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Kagome used a stick to fiddle with the campfire they had set up. It was night and the stars revealed themselves in the dark night. She glanced over at the cave were Inuyasha sat in that all-knowing position. (Crossed arms, Indian style, a scowl, and his sword next to him, ya know, the usual.)

"Inuyasha? Are you going to sulk all night?" Kagome sat next to him. (But on the other side of the barrier though)

"Who said I was sulking?"

"Well, you are sitting there with quite a scowl on your face," A menacing voice came from the other side of the cave, his face hidden behind the shadows.



"Well, then," Inuyasha raised his claws and cracked his knuckles, "lets see how deep these claws can go into your back."


Inuyasha ignored Kagome's voice, "Well, tightboy?"

"I'll fight you!"




Two people's face landed in the dirt. Inuyasha lay there with his newfound friend, the dirt. Robin looked to see Starfire floating in the air with a metal can looking at him with a scowl on her face, "YOU FLOGZORG!"


Starfire sat down in front of the campfire with he back to him and flipped her hair. She started talking joyfully with Sango and Raven.

"Wow, that's rejection man." Beast Boy sat next to Robin and stared at Starfire in wonder.

Night came and went aaaannnndddd . . . the four guys were still stuck in the cave. Inuyasha stood up, sniffing something. He growled, "Kagome, Sango, get everyone away from here!"

"What is it?"

Before Inuyasha could answer, (the higher, mightier, the stronger, more wittier, and the …I'll just get on with it….) Sesshomaru walked out of the surrounding forest and looked about the camp. He glanced at Raven for a half-second then smirked at Inuyasha. Jaken toddled behind him.


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"OH what a cute little MOREGOG!" Starfire smiled and reached for Jaken. The Teen Titans looked at Jaken then Starfire. Cute? Moregog? Sango pulled her arm on Starfire's shoulder and shook her head as she looked up.

Instinctively Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg stood.

Miroku stood rubbing his head "Hmm, another encounter with Inuyasha's clever brother. How persistent-"


"Shut up," Inuyasha punched Miroku on the head.

"I was just making a statement."

"What do you want Sesshomaru?!" Inuyasha yelled.

"My dear little brother, you should know I want the Tetsusiga."

"Well, you ain't getting' it!" Inuyasha placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and resumed a fighting stance.

"You should learn to respect your elders more, little brother," Sesshomaru withdrew Tokijin.

"Dude . . ."

The teen titans backed up, (well the ones that could) as the Inuyasha gang signaled them too.

"You're incompetent as usual, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha snorted.

"Why don't you come at me like you always do, little brother?" Sesshomaru smirked.

Inuyasha snorted again.

"Such beautiful hair? Do you mind if I touch it?" Starfire gazed longingly his long silver hair.

"Star, no." Robin warned.

Starfire looked up at Sesshomaru longingly whom in turn turned away. He pushed her back, "Get away from me, you filthy human."

Starfire shot back a few yards and fell over from a pothole in the ground. Sesshomaru turned back around at his brother and pointed Tokijin at him. A pulse of demonic energy flowed and blade and leapt past the barrier and at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha growled, "Stand back, this is my fight."

Robin placed a hand on Robin's and Beast Boy's shoulders, "It's best to do what he says."

The threesome watched in complete Shock as Inuyasha dodged, but barely, knocking him backwards further into the cave.

Sesshomaru smirked, "Ha, my little brother is stuck behind a barrier and can't escape. How foolish."

Inuyasha stood up, "You think this can hold me for long? Ha!"

Inuyasha unsheathed Tetsusiga and took up his fighting stance.

Sesshomaru smirked, "You can't defend yourself, little brother, you'll be dead before you get the chance. After you die, I will slaughter all these humans and the other half-breed."


Raven cringed. Inuyasha looked over at her, taking in her scent. Raven was half-breed, a half-human, half-ogre. Inuyasha stiffened, "This is no time to for making any plans!"

"Of course it isn't, little brother," Sesshomaru shot another flow of blue demonic energy at Inuyasha.

"BACKLASH WAVE!" Inuyasha yelled. Inuyasha had a perfect cut, a perfect technique, but the barrier . . . Inuyasha was hurled backward, and as he was he lost his grip on Tetsusiga. It skidded in circles and landed at the feet of Miroku.

"YOU! YOU! YOU FLOG-"Starfire yelled but stopped as Sesshomaru's enormous poisonous claws created a strong green aura.

"STAR!" Robin yelled.

Miroku turned around and saw Inuyasha standing. There was a smile on his face, but his eyes and the rest of his face was unseen. He started to walk forward slowly, step after step. Inuyasha's laugh became quite sinister. Miroku stood in front of Inuyasha and tried to hand him his sword back, but Inuyasha just slashed at him and stood on his side of the barrier, "You're going to die, Older BROTHER!"

Inuyasha's head shot up and he went straight through the barrier without any deflection at all. Sesshomaru's face was in surprise, but then he smirked.

"SIT BOY!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha's face met the friendly dirt.

"YOU FLOGZORG! HOW DARE YOU HURT MY FRIEND!" Starfire's eyes glazed over in green and green orbs glowed out of her hands. Sesshomaru turned, "It seems, you aren't human after all."

Green orbs leapt from Starfire's hands and pounded themselves against him. But Starfire's shot nothing. Above her, Sesshomaru held a poisoned claw and he slashed downward, scrapping Starfire's back.

Kagome looked down at Inuyasha who was starting to get up. He looked up at Sesshomaru with red eyes, "You're going to die!"

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru went at each other again, but this time, Sesshomaru had trouble keeping Inuyasha's fangs and claws off him. They fought in circles and got extremely close to the barrier. One of Sesshomaru's hands went to claw at Inuyasha, but went through the barrier. Inuyasha appeared behind Sesshomaru and swiped at him.

Kagome notched an arrow to her bow and aimed for Sesshomaru.


With a burst of white light, Sesshomaru disappeared along with Kagome's arrow. Inuyasha stood dripping in blood, "YOU COWARD! COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT ME!"

"S, S, S, S, S, S, SIT BOY!"

T, T, T, T, T, T, THUD!

Inuyasha plummeted to the ground and made rather a large dent in the ground, about 6 feet I'd say.

(::inuyashachibiwriter-rubs-chin:: )

Inuyasha stood up (in his 6 foot hole), "HEY! DO YA HAVE TO KILL ME EVERY TIME YOU DO THAT!"

"I'm so happy you're alive and better, Inuyasha!" Kagome hugged him. Inuyasha started to blush crazily.

"Um, excuse me, but we're kinda in a dilemma here," Miroku stood at the edge of the barrier holding Tetsusiga. Inuyasha didn't hear. He mind was now focused on Kagome hugging him.

"Hello? Anybody home?"


Messa no fee ikki no Teen Titans a meme no momo. . .

"Yo pitang WA fuu fang she do da!"




"Zutto no yumie no fats no ikki?"

"Amie rurouni que tal."

"Fe fi fo fum wanno nanno cheeko!"

"Feeto meeto kisho nicca me!"


"Fisho me a see do da dee, dope!"


"Ashesh jeeze kashio me a kira so su . . ." ::peef he a so su see do da::


"Dats cha jing no arimi see zoe li lee lian park."

Da cong chong jaka no zume fee ko ka ji jun abooksigun: Starfire, "Nootou fishy. Binkto hanias y haninians."


Sorry if it wasn't that funny. Comm. Butler left me at a point where I really had no idea what to do. Sooooo I suppose that Comm. Butler's the better writer. ::tears:: Ok, but please, tell me how you liked it… I tried to be as accurate as possible. (I tried to be humorous; I suppose it didn't really work out.) (Recognize anything from Monty Python??)

Oh and here's that translation. (It isn't that funny, but I was bored . . . and creating a language from nothing is quite hard.)


At the hotel where the Teen Titans were supposed to be staying . . .

"Where are those kids!?"




"Where are those kids?"

"Out wandering around somewhere."

"They were supposed to check in an hour ago!"

"Leave em' out there!"


"You're supposed to be speaking Japanese, dope!"


"Oh, well, let's see what we have here . . ." ::looks-into-teen-titan-bag::


"That's whatcha get for looking in someone's stuff.

The man looks down at the bag and sees the name imprinted in green: Starfire, "Should've known. Blasted Heros and Heroines"

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