Disclaimer: Ain't making no money off this and I don't see my name in the credits on the show, so what does that tell ya

Disclaimer: Ain't making no money off this and I don't see my name in the credits on the show, so what does that tell ya?

Pairings will range from 1+R, 2+R, slight 2x1 (its for a certain reason but not to worry, this is not a yaoi fic and I will not go into the details of the little bit that will be in the future parts), and then 2xR. Also in future parts will be lemon.

Notes: Some swearing and nudity. What did ya expect the first humans to wear in the Garden of Eden? Leaves? I think not. The other characters will also come into play in future parts. This is by no means making fun of the biblical story, this is my own fic idea and will not be your usual Adam and Eve fic.

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The Fall of Eden (prolouge)

There was once a beautiful place where everything was new and alive. Each day a new life was being born into the exposure of the heavenly light, the darkness, and elemental changes, dawning the fresh soil with its bounties. Not only was Eden becoming a start to a new beginning but it also held two precious lives that Eden can no longer replace.

Soft murmurs could be heard towards the east side of the Garden as the dark figure made its way past the lush overgrowth of leaves. The figure stood his ground as he peeked at the couple before its eyes. A young woman with long, honey blonde hair leaned her back against a tree trunk, while softly stroking the mess of brown hair in her lap. The vision of the young woman was too much. She was the true blossom and beauty that made the Garden thrive. Then the unexpected happened as the dark figure heard someone speak. It was the voice that drove chills down his spine.

"Isn't this place beautiful Heero?" The blonde dipped her fingers in the brook that was gurgling near them and let the droplets fall upon the young man's lips and cheeks. A sweet pink tongue escaped from his lips as he licked the droplets from the corner of his mouth.

"Hai. So it is Relena." The young man replied groggily.

The young woman shifted her body around till she placed the boy's head on the grass while she kneeled beside him, gazing at him adoringly.

"Come now Heero, we need to get started with our mission early so we can make it back in 7 days. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can be together again."

Heero let out a long sigh then kissed her forehead. "Alright, are you sure you want to stick with being separated like this?"

"Well, those were the orders that God gave us. If we split up, we can get more accomplished. Once Eden is in her full bloom, then we can finally plant our own seeds." The blonde hugged the boy closer to her body and lightly kissed him on the lips.

The dark figure watched the couple leave the spot they had recently occupied and walked to another part of the Garden. The figure looked towards the heavens and chuckled. "You have too much faith in your children, you foolish man." The figure turned around towards his own path. The only thing that could be spotted on the retreating figure's back was the swish of a long, thick braid that trailed behind him.



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