And You Are…

By: Comm. Butler & inuyashachibiwriter

Disclaimer: We and I empathize we don't own Inuyasha OR Teen Titans, for we are little high schoolers. (Well I'm 5'6" and inuyashachibiwriter in all her 4'9" Inuyasha loving glory. She is not one to be messed with BTW!) So I hate to disappoint all those lawyers who like to pick on people like us but we have nothing! Nah-na-na-na! Sticks out tongue and makes a face So basically where would not be a case!

Author's Note: Here this fic it is a VERY different kind of story. You see this idea goes all the way back to our English honors class where we got tired of listening to our little bald teacher rant and rave about Dickens, soooo… This is a crossover fic that is also one that we are writing together. (She writes a chapter then I write one) Anywho we have decided (unless you could tell already) that it is time for our favorite half demon, Japanese girl, fox demon, perverse monk and demon exterminator to meet some persons from a WHOLE other side of the spectrum. So without further ado I present to you this wonderful piece of creativity….(Well we hope you think it is anyway.)

PS! Next to the chapter title we will write whose chapter it is. Example….. (inuyashachibiwriter: claps hand over Comm. Butler's mouth to get her to get on with the story!)

Chapter I: Through the Mine Shaft (inuyashachbiwriter)

The Teen Titans who were in definite need for a vacation set foot in Tokyo, Japan.

Starfire gazed around wide eyed at the signs unable to decipher its 'supposed' code.

"Robin, what do these strange symbols mean?"

Beast Boy smiled,

"The land that created tofu! I praise this country!"

"Is that what those symbols mean?" Starfire blinked innocently.

"No Star," Robin sighed.

"Let's go get some food up at that restaurant."

The restaurant was set on a plain overlooking a cliff. Beyond it was a small mountain range covered in a lush green forest. The Teen Titans knelt before a table laden with traditional Japanese foods. Beast Boy rubbed his palms together and began to gobble down the delicious food with vigor, while everyone else however was still trying to master the chopsticks.

"Man I can't get these. I'll just use my built in fork!" Cyborg grinned at his obvious genius. Raven shook her head and then used her powers to hold them correctly as she carefully picked up the food and ate it. Robin was doing okay, but alas poor Starfire, she tossed them down and noted a fly land on her plate.



"Starfire!" Robin gasped as she jumped into his lap. (inuyashachibiwriter: Hey! Comm. Butler stop adding in your thoughts! hits Comm. Butler over the head)

"Uh Star?" Robin asked through the smoke as he tried to wave it out of his face. The smoke cleared revealing the table nearly in ashes. Robin continued,

"Uh, maybe we should get going. It is kind of late for lunch."

"Yeah man." Cyborg followed Robin to the door. Starfire floated after them still gazing at the ashes she had transformed the table into. Raven followed close behind but Beast Boy,

"Beast Boy!" Raven called in her monotone voice,

"We need to get going."

"Ome on old on…a minute!" Beast boy said with a mouthful of food he had saved from Starfire's little explosive incident.

"Beast Boy…" Raven said with the same level tone but with an added hint of anger.

"OLD ON!" Beast Boy said with yet another mouthful. Raven was getting tired of Beast Boy and his food appointment and surrounded him in the black cloud of her powers and walked off with him dragging behind her.

"WAIT! The FOOD! Come on let me have just one more bite!"

"BEAST BOY! You can have food later!" Raven snapped turning around.

"Alright." Beast Boy sighed.

Starfire then brought up a question that made all of the Titans curious.

"What is that purple light around that mountain?" Robin looked in the same direction,

"I don't know but we can certainly check it out."

Beast Boy took off as an eagle while carrying Cyborg. Raven and Starfire floated off while Robin launched into his own little flying machine, (Comm. Butler: Don't think he has one but whatever.) Within minutes all five of them had landed at the entrance of a mine.

"The light's coming from inside the mine," Robin stated wrinkling his brow,

"Let's go check it out."

Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy entered. The first thing they encountered was darkness, but then the light grew brighter, and the Titans found they were facing an ogre-like creature. It turned to them and chuckled in a stingy voice.

"What is this? Five tasty treats I see. What my luck!"

Starfire looked at Robin,

"Why does he speak as if we are food?" Robin however didn't have time to answer as the ogre swiped at him with a large clawed hand.

"Titans GO!" Robin yelled and the five of them began to attack.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku and Sango were walking along hunting for jewel shards. Kagome looked up.

"I sense a jewel shard. Over that way. I think it is coming from that mountain."

"Kagome get on my back." Inuyasha ordered.

"Kirara," Sango said jumping onto the already large two-tailed cat.

Inuyasha and the rest of the group took off toward the mountain and in minutes, arrived. Within the cave was the ogre-like creature attacking five oddly dressed people.

"Okay stand aside runts!" Inuyasha pulled out the Tetsusiga,

"Let me handle this weakling!"

The Teen Titans looked over at a young man clad in red, with an enormous sword and long silver white hair. The ogre turned to him and smiled.

"What's this? A half breed. What more luck! Today hath turned out better then I thought."

"I'm gonna take you down with one swipe!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome's voice cut through his thoughts.

"There's three jewel shards in his forehead."

"That just makes it better!" Inuyasha smiled, jumping up and slashing through the ogre' neck. His head flew spinning off and landed right in front of the Titans.

"Now that's over with." Inuyasha smirked, putting the Tetsusiga back. Kagome walked over and took out the three jewel shards from the ogre's forehead so it disintegrated quickly.

"That was easier then I thought," She looked at the stupefied Titans.

"You're not from the feudal era are you?" They all shook their heads. Robin recovered himself first.

"Uh, thanks, but did you have to kill it?"

Kagome paused.

"You've got to be from the present. This is the feudal era of Japan. Demons are what need to be killed. Anyway, I'm Kagome, and this is Shippo," Kagome pointed at the young Kitsune demon,

"That's Kirara and-"


"That unfortunate monk is Miroku and that's Sango."

Sango was red with anger and Miroku was touching his cheek,

"The pain was worth it."

"And," Kagome said looking around,

"There's Inuyasha." She pointed to dog-eared man in the red kimono.

"WHAT IS THIS!" Inuyasha cried as he started to sniff at Beast Boy,

"I can't make out all the scents! You a demon or something?" Beast Boy was speechless as he tried to move away from this guy.

"Oh all the scents!" Inuyasha rocked back and forth holding his head.

"Cow, chicken, mouse… water buffalo?" Beast Boy shrank further away from this wired Inuyasha.

"Dude! That guy has some problems!"

Inuyasha sneezed. He ran to where Beast Boy was and snatched him.

"Come here! I'm not down with you!" Kagome saw Inuyasha trying to smell Beast Boy.

"Lemme go! You weirdo!"

"Hold still! I gotta sort it all out!"

"Inuyasha…." Kagome's voice cut through to Inuyasha. He froze at once and let Beast Boy slip out of his grasp and looked out of the corner of his eye at Kagome. Kagome breathed a sigh of relief and then tensing up yelled,

"SIT BOY!" Inuyasha's necklace immediately glowed red and pulled him to the ground with a,


"! #$! $#$ !$!!" (Inuyasha's language was unfit to be displayed here.)

"Uh" Robin started,

"I don't mean to interrupt anything but…" Kagome smiled.

"You're not interrupting anything. Really!"

"Kagome!" Inuyasha stood up fast.

"You're gonna pay for that!"




"Now where were we?" Kagome asked turning to the Teen Titans.