Alright, I am revamping this story because- let's face it- the beginning is horrible. It Is still going to have the same plot, characters, and all that, but it really needs to be redone. So, let's try this again, shall we?

Oh, and I am also going to give Nórui the honor of spelling his name properly this time. He will now have the accent over the 'o' so it actually means something. So, it is Nórui.


Chapter 1-Priceless Treasure

They were up to something.

That thought ran rampant through the king's mind as he gazed at his two sons across the dining table, his eyes narrowing suspiciously as he brought a warm, golden roll to his mouth. He chewed slowly and thoughtfully, contemplating all of the possibilities that the two young princes may come up with.

All through dinner, the two princes of Mirkwood had been sending each other secretive glances, followed by large grins that they attempted to hide behind their glasses of wine. Oh yes, they were up to something, Thranduil mused as he swirled the purple liquid in his goblet. And by the way they would occasionally glance at his two daughters, he feared that they were somehow involved.

"Ada," One of the ellyth said, "What is the matter? You seem tense." He gave her a reassuring smile with a shake of his head.

"Nothing, Melyanna." He replied, "Just thinking." The elleth nodded though she did not truly believe him. With a soft sigh, she brushed back her mahogany hair and raised her glass to her lips. Thranduil turned his attention back to his sons.

They were now watching him with hesitant eyes and he smirked back at them. Quickly, they looked back down to their plates and continued with their meal. The smirk on the king's lips grew into a grin. Yes, my sons, writher under my scrutinizing gaze, he thought happily to himself. Again, he was broken from his musing by his other daughter.

"Are you sure you are alright?" She questioned, "You have an odd look in your eye."

"Truly, Lothron. Everything is fine." The king reassured her, then motioned to her plate, "Now eat."

The meal continued on in silence though Thranduil was not oblivious to the words that still passed between his two sons. He could not make out what they were saying and, despite himself, he felt his curiosity grow. His sons were capable of many things, and not all of them were necessarily good.

"Ada," The mahogany haired prince said suddenly, raising to his feet. He yawned loudly before smiling, "I am unusually tired this night. May I please be excused so that I may retire to my chambers?"

"What is more unusual is the formal way of simply asking to be excused. One would think you were up to something." The king smiled in triumph at the withering look that appeared on the prince's face, "But of course, Nórui. You may go." Nórui shot his father a grateful smile before bowing his head and disappearing into the corridor.

Legolas watched his brother leave, then turned back to his food. He took a spoonful of his hot soup and sipped it quietly, gazing upon his father from under half lidded eyes. A feeling of dread was taking over his heart, increasing the longer he sat there. Only one thing ran through his mind: he knew.


The evening meal had long since ended and all in the Woodland Realm had drifted off to their homes to find rest. Those residing in the palace had locked themselves away in their private chambers, including the royal family. Only a few elves still wandered the halls, most of them having returned from their jobs throughout the palace. The moon was not even a highest peak and stars dotted the black heavens. It was yet another typical night in the forest, peaceful and quiet.

Only one elf was no where near ready to sleep, and that was the youngest prince of Mirkwood. He stood upon the balcony of his private quarters, his hands resting heavily on the silver banister and the cool forest air whipping through his golden locks. Bright, cerulean eyes shimmered like the stars above as he gazed about his beloved homeland. A contented sigh escaped his lips and he smiled.

The doors to his room suddenly creaked open then closed again and he turned, gazing back into the dark chamber. His smile widened when he saw his brother weaving his way towards him and then come to stand beside him.

They sat in silence for a long moment, both finding comfort in each other's presence. Legolas took the time to gaze upon the ellon beside him, his eyes trailing over his sharp features and emerald eyes. He looked so much like his father, he noted, and had very much the same personality. He was stubborn and proud, but he held courage and strength. Whether this came from his position as Crown Prince, he did not know. But he let this slip from his mind quickly, having other things more important to think about.

"What took you so long?" He questioned and Nórui jumped as though he had forgotten his brother was there. He shrugged.

"I simply took my time, is all." He replied, "And I ran into someone. Quite literally."

"Oh?" The golden haired ellon quirked his brow. The other elf leaned up against the railing.

"Yes. Glithiel." His voice suddenly took on a breathy tone to it and his eyes sparkled, a soft smile coming upon his lips. Legolas chuckled.

"What was she doing wandering about, I wonder?"

The Crown Prince shrugged, "She said had been visiting a friend and was returning to her quarters. But I knew that she really had been searching for me." At this, the younger elf nudged him gently in the ribs.

"I cannot possibly imagine how she knew that you would be wandering the halls during the night." He commented sarcastically, rolling his eyes and smiling. Nórui laughed.

"Ah, dear brother. You would not understand the bond that she and I share. It is something that only two lovers would know of, and comprehend." He beamed as his mind drifted off to thoughts of the lady they spoke of and the younger elf sighed in annoyance.

"If you say so." He muttered to himself, then glanced up at him curiously, "So, did you do it?"

Nórui jumped slightly as he was brought out of his daydreaming, then looked to him with a furrowed brow, "Do what?" Legolas gave him a meaningful glance and the dark haired ellon blushed, looking away. He shook his head, "Nay, I did not." The golden haired prince sighed in exasperation.

"By the Valar…you know what the answer will be, Nórui. Just do it so that you will stop fretting over it."

"It is not as easy as you think! What if she says no?"

"She will not; Glithiel would never do such a thing to you. She loves you too much, perhaps too much for her own good."

"Either way, it is still difficult. And even if she does say yes, that means we would be forced to spend a year alone, away from each other." He made as if to continue but cut himself short, shaking his head. After a long tense moment, he started again, "But this is not what we are here to discuss. Here." Carefully from within his pocket, he drew out a thin necklace. Its design was simple with one emerald jewel dangling from the center, surrounded by tiny diamonds, but both elves knew it was priceless.

"Wonderful." Legolas grinned, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Legolas, are you sure we should be doing this? At least, using this necklace." The other ellon suggested hesitantly, "After all, Naneth gave it to her when she was born. It means the world to her."

"She will get over it." He responded casually, "It isn't like we aren't going to give it back or anything. I'm sure she will understand when she realizes it is all in jest." Nórui sighed worriedly.

"If you insist."

"I do. Now stop worrying and come on! I don't know about you, but I am exhausted and want to sleep!" The golden haired prince grabbed his brother by the arm and pulled him through his chambers and out into the hall.


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