Author's Note: I'm apologizing profusely for this taking soooo long to get out but I had several more pressing issues! However, this chapter is short and won't take too much of you time but it will add closure to the story. Enjoy!

"STARFIRE!" He gasped and hopping over the couch chased after the woman he could not see. He rushed through hall after hall and down flights of stairs calling her name but there was no answer. He soon found himself outside and looking about him frantically, then he saw her. She was standing on one of the rock outcroppings, preparing to take off.

"I am sorry Robin." Starfire whispered to herself. Robin heard her though and said back as he stood at the base of the rock.

"For what?" Starfire whipped around and Robin's heart skipped a beat. It was really her and his heart began to beat faster in his chest.

"ROBIN!" Starfire jumped down into his strong waiting arms.

"Oh Robin! It was terrible! Blackfire… invisible… assassins. Oh Robin!" She sobbed into his chest. These tears were ones of joy and sadness. Robin held her tightly determined to never let her go and whispered as he kissed the top of her head gently.

"Hush Star you're alright now, I've got you. Starfire you need to know that I love you and you need to know it now." Robin stated seriously as he lifted her chin with a finger. She gave him a small smile and he smiled back at her lovingly, before pressing his lips to hers in a passionate kiss to seal his confession to her. Starfire ran her fingers through his dark hair and pressed her body up against him and he had one hand tangled in her long red locks as Robin moved her backward so she was up against the rock. Starfire pulled away and gasped for air.

"Robin…I… too… love you…" She gasped as she tried to recover her breath before pulling his lips to hers again hungrily. This was the best feeling in the world for both of them and they never wanted it to end. Finally they had made it to where they wanted to be and what they had yearned to do for so long in their hearts.

A little ways off, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy looked on with wide eyes.

"Are you allowed to kiss like that in public?" Cyborg cocking his head to one side wondering.

"I dunno but if they aren't getting in trouble the it must be a new trend." Beast Boy purred and pulled Raven into his arms, but she pushed him away.

"Yeah right, they might pull it off in public but you got another thing coming." Raven watched with a smile on her usually unemotional face.

"Finally after all this time, they found each other, and what a difference it is." She shook her head and turned away dragging Beast Boy and Cyborg with her; they left Robin and Starfire to 'do something more constructive'….

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