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Flames, fire, blood…my blood? That's impossible, goddesses don't bleed, what happened? I was on my way to Athonia when the hyper drive failed, next thing I know I'm here. There's grass, it's warm, this isn't Athonia, where am I?

"Unauthorized Off-World Activation,"

"Who is it?" asked General Hammond.


"Open the iris,"

The large metal iris opened and two Tok'ra stepped through, one was Jacob/Selmak and the other was Torrie/Je'nee. Torrie was the daughter of Major Frank Robertson of SG-16, she'd been dying of leukemia and the Tok'ra had needed a host for Je'nee, things worked out pretty well, she often came to visit her father.

"Welcome back Jacob, Torrie," greeted General Hammond smiling.

Jacob looked up solemnly "We need to talk,"

What? What happened? Where am I? I was in a field and now I'm in a white room hooked up to machines, what's going on?

A tall young man enters the room, brown hair, fairly attractive, carrying a metal case of some sorts.

"Hey," he says softly, "my name's Ryan, I'm with the crime lab, we're trying to figure out what happened to you, I don't know if you can hear me, but I need to take a few pictures and collect any evidence that may be on you."

I blink, "what?" I begin but my voice sounds incredibly hoarse, where's a sarcophagus when you need it?

He smiles at my acknowledgement and proceeds to take pictures, I watch him closely…he doesn't recognize that my spacecraft crashed? He seems to be interested with my right arm.

"Ms." He says, "can you move you arm slightly?"

I'm dying, I can't die! I'm a goddess, I need a new host, preferably a woman, Aphrodite has never been a man's name, however desperate times call for desperate measures…

"No," I whisper.

He leans closer to me; he must not have heard me, even better…

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" he asks.

This is it, only one more chance, only one time to get this right, I lift my arm up and grab his neck, he gasps in surprise, I pull his mouth to mine and…

Whistles, bells, everything starts going off, men in white suits come into the room and shoo me into the hall, I know what happened, I was the only one keeping her alive, my host, or should I say my old host, was dead.

"What's going on?" General Hammond asked.

"We have reason to believe a Goa'uld named Aphrodite crashed at these co ordinates," said Je'nee pointing them out on the screen, "we believed she was heading to Athonia to take over so Gialink sabotaged her hyper drive, he didn't expect her to crash on a inhabited world."

"You're telling me there is a Goa'uld on Earth?" Jack asked in disbelief.

"Yes," replied Jacob, "that's not even the worst of it."

"What do you mean?" Daniel asked.

"Well according to these calculations, she crashed in the Everglades," said Torrie taking over from Je'nee.

"That's just outside of Miami," remarked Samantha in horror.

"We know,"

I grabbed the metal case my new host had brought into the room with him. The best part of being a Goa'uld was gaining the memories of hosts, this one's name was Ryan Wolfe, he worked in the Miami-Dade Crime lab on Earth…so that's where I am, Earth. I have heard much about the warriors from Earth known as SG-1. Perhaps this Ryan Wolfe can help me…a lot.


I turned around, I had to get used to playing my host's character, he has the trust of the law, revealing my true self would lose that trust, I need it if I want an edge.

"Yeah?" I responded, luckily I can talk in my host's voice too; it'd be a dead giveaway if I couldn't, though Ryan didn't seem to have any knowledge of SG-1, or even the Stargate.

"What did you get?"

"Not a lot, I was shooed out of there pretty quickly when the machines started to go off," I responded.

"Alright, see what you can get after…Ryan, did something happen?" the man asked.

"What do you mean?" He can't see right through me…can he?

"You seem to have a mark on your neck," the redhead responded.

Okay, what's his name? Come on, my host knows this…oh here it is!

"It's nothing Horatio, nothing at all…"