What Is The Difference?

By: Comm. Butler

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Author's Note: Hello all TT fans! This is my first fic in this category, I have written many stories for another show, but I was watching the new TT on Cartoon Network on the 11 of September and this came to mind. I will have to set the scene however, because it is a little different. (This is a Robin/Starfire pairing. I guess you could count it as a Raven/Beast Boy as well.)

(The Scene)

This is set say oh I don't know about seven years in the future and I am basing it on the average age of the Titans being sixteen or seventeen (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong). So they are all about twenty-five and while having gone their separate ways have remained rather close. Cyborg is doing wonderfully with his new technological inventions and is helping society. Raven is on a meditation trip throughout the world, Beast Boy is with her to provide her with company and so he can keep a loving eye on her. Robin has stayed pretty much in the city with Starfire at the tower where they have lived friendly and happily and secretly in love as well.

Titan's Tower


Ring… Ring… Ring…

"Star could you get that?" Robin called as he continued with his training. He may not be an active Titan anymore but it was good to stay in shape for when he came across the occasional criminal.

"No! I'm far too busy, let that machine get it." He heard Starfire's voice call back at him. Robin sighed and stopped and dashed for the still ringing phone. He was panting when he picked it up.


"I was about to give up on you, what were you doing?" Robin heard the level tone of Raven on the other end.

"I… was… train… training."

"Uh huh I'm sure that you were." Raven said as sarcastically she would let herself. She figured that he and Starfire had been busy doing something more 'constructive'.

"Raven how many times do I have to tell you that Star and I aren't…"

"I was just joking." Robin scoffed.

"Since when do you 'joke'?"

"Since I have spent the last year with Beast Boy." Raven added smartly. Robin changed the subject.

"So what's on your mind?"

"Beast Boy and I were in town tonight before we go on and we were hoping that you, Starfire and Cyborg would join us." Robin looked thoughtful and then replied,

"Sure it's not like we have something else we could be doing."

"Good. I'll give Cyborg a call and you can meet us at the…" Raven continued to give Robin directions and he wrote them down. It was close enough that he and Star could walk to it and they would do just that. Robin hung up just as Starfire floated out into the main room in nothing but a towel. Robin got a dreamy look on his face and let his mouth gape open. Starfire didn't seem to notice.

"Robin… Have you seen my comb?" She asked innocently landing right in front of him. Her towel was barely hanging on her. Robin was sure that if she let go of it would fall right off.

"Uhh… you… umm… I uh…" He gulped and pulled her towel up a little higher around her chest.

"Well have you seen it?"

"Umm… no, no I haven't."

"Well then why are you holding it in your hand?" Robin looked down and saw her comb clutched in his slightly sweaty hand. He had picked it up off the counter only a second before.

"Well I found it, you might want to get ready, we are going out." Star looked at him puzzled ad then giving him a peck on the cheek she jumped and hung in midair.

"Oh Robin how so very sweet of you! What shall I wear considering it is our first?" Robin looked at her shocked.

"WHAT?" She had completely missed the point.

"No Star we are meeting Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg for dinner tonight. In about 45 minutes in fact." Star looked slightly put out but her face brightened and she thanked him and then whizzed off to get ready. Robin headed to his own room for a shower and after that pulled on a pair of black slacks and a blood red T shirt that fit him perfectly. He pulled a leather jacket over it and then after pulling on shoes he went and knocked on Star's door.

"Hey you ready in there?"

"NO! Be patient!" Starfire snapped at him as she tore through her closet frantically. Her style had expanded to more then the standard purple. She needed something wonderful and different tonight. Reaching into the back of her closet she pulled something out and smiled.

Robin waited on the couch for Starfire. They were going to be a few minutes late, but oh well.

"I am ready now." Starfire came out and stood at the steps behind him. Robin started at her feet and worked his way upward. She had on a white pair of sandal style heels that looked painful, but they showed off her legs more then those boots she always seemed to be wearing. His eyes reached the hem of her knee length dress, which was a shimmering white. The dress itself was a little spaghetti number and clung in all the very right places for Robin.

"You look great." He managed and her brow furrowed.

"Do I not look… beautiful?" She asked a little unsure. She was always very self-conscious around Robin, and she was always seeking his highest approval.

"Yes beautiful." He shook away his fantasies and standing beside her took her arm and together they walked out in comfortable silence.

Chinese Restaurant


"Hey what took you…" Cyborg stopped when Starfire and Robin arrived at the table and sat down. He had seen the way they had been looking at each other when they walked in and how Robin had a hand on the small of her back protectively."

"Hey guys!" Beast Boy exclaimed happily.

"Hey Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg." Robin said just as excitedly.

"Was your meditation enjoyable, Raven?" Starfire asked expectantly as Robin and Cyborg immediately started a conversation on Cyborg's latest invention.

"Well if animal boy over here hadn't stopped turning into everything his tofu mind could think of when he got bored it was just fine." Raven stated who was wearing a long sleeved black dress. She had given up the leotard a long time ago but she did still wear a cloak.

"I am happy to hear it." Starfire and Raven continued to chat pleasantly until a waiter came to take their order.

"I'll have the tofu platter." Beast Boy ordered and Raven nodded.

"Me too." Everyone except Beast Boy was surprised. The rest of the gang placed their order and then Robin inquired,

"Tofu Raven?"

"So? I have an understanding with Beast Boy here, considering he will be doing all the cooking." All of them looked confused.

"That is part of the reason we got you all here tonight. Raven and I are getting married!" Beast Boy smiled broadly. Everyone fell out of his or her chairs.

"YOU'RE WHAT?" Cyborg almost shouted jumping up. Robin and Starfire shot up as well with wide eyes.

"Well you shouldn't sound so surprised. Why did you think I let him come with me?" Raven stated smugly.

"Uh right, of course." Robin smiled and then turned the conversation to another point while Starfire and Raven talked wedding and that to him was a little scary. Raven never got excited about anything but sure enough she seemed more excited then her usual monotone excitement. Robin half listened to their conversation and he heard Starfire sigh.

"You know I wish I was getting married." Raven nodded.

"Well you will find someone, and it will be for the right reasons instead of like last time on your planet. Man that thing was gross!"

"I suppose but any way…"

Outside Chinese Restaurant


"Wow I can't believe we talked for so long!" Robin stated as they headed down the street. The five of them had been in there for like five hours. It was unbelievable how much that was to be shared.

"Yes it was quite an evening." Starfire replied shivering a little bit.

"You cold Star?"

"Oh just a li…" She stopped when Robin pulled off his jacket.

"Here you take it, you aren't wearing much." He laid the coat over her shoulders and she pulled it around her.

"You sure you won't be cold?" Starfire offered and Robin shook his head.

"I'm good." He had actually felt a tad warm with Starfire standing so close to him. They walked for a minute and Robin thought to himself.

Why haven't I told Star how I feel about her. What with Raven and Beast Boy on the way to wedlock and Cyborg with a girlfriend. The two relationships I have had over the past seven years have turned out badly and Starfire was pretty jealous and yet forgiving every time. Wasn't that a sign? I have to tell her soon, before I don't have a chance. They weren't old but sometimes one just runs out of opportune moments.

Robin snapped out of his thoughts when as they were passing a park.

"Hey Star do you mind if we take a detour through the park?"


"Great." Robin exclaimed and they headed for the trees throughout the park. The full moon was shining brightly and a small breeze was blowing in their direction.

"Oh Robin look at the stars!" Starfire pointed up and they stopped. The stars she was pointing at were dim but he could still see them even with the city lights.

This is perfect I should tell Star now. Robin put his arms around Starfire and she stiffened for a second and then relaxed against him

"Wow, your right. Look at that one there it is beautiful. Listen there isn't a sound either except…" He listened carefully and he heard a song that was unfamiliar to him but good at the same time as it drifted through the park.

"Robin would you teach me how to dance?" Star asked turning in his arms.

"What? Uh sure I guess so. You've never danced before?"

"I have but I forgot how to slow dance on Earth."

"Okay, here give me your hands." He ran his fingers down her arms and taking hold of her wrists put her arms behind his neck. He then encircled his arms around her gently.

"This feels strange Robin. I feel like I am giving you a hug not dancing."

"Don't worry, it will get better, now just follow my lead." Robin began to go through the steps and Starfire followed him, not even stepping on his foot as far as he could tell, but it would have been hard to tell, with him trying his best to keep it to just dancing.

"I like this very much Robin." Starfire stated as they revolved slowly on the spot and she rested her head on his chest.

"I'm glad." Robin whispered. They continued on even after Robin couldn't hear any music. He looked at the top of Starfire's head and then into her inquiring eyes when they had stopped.

"Why do you stop?"

"Huh? Oh well it is getting late so we should get going."

"Oh I see." Starfire dropped her arms and picked up Robin's jacket to where it had fallen off on the ground. She took a step and then Robin took hold of her wrist.

"But first," He pulled her back into his arms and lifting her chin he leaned in,

"Robin, what are you…" Starfire began to ask but then she felt Robin's lips on hers and she forgot what she was going to ask. She was in pure bliss. Nothing else mattered except for her heart beating faster and faster in her chest and Robin's muscular body up against her. The unspoken love that was passed between them was not looked over by Robin. He was finally doing what he had wanted to for so long. To hold Starfire in his arms and kiss her. He might not tell her through words that he loved her but he didn't have to. As Robin relished in this new feeling he felt Starfire start to pull away.

"Star don't…" He whispered and she whimpered back at him terrified as she clung to his shirt.

"I am doing nothing." The pull on Starfire was becoming stronger, whatever it was. Robin grabbed her around her waist tightly and tried to pull her back towards him, but the longer his hands remained the more he felt pain shooting up his arms, as if a thousand needles were puncturing through them. Starfire fought and clung to Robin, until the pull caused her hands to loosen their grip and her hands let go of him.

Robin's pain was increasing and he could feel his feet beginning to slide across the damp grass. When he couldn't stand it he let go only for a fraction of a second and Starfire was pulled away from him and as she was dragged low through the air she reached out a hand. Robin jumped for it and caught her wrist, which caused her to come back down, but the force of the pull was too strong and the pains had returned as he slid across the grass.

"Star don't let go of me! Fight it! Come on!" Robin pleaded. He felt the bracelet on her wrist starting to come off but he held fast even as the pains searing through his body were causing him to be faint. Starfire was in a fierce panic. She was trying to use her powers but for some unknown reason they wouldn't work. Robin held her wrist so tightly that it felt as if he might break it. As they struggled back and forth Starfire could see Robin wearing down. His grip became looser and looser until Starfire's hand slipped from between his fingers and she was yanked away from him.

"ROBIN!" Starfire cried helplessly. Robin was on his knees and shaking in pain and he looked up and shouted,

"STAR! I LO…" He didn't have a chance to finish as darkness crept across him and he fell to the ground unconscious, with Starfire's screams and pleas ringing in his ears.

Part One is done.

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