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The shadows disappeared as light shined upon them, illuminating the interior of the warehouse. Cyborg's red eye and human eye stared forward, taking in what he saw.

There wasn't much, not enough to worry about.

The hybrid scanned the area, his built in flashlight on his shoulder helping him with his search as darkness shrunk away from light. There were crates that had plenty of dust on them and showed signs that termites had feasted. The rusted barrels also gave some evidence of how long life has not been present till now.

A green glow joined the white light of Cyborg's flashlight.

"I do not see anyone here," a soft voice spoke.

Cyborg turned around to see Starfire walking towards him. A green starbolt had formed in her hand, being used like a lantern to help her see. Her green eyes searched the warehouse, spotting the same crates and barrels her metal friend saw.

"That's because there isn't anyone here," replied another voice. "There never was anyone here."

One shadow did not fear the lights that were being generated. A blue hooded figure morphed from the shadow, causing her to appear in front of her friends. Her gaze landed on them as she spoke. "There is no sign of Plasmus."

"This isn't even a place where he would want to attack," said Cyborg, looking around again. "No toxic wastes or chemicals that he usually feeds off of. This warehouse is just full of old broken construction equipment. I saw a broken down bulldoze in a garage, but I don't think Plasmus will have a use for that."

"There is much dust here," noted Starfire. Curious, the Tamaranean floated up towards one of the crates. She blew on it and a cloud of dust floated from the crate...and immediately attacked her nose. "Achoo!"

Both Raven and Cyborg jumped as Starfire's sneeze ended up causing an explosion. They both whirled around to find Starfire wiping at her nose, with only blackened earth beneath her where the crate used to be that she had been inspecting.

"Sorry," apologized Starfire, smiling sheepishly.

"Cyborg?" a voice suddenly asked in alarm. "What happened? Is everything okay?"

Cyborg held up his arm to his face before activating the built in communicator in his arm. A tiny screen winked to life and the masked face of Robin suddenly appeared.

"Yeah everything's fine," replied Cyborg. "Starfire just had to sneeze."

Starfire reddened slightly in embarrassment, having heard him.

"Any signs of Plasmus?" Robin questioned.

"Nope, nothing here," replied Cyborg. "There aren't even signs that anyone has been here in quite some time. This place doesn't even have his favorite food. Only broken construction equipment. How about you and BB?"

"Beastboy should be done searching over at his end. I haven't found anything over here."

"Think this is a prank?"

"Maybe..." Robin paused. "Keep your eyes open, I'm starting to have a bad feeling about this."



Shutting off his communicator, the leader of the Teen Titans couldn't help but look up at the sky. The sun had been setting when they got a call that Plasmus was heading to these old abandoned warehouses a few miles away from Jump City. Now, the only light came from the stars and full moon.

Having gotten an emergency call that Plasmus was heading to a factory, the Titans had immediately dispersed. However, when they arrived, the so called factory was just old busted up warehouses. Robin had gone over the location again and again, only to find that the factory should be here. He had sent Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire to search the warehouses while he and Beastboy kept watch outside.

And ever since then, he felt like someone was watching him.

It was like a ghost town. A small breeze blew and there were squeaks from old door hinges. Robin watched closely and didn't see anything else move. This place was devoid of life, besides the Titans that were searching.

So why did he feel the hairs on the back of his neck bristle?

Robin sighed and looked up at the sky. He blinked when he saw streaks of light dance across the night sky. Meteorites.

He didn't know there was a meteor shower tonight. He shrugged to himself.

Maybe he was being paranoid. Then again, good reasons for his paranoia would justify it. And he already found good reasons.

The distress call about the factory being nothing more then old warehouses. They were a few miles away from Jump City...alone. To Robin, the distress call was starting to look like bait on a hook.

And Robin couldn't help but think that they took the bait and were being reeled in.


"Are you in position?" asked a feminine voice that had a touch of anticipation in it.

"Yes," replied a male voice, anticipation, or any emotion at all, devoid from it.

"Then let's get started."


A flap of wings caused Robin to turn. A bat seemed to materialize from the darkness and fly towards him. It wasn't an ordinary bat as Robin was easily able to see that the creature was green.

When only a few feet away, the bat lowered before landing on the ground in front of Robin. And suddenly that bat morphed into a, still green, human figure.

"Did you find anything Beastboy?" questioned Robin.

"I got nothing," replied the changeling. "I'm starting to think that distress call was just bogus."

The Boy Wonder nodded. "Yeah, I'm starting to think so too." Robin dug into his pocket and his communicator was soon in hand. "Cyborg?"


"We can't find anything out here."

"Same goes for inside."

"Alright. Get Starfire and Raven and meet us outside."


Robin shut off his communicator but still kept it in his hand, just in case. Not able to help himself, he took another look around. Still nothing, yet that feeling of being watched refused to disappear.

Sighing, he looked up at the sky.

And his communicator was suddenly back up to his mouth.

"Titans, move! Get out of there now!"

The meteorites in the night sky seemed to swerve...and now streaked towards the warehouses.


"Get out of there now!"

The three Titans in the warehouse froze, but were immediately on guard. Cyborg's arm quickly formed into his sonic cannon, starbolts appeared in Starfire's hands, and Raven only stood, a spell forming in her mind to be used.

Cyborg brought his other arm up and activated his communicator. "Robin what is it?"

"You got incoming from above!"

"What is it?"


At that, the three looked up. There were small holes in the ceiling caused by age and lights shined through them.

And the lights were getting brighter.

"Titans, move!" ordered Cyborg. His sonic cannon pointed towards a wall of the warehouse before firing, blasting a large hole in it. Not even pausing, he ran.

Darkness morphed under Raven's feet and she soon disappeared into the ground. Starfire blasted her own exit in the roof before immediately taking off. She couldn't help but freeze as she looked up at the sky.

The alien girl had seen meteor showers before on Earth. There had even been such things on her home planet. From afar the meteors looked beautiful.

But not when they were so close.

In the sky they looked like beautiful long streaks of light that joined the stars and moon to light up the night. But now, as they drew closer and closer, they were transforming into large fireballs.

With her amazement and fear gone, Starfire turned and flew forward, away from the warehouses. It was only a second before she heard the first meteor coming. It whistled through the air, and ended in a loud explosion. Not able to help it, she looked over her shoulder.

There was only a large crater that had been where she, Raven, and Cyborg had been a few seconds ago.

There were several more whistles as the rest of the meteors continued to fall. Around Starfire, the large rocks of fire collided into the ground, obliterating anything that was there. She gasped when a meteor crashed into a warehouse in front of her, a cloud of fire, dirt, and debris flying into the air.

Starfire closed her eyes, bringing her arms to her face before she flew through the destruction. There were small stings of pain as debris cut into her and she felt heat from the fire.

Then she was clear, flying out of the debris and continuing forward. Meteors continued to whistle and collide, bringing out destruction everywhere. Worried about her friends, Starfire looked around to see if her friends needed help.

She gasped.

Robin suddenly appeared from behind a warehouse. Starfire's mind whirled and came up with the conclusion that the leader of the Titans had came to make sure that they would get out okay. At first she was relieved.

Which turned into horror as a meteor crashed into the warehouse.

All she saw was Robin before he disappeared under a pile of debris.

"Robin!" Ignoring the meteors that continued falling, Starfire immediately streaked towards where she saw Robin.

There was a cloud of dirt, obscuring her view. A starbolt formed in Starfire's hand and she launched it at the cloud. Immediately, the dirt parted to give her a view.

A pile of debris was where Robin had stood.

Fear clutching her heart, Starfire landed in front of the pile. "Robin!" Immediately, the Tamaranean started digging through the rubble while tears gathered in her eyes.

Robin can't be dead. He couldn't be dead. Nothing could kill him.

Starfire suddenly gasped and her hands flew into her mouth. No!

A torn green glove covering a hand poked out of the rubble. It didn't move or twitch, not giving signs of life.

Tears now started flowing freely down Starfire's face as she saw it. Putting her hands to her face, she couldn't help but cry.

This can not be happening! thought Starfire as she sobbed. Robin can not be dead!

She couldn't believe it, didn't want to believe it.

She was not going to believe that Robin was dead.


Unknown to the Tamaranean girl, the meteors had stopped falling. They had left a wake of destruction. The warehouses had been destroyed and there was nothing left but craters and piles of debris. Flames were now part of the illumination of the night.

A figure appeared from one of the many plumes of black smoke. He didn't turn to survey the destruction. His gaze was only on one thing.

The sobbing girl that was in front of a pile of debris.

The figure walked towards her.

He knew what the alien girl was crying about. The death of her friend. He couldn't see the hand encased in the green glove, but he knew what Starfire was crying about. He pulled the nightmare out of her mind after all.

And only Starfire was able to see it. Anyone else who was looking at the same place would've seen nothing. That was the effect of his power.

He kept his eyes on the back of the sobbing girl. A hand dropped to his waist and he pulled something from his holster.

A blaster.

Starfire was too busy sobbing over her so called dead friend to notice him coming towards her. Taking a few more steps, the figure now stood only an arms length behind her.

He raised the blaster and pointed it at the back of her head.


The figure turned and suddenly cried out as something flew through the air and collided into the blaster, sending the weapon flying from the figure's hand. He turned to see who stopped him before turning around and running, picking up his fallen blaster before disappearing behind a plume of smoke.


Starfire blinked, being snapped out of her moment of distress by a voice that shouted her name. A very familiar voice.

She heard a cry of surprise from behind her and she immediately turned around, just in time to see someone disappear behind some black smoke.

Confused, Starfire turned her tear stained face to the one who called out her name.

It was Robin.

Starfire gasped, confused and relieved at the same time. She turned back to where she had seen the green gloved hand.

And saw it gone.


Starfire felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to see the masked face of Robin. Robin tilted his head to the side, looking at her questionally. "Starfire, what's wrong?"

Starfire didn't speak. Instead she threw her arms around his neck and burst into another wave of tears. Surprised, confused, and a little embarrassed, Robin paused before slowly hugging the Tamaranean girl back.


"Did you succeed?" the same feminine voice asked.

"No," replied the same anti-emotion male voice.

"Oh well, no matter. This is only the first round after all."


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