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Sitting in the dark of my cupboard I, Harry Potter, rocked my baby to my chest. Yes, you herd me right baby and cupboard. Since I was sent back to my Uncles at the end of fifth year I was sentenced back to my old room and the old daily beatings and slave work returned.

Dumbledore or Dumbleass, as I now refer to him as, is the reason to this all. He being the manipulative basterd that he is sent a letter to my Uncle stating that I was no longer able to leave the house and couldn't do magic. He even stated that my Godfather died because of me! That was the ice breaker for my Uncle, once he found out that my Godfather was dead all hell returned for me. And through all this hell I was to give birth to my baby girl Electra Desiree Silvertear in a cupboard, in the dark, and silently in fear of another beating.

Actually I should say that I lied I'm no longer Harry Potter and haven't been since my fourth year. I am Harry James Silvertear the life and bond mate of Darius Tyler Silvertear.

Electra is blessed with my enchanting green eyes that hold an eerie glow to them. Oh yes I know how much my eyes freak people out, quite funny really. She has long thick wavy black hair; silver highlights, and has soft freckles across the bridge of her nose making her quite adorable.

Electra has those aristocratic features that run in the purebloods, my own features are almost feminine. Now to the ironic features is that she has both the Elvin ears from both of us and the fangs especially from me.

Yes, her father is an Elf, a High Elf to be precise and son of the Royal Elite Swordsmen Commander, William Silvertear. Darius is quite young for an Elf at the age of twenty and extremely young to be bonded with a life mate. We have kept it secret since we became life mates at the end of my fourth year. I hope to see him soon so he can see his daughter for the first time.

I didn't tell him so he never knew I was pregnant. A couple of charms and potions and he was none the wiser. I hated it but I couldn't tell, cause if I did then I wouldn't have gone home and then Dumbleass would have found out before I could do anything of my plans. Now as I'm of Wizarding age at sixteen I can stay and live where I want. I have all access to my Potter Vault and have been exploiting it this summer. Oh yes the Potter's were rich all right and only slightly less than the Malfoy's and I have been living it up with the finest clothes and things for both my child and I. Never mind that I wont use them till I leave for Hogwarts. I wont need Dudley's things ever again as I'm not coming back and no one can make me. Dumbleass lost me for good this time and he isn't getting me back.

I've gone off of the subject and since I'm sure your all wondering what I am. I suppose I should tell you.

I'm three parts Elf, but I'm Dark Elf by my half-blooded mother and full-blooded father. Apparently Dumbleass was trying to keep it quiet that mother was actually a pureblood witch that was half Dark Elf and half Vampire. So either way it is so ironic that the supposed Savior of the Wizarding world, the Light Wizard that's actually a full-blooded dark creature. Crazy huh?

My child has take on the appearance of my side mostly. Dark haired with moon pale skin and bright glowing eyes with fangs. But she also inherited from Darius; because of him she have silver highlights in her liquid black hair. And she will have a tall build. She will most defiantly be lithe but nowhere near as I, but that is only because I've been starved my whole life.

Darius himself is well muscled from the training he dose as an Elite Swordsman. He is the height of 6'4" and towers over me. He has tan skin and silver hair of the High Elf with sky blue eyes. He is truly a masterpiece of beauty and I'm thankful that he's all mine. Even Malfoy couldn't compare with his Veela blood. He is also in everyway the perfect example of a male.

No more point of view

A cloaked figure limped its way into a small compartment near the back of Hogwarts express. It silently closed the door behind it and gingerly sat down and took off the cloak.

There with Electra in his arms was Harry and his bruised, cut up body. He had one heck of a shiner that was a lovely shade of deep purple, black, red, and blueish green. His clothes that he had on were tattered and looked like Dudley's old clothing.

Harry gingerly touched his eye and muttered a charm in parseltongue. The shiner faded away and his other bruises as well. He muttered a cleaning charm and he was cleaned up of blood dirt. Then he waved his left hand and he was engulfed in black flames. As the flames died down he was dressed in tight black leather jeans and an Egyptian silk shirt that was green and also hugged his lithe form. His broken glasses were now gone and he wore flip-flops with a leather choker. On his left ring finger was a thin white gold wedding band with green Celtic designs on it.

He looked absolutely stunning.

Electra herself was dressed in the finest baby pink silk outfit and had an Egyptian silk blanket that was soft lavender in color. Around her neck was a silver necklace with a small golden ring and Alexandrite stones in it.

Gently he set Electra down and pulled out his wand. It now lay in to pieces. Vernon had gone in a horrid fit when he first noticed Electra. He gave Harry his worst beating with a lead pipe and snapped his wand in half afterwards. Luckily he hadn't beaten or even touched Electra who had wailed the entire time her 'mother' was hit.

He wasn't o worried for he now did wandless magic and was also an Elemental Wizards. He could control an element and his was ironically darkness.

Waving his left hand once again the compartment filled with black flames and when they receded the compartment once bare now held anything and everything a toddler could ever want. This is what Harry had spent so much of his money on. Things for his daughter. Actually it didn't even put a bump in his account.

As Electra played in her own miniature world Harry listened as the train was filled up with students and took off towards Hogwarts.

A couple minutes went by before the compartment door slid open and Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Pansy Parkinson entered the compartment.

They stepped over a large purple toy Unicorn and swerved around three singing pink pigs. Then ducked under a magical train set that traveled on invisible tracks and went anywhere. At last when they reached the middle of the compartment, that was magically bigger now, they froze. The middle was a soft padded area with pillows and Egyptian blankets everywhere. In the middle of the pile was Electra who was playing with a toy dragon that Harry had kept from fourth year. Harry himself was leaned against some pillows and watching her play.

After a while Electra had come out of her own world and noticed the strangers. She stayed silent and crawled over to her 'momma' (Harry will be mom, mother, or mamma from now on since he birthed her.) She buried her head into his chest as he held her and comforted her.

After a bit Harry spoke to the group who were still frozen, "Well I would have never thought that a Malfoy would freeze. My, my what would your lord say?"

There was no hint of a threat or even any sarcasm in the voice. It was actually curious. It caused the group to unfreeze and Draco sneered.

"Potter-" Draco started but was cut off.

"Silvertear." Harry stated.

"What?" Was coursed throughout the compartment.

"Silvertear. My name is Silvertear and has been since fourth year. If you must use my last name use Silvertear. Oh hello Pansy. How have you been my dear?" Harry cooed to Pansy who snapped out of her trance.

"Oh I've been just lovely Harry hun and who is that lovely child there. Is she a relative or something?" Pansy chirped back.

Draco and Blaise looked at the two like they were nuts but they ignored the other two and continued talking.

"Oh no love, this here is my daughter Electra. She's two months now." Harry stated as he lifted Electra up and showed her to Pansy.

"Sorry but since my husband hasn't held her yet I'm not letting anyone else hold her till then. Besides she's real shy around strangers, as she's only seen Vernon." Harry stated and watched as Pansy's eyes darkened at the mention of Vernon.

"He's not like he was is he?" She asked quietly.

Harry shifted slightly and sighed before replying, "He's worse. Apparently Dumbleass wrote a letter telling that I'm to stay inside that damn house and cant use magic. Then he stated that I killed Sirius and that he is no longer a threat to Vernon. Merlin did I get it for that but at least it wasn't as bad as when Vernon found out about Electra." Harry mumbled the last.

Pansy caught it thought and hissed out, "Harry James Silvertear! Do you mean to tell me that they didn't know you had that child the entire time you were home!"

Harry shook his head softly, "No. Vernon found out last week and what the bloody hell do you think I was going to do? Go up to Vernon and say, 'Hi I'm about to have a child so could you let me go to the hospital?' Sorry but I don't think so Pan. First of all he about killed me with a damn lead pipe when he did find out about her. And secondly at the time of her birth I was locked in my cupboard trying not to scream from pain. Merlin how I rather had five Curios on me than that. It probable wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been beaten that day for breaking a plate."

Pansy looked like she was about to cry and she ran over to Harry and hugged him tightly, "I'm so sorry Harry. I thought that they'd at least leave you alone now that the Order was watching out for you. I didn't think that Dumbledore would do something like that to you."

Harry snorted at the last.

"Please Pan. We both knew what he's like and we both knew he'd do something like this. And don't be sorry, I'll live as I have before. Besides I'm never going back again and Dumbleass can't make me!" Harry chirped and swung both Pansy and Electra around happily.

"Um...Pansy dearest...Please explain to us WHAT THE BLOOD HELL YOUR DOING WITH POTTER!" Draco yelled scarring Electra into crying.

Harry immediately summoned black fire to him and created a crocking crib that sang to the child yet had a silencing charm around it. Gently placing her in the crib he started rocking it till she stopped crying and then let her sleep.

Harry walked right up to Draco who was taller by an inch and snapped, "Draco Malfoy. I don't give a damn who your daddy is, nor do I give a damn who you support, but if you so much as breath the wrong way around my baby I will skin you alive with as much satisfaction as Voldermort gets out of Cursing someone! Grow up and leave those petty childish rivalries behind. I mean good gods! I was eleven when I refused to be your friend. Eleven! And I didn't want to be Ron's friend either. Infact the only real friend I made that year was Pansy so fuck off!"

With that said Harry spun around and sat next to Electra who was still asleep.

Pansy sighed and soothingly replied, "Draco love, he's right. You need to give up that grudge. Yes, I've been friends with him since first year, and yes we hid it. Oh by the way great acting skills on getting the hat to put you in Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. I thought that was bloody brilliant."

Harry nodded and flashed her a grin.

"Malfoy, what I said before is true. I don't give a damn who you support or who your parents are. All I care about is what you are. Be that friend or foe. You to Zabini." Harry stated evenly as he watched Electra stir.

He scooped her up and conjured a bottle.

"I believe that I rather be a friend than a foe." Draco stated.

Blaise second that.

Soon as they all started talking the train arrived at Hogwarts. Silently Harry returned the compartment back to normal with a wave of his left hand. Then silently the four made their way to an empty carriage and headed off.