A note from me (plus a pole- YAY! Time to vote!)

Wow, when I first started this, I never expected to get the huge amount of comments, reviews, and e-mails that I have received for this story. I just thought it would be nice to get your input so I could make it better as a gift for my little brother. I'm so happy it became more than that. I just wanted to thank you very much for that, and I appreciate it all.

I also realize I didn't always answer questions as so many of you do, because I just flat out forgot and it would have taken too long anyway (I'm just lazy, as you can tell). So I'll try to respond to those that I got for the last chapter now:

Master of Procrastination: I think I should steal your username- lol. I'm glad you liked it. I thought it would never end too. You were right- I see you paid attention. Hooray for you! We are on the same wavelength!

Liobit: I did think about having Danny tell his real superhero name in the interview, but this was written before "RS", so I kind of thought he liked having the anonymity of Inviso-Bill. Kind of a secret identity of a secret identity. My bad. It probably would have been better if I had, but I don't feel like changing it. I'm lazy. I tried not to forget anyone, but I think I did with a couple. No sequel, but you can vote on which fic I should write. (Listed later). Thanks for the review!

The Violent Tomboy: Thanks. By the way, love the username. A lot like me. Ha ha.

Faith's Melody: No complaints? Wow, that is quite a nice review. I'll definitely have to catch up on your fics too! Haven't had much time to do anything recently though.

dArkliTe-sPirit: Thanks, but no sequel from me. You can write one though, if you'd like. lol.

Kitsune07: Thank you for your kind words. I don't have time for a sequel, but I had a lot of fun doing this one. I never expected to get so into writing a fan fic. It's addicting, let me tell ya!

Angeliz: Thanks. I'm glad you liked the ending. : )

SquirrelGirl: Thank you.

Cakreut12: Yeah, I didn't know how to end this, plus I was kind of rushed anyway. I always try to finish what I start, no matter how long it takes:P I'm glad you liked those parts.

Writer's-BlockDP: Thank you for making this a favorite of yours. I am honored. I'll definitely have to check out your story too. Thanks for your kind words. I can definitely think of a few other fics that would be cool if they were made into episodes too.

Raye Sun: Yeah, I forgot it was still only three days until the end, and I was like, "Oh shoot!" so I had to cram it all in. Ha ha. I'm glad you liked it and my brother did too. Thanks.

That's it I think. If I missed anyone, please let me know. Thankies!

Many people also sent me individual e-mails about this (I don't know how, since I took my address off this site, but nevertheless- I guess many of you have good memories). Just about every one of them asked me to do a sequel. I just wanted to say that I will not be doing one, but if any of you want to continue this, you are more than welcome to and have my permission. After all, there are quite a few loose ends that I left (yes, I did forget about stuff) like how does Babazita know what she knows, what will happen with Crocker now along with Harriet and Chet, Lancer and Waxelplax, Timmy and Tootie, Danny and Sam, etc. Also, where did Ember go and why? Will Vlad escape? I realized I didn't address any of this and more, and actually have no clue about any of it- did I with the rest of the story? I also totally left out Poindexter. Oops- kinda forgot about him.

Finally I decided that perhaps I may do another one, since so many people asked me to, but it will be very short; maybe a one-shot or just a few chapters- and only when I have a free moment which is hardly ever. People even wrote me e-mails begging me to do another one involving only DP characters, so I came up with some quick ideas (quite random) and figured I'd let you vote on the one you like best, or give me some more ideas if you don't like any of mine. I'll try any show I've seen or any idea within reason. Mind you some of these may not be G-Rated because of violence, etc. I get bored quickly unless there's action, and DP does have a lot of potential in my mind. Hey, that's why it's fan fiction.

Random Idea 1: Mr. Lancer takes his (history?) class on a trip to Gettysburg, PA. to study the area's heritage or something. (My class went there too). However Danny and the gang soon realize that something has awakened the spirits of the civil war soldiers who were killed there, and they still think the war is going on, and that the living people are their enemies. It's up to the three kids to convince them otherwise.

Random Idea 2: Danny and Jazz are brought along to investigate a creepy old haunted house with their parents. Unbeknownst to them, the house is inhabited by the ghost of a little girl who died there centuries ago. The child is very angry and lonely (and also a bit of a brat with some interesting powers of her own) She had placed the house under a spell where no one who is alive can ever leave, and has to stay with her and be her friend until they died and their spirit moved on. It is up to Danny and Jazz to talk to her (a little psychology from Jazz- her forté) to find out the secrets of her past and discover why the ghost is so angry, and perhaps find her a friend forever so they can escape. (Klemper, Kujo… etc…?)

Random Idea 3: Danny has to use his powers for some reason that doesn't have to do with fighting evil ghosts. (Sam convinces him to haunt some place she doesn't like- Axion, etc.; or he has to catch human criminals for some reason; or secret agent work; etc.) You pick.

Random Idea 4: The gang meets a new student at school and become friends. They hang out, do stuff, etc. until this kid has to 'go home'. They realize the kid had been dead the whole time they had known him/her after he/she leaves because they find the kid's tombstone some time later. Dum dum dum…

Random Idea 5: Danny and co. meet the ghost of a person who had been killed and stuff happens. They need to gather proof, etc. to convict the perpetrator or something along those lines.

Random Idea 6: Something involving the powerful ancient ghosts that originally sealed Pariah Dark away in "Reign Storm." Perhaps they think the wearer of the ecto-suit poses a greater threat and should be sealed away as well?

Random Idea 7: (Takes place in the future) Danny is a teacher in Casper High and married to Sam I guess. Maybe they have a kid? He works for the now principal or superintendent Lancer, and has to fight ghosts and not let his students or boss find out. (Plus more perhaps? Dunno)

Random idea 8: Something involving ghost animals…?

Random Idea 9: Something involving any other kind of ghost monsters.

Random Idea 10: Klemper goes insane because no one will be his friend.

Random Idea 11: Danny's transformation was caught on a security camera- uh oh…

Random Idea 12: Casper High School and its students get transported somehow into Poindexter's 1950's 'ish' ghost realm. What will happen? I don't know…

Random Idea 13: What did happen to that ecto-suit?

Okay, that's all I can think of for now. (13 random ideas- who'd a thunk?) I'd appreciate any votes or new ideas. The first few had somewhat of a plot, and the others I just threw in. Let me know what you'd like me to do. Now is the time I'll take requests from someone other than my brother. : ) If anyone wants to use any of these ideas, feel free to. I'll post which one is the winner- eventually, and maybe I may just get to write it. You guys did ask so nicely...

Again, thanks for everything!