there in a jiffy, now didn't I?"

She smiled and nodded again. "And you said you'd get me ice cream too!"

"Well, I am a man of my word."

Serena giggled beside him, scooting her stool over slightly to lean up against his shoulder. Smiling down on her, he draped a casual arm around his girlfriend's shoulders as the conversation quickly turned to sweets and teddy bears and flowers.

"Hey... are you Serena's boyfriend?" Patricia asked suddenly. Their gaze was broken as Serena turned to look at her a tad surprised. Then, a small smile etched across Serena and Darien's faces.

"You could say that..." Darien said quietly, returning his attention to Serena. She smiled up at him lovingly.

"Yes. He is."

"Oh... hey, I was wondering if you would take me to the park tonight!" continued Patricia, jumping happily from subject to subject without a second thought.

"We'd love to, sweetie, but Darien and I have something planned for tonight. Another time, okay? How about Tuesday?"

Patricia nodded and continued on with her busy chattering.

... one hour later ...

"Alright ladies, we're going for five card stud, deuces wild, low in the hole," said Raye, dealing out the cards to the other occupants of the table: Mina, Lita, Ami, and Serena.

Just then, loud cheering was heard from the room next door, and it was suddenly very obvious that the hometeam in the college football game had scored a goal.

Lita rolled her eyes. "Men and their sports!"

"Well," said Ami in her usually soft voice, "sports shows are the only programs on network television today that do not have known predicted outcomes."

Sighing, Mina rolled her eyes. "Oh Ami, try to make sense for once, okay?"

"But I do."

"ANYWAY," said Serena, drawing attention back to the game at hand, "can we move along here? I feel Lady Luck moving up on me!"

"Sure thing, Serena. People, drop your bets!"

Everyone went around the table, calling and raising, tossing their chips into the growing pile at the center of the table.

"Alright, here's your next cards."

Raye dealt out the next round of cards cards. "And dealer takes three," she ended, drawing three for herself.

Serena stifled a gasp and forced a smile down, staring at the cards. She HAD to win this one!

"Alright... I'll bet three," said Raye, tossing in four chips.

"Raise you three," added Lita.

"Call," said Ami, throwing in seven chips.

"Hm..." said Mina, eyeing her cards evilly, before turning her attention up to the players. "Let's liven this up a bit, shall we? I'll bet..." She paused, before reaching up and taking off a necklace that hung around her neck. "My 14 karat necklace... an antique with real ruby and topaz rhinestones."

"Oh, for goodness sakes..." whispered Lita in shock.

"Mina, you can't!" squealed Serena.

"Trust me! I'm gonna win this one, gals!"

"She's bluffing..." sang Raye under her breath.

"I don't have anything like THAT!" Serena screamed, panicking that she was next to lay her bet. Suddenly, she paused, thought a moment, then inhaled a deep breath. Clearing her throat, she called in a light-hearted, singsong voice,

"Oh... Darien..."


There was a sequel written to this story, but I don't know where to find it. I believe it was called Royal Flush The Sequel (or something like that) by... Alexis-chan? Alexia-chan? Something like that. Hehe, happy searching?


Alright, hope ya liked!!!! I'm sorry it was too short, but hey, it was to the point, right? Oh, and if anyone asks me to write a sequel, I'm telling you right now, it's NOT gonna happen, so don't waste your time!! Thanx anyway though.

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