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Chapter 1: Demon

As the oxen creatures continued with their steady pace, Hitomi glanced outside of the hay cart she was riding in. Looking at the heavily treed in area she sighed, 'This can't be happening. I mean first I help some snobby kid out, he denies I saved his sorry butt, and then he takes me to another planet? I must be dreaming.' Letting her eyes catch the Earth above her once again, Hitomi frowned, 'Well that's proved me wrong now about five times. Gotta get over the denial girl, you aren't in Japan anymore. Live with it,' Hitomi thought, giving herself a scolding.

Leaning back into the hay so she was more comfortable the girl couldn't help but notice the strange looks she was getting from the other creatures accompanying her. 'What are they staring at?' She thought crossly, 'They are the ones that look like a cross between wolf and human.' Frowning as the staring did not stop; Hitomi wondered what exactly was so strange about herself. It didn't seem as though they were interested in her clothing, she was wearing a pair of dark blue, baggy boy's jeans and a Black Atticus Sweat Shirt. She had her shorts and t-shirt on underneath, but didn't have time to change for Amano's race because the dragon appeared before she could start. No their eyes definitely weren't on her clothes; they were locked with her own eyes. 'Is there something on my face?' she asked herself mock-jokingly.

The leader of the cart, Rhum, as the black haired kid had called him earlier, seemed to possess a little more dignity and instead of staring at the strange girl, decided to ignore her completely. Looking closely at the black eyed man whom had entered the cart with Hitomi, Rhum asked, "Were you successful in the Right of Dragon Slaying Lord Van?"

"Yes," the kid answered plainly. Van was leisurely leaning back in the hay on the opposite corner of Hitomi. It looked as though he was trying to ignore her, and had no problem with it.

Finally glancing in the girl's direction, Rhum asked the question that was bugging him since they had began their journey back to Fanelia. "If I may ask Lord Van, who is that girl and what was she doing with you?" Quickly adverting his eyes back to his lord, Rhum coughed nervously when the girl turned her gaze on him.

"Oh, her?" Van answered, acting as though he had just noticed her, "I don't know who she is, but she seems to have followed me home, hmm?" he said cockily.

Indignation filled her being immediately, and it took all of Hitomi's self control to not knock out the twirp beside her. 'That no good, arrogant pig!' she mentally yelled at him.

Annoyed at the comment he made, and the stares still glued to her, Hitomi growled and grabbed her bag that lay by her feet. 'Stupid, no good, bloody bastards...' she ranted on, as she pulled out a long black cloak. She had actually received it as a Halloween costume from her best friend earlier that day. Yukari seemed to possess the skill of sewing, when unfortunately Hitomi did not. It didn't really matter to her that she was going to put on a Halloween outfit though, 'these people are wearing the most bizarre things I've ever seen, so why can't I?' Hitomi thought to herself as she pulled the cloak over her head as swiftly as possible and then draped it over the rest of her body.

After that, the 'wolf people' (as Hitomi so liked to call them) just glanced at her once in a while with a mild indifference. It seemed that if they couldn't see what was bothering them, then it was no problem.

Grumbling quietly to herself, Hitomi moved in her seat trying to get more comfortable. Looking once again out at the dark trees slowly going by her, her eyes began to drop in sleep.

Hitomi looked around but could only see darkness. "Oh, not this dream again," she pleaded as she saw a younger version of herself with tears streaming down her face, running deeper into a dark abyss.

"Please not again," Hitomi begged, watching the scene unfold. Closing her eyes she tried to shut out all the images and noises, but alas that didn't work, just as it hadn't all the other times. "Please," Hitomi begged again, this time on the verge of tears as a bright blue light erupted around her dream self.

Then a soft feminine voice filled her ears:

'Remo, tremo, sento
Profondi, oscuri abissi

E' per l'amore che ti do

E' per l'amore che non sai

Che mi fai naufragare

E' per l'amore che non ho

E' per l'amore che vorrei

E' per questo dolore

E' questo amore che ho per te

Che mi fa superare queste vere tempeste

Onde sull'oceano

Onde sull'oceano.'

This song always seemed to calm her and she knew the words by heart, but it was always sung so sorrowfully.

With a silent gasp Hitomi woke up and was met by four curious glances. It seemed that she had jumped up and was now standing in the middle of the cart, her black cloak still covering her body, but the sun light was now shining on her.

"What?" she whispered to herself, as Lord Van turned his head away, a scowl playing across his face. Sitting down she let the memories resurface in her mind's eye. 'I must have fallen asleep last night; that would explain the sun. Okay, so I am on another planet now. Right...? Crap.' She thought, and then looked at her surroundings. The thick forest trees seemed to have thinned out and in the distance she could tell that they were approaching a valley.

Seeing the look of triumph on Rhum's face she heard him exclaim, "Welcome back to the city of Fanelia, Lord Van." Inching up a little bit so she could have a better look, Hitomi gasped softly. 'It's beautiful,' she thought, as she saw hundreds of houses lined up closely to one another, a castle in intricate design protecting the city at the top of Fanelia. I it was truly amazing, "Whoa," Hitomi finally voiced her opinion at the view bellow the valley.

Sneering at her again, the man sitting beside her made an insulting noise and then ordered Rhum to hurry up.

"Yes Lord Van, we should be there shortly," was his reply as the whips went down on the ox creatures, directing them to the left.

Inwardly Hitomi felt sorry for the poor creatures, 'Why do they have to use a whip like that?' she asked herself as once again it was taken down upon the helpless animals.

Closing her eyes, Hitomi realized that it may be harder to fit in here than she thought.

As they neared the city, Hitomi noticed that the people had begun to crowd the area, exclaiming joyous shouts.

"Lord Van has returned!" A certain dirty faced girl by the age of 5 or 6 exclaimed. She wore a dirty, torn dress that reached her ankles, and a look of happiness adorned her face as she ran off into the crowd.

"Quick, inform General Balgus," a passing soldier ordered as two ran off into the direction of the castle.

With confusion Hitomi just ignored the curious glances that she was given and tilted her head down further to insure her face was hidden. 'It must have been something wrong with my face, maybe my hair?' she thought to herself as the wolf men on the cart smiled confidently at the waving passer biers.

Finally they reached the castle, and Lord Van jumped out of the ten foot cart with immense swiftness. Hitomi sneered, "Showoff," she whispered so that only Rhum could hear her.

Turning his head in her direction, the leader of the cart gave her a frown and then he too jumped down off the cart, although this time he took the low end.

Following in his footstep, Hitomi grabbed her bag, and carefully jumped off the cart so as to make sure she was still hidden.

Suddenly out of no where a scream was heard, "LORD VAN, YOU'RE BACK!" A pink and orange blur jumped the black haired man as a girl with a definite feline tail started showering him in licks. "I was so worried about you Lord Van!" her shrill voice said excitedly.

'A cat?' Hitomi screamed inside her head. The cat girl was wearing an orange summer dress up to her knees and black strips on orange fur showed on her legs. Her pink hair was the main thing that Hitomi noticed, for her ears stuck out plainly against the florescent color. 'First there are wolf men and now there are cat people? This is crazy, what else is there on this planet?' she thought flabbergasted.

She was distracted though when the crowd surrounding her split to reveal the biggest man she had ever seen. "Kami, what the hell is that thing, a cross between a giant and person?" she whispered with her jaw slack.

The cat girl that was holding onto the maroon eyed man let go, and now stepped back to meet with the crowd of people. All of a sudden there was a silent hush and the black haired boy stated, "I Van Fanel, Prince of Fanelia, have completed the task of Dragon Slaying."

'He's a prince?' Hitomi thought dazed, 'That guy is a prince?'

From behind the giant of a man, three shriveled, old men stepped out and walked towards Lord Van. "Do you have the drag energist?" The most wrinkled man asked.

With a nod, the prince took a large, red jewel from his pocket and presented it to his advisors.

Snatching it away greedily from their prince, all three men circled the gem and started chattering like excited teenage girls. After about a minute the men straightened out their clothing and stood in a line. "I Tory Figuragi have accepted that this is a true energist."

A howl of excitement went through the crowd of people, as shouts and hoots of joy came in towards the prince.

'He can't be a prince,' Hitomi thought, 'they are supposed to be handsome, kind and charming. I suppose he is kind of handsome, but in a scrawny kind of way, but not at all nice or charming.' She thought, as she the giant of a man made a motion for her to follow him. The three advisors, Prince Van, herself and the giant man were all headed towards the palace gates.

'Great, what is in store for me now?' Hitomi thought with another sigh, as she entered the huge double doors opening into a sort of entrance room. It was adorned with a single red carpet about the width of a single car lane that flowed in the middle of the floor and followed the split staircase. (If you don't know what a split staircase is, it is when there are two stairs on each side of the room that curve to lead of to the same destination.) There were pictures of royalty hanging along each of the walls with draperies and other decorations as well. Candles lit the dim stone hallways and windows seemed to appeared every ten feet or so.

"Follow me please," the giant said to the cloaked figure. 'If this person was riding with Lord Van then something must have happened, or he knows him.' Balgus thought to himself. They walked down one of the many hallways and stopped in front of a single door with dragons engraved deeply into the wooden door, showing a pictograph two dragon, and a hatchling. "Please wait out here, you will be called in soon."

Hitomi did as she was told and watched as the five men walked into the room. 'Humph, must be talking about princely duties,' she thought dryly. Glancing around bored, she noticed servants passing by carrying trays of food, clothes or cleaning supplies. Most of these servants seemed to be of animal origin.

Remembering clearly that most of the townspeople were human Hitomi came to a conclusion, 'They must be prejudice about hybrids here or something. Just like some people at home were and still are against black people today. Stupid.' She thought as a young cat boy that looked the age of herself walked by with whipping scars on his back. Hissing loudly Hitomi found herself extremely mad at the prince for allowing this to happen. During her thinking process Hitomi had heard loud voices emitting from the room behind of her and was beginning to wonder what exactly they were discussing.

Hearing a creak, Hitomi turned her head around just far enough to see that the door to the room the men had entered was open a slit. A loud voice ordered her in.

Listening obediently, she followed the voice in and faced the Prince whom was sitting in his throne with his three advisors and general beside him.

"This is General Balgus Tsuasha," Lord Van motioned towards the giant man, with a salt and pepper mustache as well as hair which reached his shoulders. Balgus also had a large cross scar running across his right eye and looked to be 9 feet tall. Next were the men lined up on the prince's right, "and these three are my advisors, Tory Figuragi," a brown eyed, white haired man, "Lee Stragu," a short man with white hair and grey eyes that looked more like a toad than anything, "and Jeffery Blue," the youngest of the three with blue eyes and still brown hair. Each man nodded their head when their announcement was given but each gave the girl a disapproving look. "I have already explained the situation about you to them, and we have decided to let you stay in my castle." At this, it looked as though Tory was about to say something, but one look from the Prince and he shut his mouth.

"There are of course some rules that you must follow before I allow this, number one you must prove yourself to my disbelieving advisors that you are from the Mystic Moon. Second do not wonder other than where I tell you to in this palace, and last but most important, after this, no one is to ever see your face again." Lord Van smiled amusingly as he saw the cloaked girl tense up after each order. "If you do not oblige to these rules then I have the right to punish you severely."

Shaking with fury, Hitomi was about to yell at the so-called prince when her mind caught control of her actions. 'Do I really want to be punished? I don't even know what he would do to me. Better keep myself in check.' She thought as she looked at each man. The three men on the prince's right all seemed to be disgusted by the sight of her, whilst the general sitting on Van's left seemed curious.

Sighing, Hitomi did as she was told and revealed her face to the men. Gasps were heard, such as she had expected from experience of the wolf men on the cart.

Two green emeralds stared at all of the men in the room, while her full lips fell into a frown. Hitomi's hair reached to her backside and was placed in a braid at the moment, but the most interesting thing about it was that she had seven green strips in her hair. Three to each side and then one strip down the back, it looked as though she went a hair salon to get it done, but strangely enough it was natural.

"She is a demon Lord Van, she can not stay in the castle, that thing will curse us all!" The one acknowledged as Tory pleaded to his lord.

"Yes, just look at those eyes. Green! No one has green eyes on Gaea, she must be a demon." The other advisor Lee added, aiding his friend in the argument.

"She saved our Lord's life, the least we can do for her is provide shelter." Balgus finally spoke up, annoyed at the old coots that were supposed to be responsible for Fanelia.

"How can you say that, she is from the MYSTIC MOON!" Tory yelled this time, earning a warning growl from the prince.

"What is your name Milady?" The general politely asked.

'Well at least one of them is polite,' Hitomi thought, as Balgus gained her respect.

But before Hitomi could answer the same advisor as before interrupted him again. "It doesn't matter what her name is, she can't stay here."

With that the prince decided to end the argument. "I have already made my decision and it will not change, this... girl can stay here as long as she abides by the rules." With a shake of his head, the prince dismissed her.

Scowling at the bratty prince Hitomi uttered two words before tearing her cloak back on and following a servant out. "Hitomi Kanzaki."

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For all of those interested in what the song's meaning is it is this:

(Translation: I row, I shake, I feel
Deep dark abyss
It's for the love I give you
and for the love you don't know
that makes me wreck
It's for the love I don't have
and for the love I'd want
It's for this pain
It's for this love I have for you
That makes me get over those real storms
Waves on the Ocean
Waves on the Ocean)

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