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Chapter 1: The Protector

"I'm back!" Kagome shouted before exiting the Bone Eater's Well. "Inuyasha? Miroku? Sango?! Shippo!! Are you around? I came back a bit early!" A sigh escaped the frustrated Miko as she ventured off in search of her missing companions.

"I guess they went to search for jewel shards while I was away, oh well I can always crash with Kaede." As Kagome roamed through the grassy knoll she observed that the land was filled with an eerie silence that was never present before. ' Something isn't right, I can sense it.' On cue an enormous tiger youkai appeared at the forest entrance.

"Miko!" The beast then released a deep snarl before charging towards Kagome. The young priestess' eyes dilated at the abrupt motion, dropping her bag to the ground. ' Don't just stand there Kagome do something.' A trembling hand reached into her yellow backpack, retrieving her bow and arrows. She carefully strung her bow with two arrows before allowing her fingers to abandon the string. A smile of satisfaction blossomed upon Kagome's lips as the arrows bedded themselves into the demon's side. Unfortunately for Kagome, the demon did not falter at the attack.

"Shit!" The miko shouted. Her eyes clenched shut as she awaited the impact of the monster. It never came. ' Am I dead?' Her eyes slowly cracked open and gazed in shock at the scene before her. An oversized dog stood before her with its fangs embedded into the tiger's neck. Blood flowed freely upon the green grass as the tiger thrashed violently in an attempt to remove the offending demon's hold. Kagome released a cry of horror as she watched the tiger rip the flesh of the dog demon's stomach. That was when she sensed it, Shikon Jewel shards. ' That's why the Tiger won't die, I have to remove them before it kills the other demon.' Kagome swiftly drew a third arrow and fired it at her attacker's left leg; liberating it of the jewel's power. The tiger fell upon back first upon the grass as the dog demon pinned him and ripped out his throat. Once the creature was dead the demon then retreated back a few feet and turned its gaze towards Kagome.

"T-thank you..." She uttered softly as she began to approach him slowly. The demon swaggered slightly then fled towards the forest. "Wait!" She cried out. The demon was long gone, but a trail of blood made it easy to track. Kagome sighed as she approached the dead demon and retrieved the jewel shard. ' I have to help him...' Once the shikon was safely stored away she sprinted after the creature, following the crimson path it left behind.

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