Watching The Sun Rise

Ever since she had come to this place, she had loved to sit here, at a window in the abandoned west wing, to watch the sun rise.

Everything was so quiet, so peaceful. No girls running around, talking about their problems, which they thought were so big but which really were so small, with an inappropriate amount of noise and excitement.

No colleagues complaining about being disrespected or discriminated against, or storming off into the staff room cupboard, feeling offended for no reason.

No headmistress talking to he through a mouth full of cake, telling her to be less strict both with the girls and herself.

But wasn't it this strictness that made her what she was? Without it, there would be nothing left of her. Or if not nothing, it would be very little. So little that she couldn't even name what it would be.

And anyway, what would happen if she really let he strictness go? The girls would disrespect her, just as they disrespected that cupboard-storming colleague of hers. They wouldn't do anything to broaden their knowledge anymore. And if the girls did not respect her, how could she possibly respect herself?

She looked out of the window again, seeing that the sun had finally risen. Remembering the test form three would be handed out later that morning, she sighed and rose from her chair, heading for the potions lab.

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