Disclaimer: I don't own much; Joss Whedon owns Buffy and Angel, Kat owns the plot, but Tawnie (the-slayer116) and I own the SS trio. So there.

The Challenge: This story is based on Kat's Multiple Offsprings Challenge:

Several years post Chosen or Not Fade Away, a member of the Fang Gang or Scoobies find out that he/she is a parent of several mystically gifted kids.
The parent must find out about the children in a non-mystical way.
The children can be anywhere from infancy to 11 but there must be a very good reason as to how they were conceived several years apart. Meaning that the DNA of the parent must have been acquired in some way.
The children must physically resemble each other.
The character must be instantly thrust into the parental role when she gets the kids.
Parent/child bonding.
The parent having a nervous breakdown and trying to read Parenting Magazine as a guideline.
At least two of the following characters having to babysit/interact with one or a few of the children:
No more than five kids.
A fire or a basement flooding.
Have the person responsible for creating the children be Maggie Walsh and the Initiative.
Have the parent be Lilah.
Have the other parent be one or all the male characters.
Have one or a couple of the kids be extremely opposed to interacting or forming a friendship with non-humans.

Authors' Note: Okay, it's Sullen Lily here. I'm collaborating (yay!) with the incredibly talented writer the-slayer116 on this story. And, by the way, the prologue was inspired by a scene in Pokemon: The First Movie. Well, sort of. I'm so weird.

Dark Angels

Prologue: The Escape

"Now through the smoke, she calls to me

To make my way across the flame

To save the day

Or maybe melt away

I guess it's all the same

So I will walk through the fire

Cause where else can I turn?

I will walk through the fire

And let it…"

—Buffy Summers, 'Once More, With Feeling'

To the world outside of the enormous complex's double-reinforced walls, the Initiative was simply an extremely secure correctional facility, holding some of the world's most dangerous criminals within the confines. How very wrong the unsuspecting public is.
In one of the laboratories Winifred Burkle would have gushed over if her eyes fell upon it, federal scientists stared in wonder as one of the Initiative's employees demonstrated one of their most beloved subjects.

"This, my friends, is our super soldier prototype," the men and women in white coats 'ooo'ed and 'ahh'ed at a little girl, no more than eleven years of age, floated unconsciously in a fetal position, tubes and IVs attached to her body, holding her in place in her cylinder glass containment. Bubbles and light flooded from the bottom of the tube. "Constructed from the DNA of a Slayer and a vampire, and a few other various components, this is our first... model, for lack of a better word. SS #1. We've confirmed that she's pyrokinetic, and we're not really sure how that happened," he chuckled a bit. "Considering it's a spawn of a vampire and a Slayer." He moved on to another identical tube, holding another little girl, a few years younger in composure. "This is our seventh attempt, as the others, with the exception of SS #1, died. She's much stronger than even a Slayer and a vampire's strengths forged together, and she has instant regeneration of tissue cells. SS #7," he explained, and group instantly began unsheathing their pens and writing this information down. They moved on to the last tube, much smaller than the others, and containing an infant male. "This is our little SS #12," a smirk curved his thin lips. "Our first male, three weeks of age, whose abilities are currently unknown."

Unbeknownst to the chattering group of scientists, questioning about the three successful super soldiers, in the first enormous containment vile, the wires attached to SS #1 stirred, and two deep green eyes opened slowly.

"Excuse me?" one of the women raised her hand in the back. "Which Slayer and vampire are you speaking of? Their parents, I mean."

"Buffy Summers and Angelus."

Her mouth was slightly agape. "The Buffy Summers? The Angelus?"
"Yes. We only needed the best."

Another woman's hand shot through the air.


"I've heard rumors of—" the woman gulped. "That the former Professor Maggie Walsh began this project, true?"

"Yes, back at the original Initiative location in Sunnydale, which is two hours away and, as we all know, little more than a gaping hole. Maggie acquired the DNA samples and created SS #1 all before her death. Her dream of no more wars with human casualties is becoming a reality, thanks to these super soldiers." He answered with confidence in his voice.

"But these super soldiers are only kids…" one of the group pointed out.

SS #1 wanted to scream, but the large tube shoved down her nose, mouth, and windpipe that permitted her breathing wouldn't allow for one sound. She only watched the scientists laugh and inquire and have one hell of a time. She managed to turn her head slightly to see her naked little sister in the next tube. No one bothering to care that she was only five years old, and that she deserved none of this. No one bothered that she was unconscious, naked, and no one there to defend her or help her.
It was so ridiculous... it was so...
The tube shattered into a million shards of glass, releasing SS #1, but the cords still hanging on. They suddenly began to go aflame, and detach.
The men and women surrounding her were frightened beyond their wildest dreams, caught off guard by her escape.
"SS #1," the employee began sternly. But he couldn't answer.
She screamed at the top of her lungs, the wet blonde tresses levitating in the air as her green eyes faintly glowed red.
It was all happening so fast...

Explosions began to fill the laboratory, debris of glass flying through the air and millions of dollars worth of equipment was smoldering in the blazes. Not to mention, the group of scientists had scattered and were shrieking as they ran in different directions. The tubes containing SS #7 and 12 cracked, then crushed as alarms and sirens screamed, red lights flashing and a torrent of water flooded from the spouts overhead, temporarily quenching the fires.

SS #1 jumped from her place, shivering despite the fire engulfing the room around her. She ignored the cold, finally sobbing as she ran to her little sister and set the wires holding her up on fire with extreme care. The wires snapped and released the girl, who had come to. "C'mon on, lucky seven."

She shook her head from what remained of the five-foot-fall cylinder pedestal. "SS #7…" SS #1 whined, achieving the impossible by making her nickname five syllables long. The eleven-year-old held out her arms for SS #7, to jump into. "We've gotta go…"


"Look at what's happening!"

A beam of steel fell from the ceiling to the floor, the laboratory continuing to incinerate. SS #7 closed her eyes tight, shaking her head, but going against her better judgment and deciding to jump. SS #1 caught her little sister, setting the five-year-old down on the floor and turning her attention to her brother. She held out her palms, aiming them at the wires attached to SS #12, but then lowering them. SS #1 ran, SS #7 following intently, and commanded, "Seven, you hold him, and I'll burn the wires, okay?"

"But SS #1… I dun like fire… I don't wanna get burned."

"Lucky seven …"

SS #7 sighed, and held the miraculously unconscious baby as her older sister burned the wires and IVs. They detached themselves as the fires damaged the things, and SS #7 held her baby brother close with one arm, and grabbed her sister's hand with the other…