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Well, it's come down to this, people. D-Fusion is on its last legs and thus this will be the final saga (not counting movie fics, crossovers and specials) I will ever write. Who would have thought I would actually end this series? It's been nearly three years in the making. Now I'd like this series to go out with a bang amongst you guys. But don't worry even if my series ends, you still have Max Acorn's D-3 series to rely on. Now, without further ado, let us get started on the final saga! Chapter one is ready to be read. Enjoy!

Last time on Digimon Fusion, Super Artificial Jax was beaten by Ultima X, the newly fused warrior of Davis and Veemon. But the Earth itself was undergoing instabilities and natural disasters were occurring all across the globe. It was that time to once again summon Azulongmon's Digi-Cores to fix the damage.

However, it was soon realized that the Digi-Cores were cracked. Was it a bad omen? Yes! Once the Digi-Cores were summoned, Cyberdramon made a surprise appearance and shocked the Digi-Destined teams. A dark presence emerged out of Cyberdramon and manifested himself into the evil, dark god himself- Millenniumon! The beast was hiding within Cyberdramon and has sought interest in Taichi's group ever since the D-Reaper fiasco. It's been nearly five years since then.

But, Millenniumon has had a run-in with the Digi-Destined and claims to have quarrel with them in another time.

However, Millenniumon wasn't the only danger lurking in the darkness. Looking on from a distance was the sight of a sinister human with a heart of wickedness. He is identified as Saitou, but who is this human? Are he and Millenniumon in cahoots of this conflict? Now, Saitou has recruited a boy named Neo Saiba, but what do these evil humans have in store for our heroes? And what about this tunnel to the Dark Dimension?

Digimon Frontier Opening theme "Fire!!" plays

The Real Enemy Revealed! The Opening to the Synister Dimension To be Opened!

Highton View Terrance

The site where the first digimon emerged into the real world is Highton View Terrance. This was the site where the children known as the Digi-Destined witnessed the first digimon clash in a struggle. It's been nearly two decades since that event and now… Those same humans along with the newer generations have gathered to face off with the dark god himself, Millenniumon.

Millenniumon has been lurking within Cyberdramon for many years. Ever since he saw Taichi transform into Omega X, he has sought interest in challenging the warrior's might. Now, this could be this one opportunity to realize his wishes.

Standing out amongst the group was Omega X himself. He steps forward and points out towards the shadow creature.

"Just what do you want with us?! What reason do you have for being here? Answer me now!"

"That creep has just prevented us from wishing Ken back to life!" Ultima X cursed. "I say we flatten this bastard!"

"How? When we don't even know what he's truly capable of?" Mimi wondered.

"The darkness… It's overwhelming," Celesta X said as she shivered from the dark presence.

"It's all right. We're together and there's nothing that he can do to beat us together," War Angemon assured the female.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me?! What do you want with us?!" Omega X calls out. "You better restore our Digi-Cores!"

However, Millenniumon was not threatened in any manner and merely cackled in a sinister laugh. The digimon and children stood their ground while the warriors shielded them.

"Aww, how touched I am by your little threats, Taichi. You haven't changed a bit!"

"Look! I don't see how we could have met! You're mistaken me for someone else! I haven't even met you before!"

"Oh, but I can assure you. We have met before, at least in another time and dimension."

"Wait, there's another me? Well, it's not as if time travel is anything new to me…"

"You're forgetting that the future version of my son used time travel to get here. So, it makes sense. These are many versions of ourselves. Haven't you thought of that already?" Metalla X stated.

"Actually, no…"

"Ugh, you are an idiot…"

"Ah, yes, you must be referring to your son, Yamato!" Millenniumon spoke out. "Dimitri, am I right?!"

"What do you know about our son?! If you did anything to him, you'll be sorry!" Mimi threatened the dark god.

"Mimi! Calm down! He'll kill you if you speak out like that," Sora calmed the angry woman.

"Oh, I assure you, Mimi. I did more than just do anything to poor Dimitri. I killed the poor lad myself!"

This startling announcement brought shock and discomfort amongst the older Digi-Destined. Most heartbroken were Metalla X and Mimi. Their son from the future period was slain after many long years of fighting the arificials from an alternate time period. Metalla X growled angrily while cursing the dark god. On the other hand, Mimi was down on her knees and began to tear up. The present version of her son was still alive, but the future Dimitri who helped the Digi-Destined battle the artificials was pronounced dead.

"No! Dimitri?! He killed my future son?!" Mimi cried in thought.

"You son of a bitch! That was my son you've just murdered!" Metalla X calls out.

As soon as he screamed out, Metalla X takes off towards Millenniumon with a heart filled with vengeance and rage. The warriors tried to stop him before the situation would have gotten out of hand. Millenniumon calmly maneuvered away from Metalla X's charge.

Metalla X turns around and fires away a devastating ki blast. The dark god quickly reacts in time and cancels it out with a single claw swipe. The warrior maintained his assault and thrashed the dark god with an array of shots.

"MATT! That's enough!!" Omega X cries out.


"Be silent, you fool!"

Millenniumon immediately froze Metalla X in place and sealed him inside of a crystal chamber. The warrior's blasts couldn't even break through.

"Stupid Yamato… Taichi and I were just going to be reacquainted. Now, where were we… Ah, yes. Before arriving here, I made a quick stop to the future alternate time of this world and destroyed its hero, Dimitri Ishida. He was easy pickings for me since his world was in a time of peaceful and I easily purged his world into darkness. You see. I've been keeping a close eye on you for these past five years, Taichi. Ever since your war with the D-Reaper, I've been hiding within Cyberdramon and gaining more information on you as udnercover."

"So I've been under surveillance for all of this time? Man, I always attract you damn psychos."

"Indeed. One hero down and another to go. However, you are far different from Dimitri. Your power has grown to extraordinary heights. Even all of these fools can't comprehend what you're truly capable of. Not even Yamato can dare say that he can stand a chance against the likes of you. I, on the other hand, wish to challenge your power."

Omega X looks over to a sobbing Mimi and then over to Matt. He couldn't stand to see such pain and suffering amongst his loved ones. He was infuriated by the startling revelation of Dimitri's demise. However, Omega X was very interested by Millenniumon's challenge.

"What's in it for you?"

"I myself am not at full power yet I sealed Yamato inside this chamber. Even that couldn't contain you. However, I wish to take these four Digi-Cores and put them to good use. With these items, I shall transfer my power through them and create seven monsters. Each one of shall possess my dark power and inherit strength that you couldn't even comprehend."

"Seven monsters? Don't tell me we'll have to fight seven crazy whackos like this guy?!" Terriermon asked.

"Tai! Don't let him do it! Let's just finish him right now! He's the cause of the Earth's misfortunes. If he let him live, then he's only to cause more damage," Takato said.

"He brings up a good point," replied Agunimon. "You're way in over your head if you let him go!"

"Please, listen to reason and don't let this over cloud your judgment," Sora reassured her husband.

"No way! You can beat this creep alone!" Max said. "I believe in you, dad!"

"If you need some backup, I'm right here for you, Tai," Ultima X replied.

"Hey, thanks, but I think I should just give in. Yeah. Hey, Millenniumon! Sure, go ahead and do as you please!"

"Tai! All right, you've completely lost it!" Rika cries out.

"Maybe we ought to rearrange his head!" Beetlemon suggested.

"Oh, Taichi! I knew you'd give into my demands! But, you still fail to realize that the seven monsters will help to open a tunnel into the Dark Dimension. You've just doomed your own planet. The Synisters shall be unleashed on this human infestation and everyone you love shall die."

"It's a risk I'm willing to take. As long as I'm here and I have everyone by my side, I'll bring you down myself. I guess you never watched my battles closely. Burizalor, Virus, D-Reaper, Bebimon and now Super Artificial Jax… They were beaten by us and you're next on the list."

"Maybe so, but I myself shall not fail… What you do not realize is that I have allies on my side to ensure that our plan is a success."

"Who exactly is helping you?!" Izzy asked.

"You will find that out for yourselves soon, Digi-Destined. But, let me get started by taking these precious Digi-Cores. I shall then transfer my essence through each of them. Pay close attention."

As soon as he finished his small speech, Millenniumon looks down at the four Digi-Cores. His eyes glow with a horrifying crimson glow. One by one, the four Digi-Cores levitated from the ground and encircled the dark god. Three of the Digi-Cores cracked open and split into six halves. The warriors attempted to make a move to prevent Millenniumon from absorbing, but Omega X made a stop to prevent them attacking.

"Tai! Let us through!" War Angemon snapped.

"He's absorbing and cracking the Digi-Cores! Now we can't bring Ken back and everyone killed by the monsters!" Ultima X cried out.

"Relax. I know what I'm doing," Omega X assured his friends.

"I hope you're right, big brother," Celesta X said in thought.

Millenniumon gathers the six pieces and assimilated them into his body. The last whole orb was swallowed through his mouth. Millenniumon looks up towards the heavens and takes off.

"Now, I shall split himself into seven monsters through the power of these Digi-Cores. These monsters will be prepared to attack many parts of the globe in hopes of finding the tunnel. All you have to do is stop them, but be forewarned… I will not be your only enemy. There just maybe one among your human race that is helping me find the tunnel."

"Another human? I wonder who…" Takato said.

Finally, Millenniumon's shadow form exploded and separated himself into seven shadow creatures. Each one took on the forms of black dragons with Digi-Cores on their foreheads. They all flew across the heavens and sent themselves across the globe.

"They've separated themselves!" cried Kazemon.

"Damn! Now we have seven of those monsters to worry about?!" Metalla X cursed.

"Thanks a lot, Tai. Now we have a real mess to clean up," War Angemon said.

"Don't worry. We will get to the bottom of this. I want to know a little more about this tunnel," Omega X stated. "I'm curious. Besides, he even said himself that he has allies. One of them is human…"

"Look. We know you're curious, but you don't realize what you have done!" Pikkan snapped. "With the Digital Cores at his disposal, there's no telling how much power this Millenniumon would have gained!"

"Wait, he did mention that he knows us," replied Sora. "I wonder… Which time and dimension is he referring to?"

As soon as everyone gathered around, the crystallized barrier that kept Metalla X in captivity powered down. The enraged warrior emerged and looked around for the dark god, but there were no signs of him.

"Damn! I almost had him!"

"Yamato! Come down here!" Omega X calls out to his former rival. "There's a lot we have to discuss."

"Why should I?"

"Because we maybe dealing with an enemy that could very well threaten the existence of our planet. We'll definitely need you on the case."

"Need me? You heard what that bastard said. He killed Dimitri! The future version of my son is gone…"

"Please, dear… Just get down here and we'll discuss a strategy to avenge our son's loss," Mimi pleaded. "I want to get back at that monster, too, but I'm not going to let anger blind me."

"You fools figure it out for yourselves. You don't need me on your case!" Metalla X cried out in fury. "Tai. You already have your band of merry men and women. You figure it out for yourselves. I'm not going to play the hero crap anymore…"

Metalla X levitates down to where his friends gathered together. Just as Omega X was close to approaching him, the furious warrior walks away calmly.


"Just let him be," Celesta X said. "He needs some time to think this over. He's upset over the revelation of Dimitri being killed."

"I know what he must feel, but this is a serious situation we have here. There's no telling what kind of disasters will emerge from those Digi-Cores alone. Seven monsters… and a tunnel leading into the Dark Dimension. If I do recall… Wait! The Dark Dimension?!"

"You know about that place, Tai?" Takato asked.

"Oh yeah and let me tell you. It's not a place where you'd want to go on a picnic."

"He went to the Dark Realm when he battled Burizalor," War Angemon stated. "We didn't think he was going to make it. That was many years ago."

"So, what now? There are some creatures called Synisters living there? Have you ever managed to run into one of those?" Kumamon wondered.

"They sure don't sound like your everyday baddie," Agunimon said.

"Well, from what I saw… No, I haven't," Omega X said. "Maybe that Millenniumon was just using scare tactics to make us believe that there really is a tunnel."

"Or maybe not," Ultima X stated. "What if he is telling the truth? Either way, he's taken away our opportunity to revive Ken! Yolei's not going to be pleased when she hears this."

"Speaking of Yolei, where is she, Davis?" asked Keke.

"She's with Joe, Cody and David at a local hospital in Shinjuku. They should be fine since that area's been clear of creature and digimon activity."

"In that case, I say we give them a visit," Tike and Kara said.

"Hold on. Let's first get everything together here. This has been a really insane twenty-four hours. First, the whole invasion and the super artificial. It's been a mess," said Cyberleomon.

"And now… This Millenniumon," Jeri finished. "What about this human he was speaking of?"

"That's what I'm wondering," Lobomon said.

"Tai. You think X or Shintomon would know any of this?" asked Loweemon.

"I don't know. I haven't really asked them. Looks like I'll have to go pay a visit to them."

Just as Omega X was prepared to teleport out using his Time Warp technique, a familiar voice calls out to him telepathically. It was coming directly from X.

"Tai! Can you hear me?!"

"Huh? Wow, you just stopped me at the nick of time. So, I'm aware you know about this whole mess?"

"Actually… I may know the answers to your questions. Especially to this secret identity of the human the monster referred to. Millenniumon is a different matter. Tai. This creature has been ravaging parts of time and space before arriving here. As he stated, he's already destroyed alternate future earth. The same home which Dimitri resided…"

"Tell me. Let's get to the bottom of Millenniumon. He said that he had stolen the Digi-Cores from under Azulongmon? Where was Azulongmon at the time?!"

"He was helping Gennai to capture the escapees from Digital Limbo. As we can tell, there are still escapees on your planet as we speak."

"Oh, some stranglers left to take out? That shouldn't be a problem. No, this Millenniumon is the real problem. He's already taken and split three of the Digi-Cores apart. He warned us that he would be creating seven monsters from each of them."

"Yes and he won't hesitate either. From what I can tell, the Digi-Cores are already manifesting into the monsters' forms now."

"Damn! Then, we'd better hurry!"

"Just a second, Tai. Before, you go. There's something else you should know."

"What's that?"

"It's about the deal with the tunnel and the Dark Dimension from within. I take it you and your friends are interested to find out the truth."

"Yes, we're really anxious to know. It's been bugging us and we need to know the truth. No more secrets, X. The truth has to come out now."

"Very well, Taichi. I suggest everyone of you listen to what I'm about to say. But first…"

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, X instantly appears at the site with the assistance of Shintomon's teleportation. The group gathered around to greet the higher powers.

"Oh! We heard the news about you being a father, Shintomon!" Kazemon said.

"Yes! Congratulations!" Sora replied. "Will it be a boy or a girl?!"

"We're not too sure of that," Shintomon said while blushing in embarrassment.

"We'll be there for the baby shower," Mimi giggled. "I can't wait for the lovable pride and joy."

"You guys. Can we get to the bottom of this situation? I'm serious here," Agunimon suggested.

"Please, tell us, what we have to know," Renamon asked.

"Enough stalling, X. The truth has to come out now," Ultima X said.

The masked man walks about the street and picks up a soda bottle. He tosses it aside the street and turns to face the group. X was ready to give his explanation behind the secrets of the Dark Dimension, the tunnel and the Synisters.

"First off, where is this tunnel located?" asked Metalla X.

"The tunnel is located within the outskirts of Mushiyori," X said.

"Great, then I'll use my Time Warp to go there and stop those creeps myself," stated Omega X.

"Tai. Sometimes you need to think more before you take action," Shintomon said. "We've already checked in that area and it's been sealed off within a barrier. A very powerful one mind you. I'm afraid not even your Time Warp will help you enter through the barrier."

"Damn, those guys must have been well prepared if they can seal off anyone's entry," said Kazu. "That sucks to be us."

"Sucks to be us!" Guardromon mimicked his partner.

"Just can it you two or you'll be meeting my fist," Renamon threatened the jokers.

"Geez, she can never take a joke," muffed Kenta.

"Mushiyori? That's not too far from here," said Pikkan.

"We have BW investigating the situation in Mushiyori as we speak," said X. "He should return within thirty minutes to bring us back a full report, or at least a partial one."

"Now, this really isn't information we should really be giving out to anyone, especially you guys," Shintomon spoke. "It's secret classified information from the highest echelon of the files in our realm."

"Well, how can we help you if we don't know anything?!" asked Omega X.

"Yeah, you do make an interesting point," X said. "Ok everyone. This explaining part is really going to suck, but here goes… Here's how is shakes down. There are four stages to this apocalyptic breach."

"First stage, we have many digimon bio-emerging into the real. I'm sure you know Yamaki and Hypnos' history with dealing with digimon emerging into the real world," Shintomon said.

"Yeah. I remember when we first met, Takato," Guilmon said. "I bio-emerged here after all."

"Yeah, how can I forget?"

"That has happened with our digimon partners," Henry spoke up. "Us, Tamers that is… Terriermon. Renamon. They bio-emerged here."

"Yes, that is a common activity which occurs between the real and digital worlds," X explained. "That's merely the first stage. As the size of the breach increases, we have stage two. During this stage, we have higher-level monsters appearing within your realm. This has happened when the Devas attacked."

"How could I forget those moments? Those were horrifying," said Jeri said.

"Not to mention that monsters like Parrotmon came here," Celesta X replied.

"You're right, Kari. That's a really good example," stated Omega X.

"Now stage three is where things really heat up," X continued on. "That portal that opened up in the skies released a haven of escapees from Digital Limbo."

"You're telling us?! Those were an army of monsters we've already clobbered before!" said Terriermon.

"Luckily we've managed to clean up that mess," replied Takato.

"Be glad Takato and I were able to hold off Burizalor and Virus from entering through that damn portal," said Omega X.

"In the fourth and final stage, a border tunnel breach achieves a stabilized diameter of over two kilometers, allowing total passage."

"Total passage for whom, Shintomon?" asked Sora.

"Yeah! Just who do what kind of monsters are we dealing with now? These Synisters that Millenniumon was speaking of?!" Max said.

"Well, with a tunnel that gigantic, digimon and other dimensional beings all the way through C and B level classes will be able to pass between worlds in masses. This makes even today's threat look like a walk in the park," X continued on.

"Great, I don't like the sound of that," Keke said.

"No kidding. Today was just hectic," Palmon replied.

"Just leave them with me. I'll take them apart and send them back where they came crawling," Metalla X seethed angrily.

"Now, tell us about these classes," Takato said. "What kinds of classes do you rank these beings?"

"The Digital Worlds always rank every digimon and dimensional being according to their power levels. The D ranking are considered the weaker kind and it goes all the way up High A class powers," replied X. "I never told you this because I didn't feel there wasn't any point. But, here's a very interesting note of reference."

"Go on…" Omega X said.

"All the monsters in the upper level B-Class are the same power level as Virus."

"And those within the middle C-Class are the same strength as Burizalor."

"And D-Reaper at her prime was only ranked at a mid-A class."

"What?! D-Reaper was only a Mid-A class yet there are guys out there that make him look like a pansy?!" Ultima X exclaimed.

"That's insane!!" Takato exclaimed.

Omega X quickly looks back to the events of five years ago. He and his allies were in a tight struggle in their battle against the D-Reaper. They had tried everything within their arsenal to bring down the resilient creature. The Life Bomb, created from the spirit energy of Earth and the Digital World, was needed destroy the D-Reaper. Yes, every source of spirit/life energy was essential from EVERY digimon and human to topple the deletion program turned evil.

"But… We had to resort to the Life Bomb to put that thing down!" Celesta X panicked.

"Those three guys, including the D-Reaper, nearly killed all of us! D-Reaper was merely just a mid-A class?!" Omega X exclaimed.

"And this one will shock you, Tamers. Lucemon was also only a mid-A class digimon at his prime," Shintomon stated.

"Man, we're way out of our league here!" Beetlemon freaked out.

"Calm down. We're in this together!" Kazemon said.

"Calm down?! How can we?! Lucemon nearly wiped us out if you don't recall?!" Agunimon snapped. "And he was just a freaking mid-A class?!"

"Man, you higher powers really do like to keep us in suspense," Omega X growled.

"Wait, there's more," X continued on. "As you can see, most of these monsters were born and created within the Dark Dimension. Burizalor and Lucemon Satan Mode were once prime residents to that realm. They knew about the horrors and dangers from within that territory. I believe it was Millenniumon's dark essence that was responsible in the creation of it. The Millenniumon you just faced was merely a shadow of his real form hiding within the lurks of the Dark Realm."

"The Dark Realm was born at the same time the Digital Universe was in its infancy. CPUs were responsible for creating everything our worlds. It was said that the very first computer, known as Atanasoff-Berry Computer, had laid down the foundations of this Digital Universe along with it the Digital World. However, the creation did not stop from there. Along came the first patented digital computer called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, AKA ENIAC. Upon its activation, the foundations from ABC were laid out. Thus, the Digital Universe and the Digital World was created."

"Ok, Shintomon. You're getting way too technical for my tastes," Omega X. "What does this have anything to do with the Dark Realm?!"

"If you have any patience, then they should be getting there," Izzy replied. "Go on, Shintomon…"

"Well, I was just getting to the point. It did not end there. As a result of these events, several of the Digital Multi-Worlds were started to develop, along with the various Earth realities. One by one, each Digital World supported a different sector of Earth. One series of each of the four Digital Worlds also ran closely parallel to two other unrelated dimensions. One dimension consists of a power to transform all thoughts and dreams into realities and the other was a dark dimension where everything considered negative comes into reality. That very same realm became the Dark Realm."

"All right, now we're getting somewhere," said Ultima X.

"From within that realm, manifested corrupted data and negative energy took root," X said. "Millenniumon himself was created within that realm as did many other sinister creatures. That includes creatures known as Corrupts and Synisters. Corrupts are classified as C-class and low B-class monsters. Burizalor is considered a Corrupt. The Synisters range from High-B all the way to the rare S-class power levels. The S-class is the highest in the echelon. Even D-Reaper, Bebimon and the Super Artificial couldn't reach the all mighty S-Class."

"S-Class?! Damn, we're really screwed," Rika cursed.

"Now, as you can tell, the Dark Realm is an ancient land and its depths are endless," Shintomon said. "In truth, there are vast parts in its territory that our Holy Realms has no authority over."

"What? But, I never knew thought," Pikkan said. "And I explored many vast regions of the Digital Universe myself."

"Let's think of the Dark Realm as a giant underground building. Basement after basement… It stretches downward into an infinite void. Out of all that, we only control half of the first basement," said X.

"Damn. No offense Shintomon, but you and your former crew were some pretty crappy rulers," Omega X said while shrugging his shoulders.

"You really have to be ashamed of yourself, Shintomon," Max said.

"Hey! We had other priorities! You forget we were dealing with the D-Reaper crisis eons ago!"

"Excuses… Excuses."

"Tai! That's enough!" Sora exclaimed. "Please, continue on, X."

"Thank you, Sora. Now, as I was saying, if Shintomon and his crew would have gotten involved then have been a bloodbath and full of Armageddon. Their only choice was to hold their ground and expand gradually over the centuries."

"Exactly. We cannot awake the anger of the A-class and S-class, or heave forbid the Super A-class dimensional beings, which live at the bottom. Not even late Grand Guardian herself and each of us Supreme Guardians could defeat the S-class Synisters."

This suddenly brought shock and struck fear amongst the teams. They were dealing with beings who even surpassed D-Reaper at its prime. The Digi-Destined were getting way over their heads if they happen to cross paths with any of those aforementioned A and S-class Synisters. Omega X began to have thoughts of those same terrifying creatures and they sure didn't look too pretty.

"Now, you seem sure of yourselves," said Renamon. "I'm sure you would have taken precautions if you knew such a danger, Shintomon."

"Sure we do. To seal off Pseudo Space around the Dark Realm, the Holy Realm has raised a powerful anti-Synister barrier."

"Oh yeah! That's a relief! We have a barrier!" Mimi cheered. "No worries for us!"

"Yeah, you had us worrying over nothing!" Palmon butted in.

"Wait! Then, why are these digimon and creatures still passing through?" Keke wondered.

"Yeah, that still raises some questions," Tike said.

"Well, we had to make priorities," X said. "This was to stop the A and S-class Synisters above all else. Our resources are limited. The only way to make a barrier large enough was to spread the energy into a net."

"Oh, it's like a filter," Celesta X explained to the team.

"Yes, that's precisely right, Hikari," Shintomon stated. "While those B-class and lower level can squeeze through, the higher level A and S-class Synisters are kept away."

"No way! How can you sign off to such a deal like that?!" asked Agunimon. "You intentionally made it so that hundreds of creatures like Burizalor and Virus could just prance on over here whenever they feel like it?!"

"That's messed up if I do say so myself," Metalla X implied.

"You have to imagine the alternative, guys," Shintomon said as he threw a viewing orb to the group. "Take a look through the orb to see for yourself. Now see for yourself if even one S-class Synister crossed out from the Dark Realm and invaded each one of the Digital Worlds."

As the team gathered to look down at the viewing orb, there was a sequence of an alternate Digital Universe being invaded by a single S-class Synister. A view of Zhuqiaomon's Digital World was shown first. Within a split second, the entire planet and Southern region cosmos was instantly wiped out within a devastating blast.

"Holy crap!" Kazu exclaimed.

"I second that," Henry stated. "My god…"

"That's horrible!" Jeri cried.

Now, a shot of Earth is shown. A view of Tokyo, Japan was displayed for one second and then it was evaporated as a whole by a single catastrophic blast. It was almost as if a meteorite has struck the planet. The city was instantly destroyed in the process.

Then came perhaps one of the most horrifying and graphic footage a Higher Being could even bother display to human viewers. Armies from across the globe were seen shooting away at numerous titan-like beasts. These were the Synisters. One of which towered nearly as high as the Eiffel Tower. Most of them were demonic in appearance and others insect-like.

The Digi-Destined couldn't bear to look at the suffering and chaos ensuing. This would be their world if the Synisters had invaded. While most can't destroy planets, some have the ability to drain people's souls within an entire city.

More footage was shown with more Synisters rampaging across the worldwide cities. Humans were shown dismembered and turned into a mountain full of corpses. It was as if these creatures were piling them up as sacrificial lambs for a feast.

Another explosion was shown over planet Earth. The planet itself was destroyed, but the entire human race was wiped out into extinction within a matter of twenty-four hours. Even the strongest of the world's forces were turned into rubble by the sheer might of the power yet intelligent Synisters. While D-Reaper did successfully detonate the Earth, the Earth was ultimately restored. In this scenario, the Synisters had not only destroyed Earth but every other parts of the Digital Universe. Many of the enemies the Digi-Destined faced needed time to accomplish such a feat. But these Synisters knew when to get the job done within a twenty-four hour period.

This was going to be Hell unleashed for everyone. The group was horrified after watching these scenarios unfold, but X had to get the truth across. This would be what Millenniumon and Saitou would have in mind.

Elsewhere within the Odaiba District

With everyone evacuated from the city, there wasn't anything to stop the mastermind behind the operation from going to work. This was none other than Saitou himself.

The young man is seen walking across an empty street while making his way over towards a hotel elevator. He presses the button to send the elevator up to the forty-third floor. He steps inside and waits patiently for the elevator to make its complete stop. The moon already was rising out over the blackened skies. It was a full moon tonight. It's brilliant glare shone over Saitou's clean-cut face.

As the elevator made it's complete stop, Saitou steps out of the elevator. He walks across the dark hallways and stopped towards a door reading '43-23'. As soon as he opened the door, he walks across a magnificent display of an expensive fish aquarium. The young man was revealed to be wearing a black t-shirt with a matching colored baggy pants and dark boots. His face was maturely defined. His eyes were just as sinister as anyone would expect of him. His black hair was slicked back with a small curly tip over his forehead.

He sits down on a comfortable cushioned seat while staring off across the aquarium. Up with a closer view, there was a view of a disgusting sight to behold. It looked as a severed head was seen floating inside with an attached right arm. The face was closely revealed to be pale with a red mask covering its eyes. Its hair was already long, shaggy and moldy. Though it did retain its yellow pigmentation. Half of its face was torn off and revealed a full eyeball exposed. The head chuckled to itself and soon gave himself away. It started speaking out to Saitou telepathically.

"How's the tunnel, Saitou? Are the Seven Monsters being manifested as we speak? I take it our plan is going well with those humans and Millenniumon aiding us…"

Saitou merely replied back to the severed creature revealed to be Myotismon himself.

"Oh, they'll interrupt. The Digi-Destined I mean… They're very good at that. They are tricky fellows. They even made everyone of their enemies, including Burizalor, crazy. Just look what they did to me. Mr. Saitou, you must avenge us."

With that said, Saitou sits up from his seat and walks toward a window with curtains. He unveils the curtains to display the full moon.

"Soldiers take orders, but not I," Saitou said in a low, calm manner. "But lucky for you, nothing could deny me the pleasure of this kill."

"Ha. I knew you would say that. Heh. Heh."

"Ah, never satisfied. Never full. Humans. They eat and destroy with grubby hands until nothing is left but piss. But now, the judgment of all humans has just begun."

Worldwide view of Earth

A streak of seven lights soars across around the globe. Each light had already taken on the forms of dark dragons with Digi-Cores embedded on their foreheads. Millenniumon was now in the process of unleashing the seven creatures towards different sections of the globe.


The frozen environment was at peace for the time being. A group of Eskimos were seen gathering to witness a streak of light fly across the heavens. At first, they claimed to have seen a shooting star. Unknown to them, this 'shooting star' was really an essence of Millenniumon manifesting itself into a powerful creature with extraordinary powers.

Soon, the shooting star plowed itself through a snow-capped mountain and gathered a tremendous sheet of ice around itself. The dark dragon had taken on the form of a pure ice dragon. The monster lets out a defying roar. The first of the seven monsters was quickly undergoing a metamorphosis from out of it's 'shell'.

Honolulu, Hawaii

There was a sudden volcano eruption on the largest island of the Hawaii Islands. It's been documented that a large volcanic activity has emerged from their long slumbers. The Hawaiian/American citizens had started to evacuate. But what they didn't expect was a shooting star plummeting down into the volcanic magma.

The largest volcano erupts with another flow of magma. Within the hot magma was a gargoyle-like figure. It grew a pair of glider wings and was prepared to take off.

Paris, France

Another dark dragon came flying across the French skies and plows through a foggy mist amongst the city streets. Slowly, a quadruped creature manifested from the piece of Millenniumon's essence. The creature was also feminine in appearance. The unknown female monster steps through the fog mist and made her way across the barren streets.

Shinjuku. Local Graveyard

The fourth dark dragon came plummeting through the local, cryptic Shinjuku cemetery. The dead were immediately disturbed by this unexpected event. A large fog started to blanket the graveyard landscape.

The dragon now takes the form of a bipedal human-like creature. It's appearance and physique was similar to that of the infamous Myotismon, but its power was overwhelming strong and filled with a portion of Millenniumon's essence.

Los Angeles, California

The fifth dark dragon plummets through the center of an abandoned ghetto street. A large crowd of people proceeded to retreat from the unexpected disaster. They panicked as if a meteorite had struck the city. However, they were safe and not wiped off by the impact blast.

Unknown to them, an Avarian reptile creature was sitting in the middle of the crater. Its feathered body was streaking with voltage of electricity.

India/China Border

The final two dark dragons were still locating positions across the planet. One managed to plunge into the river valleys of a nearby Indian village. The last Millenniumon dragon was still finding an area to manifest itself. This sixth essence emerges out of the water and starts to take the form of a monster.

This monster was grotesque in appearance. It basically has the appearance of a green, fat frog creature with a yellow body. The amphibian creature's mouth is equipped with sharp teeth and its eyes are sinister red with yellow irises. The frog creature cackled a deep laughter and embraced the environment surrounding him. Who would have thought this odd creature was created from an essence of Millenniumon's shadow.

"Ah! Just look at this pleasant scenery! It'll be a pleasure to spread my pollution over this river valley! Millenniumon, thank you for granting me the opportunity to do away with these retched humans! I can't wait to feast upon their flesh! I, Haze Frogmon, shall not fail you!"

Haze Frogmon. Type: Virus Amphibian. Mega Level. Special Techniques: Air/Water Pollution, Viral Amoeba and Mind Control

Just then, something had caught Haze Frogmon's attention. He looks across to find a group of villagers being treated by a medical doctor. This doctor didn't seem like a village healer, but rather a doctor from a medical facility. The amphibian had immediately caught with a brilliant scheme. He puts his full attention on the doctor and licked his lips.

"Yes, that doctor shall do nicely. He'll help me to do away with these humans. I sense a wicked heart within this human and he yearns to see mankind's destruction. This is just perfect. Now, to manipulate his mind and use him as a pawn to our master scheme."

Highton View Terrance

As everyone recollect their thoughts over the story behind the Synisters and the tunnel leading to the Dark Realm. There was mixed reactions amongst the team members. Their faces had expressions of fear, shock, and anger. Not a single one of them were relieved to hear the truth revealed after being concealed for so long. Basically, the truth really had an impact on the Digi-Destined/Tamers/Chosen Children combo.

Even Kazu and Guardromon were panicking. The teen grabbed his hat and started freaking out with a spotlight over him.

"My life! There's still plenty of stuff I have to do! I need to find myself a girlfriend, become a champion duelist and even grow my first mustace!" Kazu panicked.

"I need to find myself a digimon babe!" Guardromon mourned.

"But, now you're telling me that a bunch of freaks like D-Reaper, Bebimon and Virus are going to attack us all at once?!" Kenta freaked.

"Pi! Pi!"

"And then there's the A and S-class Synisters!" Kazu ranted on. "Those are guys that not even the Higher dudes can control!"

"Has hope truly left us?" the two boys asked in unison. "Is this the end of everything?! Say it ain't so?!"

"Will you two just shut the hell up?!" Rika snapped.

"You should have brought some duct tape with you, Rika," Renamon suggested. "I would have gladly shut their gums shut."

"We'll talk about our plan in a minute," stated X. "There's no need to panic until we get to the bottom of this. So far, you guys have already meet Millenniumon face to face. By now, those seven monsters should be manifesting by now."

"Oh no. I can sure feel them," Omega X said. "They're across the planet. Six of them have taken on forms and are starting to make their move. I'm sure they're aware of our whereabouts and will do anything to draw us out."

"I agree," Celesta X replied. "But we had better watch ourselves. Each of these monsters possesses Millenniumon's dark powers. You saw what he did with Matt."

"Did you really have to bring it that up?" Metalla X growled.

"So what now?" Takato asked. "We have a lot on our hands. Seven monsters. Millenniumon. An human accomplice to Millenniumon and a tunnel leading to this Dark Realm."

"That's too much for us to handle, Takatomon," Guilmon muffed.

"No kidding. We've already been a rough day and I'm too pooped to go any further," said Terriermon.

Just then, Shintomon quickly picks up a distress signal from BW. Not only was Shintomon able to pick up his telepathic voice but also every other warrior heard him speaking out through his or her minds.

"Hey, it's BW!" Omega X said.

"What is it, BW? Were you able to find out anything about the tunnel in Mushiyori?" Shintomon asked.

"Shintomon. Everyone. I have some terrible news to inform you."

"This is just what we needed," X sighed. "Spill the news…"

"The hole leading to the Dark Realm is widening at terrific speed! I don't know what to say but it's opening up faster than we've calculated! At this pace, it will reach the final phase in three weeks, at the latest!"

"What?!" the entire team exclaimed in unison.

"Impossible! We made clear calculations!" Shintomon stated. "I was sure the tunnel wasn't going to grow any faster than that!"

"Only three weeks?!" Omega X cried out. "Damn! In three weeks, everything up through the B and A-class creatures, which are stronger than Virus and Bebimon, will be able to come and go into our world!"

"This is just not what we needed!" Dorothy said.

"Mom! For the first time ever, I'm actually scared," Max stated.

"I'm with you on that, dear."

"Shintomon! There's got to be something to stop it?!" War Angemon asked frantically. "Is there any way to close this hole up?!"

"The only way to do that is defeat these seven monster accomplices and destroy this spellcaster," Shintomon replied.

"Exactly, Shintomon. From what I've been able to find out, it's not a physical hole but a distortion in time and space. The distortion is currently at 1.3 kilometers. But once it hits two kilometers, it stabilizes, changing from energy conduit to a physical space. You don't use any drill to make a hole this big. There has to be a spellcaster at the center of this hole, where space is being distorted."

"So, you know where this guy is? If we beat them down, then we're all ok?" Ultima X asked. "All we have to do is pound these assholes into oblivion! Meanwhile, the rest of you can find those seven monsters and take them out of the ballpark."

"Davis. Let's not get carried away here," Sonja said. "First, we…"

"X! I say we split up! Half of us can go over to Mushiyori and the others can take off to fight those seven monsters!" Ultima X said. "Besides, I want to get them back for taking away the Digi-Cores and crushing our hopes of reviving Ken!"

"Not so fast, Davis. Let's think this over. It's already been notified that the area where the hole is opening is sealed by a powerful force field. Not even your attacks will penetrate through it," said X.

"Besides, it wouldn't be wise to go after the enemy without knowing what their abilities are and commit some rather idiotic blunders?" Shintomon stated. "Let's think through this… We have a Spellcaster, most likely the human Millenniumon, is speaking of and the Seven Monsters. I suggest we take out the monsters first since they are merely distractions for the Spellcaster to open up the rift."

"What?! If we do that, then the hole is only going to get bigger?!"

"I'll have to agree with Davis," Omega X said.

"Me, too. There's no telling how much bigger that hole will increase in size if we take our eyes off the ballgame," Agunimon suggested.

"If that tunnel is complete, we're screwed," Beetlemon stated.

"But that just leaves us three weeks," replied Lobomon.

"Correct. I see there are members of your team that are getting the picture," Shintomon sighed. "We already know about the seven monsters. But how many of those Spellcasters are we dealing with? What are their abilities? I have no data on them whatsoever."

"We need to know these things before anything else," said Henry. "Or else, we won't know where to identify those Spellcasters. You guys can easily find and destroy the monsters in the meantime."

"Shintomon. X. Since these fools are already finished with their ridiculous questions, I need you to answer me this," Metalla X snorted.

"You can also answer my question," Pikkan said.

"At what rank do you rank me?"

"Matt! That's enough out of you!" Mimi snapped.

"What?! You better answer me, Shintomon. What class am I ranked in the Digital Universe?!" Metalla X demanded.

"You can also tell me right away. I'm curious to know," the Alterian butted in.

"All right. All right. You two need to calm down first," Shintomon eased the two hot heads. "Ok, you want to know your rankings? Very well. As of now, Yamato, you are ranked among the lowest of the A-class. Pikkan, you are currently at the middle B-class level. That's quite an astonishing feat for an Alterian. D-Reaper was considered a middle A-class during its prime and Bebimon was at a low A-class."

"Feh! You underestimate me, again?!" Metalla X growled.

"Hold the record, Yamato. I should inform you that when you and Metal Garurumon first battled Tai years ago, your digimon was only ranked a higher D-class. Overtime, your power level had risen dramatically. By the time you first became Metalla X, you ascended up to a Low-B class. Recently, after being possessed by Bebimon, you raised up to a Low-A class. That's quite an outstanding feat if I do say so myself."

"Shintomon, you fool. Is that your idea of flattery?!" Metalla X said.

"Matt! That's enough!" Omega X snapped. "Where are you going?!"

Metalla X turns away from the group and looks out towards the heavens. The warrior turns and faces them with an angry glare.

"Whatever happens to this world is of no concern to me," Metalla X snorted. "You have your band of merry men and women, Tai. I'm a moot point."

"So! You're just going to walk away on us?!" Ultima X exclaimed. "If you didn't notice, Ken was just slain and the Digi-Cores are gone!"

"Please, Mr. Ishida! We need you," Max pleaded.

"Poppa!" Keke cries out. "Don't go!"

"Yeah, dad"! the younger Dimitri calls to his father.

"Just what has gotten over you?!" snapped Mimi. "Don't you walk out on your own family, too!"

"You can do whatever you want from here on," the ice cold warrior spoke up. "I have no intention of interfering with you! Neither do I intend to help you!"

"Matt! Just hear what you're saying!" War Angemon exclaimed. "You're losing it!"

"Let him be, TK! You coward, Matt!" hissed Ultima X. "Real men help when they're needed!"

"Feh. Save that damn idealism for your freaking fairytales," Metalla X bellowed.

With that said, Metalla X takes off into the heavens immediately and leaves everyone behind to look on. Omega X didn't even bother trying to stop him. Once again, Yamato has left his friends hanging out to dry to recollect his thoughts, but many wonder if he'll ever return when needed.

"Oh yeah?! Well, I'm not about to shed any tears for you, Matt! Besides, I'm glad you're gone!" Ultima X calls out to the departing warrior. "Damn! He's the same selfish punk from the start!"

However, Omega X remained rather calm and collected at the moment. It was as if he knew Matt better anyone in the group.

"He'll come around, guys. He's still upset about Dimitri from the future and about the revelation of his demise. He just needs time to recollect his thoughts about his saddening loss."

"I did hear my dad mention a future version of myself," young Dimitri said. "Momma. Is he strong as dad says he is?"

"He was powerful and gentle. I hope you grow up to be as caring and gentle as he was," Mimi said.

"Besides, once everyone of us are in a tight pinch, he'll come to rescue us when we need him the most," Celesta X assured the team.

"Well, that's good to know," Takato said. "Don't let his attitude get to you, Takuya."

"Hey, as long as he comes back, I'm cool with it," Agunimon said. "Right, guys?"

"Right!" the legendary warriors said in unison.

"It's pretty hard to predict what he'll do," War Angemon said. "That's my brother for ya."

"Well, he was on the side of evil for a while," said Leomon. "He once craved to do everything he could to kill you, Taichi."

"Gee, I have to be reminded of that, do I?"

"So what now?" Kenta asked. "We're sitting ducks here for the moment."

"We don't take any action until daybreak," X suggested. "This entire day was hell unleashed. You guys need the rest after your battle with the Super Artificial. Tomorrow, we'll split up into teams. Some of you will take different sections of the globe to track down those seven monsters."

"That's a brilliant idea," Tentomon said. "Meanwhile, Izzy and I can assist you on the situation with the distortion."

"That'd be great," Shintomon said. "With each of you guys here, we can determine who goes where. Taichi, is that fine with you?"

"That's fine. Besides, I really want to get a crack shot at these monsters."

"Well, maybe you should stick with us for the time being," X said. "We'll need you just in case one of monsters decides to attack us."

"That'll be swell. Don't worry, big brother," Celesta X. "I'm the second strongest and I should help organize the teams."

"That's good, Kari. Thanks a lot."

"Get some sleep everyone. Davis. You can go and check back with Yolei. Everyone, get some sleep. We'll split into seven teams," Shintomon informed the group. "Two of those teams will cover Mushiyori and the other five will track down those monsters. In the meantime, avoid taking careless actions on your own."

"Hey! Don't tell me we have to sleep out here!" Kazu whined.

"It's much too cold for us!" Kenta cried. "We didn't even bring our pillows!"

"Hey, Jeri, how about I sleep on you for a while? You can be my pillow," Kazu snickered.

With that said, Pikkan delivers a fist that connects with Kazu's face and sends him flying back into a dumpster. The boy lands backfirst against the dumpster and was left unconscious.

"There! You can sleep you, pervert!" Pikkan snapped. "You want to join him four-eyes?!"

"Um… no," Kenta squeaked out.

Pikkan kept his eye on the two sneaky boys while going over to comfort his girlfriend, Jeri. The others went about to find themselves locations to rest up for the night.

Mushiyori. The underground cavern with the distortion tunnel

Deep within a cryptic and barren cavern outside of Mushiyori city, there was little activity taking place at the moment. However, unknown to even the Higher Powers, a sinister plan was being hatched by the 'Spellcasters' mentioned.

Inside the interior of a lighten cavern were two individuals. One of which was looking on from a far distance and maintaining a calm demeanor. This was the sinister human, Saitou. The other was a younger boy sitting Indian-style in the middle of a crimson lake on top of a small boat. The boy is identified as Neo Saiba. He looked to be about thirteen years of age. His eyes were completely closed as if he were meditating.

"Neo Saiba. How's the tunnel coming along?"

"Is that you, Mr. Saitou? We have an obstacle as we speak."

"An obstacle? Tell me. Millenniumon and myself didn't go all the way through time and space to find you in that alternate Earth."

"Within the subspace that acts as a border between the Dark Realm and the real world, there is a powerful peripheral field in place. With my ability, I am able to open doorways to other dimensions. However, I cannot bring down the peripheral barrier. We'll need someone with the ability to cut through the peripheral field in subspace."

"Someone with the ability to cut through dimensions, huh? Very well. I will make sure I find one. While I'm out dealing with those who would get in our way, that is… I'll bring judgment to those that get in our way."

As Saitou departs from the cavern, he is greeted upon by four more individuals waiting out for him. The four shadowy figures are revealed to be humans. One of which is a masked figure. The other is another young man at Neo's age. The other two are females. One was a little girl who looked exactly like Hikari during her childhood and the other was a teenage girl with pigtails.

Shinjuku Hospital

Ken Ichijouji remained in a peaceful state as his corpse laid on top of a hospital bed. Keeping an eye over the deceased genius was Yolei, Wormmon, Hawkmon, David and the Ichijouji children. They were told by Davis to remain where they were and to keep a close eye on Ken's body.

"Oh, Ken. I still can't believe you're gone," Yolei sobbed.

"Mrs. Ichijouji. Please don't cry anymore," David said. "I know my dad and Max's dad will find those Digi-Cores soon."

"I hope so, David. I really do hope so… It's just hard to believe that Ken is gone…"

"I know… I'm just glad it wasn't my dad that suffered."

Just then, the digimon felt an overwhelming presence and turned to look out the window. Hawkmon fluttered about to peer through to see who had just arrived at the scene.

"Who is it, Hawkmon?" Sam asked.

"It's Davis and Veemon! They're back!" Hawkmon squawked.

"That's good! Maybe they've brought along the Digi-Cores," Yolei said. "Let's go and greet them!"

With that said, Yolei and the others left the hospital room. They started walking down through several doors and arrived at the lobby. Davis, Veemon and Sonja stepped through the front doors to be greeted upon by their friends.

"Dad! Mom!" David calls out to his loving parents.

"Hey, David! Did you take care of Ken's body?" Veemon said.

"Yes. We were there to look after his body," Yolei stated. "So, where are the Digi-Cores? I don't see them in your possession."

"Yolei. It's going to be a long story, but you just might want to hear us out," Sonja replied.


The Kamiya family was gathered together in their apartment home. Tai stood outside the balcony with Agumon and Max by his side. They saw the full moon in the horizon gazing down upon the city with sheer brilliance and beauty.

"That's a cool sight. Isn't dad? I really like to see the moon when it's full," Max said.

"I know what you mean. I always enjoy looking out to the night stars."

"So, how are we going to pull through this mess, dad? There's seven monsters bent on finding that tunnel. Even though we already know where the tunnel is located."

"What the others need to do is take care of those seven monsters. In the meantime, I'll be with Shintomon and X. We'll be finding the whereabouts of the Spellcaster and the tunnel. Max, this won't be easy. This is going to require plenty of thinking and less on brawn. Now, I'm not the type to ever use my head, but it can be a very essential tool."

"I know. I guess you can't always win using your fists. Hey, are you still able to teleport through that barrier created by that Spellcaster?"

"No. I've tried everything," Tai said. "That just proves Omega X can't do everything."

"But we'll be sure to locate some clues needed to locate that tunnel and barrier," Agumon implied. "I'm sure we'll manage to break through and get to the bottom of this."

"He's right, dad. We will get to the bottom of this."

"Yep. Since we have everyone doing their parts, I'm sure we will succeed."

"Except for Keke's dad, of course…"

"I wouldn't worry about him. He just needs time recuperate. I don't blame him for being upset after hearing that his future son was killed by that Millenniumon guy."

"I still don't get how that Millenniumon knows you, dad."

"Even I find that strange. We've never crossed paths and yet he was watching me this whole time for the last five years. He was hiding within Cyberdramon and waited for the right opportunity to release himself."

"Where are Ryo and Cyberdramon?"

"Shintomon was able to transport those two back to their home. Anyway, my guess is that this Millenniumon met me in another time and period. Perhaps, a time before I became a Digi-Destined or before I became Omega X. Who knows? Maybe in another time, my alternate self doesn't have the ability to become a fused warrior and I'm more vulnerable."

"Wow, Tai. You really thought that through," Agumon said.

"Normally, I don't but I needed to come up with a reasonable scenario."

"That's a pretty good prediction, dad. You didn't even need Izzy to help you think of such a hypothesis."

"Ok, I think we both need to refrain from using big words. I guess hanging around Izzy does that to you."

"Maybe," Max snickered.

"Anyway, let's get some rest, Max. We have a long and busy three weeks ahead of us. But we should finish this as soon as possible."

"Ok, dad. Now let's go get ourselves some shut eye."

"Night, Max."

"Goodnight, dad."

Shinjuku Hospital

After spilling the news about Millenniumon and the stolen Digi-Cores, Yolei had busted into tears and mourned for the loss of her husband. There wasn't any hope of reviving Ken. Davis and Sonja were very saddened to even tell Yolei the truth. However, his death was at least avenged with the Super Artificial slain.

"I'm sorry for this, Yolei," Davis said.

"We really are," replied Sonja. "That monster captured the Digi-Cores."

"But there's still hope! If we can take out those seven monsters, then we should retrieve those Digi-Cores in no time!" David assured everyone. "I mean. That's all we have to do."

"But it perhaps won't be that easy," stated Wormmon. "We still need to think this through."

"Wormmon's right. There's no telling what kind of foes we're going to be dealing with," Hawkmon replied.

"Which is why we'll be splitting up into teams tomorrow. Now, let's get some sleep everyone. Yolei, will you be coming along?"

"Well, I don't know. Who's going to stay to watch over Ken's body?"

"Just leave that to us," Joe said. "Cody and I will stay to keep an eye on Ken's body while you guys retrieve those Digi-Cores from the monsters."

"Be sure to get them as soon as possible. I'm not sure how long a corpse can remain fresh before it starts to decompose," Cody said.

Suddenly, there was a loud screech and a massive explosion from within the room holding Ken's body. Armadillomon and Gomamon were thrown out of the room with bruises over them. Everyone reacted to this disaster and heads off to the source of the explosion.

"Oh no! It's coming from Ken's room!" Yolei screamed. "KEN!!"

"Damn it! What could have done this?!" Davis wondered.

"Look! Gomamon and Armadillomon are outside the room!" Cody points out. "Armadillomon!"

"Gomamon!" Joe cries out. "What just happened here?!"

With Joe and Cody tending to their fallen partners, Davis and Yolei stopped to find the room turned into a pile of rubble. This was obviously the result of an attack, but most shocking of all was Ken's body missing. The bed remained intact where it was but the body was gone from sight. Wormmon searched around the room frantically but found no evidence of the body buried under the rubble. Sonja and Veemon knew what could possibly happen to Ken's body.

"This is terrible!" David said.

"Who could have possibly done this? Who?!" Yolei wondered while crying.

"Davis. Sonja and I have a good idea of who could have possibly done this," Veemon said to his partner.

"You think it could have been one of those seven monsters?"

"There's no doubt about it. It has to be. There's no other way to comprehend it," Sonja stated.

"If that's the case, then we're really going to have to wing it! Millenniumon's gone too far and this whacko human have to be stopped. Ken's become a casualty and they're just using Ken's body to bait us out. Damn it. This is it, guys. There's no way out of this mess."

Davis could very well be right. The situation has grown worse. There are seven monsters spread across the planet for our heroes to contend with. There is also the tunnel in Mushiyori opening up between the Dark Realm and real world. Just when will Saitou and his human followers strike next? There's only three weeks until this tunnel is opened and all hell could break loose. It's now evident that one of the seven monsters has taken Ken's body to bait Davis out. Just how will our heroes pull through this mess?

Digimon Frontier second ending theme "an Endless Tale"


Takato: Hey, everyone! This is Takato speaking! We've just started to split up into our seven teams. Two teams will investigate Mushiyori city while the rest of us explore the corners of the globe to find those seven monsters.

Tai: Shintomon, X, Max, BW and myself explore the city of Mushiyori as he comes across this creepy guy named Oikawa. His ability of reading minds should help us to locate this psychopath. Meanwhile, Sora, Mimi and Izzy are about another section of the city as one of those crazy human spellcasters are spying on my friends.

Saitou: They're out in the city. This should prove to be quite amusing. I'll send for the Alias 3 to set up their territories. Rei Saiba. I take it you will keep an eye on these humans. Don't let your guard down and be sure to inflict judgment on anyone who crosses your path.

Takuya: Down in the India/China border, us legendary warriors are there to investigate the whereabouts of the first monster. Cody and Joe will check the local hospital there to see if there were any causalities from the monster's attacks.

Haze Frgomon: Greetings, Spirit Warriors! I am the first of Millenniumon's seven monsters. I control the power of pollution and infectionous diseases. If you hope to save these people, you will have to do more than kill me.

Hospital doctor: You will also have to kill me…

Agunimon: Wait a minute! This frog is controlling this doctor?! What, we have to kill a human, too?!

Cody: This isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Lobomon: We have to do this, Takuya. There is no other way. If we want to save the planet, we have to kill the human.

Agunimon: Killing that damn monster is fine, but a human? We've never stooped to even kill our own kind. We'll be classified as murderers.

Gomamon: The next chapter is entitled…

The Search for the Spellcasters! Haze Frogmon, the Master of Pollution and Manipulation!

Tai: So, you're the whacko we're looking for?!

Saitou: Let this be our introduction, Taichi Kamiya.

Finally, I've managed to post this chapter up. I hope you guys enjoyed it. As you can tell, this chapter has already taken a turn to the dark side. Don't expect much light-hearted humor as this saga progresses on. Our heroes have quite a lot on their hands. This will be the final D-Fusion saga and I hope to make it count. So, bear with me. I'll be writing chapters for this and the Pharaohmon story. Until then, be sure to check back for any more updates. Peace out!