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Against overwhelming odds, Taichi Kamiya found himself struggling against the God-like pinnacle of Zeed's power! It would appear that the Digi-Destined of Courage would fall at the hands of the final enemy! All of his friends had been easily dispatched one by one. It looked as though Zeed's darkness would consume Mother Earth and every trace of existence, including the Digital Worlds. But from under this blanket of despair, a miraculous light suddenly revealed itself.

With the help of the revived true Kami of the Digital Universe, Omega X and Goddess Moinanea called forth the energy from every human and digimon. However, they did not stop there. Soon, they would gather the spirit energy from nearly every alternate earth containing heroes. This included a fine class of heroes including the Teen Titans, Justice League, the Z-Warriors, the Spirit Detectives, the Hunimals, Amazons, Spiderman, the X-Men, the Ninja Turtles, Team AVALANCHE, the V-Tamers, the Elemental Titans, the Sailor Senshi, the Duelists, the people of Silesia Continent, and many hundreds of others. They all lent their energy for the formation of the universe's largest Life Bomb!

However, Omega X had another plan in mind. He summoned forth the bodies and spirits of his friends to merge together using the spirit bestowed to him. In turn, a new grand universal unified warrior was born!


Galactic X was finally born and waged a grand universal war on Zeed. The galaxies would never be the same after this. In fact, with Goddess Moinanea destroying Planet X, Galactic X was left to finish off the Dark God.


"Zeed! All I have to say is this… AND SO IT ENDS!"

As Ryo and Monodramon restrained Zeed, they in turn gave up their own lives to ensure that Zeed is forever extinguished. The evil of Zeed's near omnipotent strength was put down by the finishing blow of Galactic X's sword.

With Zeed slain, everyone of the Four Generation of Digi-Destined found themselves back on Earth. Their planet was still devastated from past few invasions of villains roaming the planet. Goddess Moinanea has restored the digicores to their previous majesty and is prepared to make an announcement that would forever change the fate of the worlds. What reasons does she have for this? Find out as the final episode of Digimon Fusion commences!

(Play Dragonball GT opening theme Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku)

(End theme)

"The End of the Fusion Era! And So It Ends!"

Earth. Odaiba/Highton View Terrance. 11:07 P.M.

With the skies clearing up of the previous blanket of darkness, the moonlight came illuminating down across the post-battle Tokyo district. It was just moments ago that a huge war was waged between the forces of the Digi-Destined and the final enemy, Zeed Millenniummon. Tokyo was not the only city to sigh a big relief over their world being secured, but every other city across the planet was quite relieved. They were spared an inevitable apocalypse.

Down at the center of the devastated city was a ray of shining hope. A majestic presence was standing with supreme authority. Goddess Moinanea's form was emitting a translucent green aura. The four digicores encircled her as if she were a living atom. Her hair was blowing against the strong winds that breezed by across the landscape. She found herself dead center near the crater left behind by Zeed's apocalyptic blast. She opened her eyes to reveal beautiful blue eyes and came into contact with a huge gathering standing before her. The Odaiba Digi-Destined, the Zero Two Digi-Destined, the Tamers, D3 children, and the Spirit Chosen Children looked across at Goddess Moinanea waiting to hear her important announcement. The digimon, too, were present.

Letting out a sigh, Goddess Moinanea levitated down from mid-air and drops her hands. Tai was the first to step out of the crowd and faced the goddess of the Digital Universe. Their eyes were locked onto each other until Tai reached out with his hand. Goddess Moinanea kindly took his hand and shook it with gratitude.

"Goddess, we couldn't have done without you."

"No, Taichi. It was you. You and your friends were responsible for the formation of Galactic X. You all worked together to form the universal warrior to crush the Evil Dark God. His presence will no longer be a threat to this continuity as long as I hold power, which will be infinite. You all have done a fine job and you all have my deepest gratitude. Thank you…

"Aww, lady! It was nothing to it!" Terriermon replied.

"We had to do what we needed to prevent that monster from ever invading other worlds," Takuya stated.

"It was great that we all worked together in this and our souls have been restored," Jeri nodded.

"There's still some questions needed to be answered," Takato pointed out.

"He's right. What about Ryo and Monodramon? Are they truly gone?" Tommy asked.

There was no answer from the goddess until she nodded her head. It seemed she knew the fate of Ryo Akiyama and his digimon partner. This didn't suite well for the Digi-Destined teams. The Tamers and Ken were the most devastated to realize the loss of Ryo.

"Unfortunately, as Ryo and Monodramon restrained Zeed, your final attack had destroyed them in the process. Alas, Ryo wanted it to end this way. It was the only solution to prevent Zeed from ever emerging in this universe. It was a sacrifice he had to take and what a selfless sacrifice. He shall be remembered as a good friend and a fellow Tamer."

"We understand," Rika spoke up. "It's the best solution he could ever come up with. Besides, the last thing we need is that maniac Zeed coming back for round two."

"Yes and that is the last thing we need just as we have come off with a major victory," Renamon agreed.

"Ryo. Thanks a lot, dude," Kazu sighed in sadness.

"We won't forget you," Kenta replied.

"Thanks a lot, Ryo Akiyama," Takato thought. "Wherever you are, we hope you have a safe journey."

"As Ryo made his final sacrifice, he not only ensured the banishment of Zeed, but the soul of every villain absorbed by that monster have directly been sent back to Digital Limbo."

"But, what are the chances of those bastards escaping and attempting to get their revenge on us?" Guilmon asked.

"With power rightfully being restored to me, all portals within digital limbo are forever sealed. No one, but the living have access of leaving. The chances of someone such as Burizalor or Virus returning are slim to none."

"Thank goodness! I'm so glad!" Kari smiled. "I never want to see that bastard Virus again."

"Or Burizalor for that matter. I hope he enjoys his resident stay in digital limbo," Sora growled. "He and those heartless monsters can rot for all I care."

"Well, now that those questions are out of the way, what do you say we get down to business?" Tai asked. "You mentioned something important concerning the Digicores. So, go ahead and spill the beans."

"Yes, I agree. Everyone of you want to know the fate of the four Digicores and your planet," the goddess replied. "Now, listen, because this is very important… Before I do, allow me to seal away the broken dimensional fabric between this world and the Dark Realm."

"Oh yeah. We can't forget about that," TK nodded.

"Right. The last thing we need are the Synisters invading our world," Davis stated.

Holding out her right hand, Goddess Moinanea's hands glowed with intense green light and quickly began to close the hole up. Everyone looked on with astonishment and gasped to see the hole being sealed up effortlessly. It took Zeed's Godly strength to rip open a massive hole but it only took the goddess' hand wave to seal it back up. As the hole was completely closed, the Dark Realm disappeared out of earth's dimension. It was restored back to its previous isolated realm.

"I've closed the hole to the Dark Realm. As of now, the tunnel in the caverns will ultimately be sealed away. The DW-STF will successfully finish up their assigned task bestowed to them by Huanlongmon," the goddess said.

"That's great! That just ensures humanity's survival!" Zoe cheered excitedly.

"Good, now I can breath easy," Yolei sighed.

"So, can we now move on with the Digicores and our planet? Can we use the Digicores to fix everything destroyed by our enemies during the past few days since the opening of Digital Limbo when Datamon and Dr. Myuumon released our old enemies?" Agumon asked.

"Well, I will say this. The Shadows created from out of the combined powers of Millenniummon's essence and the Digicores… Do you all want to know why they ever had to appear at all?"

"Well, some of us were already starting to catch on," Ken said.

"I can follow along with what he said," stated Izzy.

"No, I still don't get it," Mimi nodded.

"Don't worry, the lady will give us an explanation," little Dimitri assured his mother.

"We're ready to hear you out, your majesty," Lady Moinanea bowed her head.

"Here's the reason: This world and Digital Limbo itself were becoming one was a primary reason. Another reason was the sudden release of every previous enemy and them being resurrected. This was all thanks in part to Datamon and Dr. Myuumon grand scheme to distract you while their Super Artificial would be complete."

"Bastards. Those two made all of this possible," Sonja growled. "My brother… He's gone… Thanks to those two. They made me hate my brother."

"Take it easy, babe," Davis whispered to his loving wife. "Your brother ultimately aided us in spirit in the end."

"I know…"

"Another reason was also due to all of you overusing Azulongmon's special digicores. They were never meant to be used more than once within a Digital Cycle of a hundred years. Each one was starting to crack under the pressure. Millenniumon's dark spirit exploited this from the start. When you first used the digicores, he implemented a course of action to steal them away, infect them with his negative energy and spawn seven monsters to spread the dark pollution across your planet. In turn, Himo Saitou aided Millenniummon in his conquest. In return, Millenniummon asked for Saitou to open the tunnel to the Dark Realm. For Saitou, it would be his final resting place, before he would pass on with only a month left of life. For Zeed, he would merge with his second half residing in the Dark Realm and once again reach his most powerful form. He would have ultimately absorbed the seven monsters to destroy every trace of existence within this continuity."

"Well, tell us something we didn't already know," Impmon scoffed.

"In this case, if those seven monsters had continued to destroy this planet, the tunnel would have been opened for Zeed's second half to emerge. Thus, Monodramon would expel Zeed's spirit and in turn fuse with the second half. He would have then finished off our universe once he merged the seven monsters' powers into his body," Henry said.

"Well put Sherlock," Terriermon joked.

"These four Digicores were supposed to be an extraordinary magic and power," Goddess Moinanea continued on. "They were supposed to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them. I'm afraid I cannot allow you Digi-Destined to ever to use these Digicores again. After merging with the Black Digicores, I've come to realization of just how precious and important those orbs of life mean to the Digital Universe. Don't you see? Everyone, including enemies and heroes alike, has overused them. You all have pushed their limits. I'm sorry, but this will be the last time they will ever be used. I can't take the risk of another cataclysmic event that had just unraveled for the past few days. Under my watch, they will be safe."

"But… You can't take them!" Tai retorted.

"Taichi. No, please… Don't questions her authority!" Shintomon exclaimed.

"Yeah, dad! This is THE Kami of the Digital Universe. You don't want her to erase you from existence, do you?" Max attempted to calm his father.

"I'm sorry, goddess, but you just can't dictate on how we use the Digicores! I feel there's still some use for them! Take a look at our planet! It's a wreck and will take years to rebuild! Everyone of us has been through hell! Goddess Moinanea. I speak for everyone here. We need to use the Digicores just one last time to clean up the mess of our planet. Please, look into your good conscience and grant us that opportunity. As you said yourself, you are thankful for us forming Galactic X and forever destroying Zeed. Allow us this final wish… That is all I ever ask for and nothing more. That's not too greedy, is it?"

The goddess remained firm while standing her ground. The Digicores continued to encircle her randomly. Her serious glare was transfixed on Taichi's. Already grown to understand Tai better, she can easily see the good within him. He would never lie and go back on his word for anything. She could sense the man being serious of this matter.

After a minute of reconsidering, the goddess finally nodded her head and smiled.

"Taichi. After hearing such a heartfelt speech from you, I can't go and disagree with you. What you are asking for is not too selfish. In fact, everyone of us has to be selfish for whatever reason at some point. I'll let this one slide, Taichi. You may have your final wish. State your command and I shall give you whatever it is you desire."

"Well, there's no mistake about it… After the hole to Digital Limbo and the events leading to Zeed's birth, a lot of people have died, cities were destroyed and environments were polluted from the destruction. Earth had no time to even recover once the Shadow Beasts, Saitou and Zeed arrived onto the scene. Those poor people and living creatures never even stood a chance. So, could you use the Digicores to repair our planet and restore those lost souls back to life?"

"Tai…?" Sora whispered.

"It's okay. Let him go through with this. After all, this is for our planet," X nodded.

"And for the Digital Worlds," Biyomon said.

"Goddess Moinanea. I, myself, take full responsibility for this," Tai reassured the goddess. "I want everyone to be restored, reunited with their loved ones and be given a chance to live a good life before they were wrongfully taken away. Those people were victims. This fight was never theirs and they lost a battle they couldn't win. So, please… For Mother Earth…"

"So… This is your final wish, Taichi Kamiya?"

"Yes… and absolute."

All right, understood," Goddess Moinanea smiled. "This is your final wish. It has thus been granted…"

With that said, the Digicores levitated up and scattered across the skies. Goddess Moinanea clasped her hands together to chant a heavenly song like a mother would sing to her newborn child. The Digi-Destined and their allies watched the night skies brightened by the golden streaks of light emitting from the Digicores.

"How pretty," Kari remarked.

"Magnificent," replied older Keke.

"So, this is our final wish. I'm happy it was going to be used for the right cause," Max looked up in awe. "Dad, thanks…"

"Anything for Mother Earth. We owe it to her and all of its people."

"There's one to you, Earth! May you live on in prosperity for many millions of years to come!" JP calls out.

"Kouji, isn't this great?" Kouichi said.

"It sure is, Kouichi. I'm sure our families are watching this right now."

Outer Space View of Earth. 11:12 P.M.

An entire view of Earth is displayed and it looked to be as beautiful as ever. The blanket of darkness created by Zeed was clearly gone. However, there was another strange phenomenon occurring. This time it was the four golden streaks created from the Digicores. Their miraculous light blanketed across the heavens worldwide to heal every devastation left behind by the invading enemy monsters. The unfortunate deaths of every victim from these attacks were ultimately restored. Just like the post-D Reaper event, every trace of devastated landscape was being returned. It was truly a miracle for one to behold.

Every International Digi-Destined were grateful for this sudden miracle and owed their gratitude to their fellow Digi-Destined of Japan.

Earth. Odaiba/Highton View Terrance. 11:12 P.M.

After nearly a minute of restoring every lost from the last few apocalyptic days, the four Digicores returned back to Goddess Moinanea. They came back to encircle her once again. The Goddess, however, was not ready to depart from the Earth realm just yet.

"Wow! I'm feeling the revival of every lost soul!" older Sam cried out.

"This is great! Yes, I'm feeling their presence, too!" BW replied.

"Now that we've gotten that out of the way, so what next?" Pikkan wondered.

"We won't know until we hear from the goddess herself," Leomon said.

Stepping forward, the Digi-Destined leader bowed his head before Goddess Moinanea. The lady smiled and kneeled down to face him. She placed a finger under his chin.

"Thank you, my lady. We will never forget this nor will we forget you. You've done us a lot of good since we've met Lady Moinanea. We never knew you'd reside in the lady herself."

"I knew well that it would be you and your friends that would eventually release me. I want to thank you, Taichi. For it had not been for Gosenzomon's plan, this wouldn't have come into motion."

"You mean this is that old guy's idea?" Mimi asked. "Yuck! Can't forget about that old pervert!"

"He maybe a pervert, but he sure saved our hides this time around. At least he plans ahead," Lady Moinanea giggled.

"Well, can we get on with this? I'm sure some of us want to get some rest before we start rebuilding our homes," Matt suggested.

"Do not worry about that, Yamato. In due time, the wish effects will restore your home. It's taking a while to restore the homes of every other person across the planet," the goddess answered to the Digi-Destined of Friendship. "Now, Taichi. I know you are anxious to see him"


"You know who I am referring to…"

Suddenly, Tai immediately remembered the mysterious voice who called out to him during the fight against Saitou. It was that same, deep voice that echoed through his mind, which in turn led to his ascension to Super Digital Fusion Level Five AKA War God Mode.

The Digi-Destined of Courage's eyes narrowed and fists clenched as he recalled those events. Even Agumon's blood was boiling remembering the voice he, too, heard. Max, X and Sora rushed over to calm the dup down.

"Yeah, I recall that, goddess," Tai growled under his breath. "How could I FORGET that? I really didn't need to be reminded but thanks… You've just made me even more curious."

"Taichi. I ask of you. Since I allowed you to ask me to use the Digicores for one final wish, I'd like for you to come with me. I can show you the doorway that will lead you back to the Dark Realm… If you would like to meet Agumon's ancestral father."


Tai and Agumon remained paused for a moment while they were considering their decision. Sora stepped forward to confront her husband.

"Tai, please don't go through with this. We've been through enough," Sora pleaded. "These past few days have been hell as you said."

"I know…"

"So, why are you even considering going back to that place? You don't know just how dangerous it can be in there. For all we know there could be monsters that could rival your Digi-Mazoku strength!"

"Dad, you did promise me a party after this was said and done," Max reminded his father.

"Party…? Oh! That's right…"

"Yeah. You and I were going to celebrate with everyone else. Remember? I would never forget something like that ever."

"Please, Mr. Kamiya," little Keke spoke up. "Please listen to Max. Don't go just yet…"

"Just yet! I don't want him to enter that retched place again! There's no telling just how dangerous those Synisters can really be!" Sora exclaimed. "Look what happened with Zeed! He killed most of us and nearly won!"

"I can assure you Sora. There are no other beings with that kind of strength besides myself," Goddess Moinanea kindly replied. "The Synisters are indeed a formidable force to deal with, but they are nothing I can't handle."

"I see…"

"Taichi? Let me ask you this. Would you like to spend a whole day with your friends and family before departing to the Dark Realm to meet Agumon's and now your ancestral Digi-Mazoku father?"

"I can stay to spend time with my family for one whole day and then I can go?" Tai asked.

"Yes. I'm a patient deity. You have my full permission, but you should be ready by tomorrow night."


"Dad? Wow, so you really are going to live up to your promise!" Max smiled. "That's what I'd like to hear!"

"I think this is a good idea, Tai. This is probably for the best until you go tomorrow. Family and friends come first as they say…"

"I agree, X. There's no way I'm going to disappoint my loved ones, that includes my little man," Tai replied.

"Cool! Tai's staying with us for one day!" Takato announced to the Tamers. "I say we make this a celebration worthwhile!"

"Yay! Party! Party!" Calumon cheered.

"But first what do you say we wait until our city gets repaired?" Rika suggested.

"You're right. While the Digicores' magic helps restore our home, we can rest up to celebrate before Tai's departure to the Dark Realm," Henry said.

Happily hoisting Max onto his shoulders, Tai allowed his son to look up higher into the stars above. A pair of magnificent shooting stars blaze across the nightly skies. Dorothy comes over and approaches Tai while clearing her throat to get his attention.

"Tai… Um, may I have a quick word with you?" Dorothy asked.

"Sure, Dorothy. Hold on. Ok, Max. You're going to have to get off. You can go and play with Keke while I talk to 'big sister' Dorothy."

"Sure, dad."

With that said, Max happily ran across to meet with Keke, who was standing by her mother's side. Tai turns his attention over to Dorothy and prepares to listen to her before moving on to finish his conversation with Goddess Moinanea.

"What is it, Dorothy?"

"Taichi… Are you sure it's wise to go back to the Dark Realm? You do realize that there's more to that dimension than what we've seen? I mean what if Sora says is true? What if there is indeed Synisters that can rival your power?"

"Including my and Agumon's ancestral father?"

"Yeah. I'm just worried for you, Tai. Max, Sora, myself and X are really worried about the decision you're making. What if it's a mistake?"

"I understand what you're trying to imply. Yeah, I'm aware of the unknown dangers to expect. I really don't want to go back to that place, but I need to know. I NEED to know if I'm strong enough to take that Mazoku bastard down. He interfered in my fight with Saitou and I can never forgive him for that. I don't give a damn who he's related to!"

"Yes, but is fighting him going to change anything?"

"There's no other way. So, I want you to do something for me while I'm away."

"Sure. What do you want for me to do?"

Putting a hand on Dorothy's right shoulder, Tai gives her a nod and a bright smirk across his face. It seemed the man wanted her to carry out a huge favor that could have an impact on her relationship with the Kamiya family.

"I want you to stay and take care of my family while Agumon and I are away. Max could really use the company and it would be good if you look after Sora. We see you as an addition to our family. I'm sure you'll manage well."

"Tai… I'm flattered. I know how much you and your family appreciates me, but me stay in your home? Watch over your family?"

"I don't want Sora to grief and I'd like someone to stay with her."

"I understand. Max and I get along really well. He practically sees me as his older sister. It makes me happier to know that you've chosen me to take care of your family. Tai, it would be an honor. But, how long do you plan to be gone? Surely it can't be for too long."

"Honestly, I have no clue how long I'll be gone. It might take months or even years. This is something Agumon and I must do if we are to get to the bottom of this whole Digi-Mazoku mystery. I want to find this bastard, confront him and give him a piece of my mind."

"But, it shouldn't take you that long just to find and beat the holy heck out of him."

"No, but I'd like to stay there and train. There's no telling how strong this guy really is. If he was able to control me and force me to beat the living hell out of Saitou like that, then there's no doubt this guy is that damn strong. I need to fight him at my very best."

"Wow, even to this day, you fail to amaze me. You really love the sport of competition, don't you?"

"I didn't play soccer for nothing. Besides, I'm a Kamiya and we never quit. No matter what."

"All right, I accept this as an excuse to leave home, but you're going to have to talk to Sora about it. I doubt she'd even stand the thought of you being gone for the long term. Same with Max. But, I'm perfectly fine since I love your family too much, Tai. Besides, my 'parents' aren't actually around that often. I'm often home by myself. I'm more than happy to sell off my apartment home and move in with your family."

"Thanks a lot, Dorothy. I know I can depend on you."

"Anything for you, Tai. You're like a father to me. I'll do this as a big favor."

"And you think you can help my boy train along with Keke? Teach them everything I taught you."

"Sure. It's about time the student becomes a teacher for another student!"

Giving a hug to Tai, Dorothy wrapped her arms around the young man's waist. He returns a hug to her and pats her back.

"I'm really going to miss you, Tai."

"Same for me. Now, all that's left is for me to tell Sora, Max and the others."

Just then, Max came running up towards his father's side and tugs on his cargo pants. The young father kneels over to speak with his son.

"What is it, Max?"

"Dad! I hear we're going to be throwing a celebration on the beach away from Rainbow Bridge. Maybe this way, we can wait for the whole city to recover while the Digicores' power continues to repair the cities across the world."

"Wow, that's great! Is everyone going to be there?"

"Uh huh! Us, the other Digi-Destined, our older D3 selves, the Tamers and the Spirit kids!"

"I like the sound of that! Care to join us, Dorothy?"

"Oh… Sure, besides there's nothing left for me to do around here and I'm apart of family! Of course I'll be joining you!"

"I have a question that's needed to be answered," Joe spoke up.

"Oh boy, he's going to ask whether we need medi-kits for the party," Gomamon sighed.

"Actually, I was going to point out that we're forgetting about Azulongmon," Joe brought up a forgotten problem. "Goddess Moinanea, you do aware that you still hold possession of the Digicores?"

"That's right! They rightfully belong with him," Cody pointed out. "If they are not returned to their previous majesty, then Azulongmon himself would awaken. At least, I think so…"

"Again, you seem to forget who really is in charge of the Digital Universe's order," the goddess spoke up. "Once Zeed was defeated and I purified the Digicores with my own hands, the power of Azulongmon would automatically be restored. He is back as good as new, but he nearly came close to deletion. Thanks to Galactic X's victory over Zeed, Azulongmon was saved."

"Oh, boy. Now that's good news!" Armadillomon replied. "Good to know that Azulongmon will be doing fine."

"Now that all problems seem to have settled down, there are still many ways for the planet to be repaired using the Digicores' powers. Let us make this celebration worth while," Shintomon suggested. "We've earned it and we should all be happy."

"Thus, it is a celebration for Taichi's sudden departure to the Dark Realm. Tomorrow will be a day we will never forget," Lady Moinanea replied.

"But, for now, let us rest up since you have all fought a difficult battle. Tomorrow, we shall celebrate," the goddess stated. "Taichi. Are you sure you'd like this event to still go in progress? We may go to the Dark Realm tonight if you wish."

Tai simply nodded his head and looked over towards his loving family.

"I've already made up my mind. I owe it to my family and friends to stay… for one last night before I leave. I want to make this worth while."

"Then, so be it. Enjoy yourselves, Digi-Destined. Tamer. Spirit Children. This is a new period of prosperity. A dawning of a new era between the worlds. The dark reign of Zeed has come to a close. Let us celebrate for this new age!"

As soon as the goddess announced this, the entire crew cheered on and laughed out happily. Well, everyone except Matt and Pikkan. Something seemed to be bothering these two. It wasn't the fact that they weren't in the mood to celebrate but they seemed upset with Tai's decision to leave for the Dark Realm. Matt was understandable, but why Pikkan? The Alterian would confront Tai before the Digi-Destined of Courage would make his departure.

"Tai. There has to be reason for this sudden announcement of your departure. You're going off to train, aren't you?" Matt thought.

"You're going off to train without me knowing? Bah, I can read you like a book," thought Pikkan.

"A party, huh? Now that's an idea," Takuya nodded. "What do you say, guys? We sure could use one after what we've been through."

"Yeah and if this is a going away party for Tai, then you bet I'd be here," Tommy replied.

"The beach, huh? Well, it's too bad I didn't bring a bathing suit, but oh well," Zoe shrugged her shoulders.

"Sorry JP, but you heard Zoe," Takuya snickered.

"I wasn't even thinking about that," JP said. "I'm thinking about what Tai had said earlier about that voice. Who is this Mazoku guy he's been excited to meet?"

"Well, in Tai's case, he wants to beat the living hell out of him," Kouji stated.

"This Mazoku lord is the one responsible for interfering with his fight against Saitou," Kouichi muttered. "Just who could he be and what will Tai gain out of confronting him?"

"These are questions Taichi must figure out on his own once he confronts the Mazoku lord," Tyler replied to Kouichi while probing his mind. "Then again, are there other Mazoku lords besides this Toushinmon?"

01/02 Digital World. Azulongmon's Realm

Having witnessed the climatic battle, Gennai happily rejoiced for the Digi-Destined's ultimate victory over Zeed. However, he was even more relieved to find out that Goddess Moinanea had purified the four Digicores. This meant that Azulongmon's power was restored and no longer was on the brink of death.

The mighty Holy Beast lifted himself off of the surface and felt his power completely rejuvenated. The Digicore orbs surrounding his body emitted bright flashes of light. He opened his eyes and gasped out. Gennai and the other Holy Beasts were happy to know that their beloved had been restored to his supreme majesty.

"Azulongmon! You're back at full power! We thought we were going to lose you!" Gennai cried out in happiness. "Thank goodness."

"I'll never die easily, my friend. This is all thanks in part to Goddess Moinanea and the purification of the four Digicores."

"Well, you are now aware that the Digicores will no longer be any use for the Digi-Destined and their allies?" Baihumon asked.

"Yes, in case you've forgotten, the Chosen have already used their last wish to repair the damage on their own planet," Xuanwumon reminded the dragon beast.

"I am aware of that, Xuanwumon," Azulongmon nodded. "I'm willing to sacrifice the four special Digicores to Goddess Moinanea. I trust she will look after them carefully. This is perhaps for the best for both worlds."

"So, shall we grace these honorary heroes with our presence?" Gennai suggested.

"No. They have been through enough as it is," Zhuqiaomon stated. "Let them enjoy themselves with this celebration while their home is repaired by the Digicores' mystical effects. The reconstruction is still underway. In fact, every Digi-Destined across the planet are joining in to celebrate this grand victory over the Dark God.

"You're right and they have earned it," Azulongmon nodded. "All that's left are a few things to be done."

"What are those?" Gennai asked.

"Saitou's Spellcasters. Three of them are still in our continuity. They should be returned back to their own world. Gennai, if you would be so kind as to help escort them back."

"How, when I don't even have access?"

"I'm certain Goddess Moinanea will open portals since she has supreme authority over time and space. Please, let's make this hasty, Gennai."

"Understood, Lord Azulongmon. I'm off."

As soon as he said that, Gennai phases out of the holy realm to leave the four Holy Beasts to gather around the viewing orb. There was a view of the entire Digi-Destined beginning to celebrate their victory around a small beach bonfire. A smile crept across the dragon's face and he uttered a small chuckle.

"Digi-Destined. I'm proud of each and everyone of you. Tamers. The Sovereigns send their regards. Legendary Warriors. The Celestials wish to thank you. You have all saved our universe one last time. May you enjoy this celebration for you have earned it."

Outside Demon's Cavern. October 30, 20166:30 P.M.

One whole day has nearly passed since Zeed's demise. There were several little problems needed to be solved before order was restored to this continuity. The hole created into the doorway leading to the Dark Realm was finally sealed off, all thanks in part to the efforts of the Digital World Special Task Force. As a way to finally close the case, Omegamon X found the Human Armageddon CD and destroyed it so that no one would ever use it again. Omegamon X and his soldiers were honored by Goddess Moinanea and Huanlongmon. General Omegamon X was promoted as high supreme chief of all the forces. The others were given promotions and higher positions for their duty, even though they had disobeyed Huanlongmon's orders. The supreme sovereign was willing to let this one problem slide since Zeed had emerged to ravage the planet.

Three of Saitou's Spellcasters, Mari, Hideto and Sigma, were returned back to their own universe home thanks to Gennai. From there, the Alias III would be reunited with Neo and Rei Saiba to give Himo Saitou the proper burial. They gave their final regards to the fallen Dark Angel before moving on with their lives.

V-Tamers Universe. LocalCemetery Site

The entire crew who once worked under Himo Saitou gathered together at the grave site of the their deceased beloved. The head tombstone read:

Himo "Dark Angel" Saitou

Born: October 25, 1980

Died: October 29, 2016

A Beloved Friend and Leader

Kneeling before Saitou's tombstone, Rei Saiba placed a pair of white flowers down against the Dark Angel's grave. A few tears dropped from her eyes.

"You've taught us just how reliable we can be, Saitou-san," Rei whispered. "We won't let our powers go to waste."

"Saitou-san, I never thought I'd say this, but I really did like you more than just a teacher," Mari said. "I even grown to love you, but now I can't share those feelings for you… You're gone but off to a better place. I hope your soul finds eternal happiness and that Kami-sama can give you a chance to redeem for your sins."

"Wherever he goes, he'll find eternal paradise," Hideto said. "But, I just came to realize that his philosophies against the human race was nothing more than rubbish. Ever since the Dark God exposed himself, I became convinced that he wasn't the savior that Saitou had spoken of so fondly."

"That monster even threatened our own world," Neo replied. "But, it's all over now. Taichi and his friends have already defeated him. Saitou can rest eternally now. We all must move on with our lives. Rei, we still have a family waiting for us."

"Yes, big brother."

"Now I have the confidence to make better friends and not allow my ego to drive them away," Mari said. "I can even draw more attention by my gaming and idol skills."

"I hope you can forgive me, Neo… For your sister's accident. It's my fault," Hideto asked for forgiveness.

"Wounds heal in due time. Saitou-san saved my sister by healing her injuries. You proved loyalty when you joined our cause. That's all the forgiveness I need," Neo said.

"Thank you, Neo…"

"And I… Well, I have a home to return to," Sigma spoke up. "Good bye everyone."

"Ready to go, Rei?"

"Of course, Neo. This is start of a new beginning."

Giving an assuring nod to his little sister, Neo walked off towards a different direction from the group. His thoughts were no longer clouded with many negative thoughts as before. Rei turns around and gives her final regards to the heroes that helped to stop Zeed. An image of Tai and his family appeared above the blue skies, which brought a smile on Rei's face.

"Taichi. Sora. Max. Everyone. I hope we'll get to meet one day. The Taichi of my world is no different from you. You truly are heroes of courage. May our paths once again cross one day…"

Digi Fusion-Earth. Away from RainbowBridge. Local beach coast.

With peace restored to one alternate world, it would seem prosperity was already underway in this world. The destructive left upon Tokyo was finally repaired due to the wish made on the Digicores. The lives of those lost as a result of the attacks were restored and given a second opportunity.

Meanwhile, a huge celebration was taking place on the beach coast away from Rainbow Bridge. There was a bonfire created with a large crowd of people gathering together. These were the Digi-Destined along with their allies throwing a major party victory. This is exactly what they needed since the last few days have been nothing but hell.

Encircling around the bonfire were Tai, Max, X, Agumon, Takato, Guilmon, Takuya and Tyler. They chanted some songs while moving around the fiery circle.

The majority of ladies were sitting across from the bonfire while conversing with one another. Sora, Mimi, little Keke, Dorothy, older Keke, Rika and Zoe were talking to each other while sipping drinks.

"Wow, so you can turn into something called an ascendant?" little Keke asked her older, alternate counterpart.

"Yeah, but it takes years of training and commitment. X actually taught me how to control it. It feels great once you get used to it."

"Wow, I'm really excited to realize this power. Max's been all over X about it."

"Just keep training and never stop. Eventually you will reach it. Then again, you can always come to me whenever you need assistance."


"So, Dorothy. What did you and Tai talk about?" Sora asked the blonde teen.

"Um, well… It's something you and Max will have to ask him. He wants to talk to you about it."

"I see… So what made you want to move in with us?"

"Well… Let's just say that paying my own rent is getting a little hectic and the bills are getting too troublesome. Working double shifts and going to school haven't been doing me any favors. Plus, I really need to find some time to train."

"I see. Well, you're more than welcome to stay as long as you want with us. Besides, I know Max would love to have you around."

"I know he would. He's such a sweet boy…"

"Speaking of Max, look at him. He's enjoying himself with his father," Sora sighed happily. "They're both the most important people in my life. I would never stand the thought of losing both of them."

"I know… Speaking of love, I've been trying to get to know Henry a little better."

"Oh, is that so?"

"I mean who would have thought a reincarnation of the D-Reaper would be falling for a Tamer?"

"How does Henry feel about you?"

"Since we attend some classes together, he seems to enjoy my company. I mean besides Takato and Rika, I'm his closest friend."

"I see. Well, I think it would a perfect opportunity to let know how you feel."

"Oh, I don't know…"

"C'mon Dorothy Kaimodosu. You're a fearless warrior, but afraid to admit your feelings to a boy? You are a girl after all!"

Once hearing upon this, the blonde gasped out and blushed under her cheeks. She wouldn't admit, but she really does show affection for Janyuu's son. If somebody had told Henry that the reincarnation of the D-Reaper would like him more than just a friend, then he'd call that person insane. Dorothy simply couldn't bring herself to admit her feelings for him.

"C'mon, now! You don't have to get all shy!" Mimi giggled.

"But Henry and I are only friends! Nothing more!"

"Suuuuuure," the ladies shared a laugh.

"There's no need to hide your feelings, blondie," Rika snickered. "I'll admit that I wasn't too fond of Goggle Head but once I became closer friends with him, something just sparked. You may call Henry 'just a friend' now, but that's not going to last long."

"It's obvious he has a thing for you," Zoe butted in. "Don't be afraid to admit your feelings towards him. Just be yourself and you should do fine."

"Wow, I'd never thought I'd be hearing this from you. Thank you. I'll make this one count," she nodded. "Though, I really don't want this to ruin our friendship. I'm in a real tight spot."

Elsewhere, the ravenous duo of Tike and Kara faced off with their younger counterparts. It looked as though they were preparing to duel, not card dueling mind you. A dramatic cue for a tumbleweed passed them by. Then, the two Tikes immediately broke up the silence with a loud unified cry.


The four children jumped in and started to engulf a large quantity of food. The younger siblings were up to the task of out eating their older counterparts in a contest of iron-clad stomachs.

Looking on from a distance were Kari and TK with their digimon partners. They couldn't help but sigh at the ravenous and impolite way their children were consuming their food.

"Oh boy. I'll never get tired of this," TK sighed.

"Well, they are growing children," Kari replied.

"Kari," Lady Moinanea approached the couple with Shintomon by her side.

"Oh, hi there, Lady Moinanea. How's the baby coming along?"

"Well, Kari. It should be due in three months."

"Wow, that's great. We're all excited to see it become born," Gatomon smiled. "Congratulations."

"Thank you," Shintomon nodded.

"Kari. I came here to tell inform you of something," Lady Moinanea said.

"Oh? What is it?"

"Well… As soon as Shintomon and I left back to our realm before returning for the party, I was given a message from the Queen of the Amazon digimon clan."

"An Amazon digimon queen?" Patamon asked.

"Yes. Her name is Athenamon and she directly sent me an e-mail telling me that I should inform you that she would like an audience with you and some of the female warriors."

"Oh? Well, that's quite a privilege. Kari, maybe you should consider it," TK nodded. "In fact, Mystic Celesta is the strongest of the female warriors on our side."

"Well, yeah that's true. But I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for my brother and Gosenzomon."

"Indeed. I don't know what she has planned, but I'm willing to bet that she would like to challenge you, Hikari."


"Or perhaps train you."

"Wow, I mean. I'm shocked. I kind of figured she would have selected Rika instead of me."

"Well, you are the sibling of Taichi, the strongest of the Digital Warriors. It'd make sense for Athenamon to select you. Perhaps she even wants Rika to join you. What do you think?"

"So, has a date been given? When do I get to meet her?"

"She said at any given day and anytime you would become available. She has left instructions of how to reach her planet, but I'm sure Goddess Moinanea can help you with that matter."

"So, have you decided to bring anyone along to accompany you?" Shintomon asked the Digi-Destined of Light. "Athenamon would be greatly impressed to know that you aren't the only female to have defended this planet against enemies countless of times."

"Well… I know Rika would jump at this opportunity. So I'll take her along. I'll see if Zoe, Dorothy and Sonja would like to come."

"That sounds good," Lady Moinanea smiled. "I'll be sure to inform Athenamon of this matter. She'll be very excited to meet you, Kari."

"Well, I'm honored."

"Hey, at least you're getting recognition," TK said to his wife.

"Well, duh. After all, we did defeat Virus. Right, Kari?"

"That's true and that should catch Athenamon's attention. I'm really excited about this. I wonder what she has planned for me!" Kari smiled excitedly.

"You'll know once you meet her, Hikari," Shintomon replied.

Across from where Shintomon was conversing with Kari and TK, Pikkan and Leomon were sitting down across the sands. Jeri walked up to Pikkan and offered him a hand.

"Would you like to join me and dance, Pikkan?"


"What's wrong? You don't like to dance?"

"It's… not that… Us Alterians are warriors and not dancers. Sorry, but I can't bring myself to look like a fool."

"Oh, you're not going to totally embarrass yourself," Jeri giggled. "C'mon, just go with the flow of the music. I'll even lead the way."

"Thanks, but no thanks…"

"Come on now, Pikkan. Even I've grown accustomed to livening it up," Leomon snickered as he pushed Pikkan forward.

Jeri takes Pikkan's right hand and leads him off to the bonfire to dance to the beats of the J-Rock beats. The Alterian attempted to get away but couldn't resist the gentleness of Jeri's hand. He walked beside Jeri, but turned to give Leomon a menacing glare.

"Have fun."

"I'm going to get you for this, you son of a-"

"Now, Pikkan. Just follow my lead, ok?" Jeri said.


"Ha! Look at Pikkan! I didn't know he'd be ready to get his groove on!" Kazu couldn't help but laugh.

"I don't blame him. I can't dance worth crap either," sighed Guardromon.

"You're a walking trash heap. Of course you can't dance, but Pikkan is built to be a dancer," Kenta stated. "Go, Pikkan! Let's see how you Alterians boogie!"

"I'll kill you two if you don't shut it!" the Alterian roared out.

Playing the roles as disc jockeys, Tentomon and Gomamon were sporting shades and caps. Calumon came flying by and sits on top of their tent.

"I say we switch out to some rave," Tentomon suggested.

"Nah, this J-Rock sounds better," Gomamon replied. "We can save rave for a little later. Besides, I don't Joe likes rave."

"What was that? For your information, I happen to find rave pretty decent. Only when I'm in the mood for it," Joe responded to his partner. "What do you say, Izzy?"

Sitting away from the Digi-Destined of Reliability, Izzy and Talley were drinking glasses of wine together. They were too preoccupied with each other's discussion and it didn't seem Izzy was available to reply to Joe's question. That is until Joe cleared his throat to get his friend's attention.


"Oh! Sorry about that, Joe," Izzy replied. "I wasn't even paying attention."

"Never mind…"

"What did he ask me?" Izzy asked his girlfriend.

"He asked if you preferred rave."

"It doesn't matter to me, but I prefer the music we're getting now. Tentomon and Gomamon ought to start their own digi-disc jockey club or even a business."

"Thanks for the compliments, pal," Tentomon bowed. "Maybe we can start our own tour. What do you say Gomamon?"

"Sure, that'd be great, but you leave the advertising to me. I don't think anyone would buy into a buzzing insect. They need someone as witty and catchy like me."

"Getting full of yourself again, buddy?" Joe sighed.

"Gotta love me!"

As these five carried on with their conversation, Matt and Gabumon sat down on a stone to watch little Dimitri talking with his future counterpart. The boy was quite intrigued about the stories his older self was telling him about. This included the stories of himself in his past wars with the deadly artificials.

"Wow, so you're a fusion warrior like my dad? I always hear my dad telling me that, but wow! Now I'm hearing this from you and I'm really intrigued!" the boy said with glee.

"Well, there's a chance you won't get a digimon partner like I did with Faith," the older Dimitri replied as he pointed to his Patamon on top of his head.

"I see you becoming an ascendant like the other older D3s," Faith the Patamon spoke up.

"That'd be awesome! Then, I can challenge Max and we can have ourselves some memorable duels, kind of like our dads did years ago!"

"Only don't go destroying the planet while you're at it," the older Dimitri laughed.

"Yeah! No kidding!"

Older Dimitri turns his attention to his father and walks over to him. Matt slightly lifts his head up to makes eye contact with his future period son.

"Dimitri. I'm happy to know you and your mother are still enjoying peaceful times," Matt said. "Has the planet fully been reconstructed?"

"It took quite a while, but everything has been repaired. The Digital World in my time needs some time to heal, but it'll get better. I see my present day self is enjoying a much happier life. Have you and mother managed to get closer while I was away?"

"Slowly, but surely. She's still bossy as ever and I'm always the first to walk out the door. I love her, but I can't deal with her nagging."

"Believe me. I know how you feel," Dimitri snickered. "But I still love my mother."

"Yes. Well, I'm just glad you decided to come back to see us. It's been a while since we heard from you."

"I would have come sooner but I had a little detour as you know. Zeed stopped to kill me, but it was great working together with you and everyone. Galactic X was quite the force, wasn't he?"

"That he was, my son. We don't have to ever worry about him ever again. But, there's still something that troubles me."

"What's that?"

"It's about Tai…"

"What about him?"

"He's intent on leaving us to find this Digi-Mazoku on his own. I don't know how long he will be gone for, but I'm going to confront him on the matter before he does leave."

"You really think he'd leave us just like that?"

"Son, you and I know that he has grown accustomed to facing new challenges. Ever since he first became Omega X, he's always wanted to test out his powers and ascend further. He's been like that ever since and he doesn't plan on stopping. If not now, then never. I need to confront him and tell him straight front that I too will continue to push my limits."

"Are you still seeking to be better than Tai, dad?"

"It's not the matter of being better than him anymore. I'd like to challenge his Digi-Mazoku strength. If he can reach the fifth level, then I can too. Just wait and see."

"I know you can do it, father."

"Thanks for the support. But, now, if you'll excuse me. You know what I have to do."

"Sure, dad."

Sitting up from his rock seat, Matt gets up and walks over towards where Tai and Max were celebrating around the bonfire. Pikkan was quick to find the Digi-Destined of Friendship set to have a 'word' with Tai.

"Sorry, Jeri, but I have some important business to attend to."

"Where are you going? We were just getting into the groove."

"I know and we can do this a little later. There's something I have to address to Taichi."

"Well, okay. If it's that important…"

Nodding hid head, Pikkan takes off across the sand and stops just in time to see Tai facing off with Matt. The blonde-haired young man waved over to the Digi-Destined of Courage. Pikkan stops to find the pair stepping away from the party group and towards a hidden spot behind some beach rocks.

"Damn, he beat me to the punch. Oh well, I can just hear out what they have to say. Should be interesting…"

The two rivals faced off with one another as an ensuing stare down took place. Both eyes were locked tightly onto one another as if they were ready to bash each other's faces in. Matt was to first to speak and break the long, dramatic silence.

"Well, I see your serious for leaving your boy and Sora like this just to fight this Digi-Mazoku ancestor of Agumon's and… yours technically speaking," Matt said.

"I know and I'm going to give that announcement in just a minute. It won't be a popular decision, but this is something I have to do. I need to be convinced if I can defeat this guy. Plus, I want to make him pay for interfering in my fight with Saitou. I had that victory in my clutches. That bastard stole my glory…"

"I can't argue with you there. I would have been pissed off too if I was in your position."


"Sure I would! I'd go to that Dark Realm, search every corner of that place and hunt that bastard down like a dog! I wouldn't give up until his blood was stained on my hands. But would you leave your family just to please your own ego?"

"I know it sounds selfish of me, but I need to be convinced that I can take this guy down. If I defeat them, then I can return home. Even if it takes me ten years to train to kill that guy, I'll do it."

"Sora and Max are going to miss you."

"Don't worry. I can still keep in contact with them using telepathy, but you're right. They'd rather have me there in person. On the other hand, I've asked Dorothy to look after my family during my absence."

"I see."

"So, was there anything else you wanted to tell me?"

"Well, since you're going to challenge this so-called Digi-Mazoku lord, that means you're going to train. I mean really intense training."

"I have to. This Digi-Mazoku seems stronger than Saitou and the extra training will be required. I'm still not convinced if I can even beat him as a level five."

"You're kidding! You reached the level five and destroyed Saitou! And you still say you don't stand a chance against this Digi-Mazoku?"

"Every challenge I've come against had proven to be unpredictable. Think about it, Matt. All the enemies we've faced, I've fought and tested the limits of my power. My first greatest challenge was you."

"Yeah, I remember our first one on one battle as if it were yesterday. I can't believe I was out for blood during that time. I came close to murdering you and how I could have I accused you of stealing TK from me?"

"Well, you did give me one hell of a fight. You pushed me and War Greymon to our limits. Then along came the next rotation of challenges. The Demon Corps. Burizalor. The Artificials. Virus. D-Reaper. Bebimon. The Super Artificial. Novadramon. Doomsdramon. Saitou. Then, Zeed. All of them have proven to be great opponents. Excluding Zeed, I truly believe this Digi-Mazoku has an even greater than all of those guys. I'm anxious to find out if I can take him and whether I can ascend further. This is my opportunity, Matt."

"Then go. I'm not stopping you, but I think Sora and Max deserve to know what you're planning. Kari deserves it too. But, hear me out. If you can ascend further, then I can as well."

"Oh, I know you can do it. There's no doubt about it. I'm looking forward to the day we clash again. It'll be reliving old memories."

"Yes, it will be reliving the old days. The glory days."

Looking over towards his family and friends continuing to enjoy the party, Tai lets out a deep sigh and was ready to give his big announcement on his departure. He was filled with mixed emotions: sadness for leaving his loved ones but excitement to facing what could possibly be his next greatest challenge. He caught a glimpse of Max laughing happily with little Keke.

"Max. You've grown so much for an early age and matured somewhat. There's a good chance I might not even see you for ten years. That's if I can defeat this Digi-Mazoku lord beforehand. Sorry to say this but there's a chance I may not be coming back for a long time. That is if I survive… This is going to be so hard to tell Sora and Max."

Pikkan managed to probe through Tai's mind and was quite astonished by the news. The thought of Tai continuing to pursue more great powers has forced the Alterian to continue his pace with this training. He would not allow himself to be left out in the dust.

"So, that's your intention, Tai? Well, two can play it that game. You not only have Matt to worry about but me, too. I'll continue my training and become strong enough to challenge you. Just you wait and see," Pikkan thought.

Tai and Matt walked out of their hidden location to appear before everyone within the party itself. The Digi-Destined of Courage whistled out to gain the attention of everyone. They quickly stopped their ongoing celebrations to give the leader their undivided attention. Goddess Moinanea turned her gaze upon Tai and gives him a nod. It was time. The earth-shattering announcement was set to be made and it would change the lives of the whole Digi-Destined teams forever.

"Everyone. I'd like to thank you for all coming to this celebration party after accomplishing what was out greatest victory. We, as one, defeated the Dark God and rid our universe of his darkness. Starting yesterday was the dawning of a new era. Our world and the Digital Worlds were spared total annihilation. We've received help from many of the heroes across other alternate worlds. Their donated energy and our Life Bomb was responsible for Galactic X's formation. In the end, we managed to save our universe. We should be proud of ourselves."

As he said that, everyone nodded their heads in agreement and clapped their hands in unison. Tai raised his hands and silenced his peers immediately. They allowed the leader to continue on with this speech.

"It's been nearly two decades since the legend of the Digi-Destined has come to pass. We've become legendary heroes and will written in the digi-history books. Already having defeated the ultimate darkness, I guess there's one question left for us to answer. Where do we go from here? What lies ahead for our futures? I'll bet that's what everyone of you are thinking now. Some of you might even consider continuing your duties as a Digi-Destined, Tamer, Legendary Warrior or whatever you are affiliated with. Others might return back to their normal, civilian lives. There are some that might consider pushing their training to their limit. Whatever, it really doesn't matter where our lives go from here. But remember this. You've done your duty and you should be proud. I've done my part for twenty years and I'm not even close to considering retirement. Heck, in fact, I'm setting my sights on my next challenge. I've made a decision. It's not going to be a very popular one, but I've made my final decision…"

Max gasped under his breath and knew exactly what his father was going to reveal. Even Sora was nervous about this whole ordeal. Everyone else awaited in anticipation, with a mixture of confusion and doubt. X could clearly know what his apprentice was going to announce. It would be most definitely be earth-shattering.

Tai looks over to Goddess Moinanea and makes direct eye contact with her. She could tell from the look on his face that he meant business.

"Goddess. I'm ready to go. That's right, everyone. I'm going to be leaving for the Dark Realm."

"What!" nearly the whole group exclaimed out in unison.

"No way! You can't be leaving!" exclaimed Mimi.

"How can you just say this and leave us! We're Digi-Destined!" TK shouted.

"Tai? Are you just going to leave us like this?" Kari calls out to her brother. "No… Don't tell me…"

"So, you are going back to the Dark Realm, aren't you?" Sora snapped. "I knew it! You're going to leave us to find that bastard ancestor of Agumon's…"

"He's also my ancestor! Remember, my DNA and data mixed with Agumon's Mazoku blood! I've inherited the Digi-Mazoku seed!" Tai retorted back at his protesters. "This was a decision I made! I'm not about to go back on it. This is something I have to do. He interfered with my good fight against Saitou."

"Tai! Just drop it! We just defeated our greatest enemy yesterday and now you still want to continue on?" Yolei calls out. "Sora's right! Forget about that no good Digi-Mazoku lord! You're home is with Max and Sora! They need you more than anything!"

"A real father stays to take care of his family. He doesn't go and abandon them!" Zoe agreed.

"No! You guys don't get it!" Takato sat up and shouted back at the protesters. "Ok, what Tai's doing is pretty reckless. I'll admit it. However, you guys don't have the right to question his decision! You know… I would have taken the same approach if I were in Tai's shoes. I'd find that guy and beat the living hell out of him!"

"Like Tai said, that Digi-Mazoku interfered in a grand fight!" Takuya speaks out.

"Besides, I'm sure Tai is coming back. Right, buddy?" Davis asked.

"I don't know… Maybe… Maybe not. Just give me at least ten years…"


"Yeah, I just don't know how strong this guy will actually be. I might need to train harder than I've ever had before. I'm willing to bet I can push my level five status higher than it already is. I want to push myself to my ultimate limits. X, I'm sure you understand this is a fight I have to partake in."

"Well, I'm disappointed with your choice to leave your family behind… But, if this is what you want, I won't be stopping you."

"But I will," Sora said as she sat up. "Tai! We've been through enough already! You said yourself. We've spent twenty years protecting our world and the Digital Worlds. We've done our job. Let's move on and prepare for the future."

"I know what I said and I still intend to press on with a bright and shining future. But, my mission is far from finished. You guys have a choice to continue at what you do best or you can retire to normal lives. I'm not forcing anything on you. That is why I asked Dorothy to stay with you and Max. Dorothy, you understand where I'm getting at."

"Yes. Please, listen to your husband, Mrs. Kamiya," Dorothy calmed the young woman. "He obviously knows what he's doing. It's not as if he's rushing to his death. I trust in his judgment."

"Sora. I just might have to agree with Dorothy," X spoke up. "In fact, it's not as if you'll even lose contact with him anyway. Goddess Moinanea. You can grant both Max and Sora opportunities to see Tai every now and then during his training, right?"

"Yes. You still have myself, the lady and Shintomon to depend on when need be," Goddess Moinanea replied.

"Don't forget about myself and Lord Gosenzomon," Buddamon said.

"You see? Everything is in good hands, but Tai is on his own when it comes down to waging combat with this specific Digi-Mazoku," said Shintomon. "Everything should be ok."

"I trust them, mom. You should, too," Max assured Sora.

"Whatever makes Max's dad happy, then I'm not going to argue," Keke shrugged her shoulders. "Though, it's not going to be the next without you here."

"Don't worry. I'll keep in touch with each and everyone of you. Don't consider this as a long goodbye. I will be back," Tai directed his attention to everyone, most specifically towards Sora.

"Tai… I…" the redhead muttered to herself.

"Oh mom," Max whispered.

Tai steps away from where he took his stance and marches forward to his weeping wife. The woman's eyes were filled with tears. Soon, every other woman and female were sharing their sentiment for Sora Takenouchi Kamiya.

She lifts her head up and finds herself approached by Tai. The young man lifted her chin with his finger and looks directly into her eyes with a calm and assuring manner.

"Sora. I will be back. That's a promise. In ten years, on this very day, I will be back on this beach site."

"…You promise? You promise, Taichi Kamiya?"

The Kamiya male lowered himself forward and presses his lips against hers. The couple shared a heart-warming, passionate kiss for all to see. Max and X were delighted to view this first hand. The bearers of Courage and Love have a stronger bond than perhaps any of the other couples. Even Rika and Sonja could feel their own hearts feeling touched by this affection shared by the lovers.

"That's a promise, Sora Takenouchi Kamiya. I will be back."

"Good luck, Tai," Biyomon bowed.

"Dad! I know you will keep your word. We'll be waiting for you!" Max stated.

"Want me to give you a farewell hug, little guy?"

Smiling a wide grin, Max scrambles over towards his father. The young man lowered down to his knees and caught his son in a deep fatherly hug. The boy wrapped his arms around Tai and buried his face against his right shoulder. Warm tears poured down the boy's soft face.


"Max. You're the man of the house now, kid. I know you and Dorothy will take care of mom while Agumon and I are away."

"I love you dad…"

"I love you too, son. I know you'll grow up to be quite the fine young man. Of course, you and everyone can visit me anytime as long as you call Goddess Moinanea. She'll help guide you to where I'm located. You'll be fifteen when I actually do come back. I'm looking forward to seeing you as a teenager. You keep training and don't lose that fighting spirit. I'll be looking forward to how much stronger you'll be."

"And you give that Digi-Mazoku jerk the beating he deserves. Show him that a Kamiya never quits!"

Tai set Max down and gives him a thumbs up. The boy nods in reply to his father's self assuredness. Before Tai set off to meet with Goddess Moinanea, Takato stopped in front of the leader.

"Tai… I'm going to miss you. You know if it wasn't for you and your sister, I wouldn't have been the where I am right now. You two taught me that there is more to digimon than combat, but there's friendship and trust. You helped to unify us, Tamers. Rika. Henry. Kazu. Kenta. Jeri. Suzie. Myself. Ryo, even though he's gone from this world. We all thank you."

"Takato. I'm counting on you and the Tamers to uphold your duties, but don't stress yourselves. You guys are still young and have long ways to go. Guilmon. Terriermon. Renamon. Guardromon. Marine Angemon. Leomon. Lopmon. Pikkan. You guys provide the Tamers the support they need in case a crisis ever arrives."

"Just leave to us, dude!" Terriermon placed his hand against his heart and gives a military-style salute.

"We shall protect our Tamers with our lives," Renamon nodded.

"Good luck, man. We won't forget you! You're like our hero!" Kazu calls out.

"A hero we can all look up to!" Guardromon responded. "We salute you!"

"It was an honor to fight alongside you," Kenta bowed his head.

"Pi! Pi!"

"Don't worry, Tai. I will be sure to protect Takato," Guilmon smiled. "You and Agumon find that meanie that interrupted your fight!"

"Good journey, dear warriors," Lopmon bowed. "As the last surviving Deva, I honor your presence."

"Taichi. It was an honor to fight alongside of you," Leomon stepped forward to shake Tai's hand. "You've grown up a lot since the adventure on File Island. We fought countless battles together and I will forever cherish them. I will still carry out my duty as a warrior to protecting Jeri."

"In the name of the Alterians, my sworn duty is to guard Jeri with my life. But that doesn't mean I won't stop training to get my shot at you," Pikkan stated.

"Culu! Culu! I hope we meet again, Tai!" Calumon giggled as he flew around Tai's head.

"Same to you guys. You too, Calumon. Oh and Impmon?"

The tiny viral rookie steps out of hiding and stands in front of Tai. The Digi-Destined of Courage lowered down to give the imp a handshake.

"I may not like a whole lots of guys, but you're A-Okay in my book," Impmon said. "Ice this Mazoku jerk, Ka-peesh?"

"Bada-Bing!" Tai responded while giving his own impersonation of the imp.

"Tai. My father and I were happy to have met you. We wouldn't know the digimon better if it wasn't for you and the Digi-Destined," Henry stepped up to give the leader a respectful handshake.

"The honor was mine. Oh and Dorothy really has a thing for you. If I were you, I'd tell her how you really feel because I think she shares the same sentiments for you, Henry."

"Ha! I knew it! Henry has a crush on Dorothy!" Terriermon laughed.

"I… I…"

Suddenly, Henry turned around and saw Dorothy standing behind him. There was a slight red blush covering both of their cheeks but Henry was literally sweating like a pig. The blonde gives a sly smile to him and took his right hand.

"So, what kind of sweet things has Henry said about me, Terriermon?" the girl giggled.

"Oh, wait till I reveal all! You're going to get a kick out of it!"

"Goodbye, Mr. Tai!" Suzie waved to the young man.

"See ya, Suzie. Make sure your brother takes care of himself."

Once finishing his goodbyes to the Tamers, he moved onto his fellow Digi-Destined. Davis, Sonja, Veemon and David were the first to say their farewells to the Digi-Destined leader.

"Tai… I don't know what to say… But I love you, man!" Davis cried out. "Not in that kind of way of course… I hope me taking your place during your absence when we were stopping the Kaiser was enough for you to accept me as the next generation's goggle head."

"No doubt about it. You've earned your stripes, Davis. Make sure you keep those goggles. They are a true symbol of courage. You have a long life ahead of you. You have a great wife and a cool kid. Let's hope that little noodle shop grows into a mass market."

"Thanks, Tai. It was an honor to fight alongside of you."

"You, too."

"See you later, Mr. Kamiya," David replied.

"You, too, kid. Be sure to keep my boy and his friends company. You guys will make fine warriors one day."

"You hear that mom? I'm going to be a great warrior just like my dad and Tai!"

"Taichi… To think I had my full humanity taken away and operated as a weapon to assassinate you," Sonja sighed. "If it wasn't for Davis, I wouldn't be fighting on your side. You showed me that my brother was actually fighting on our side. You're a great man. You have a wonderful wife and child. Make sure you tear this Digi-Mazoku bastard apart and add another victim on your hit list."

"Thanks. You're all right. I know you will take good care of Davis."


"Speaking of former weapons assigned to kill their target, you can't forget about me," BW stepped up. "Tai. As I was formerly Black War Greymon, I came to realize what it is like to have real soul and heart. Datamon is a thing of the past. I shall move on with his prosperous, peaceful future. However, should another threat arise, you know I'll give your friends the aid they need."

"Thanks, BW."

"We know you will do your part in helping others," Agumon bowed.

Next up were Yolei, Ken and the two Sams. Tai goes over to shake their hand one by one. Tai actually gave Yolei a hug to help suppress her tears.

"Ken. Yolei. You two have a large family to take care of. Make sure they all eat healthy and grow up to be fine people."

"Thanks, Taichi," Ken and Yolei responded.

"Good luck on your journey, old chap," Hawkmon said.

"We know and believe you will return back safely," Wormmon nodded.

Tai turns his attention over to Cody, Armadillomon, Joe, Gomamon, Izzy and Tentomon. The leader shakes each of their hands and gives his human friends pats on their backs.

"Izzy. I'll never forget the day I suggested to give your computer a few whacks to fix it," Tai snickered.

"Ha, ha. I'll never forget."

"I'm only just teasing, buddy. You take good care of Talley. You and her really hit off really well."

"It was pleasure to get to know you better, Mr. Kamiya," Talley shook Tai's hand.

"Please, just call me Tai. You and Izzy have been seeing each other for five years. It'll be cool if you two decided to tie the…"

"You mean marriage?" Izzy asked. "Um, well… Heh… Wait! How did you know I was planning on asking her hand in marriage!"

Smiling like a thief, Tai holds out a black box in his hand. Izzy gasped out and searched his side pockets.

"Tai! How… did you…?"

"I may not lie or cheat, but I sure can steal!" Tai snickered.


"Here. Catch."

Tossing the box to Izzy, the computer whiz swiftly snatched it in his hand and wiped his forehead. Suddenly, he found a shadow approaching his side. It was Talley with a perplexed look on her face. She couldn't believe was actually considering a hand in marriage.

"Izzy, is this true? You mean that surprise you were planning was a wedding ring for marriage?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to make it special until Mr. Thief snatched it out of my coat pocket!"

"Izzy! You should have said so earlier!" Talley chuckled.

"I'll let you two settle this affair," Tai said. "Next? Oh yeah. Kari and TK."

Stepping forward, he looked across to find Kari's eyes swelling up with tears. Then he came across TK. The two males shook hands and gave each other a hug.

"TK. I'm counting on you to look after my sister while I'm away. I know I can trust you."

"You can count on me, Tai. Kari and the kids are in good hands."

"And you always have us to protect them," Patamon and Gatomon said in unison.

"And us, too!" the older Tike and Kara spoke out. "Though we will have to go back to Huanlongmon, we'll watch over them."

"We're going to miss you, Uncle Tai!" the younger counterparts cried in unison. "Don't leave us!"

"You two make sure not to give your mother and daddy a hard time. Oh and ease down on the buffets."

"Ha, like that will ever happen," older Tike snickered.


The brown-haired female rushes over to her brother and wraps her arms around him. Her eyes swelled up with tears. Tai responded by patting her back to sooth her.

"Tai… Please be careful…"

"Kari. You've grown up to be a strong girl with a heart of courage. You're a true Kamiya and saved this planet."

"No thanks to you, TK and everyone else."

"No, it was all you, Kari. You make sure and show this Athenamon what Mystic Celesta is made of when you decide to see her."

"Huh? But how did you-"

"Take care of yourself, Hikari…"

"Sayanora, Taichi…"

Next, Tai made his way over to Mimi, Palmon and the two Kekes. He gives a heartfelt hug to Mimi and patted her back to calm her tears. She goes over and shakes both of the Kekes' hands.

"It was great to meet you, Mr. Kamiya. You're even better than what Max often tells me about you. You and my dad make the greatest team," little Keke smiled.

"Tai. You take care of yourself," Mimi sniffled a tear. "Come back to us safely."

Tai steps forward to give Takuya a handshake and a praise of honor for donning the 'goggles'.

"Takuya. You, Takato and Davis are goggle heads who will carry out the honor or protecting this world in my absence. When I return, what do you say we go and catch up on old times?"

"That sounds good, Tai," Takuya nodded. "You truly are the general amongst us goggle heads. The Warrior of Flame salutes you."

"It was good to get to meet you," Zoe approached Tai. "May peace be of journey to you."

"Good luck, fellow warrior," Tyler bowed his head.

"Even though we've only gotten to know you better for only the past year, it was my pleasure to fight alongside you," JP saluted the leader.

"Good luck, Mr. Tai Kamiya," Tommy shook the Digi-Destined of Courage's hand.

"Have a safe journey and come back to us," Kouji bowed.

"May the spirits guide you, my friend," Kouichi gives his regards for Taichi.

"Thanks, Legendary Warriors. Be sure to keep on alert in case the Celestials need you again," Tai reminded the Spirit Digi-Destined.

Next, X, Shintomon, Gosenzomon, Lady Moinanea and Buddamon were waiting. Tai shakes the hands from Gosenzomon and Buddamon. He looks over to Shintomon and shakes the Supreme Guardian's hand.

"Shintomon. You've always been there when I needed you."

"Same to you, Taichi. It's been an honor to meet you, your family and beloved friends. However, this won't be the last time we'll meet. Actually, with Goddess Moinanea on our side, we just might visit more often for the next decade."

"That's great. Hope you'll drop by to see me train every now and then. Oh and one more thing, make sure that baby is healthy, my lady."

"Thank you, Taichi. You don't know how much this means to me and Shintomon. The baby will be due in a few short months."

"Then, if I have the chance, make sure to invite me over to your planet."

"Don't worry about that, my boy," Gosenzomon spoke up. "We'll come to you."


The young man turns around and is confronted by the older version of his son. The two shared a warm embrace, as if they were actual father and son.

"Thanks for everything, X. You trained me and Agumon. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here right now."

"I merely trained you. You did all the fusion ascensions all on your way. I merely opened the door of opportunity for you. Whatever your new mission leads you, we'll be sure to be waiting. All of us," X replied as he stepped away. "Show that Digi-Mazoku lord what you're made of! Show him what Omega X truly is about."

"I intend to. That Mazoku is going to get the biggest wake up call of his life time," Tai smiled. "X. You are the mirror of my son. Do me a favor and visit him anytime. He could use your company. Perhaps, you can train him?"

"Of course. You know I'm willing to train a third apprentice. Of course, I'll need Sora's permission but I'm sure she'll let this one slide."

"We'll meet again, X. You can count on it."

"I know."

With an assuring nod, Tai gives a firm handshake to X and steps away to confront Matt. The rival pointed to an opposite direction towards older Dimitri and the younger one.

"Tai. Be careful and defeat this Mazoku lord for all of us," older Dimitri stated.

"You tell your mom I said hi in your time, Dimitri," Tai gives a peace sign to the young man.

"If you need someone to be Max's sparing partner, I'm up for it," younger Dimitri gives a thumbs up.

"Train well, kid. I'll be looking for great results from all of you."

Finally, Tai set his sights on his rival, Matt Ishida. The blonde-haired male gives a nod to Tai.

"Well, it's bee a fun ride while it lasted, Matt. Who would have thought we'd be here as friends?"

"It has been a long road, but that doesn't mean I'd like to go one on one with you again like old times."

"Sorry we can't do it not, but… Well you know…"

"I understand. You have to kick the crap out of the who interfered with your fight. I'm in no inclination to stop you. But, hear me out. You make sure and beat him senseless. Show him that a Digital warrior is a force to be reckoned with!"

"I will, Matt! You can count on that!"

Giving each other a smirk, Tai looks over to Sora and Max once again. He motions over to Agumon and slowly sets his trek towards Goddess Moinanea. Max steps forward and waves out to his father before he makes his farewell waves to everyone.

"Goodbye everyone! I'll be back in this world in ten years," Tai calls out to everyone.

He steps over towards his family vehicle and pulls out a brown satchel bag. The leader throws it over his right shoulder and sets off over to Goddess Moinanea. The majestic omnipotent power nodded her head and immediately forced open a portal behind her.

"Ready to go, Taichi?"

"Hang on a second."

Tai once again makes eye contact with the group. Reaching down into his pocket, he pulls out D-Terminal and a replica of his former crest. He tosses them over to Max. The boy responds and flies out to catch both objects.

"Dad… Um, I don't know what to say…"

"Don't say anything. Just think of those as objects to remember me by. You can use that D-Terminal to contact me anytime you want. I'll be available whenever you want to talk. I'm always with you despite us being so far apart."

"Thanks, daddy," Max sniffled a tear while putting the crest necklace around his neck. "I won't forget you! Make sure you live up to your promise! I'll be waiting here with mom!"

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys. Well, this is it everyone. It's a long run… Take care of yourselves! Sayanora!"

Calling out to the beloved Digi-Destined of Courage, the entire group waved out and gave their regards for the young man's perilous journey into the Dark Realm. Many unpredictable occurrences lie ahead for Tai and Agumon, but nothing would stand in their way to find Toushinmon.

Goddess Moinanea was the first to step through the portal, but not long before Tai and Agumon follow along behind her. Once they successfully passed through, the portal closed behind them. The four generations looked on as they looked back to the many important events involving the so-called 'General of the Digi-Destined'.

Max held the D-Terminal in one hand and gazed down at the crest replica.

"This is great, Max. You're so lucky. You still have a chance to talk to your dad," little Keke giggled.

"Yeah. I know he'll come back. He's never broken a promise. Right, mom?"

"Yes… C'mon, Max. It seems everybody is ready to get back to their families. We ought to do the same."

"There's one thing that still bothers me though," Max spoke up.

"What is it?" asked X.

"Is what Goddess Moinanea said true? Will we ever see the Digicores again? Have they truly disappeared forever?"

"It's up to us to make sure we don't need them again, dear," Sora responded.

"That's right. We're being tested," X agreed.

"From here on, we have to not rely on anything else, and make this planet and the Digital Worlds make the universe a better place," Takato stated. "We'll do it by using our own strength."

"I can't argue with that," Rika nodded.

"Once that is recognized, I have not doubt the Digicores will return again someday. At least I hope…" Sora said. "That itself is a mystery. Will we ever see the Digicores again? Well, I know one thing for sure. Tai will come back. I'll be waiting for you."

"Well, it's about time we all head back home with our families," Jeri suggested to everyone.

"You heard Tai. This is the dawning of a new age. We all should just look ahead of what lies for us in the future," Henry said.

"Yeah. Um, hey, Max? You going to be okay?"

"Yeah…" Max sighed sadly. "Father…"

"Max," Matt spoke up. "Make sure you hold onto those two items. Only you have direct contact with your father. Well, it's about time I start heading back home. C'mon, kids. Mimi. We're heading out."

Looking directly to the dark skies above, Max saw a shooting star pass by and he grabbed the crest around his neck. He closed his eyes and made a wish to himself upon the shooting star.

"A shooting star just passed by. If there's any one wish I'd like granted, it would be… I wish… I wish my father returns home safely. That's all that matters to me."

And so… Tai and Agumon have left with Goddess Moinanea to the Dark Realm to confront the Digi-Mazoku Lord who had used the Digi-Destined of Courage as his personal marionette in the fight against Himo Saitou. Uncharted avenues and great challenges await the duo with the strongest Synisters lurking in the shadows. However, they will not step down from the challenge and will press onward to confront the one named Toushinmon. With Goddess Moinanea's guidance, they have no worries about getting lost within the dimension.

While Tai and his digimon partner journey into the Dark Realm, ten years would pass by on Earth. The lives of each of the Digi-Destined, Tamer and Legendary Warriors would change dramatically. Even Max and his little friends have done plenty of working up since the departure of Taichi Kamiya.

What about the Digicores? Unfortunately, they haven't returned during this ten year stint. The Digital Worlds have flourished under the watchful eye of Goddess Moinanea. Law and order was ultimately restored. Digital Limbo was forever sealed and no dead soul maybe allowed to cross through.

It seemed everything was right across the Digital Universe, as well as the real world. What exactly have the Digi-Destined and their allies been up to these past ten years?

Ten Years later. October 29, 2026. Odaiba

Ten years have indeed passed and major reconstruction had occurred across Earth. Technology has heavily advanced. Machines have now evolved closer to complete A.I. programs. Hover cars were becoming a norm of the new society. Fashion itself has been upgraded. Recycling has begun to replace garbage disposals worldwide, which was at least helping the environment a bit. Recovery plans were made to not only help the environment but more efficient methods have been sought to create artificial foods.

The Digital World itself has now been completely secured and out of the world government's eye. Goddess Moinanea had made sure nothing causes a great imbalance between the worlds. Only those possessing Digivices or any model similar to it has access to the Digital World.

The Earth itself came close to being annihilated by an asteroid, but it was knocked off course thanks in part to new defenders of the planet. They weren't digimon nor were they Digital Warriors. No, the saviors were none other than the children of the Digi-Destined: the D3s. Max Kamiya has taken up position as leader of the group officially on his fifteenth birthday. He had recently just turned fifteen and is rather enjoying himself as earth's savior. In fact, five years after the departure of Taichi, Max vowed to carry out his father's name and joined up with the DW-STF at age ten. It was quite a remarkable feat since he was the youngest soldier. He trained hard under the watchful eye of X, Dorothy Kaimodosu and Dimitri Ishida. Although he had failed on many occasions before, Max reached the Ascendant level at age thirteen after a difficult trial and error. He pushed himself further and was assigned his first mission as a leader. He and his D3 crew saved the planet by pushing back an asteroid that could have created a near 5-mile wide crater and destroyed mankind in the process. With their combined powers, they destroyed the asteroid and reduced it to space dust.

These extraordinary heroes inherited the power and strength of their Digital warrior parents to allow them to reach this ascendant level. What exactly is an ascendant? Only digital humans can achieve this form. One becomes an ascendant when their hair turns golden, their eyes became emerald green, the muscles on their body tenses, and a golden aura covers their bodies. Not only are their strength increased ten fold but also their speed. Just like the infamous Super Saiya-Jins of DBU Earth. Max Kamiya was the first to achieve this, but soon his allies would follow afterwards.

Next, the once little Dimitri Ishida has grown up into a sixteen year old. He has quite the charm and is second strongest next to Max. Though at times, he can equal Max when they spare. Yes, they are the perfect sparring partners. Dimitri, too, joined the DW-STF and achieved the Ascendant status five months after Max did.

After Dimitri, Keke Ishida became the first female Ascendant. Like Max and her brother, she joined the DW-STF. She has DEFINITELY grown as a fifteen year old. She shares her love for the color pink and enjoys shopping much like her mother. However, she has a love for music and inherited that 'never say die' attitude from her father. Currently, she is Max's girlfriend. It was pretty obvious who she would end up being paired up with after this past decade.

The son of Yolei and Ken, Sam Ichijouji, became an Ascendant four months after Keke. While he doesn't see much combat, he specializes in maintaining the Digital World's defense computer networks. He also has a tendency to show off his 'body' and tries to impress the ladies. What a playboy. No girl has turned down this young man, at least not yet. He sure doesn't take after either his mother or father.

The next to reach the Ascendant level were the grown thirteen year old trio of Kara & Tike Takaishi and David Motomiya. Tike and David recently reached the Ascendant level. Kara became Ascendant just a few days after the boys. Even achieving Ascendant status WASN'T an easy task for these kids. They needed more time to train and push their powers to their limits. David currently has interest in Kara, though Tike sometimes has to keep an eye on his best friend making a move on his sister.

While these children do protect Earth and the Digital World, that doesn't entirely mean that the Digital warriors, the Digi-Destined and the others have given up being guardians and preservers of peace. It so happens that some have already become guardians and ambassadors across sections of the Digital Universe.

Deep within the district of Odaiba, there seemed to be a commotion occurring. A massive crowd of people were running and screaming as an explosion was seen from a far distance. It looked like it was coming from a local bank. It was armed robbery of sorts.

From a close up view, a group of masked thugs armed with rifles and Uzis were keeping the innocent people at bay. One skinny thug held a brunette banker woman and placed the tip of his pistol to her head. Another crew of thugs came walking out with hands filled with money bags.

"Awright! Don't you move, yas vermin!" the thug called out with a Brooklyn accent. "You make ones move and I'll be blowing this bimbo's head off! Ka-peesh?"

"Um, boss? We're almost done loading up," a fat, incompetent assailant approached his 'boss'.

"Good! Just grab the gold and we'll be off!"

"HELP! PLEASE, HELP!" the woman screamed out.

"I said, shut yo mouth, you idiot!" the man roared. "That's it! You had yo chance! Your brains are going splat against that wall!"

Before the man had a chance to pull the trigger, an invisible force came rushing by and knocked the man to the side. The other thugs were immediately caught off guard and wondered what had knocked their boss out flat on his back. The thugs gathered into a circle with their arms intact.



Another blur rushed by and encircled the men. Within a millisecond, the men realized that their guns were gone.

"Huh! What just happened?" a short thug wearing a cowboy hat exclaimed.

"Well I'll be damned! It's them!" a white-masked thug pointed out directly forward.

The criminals looked forward and their mouths widened in shock. Even their eyes nearly wanted to bulge out. Yes, they were caught red-handed, but not by the local police. No, they were caught by three members of the D3s. One of which was a medium-sized teen with slightly tanned skin, brown spiked hair and red eyes. His body was built under a black bodysuit with a green shirt over it. His head was covered with a white bandana. His hands consisted of a pair of white gloves and the boots were white with yellow tips decorated at toe tips. He removed his bandana and let loose his spiked hair. He set a serious glare towards the unlucky crooks.

The one who captured their weapons was a teenage female with quite the curved body. Her hair was long, straight and it was strawberry blonde in pigmentation. Her eyes are blue. The girls' outfit consisted of a pink halter top, blue jeans and a pair of red-pink tennis shoes. She held every weapon on top of her right hand. In fact, she had no trouble lifting the entire weapon collection on the very tip of her right thumb.

The third accomplice is a male with a muscular build and medium height. His hair was blonde and tied down to a ponytail. His eyes are blue. His outfit consisted of a blue jacket, a black tank top, gray pants and yellow boot-like shoe accessories.

"Oh crap! It's them! The D3s!" the crooks exclaimed in unison.

"End of the road for you boys," the teen with the brown hair stated. "You going to come clean?"

"Or are we going to make you?" the blonde male threatened. "You know you can't use your guns since my sis here has them. Just to make sure you don't get them back, Keke. Why don't you show them what happens when you see men treat other women like crap?"

"If there's anything I hate more than stupid ass crooks? It's thugs who don't know how to treat a lady RIGHT!"

With that said, the teenage girl named Keke held the weapons to one side. She takes her other hand and quickly smashes her hands together, in the process crushing the weapons altogether. The crooks spaz out in utter disbelief. Keke continues to crush the weapons under the strength of her hands and reveals to them a pair of crushed cubes. She tosses them down towards the crooks.

"There. No weapons for you boys. Now, are you going to treat a lady right?"

"Yes… ma'm…"

"I can't hear you!"

"YES, M'AM!"

"That's much better. Max. Brother. Looks like our job is done. Here come the local authorities."

"Hope you guys enjoy your jail food," Max glared at the crooks.

As the trio turned their backs, a crook managed to hide inside the bank and took this chance to get retribution for his comrades. He picked up a pistol and rushes outside.

"Hey! You forgot about me, you idiots!" the man laughed. "EAT LEAD!"

As the man pulled the trigger, the gun fired off a bullet at full speed range. The bullet was being targeted for none other than Max Kamiya. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion for a few moments until… Max caught the bullet straight on with one hand. The crook gasped out with a gaping mouth. Max drops the bullet and rushes forward. The man stopped frozen still as Max phases out and rushed past him.

It only took a matter of milliseconds, but Max reappears across the other side. The man fell face first in an unconscious state. Keke and Dimitri both gave Max a 'V' for victory.

Late as usual, the local authorities came and arrested the beaten crooks. The chief came walking up to Max while shaking his hand.

"Thanks again, Max Kamiya. You and your friends are always there in the nick of time. We wouldn't know what we would do without you."

"It was nothing that we couldn't handle," the teen chuckled. "You guys have your hands off anyway. We'll leave the rest to you, chief."

"Thanks a lot!"

Turning around to greet to friends, Max Kamiya slowly levitated off the ground and slowly ascended across the city skies. Keke and Dimitri followed off to join the teen.

"Well, that accomplished our task for today," Max sighed.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Keke asked.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving!" Dimitri rubbed her growling stomach.

"Yeah, I sure could go for a buffet right about now," Max snickered. "You up for something to eat, Kek?"


"By the way, isn't today the day your dad comes back?" Dimitri asked his friend.

"It's still early. He said he wouldn't come until tonight. My mom is already over there at the beach. I'll be joining her there. Keke, you want to come along?"

"We'll see. Now, c'mon. What are you two waiting for? I hear the buffet calling out my name!"

Instantly powering up a ki aura, Keke flies across the skies like a missile. The boys let out deep sighs and immediately sped off to race after Keke.

Yes, today is the day Tai was said to return. Max was definitely excited to see his father again. He still carries the crest replica secured around his neck.

"Father. At long last, you'll be home. It's a shame you didn't win the Digi-Universal Tournament though. Oh well, at least you got to meet Toushinmon. I wished I could have met him. It would have been a real honor. Mother and I are looking forward this moment. Agumon, it'll be good to see you too. This day just couldn't get any better!"

Yes, these three along with Sam, Tike, Kara and David protect the planet earth during times of crisis. However, the Digital warriors had different objective roles within the Digital Universe.

Besides Toushinmon, there are two other Digi-Mazoku lords: Mukuromon and Hadesmon. These two are not only rivals toward each other but even to Toushinmon. These lords have been embroiled in a rivalry that has lasted nearly hundreds of thousand digi-cycles, that is equivalent to a few hundred thousand years. Perhaps as early as half a million digi-cycles ago. Yes, these Mazoku lords have taken refuge within the Dark Realm as rulers for that long. However, just recently, the power struggle of the lords seemed to be going to the two Digi-Mazoku warlords since Toushinmon was on the brink of death.

In fact, as soon as Tai and Agumon met Toushinmon, it would only be a few more years before Toushinmon would pass on due to malnutrition. The warrior of courage found his ancestor and trained to hopes of defeating him. Then, came the historical Digi-Universal tournament where the Digital Universe's strongest warriors would participate against one another. This event occurred ten years earlier but several months after Zeed's defeat. The winner would be crowned as new Supreme Guardian. Already becoming a father, Shintomon needed to find a suitable replacement temporarily. Omega X and Toushinmon were amongst those participants. In fact, they had competed against one another in the first round with the younger Omega X claiming victory. However, when comes victory, the time for Toushinmon to pass on to the after life finally came. He bid his ancestral son farewell and left him this final message.

"Son, the blood of the Digi-Mazoku courses through your veins. In the name of my good name, you must defeat my rivals and restore order to the Dark Realm… and the Digital Universe. The balance of power has been shifted in your favor… Make the great Toushinmon proud… Farewell… my son…"

Claiming that victory would be his, Omega X competed against many great opponents. However, he wasn't the only Digital warrior to compete. The third Digi-Mazoku warlord, Hadesmon, and his hikari friend, Seraphimon, recruited Takato, Guilmon, Takeru and Patamon. Hadesmon had summoned the Digi-Destined of Hope to reveal him the true meaning behind the powers of darkness. He claimed that not all darkness is considered 'evil' per say. Takeru wasn't so sure if he could believe him and trained under Hademon's friend, Serpahimon. Both Hadesmon and Seraphimon were anxious to know who was the better warrior: Gallantmon or War Angemon? These two would end up competing in the tournament. They both made it to the second round and it was a close battle. But, in the end, Gallantmon claimed victory in the name of Hadesmon. Interestingly enough, there seemed to be some past history between Hadesmon and Gallantmon. The Digi-Mazoku warlord somehow knew the Hazard beast before it became the Guilmon Takato created. Takato was astonished when he found out this startling revelation and he wondered whether Guilmon would return to Hadesmon's side. Alas, Guilmon remained loyal to his Tamer and fought Hadesmon later in the tournament. Even Crimson Gallantmon wasn't enough to defeat him and he fell to Hadesmon.

Other participants included X, Mystic Celesta, Pikkan, Leomon, Dorothy, Ultima X, Mukuromon, Metalla X, BW, Max Kamiya, Keke Ishida, Sonja, Dimitri Ishida, Athenamon, Sakuyamon, Infernomon, Beelzebumon, Agunimon, Fairymon and a few others.

Notable of these participants were Mystic Celesta and Athenamon. The invitation the Amazon Queen sent to Hikari was to invite her to her kingdom. Athenamon had offered her a chance to compete in an Amazon tournament to determine who would be Athenamon's new second-in-command. The Digi-Destined of Light was flattered and accepted the offer. She even managed to bring along Rika, Renamon, Keke, Kara, Zoe, Sonja and Dorothy to join her. Boy, were these girls in a big surprise as their Amazon opponents proved to be tough competition. Some of the Amazon's best competitors were some of Athenamon's elite: Dianamon, Mermaimon, Ceresmon and many others. Too young to compete in the tournament, Keke and Kara trained until they were old enough to take part since only human females past the age of 13 can compete.

Amongst the ladies, only Mystic Celesta, Dorothy and Sonja made it as far as the third round. Sonja was knocked off the third round by Dianamon, but Dorothy managed to defeat Mermaimon. Dorothy avenged Sonja's loss and defeated Dianamon in the semi-finals. Athenamon and Mystic Celesta finally had the opportunity to compete with one another in a historical and a very close semi-final bout. The Warrior of Light came close to even clenching victory but it was Athenamon's experience that won her the match. Many claimed it was the best match of the entire tournament and that Mystic Celesta turned to be Athenamon's best opponent. Hikari was still honored for her efforts despite the loss and was even offered a spot in the Amazon Royal Knight elite with the Amazon queen, Ceresmon and Dianamon. Kari was more than happy to take the offer but had two conditions. If her daughter, Kara, can train under the Amazons and that Rika becomes her bodyguard. Athenamon agreed to the terms but there was a problem. Kari might have to give up her former life in the human world to remain a member of the Amazon Royal Knights. The Digi-Destined of Light promised that she would not bring her husband to the kingdom, since there was a rule that no males enter except for Pegasusmon and Unimon. Athenamon once again agreed to Kari's terms. She was given permission to leave the kingdom to go visit her family and friends during any occasion.

The winner of the tournament was none other than Dorothy. She defeated Athenamon and earned her spot as second in command of the Amazon forces. However, Dorothy had other plans. She still had a life with school and her new boyfriend, Henry Wong. She asked Athenamon that Kari take the spot instead. After several negotiations, Athenamon accepted her terms and allowed Kari to take the second in command spot. Hikari was the one that Athenamon had been waiting for her entire digital life and claimed that Digi-Destined's light would help to restore prosperity to the Amazon kingdom. Kari agreed that she serve under the Amazons for six months of the earth calendar while she spends the other six months with her loved ones back home. Athenamon eventually grew an affection for Hikari, similar to a mother and daughter bond. They fought alongside each other, trained together and even shared pleasant conversations. Eventually, Kari would become ambassador for the Amazon Kingdom and handpicked Rika as her successor. The Digimon Queen was quite flattered and never thought she would soon serve under the name of this powerful kingdom.

Tai himself was proud of the fact that his little sister had become such a powerful figure amongst the Amazon Kingdom.

But what about everyone else?

Well, there's Yamato "Matt" Ishida AKA Metalla X.

Deep within The Dark Realm. WyvernTerritory. Royal Chambers of the Wyvern Mazoku Digi-Mazoku Lord.

Deep within the farthest regions of the Dark Realm, a large metropolis stood at the heart of a wasteland. It looked about the size of Los Angeles except some of the structures were as tall as some New York buildings. There was one that stood tall above all with an observatory tower at the roof.

This particular tower belonged to an infamous Mazoku warlord. Could this belong to the legendary Toushinmon that many have spoken fondly of? No, this belonged to another Digi-Mazoku lord. This territory was owned by the infamous Mukuromon.

A closer view inside the top floor of the tower structure and below the observatory was displayed. Inside the top floor was a dark yet gothic room with a large bed sitting at the center. The walls were decorated with black covering and paintings of famous gothic artwork created by a brilliant artist. That artist would be none other than Mukuromon herself.

Sitting on her bed, a medium-sized woman with light green skin with orange hair that reached down to her shoulders had a glass of red wine in one hand and a drawing pad in the other. Her attire consisted of a white shirt decorated with purple linen and golden Japanese Kanji written on her shirt. Around her neck was a pendant necklace shaped like a black dragon. Her pants were leather black, her boots are white and half of her right face was concealed by bandages. A single glasses lens covered her left eye while gazing down on her sketch. Despite her dark complexion, she still quite beautiful and elegant. A small smile formed across her face after taking a sip from her glass. The picture she was drawing looked like a wolf-like creature baring a striking resemblance to the werewolf kind. The monster looked gothic and there was a mistress in the background with flaming red hair.

There was a knock on her door. Without lifting her head, she answered in reply.

"Come in."

The door opened and a shadow figure walked in. Mukuromon put her sketchbook down and looked across to find Metalla X. His appearance was slightly different than his previous level four form. His body was decorated with black armor with a massive weighted sword attached to his back. His eyes met Mukuromon's. The Warrior of Friendship was chosen by Mukuromon as her right hand man and as a participant in the tournament. Metalla X found great success as he made it all the way to the finals in a three-way bout with himself, Hadesmon and Max Kamiya. Beforehand, he had fought Mukuromon during the course of the tournament and defeated her in a close battle. That day Mukuromon had grown an affection for the warrior much to Mimi's dismay. The woman blamed Yamato for having an affair with Mukuromon. Metalla X claimed that he has no such interest for Mukuromon. Mimi had never spoken to her husband since that event and told him to stay with Mukuromon.

"Mukuromon. As you know, he will finally be returning to his family."

"Your rival? Taichi Kamiya?"

"Yes. I will have to bid you farewell."

"Ok, then. Goodbye, Yamato-san"

"One more thing…"


"I just want to let you know that Mimi is the only woman in my life. Our relationship is merely business and nothing more. Keke is disappointed with me, but I want to make it all up to them. You understand."

"I understand completely. I would be angry too if I were your wife. But will you return every now and then to continue your work as my bodyguard?"

"Call me whenever you need me, Mukuromon."

"I will, but there's something I would like to give you as a farewell."

Getting up from her bed, Mukuromon slowly walks over to her greatest bodyguard and presses herself against him. She stands on her tiptoes and plants a kiss on the warrior's lips. The warrior returned the kiss and sets her down.

"You're the only man besides Toushinmon and Hadesmon to have ever claim victory over me. My reputation is by no means tarnished but you have gained quite a huge following. You're throwing away an opportunity to live like a god. You would have been worshipped."

"Thanks, but my family comes first. Plus, Tai is coming back and I cannot miss out on this."

"I'm going to miss your wonderful music, Yamato. I've never heard such a wonderful voice as you have demonstrated to me. You have convinced me that even humans are capable of such beautiful and eloquent art. I will not implement an attack on your planet because of this, Yamato-san."

"Yes. Well, it's time I move on."

"Let's hope our paths cross again."

"Our paths will cross again, Mukuromon. You take good care of yourself."

With that said, Metalla X stepped out of the Digi-Mazoku's royal chambers and left her feeling warm inside. Mukuromon pressed her hand against her heart and smiled.

"May good fortune come to you and your wife, Yamato-san. I didn't mean to intrude in your relationship and I want all of this to cool over. Until we meet again… Sayanora."

AmazonKingdom. Athenamon's Royal Chambers.

Inside the Greek-like futuristic setting of a massive metropolis, a bright light shone over the kingdom. It was unlike Mukuromon's territory in the Dark Realm. This kingdom was ruled over Athenamon, a compassionate yet prideful queen. She has seen many battles and has developed a reputation for being a male's worst nightmare. She is revered and respected by all female digimon, excluding a majority of the viral types.

Deep within a structure similar to the United States Capitol building, there were many Amazon digimon warriors gathering for pleasant conversations. Others were guarding the palace. Inside the royal chambers, there was a massive tub at the center, ones formally used by ancient Greeks and Romans. There was one beautiful and majestic individual sitting inside the tub. Her long blonde hair was let loose with her naked body enjoying the massaging hot springs. Her eyes opened to reveal heavenly, blue eyes. She combed her hands through her hair and removed a familiar red hairpin. Yes, this was none other than Mystic Celesta herself. Kari often would use her fused form when stepping inside Athenamon's royal chambers. She was now thirty-six years old yet she was fortunate to have retained her youthful beauty. Mystic Celesta swam across the hot tub and sighed in relief.

"That was one great training session. Athenamon, you sure like to go all out when you need to be."

"Oh, is that a fact?"

Mystic Celesta stopped as she turned to see the Amazon queen herself. A smile formed across her face and she kneeled over to the tub. Mystic Celesta swam over towards the queen and stopped.

"Want me to wash your hair for you, Hikari?"

"Yes, please…"

Gathering a handful of water, Athenamon started to mat down Mystic Celesta's blonde hair with water. The Warrior of Light giggled as some water dripped against her face.

"Have you spoken to your husband, Hikari?"

"Today. You know I'll be leaving to see my brother returning."

"After all this time? I often wonder how Sora can wait for that man."

"She loves him deeply. They've known each other since they were kids. Besides, I share the same affection for TK. Ah, just a little at the top."

"While I admit that I have disliking for males, I can't help but respect your brother for what he has accomplished. I've never seen such a warrior with heart and determination. Sort of reminds me of myself."

"Yeah… I'm excited. I can't wait to see him again."

Just then, there was a knock at the royal chamber doors. Athenamon and Mystic Celesta both turned to find the doors opening. To their surprise, the person behind the door was none other than Rika. Ten years have passed and she has become twenty-five years old. She had developed a mature body than she already had during her teen years. In fact, she had already surpassed her mother's beauty despite keeping the tomboy-esque. She had grown softer but can still dish out a butt whooping. Rika was now taller. Her hair was let down loose with a sun hat covering the top. Her outfit consisted of a white t-shirt with a yin-yang emblem at the center, her jeans are blue and she wore black flip flops. She removed her black shades to reveal her eyes. Her eyes were still as violent-based and majestic as ever. Accompanying her were Renamon and a little girl. Yes, this little girl is Rika's daughter. In fact, she married Takato and had their first child three and half years ago. The little girl looked exactly like her mother except her hair was shorter and a pair of goggles wrapped around her neck. The child's wardrobe consisted of blue shirt with a matching white shorts. A full-shaped heart was embedded on the girl's shirt. Her name is Ruki Nonaka Matsuda.

"Hello there, Rika! It's to see you again!" Athenamon gets up and gives the girl a hug.

"Same to you, Athenamon. Ruki?"

"Hello, Ms. Athenamon. I suggested to mommy we visit you," Ruki smiled.

"Aww, well isn't that sweet?" Mystic Celesta giggled.

"Hi there, Kari," Rika stepped over to the fused warrior. "Enjoying your bath?"

"Um, you can say that."

"I hear you're pretty excited today. After all, your brother is coming back home after ten years."

"You have no idea how excited I am, Rika. Will you be coming?"

"Of course, since Takato will be there."

"Oh, how's Takato doing, Rika?"

"Typical goggle head… He hasn't been doing much. We're still running his family's bakery. Ruki here can't get enough of her daddy's bread."

Mystic Celesta looks over to Ruki and playfully shook her hand.

"Giving your mommy and daddy a hard time?"

"Only when I'm hungry."

"I'm telling you, this girl has a bottomless pit," Rika sighed. "I think we just might have to close up the shop because of her."

"Heh. Like that'll ever happen," Mystic Celesta giggled.

"How's business been here since I was away?"

"Tiring," the Digi-Destined of Light replied. "Athenamon. Are we going to be having a meeting tonight with the other Amazon Royal Knights?"

"No. You've been given permission to leave to see your brother."

"Ok, good. See what kind of work I have to deal with? One day you're going to be in my position, Rika."

"Guess I'll have to enjoy these youthful years then," the redhead sighed.

"You'll do just fine, Rika. Just take it from me and you should be successful," she winked.

Grabbing a towel from the pool side, Mystic Celesta stepped out and wrapped the white towel around her body. She threw back her wet, blonde hair and stretched out.

"Man, that hot bath looks relaxing," Rika said. "Ruki? Why don't you go play with Kara? I'm sure she's here somewhere."


"Oh yeah. Kara is over at the garden. She should be finishing her training," Mystic Celesta smiled. "Go and see her, Ruki."

"In the meantime, mommy will talk to Kari," Rika ruffled her daughter's hair.

Nodding in reply to her mother, Ruki scurries out of the room and down a hallway leading to a garden. Rika turns her attention over to Mystic Celesta and follows her down another hallway. Athenamon and Renamon occupied the duo.

"How have you been Renamon? It's so good to see you again," Athenamon said.

"I'm doing just fine. The family is prospering."

"Ruki is just a little darling, isn't she?"

"Of course, but I just hope she doesn't turn out like her mother used to be."

"I heard that Renamon," Rika replied. "If she turns out to be a mini Digimon Queen, then you can surely thank you. She'll take after me and reach the status of greatness to carry out the Nonaka name. We're legendary."

"That you are," Mystic Celesta laughed.

"Kari. I need to ask you something…"

"What is it?"

"What's it truly like being a mother. I mean, I've been Ruki's mother for three years. Yet, I act more like her big sister than a mother."

"Well, I can't explain how, but it just comes naturally. You have to tend to Ruki's needs and care for her until she becomes older. Being a mother is hard work. I can relate. After all, I have to deal with two ravenous twins. However, underneath those beastly stomachs are two wonderful children. TK and I love them to death. Just show Ruki that you are her mother and not a big sister."

"I see… I'll do the best I can. Thanks, Kari."

"No problem. Come ask me anything in case you have problems. I love children. So I can teach you a few things about being a good mother."

"Guess teaching and being a part time kindergarten teacher does you favors, huh?"

"It's hard work, but I'll manage."

"I see. Then, I'll come to you when I need to ask a question. Heh, who would have thought we'd be sharing a conversation together? That was fifteen years ago. I can't believe how much of a brat I was then. I mean, it was me all power hungry when I nearly had Renamon kill Gatomon to load her data. I even disliked you back then."

"Times have changed. We've been in countless battles and have grown to respect each other."

"Respect that eventually became friendship."

"Yep. Now here we are future leaders of the Amazon Kingdom."

"I know. It's insane. It'll be great working together and bringing order to this kingdom. This is our opportunity."

"I agree."

Pushing a pair of doors open, Mystic Celesta stepped inside her royal room. It was majestic and beautiful with white and golden wallpaper decorated the walls. An expensive-looking bed and ceiling light stood out amongst the furniture. There was a computer desk with a laptop and pictures of Kari's past memories.

Mystic Celesta steps behind a veil, removes her towel from her body and dries her hair off with it. She threw her hair back once again and started to blow dry her gorgeous blonde hair. Several minutes after blow drying, Mystic Celesta powered down and separated herself back into her two separate entities in a flash of light. Kari was back to her normal human self as she put on a long-sleeve pink shirt, a pair of white pants and white shoes. Kari combed her long brown hair and placed her red hairpin through it. She placed on lipstick and patted her soft cheeks. Eve at age thirty-six, Kari still had that same youthful appearance and cute smile. She reached down to pick up Gatomon. The Digi-Destined of Light stepped out and was ready to get going.

"Ready to go, Rika?"

"You bet."

Kamiya Residence. Local Odaiba Apartments. 4:32 P.M.

"MOMMY! DADDY! Today is the day!"

The entire Kamiya apartment home trembled under a loud childish cry. This came from a little girl. Inside, no Kamiyas were around but instead there was Henry, Dorothy and a little blonde haired girl running around. This is their four-year-old daughter daughter, Yoko Wong. Dorothy married Henry once finishing college. They both work with Janyuu and make up his new Monster Maker team. Their job was to keep the borders between the Digital and Real worlds secure by preventing anymore bio-emerges. Yamaki still worked as head of Hypnos and developed a relationship with business partner, Riley.

"Momma! Poppa! He's coming! Isn't he!" the girl asked frantically.

"Tai's finally coming and you get to meet him for the first time," Henry nodded. "Now will you calm down? Ugh, kids…"

"Oh, don't be like that, Henry," Dorothy smiled while lowering down to sweet talk her daughter.. "That's right, Yoko. You're going to like him because he's the one who taught mommy how to fight."

"Cool! I hope he teaches me how to fight! I'm going to beat up all those mean boys!"

"Dorothy. I don't know what's caused her to become like this. She certainly doesn't take after you or me."

"I guess she took after Suzie," Terriermon joked. "Who knows? I'm just glad she doesn't use me as 'Ms. Pwetty Pants'."

"Awww, I'd never do that to you," Yoko giggled.

"We'll be leaving here in an hour, guys," Henry announced. "Dorothy. You said he'd come by 6:30?"

"That's what he told me telepathically. Don't worry, Henry. He'll be here."

"Yeah, don't want to go bald, do ya Henry?"

"Terriermon… You want me to cut down on your food consumption?"

"Ack! You wouldn't dare!"

"All the sweets will be gone."

"You never let me win, Henry. Humph…"

"Tai. Finally, you've come back to us. I wonder how much older you've gotten? Perhaps you haven't changed, but you won't you be surprised with the family I've managed to raise. I thank Sora for helping me. This will be quite the momentous day."

Izumi Residence. 4:40 P.M.

Inside a beautiful and a very comfortable apartment home, a red-haired man was sitting at his deck doing research for an upcoming project to help the Digital Worlds secure their borders. The man lets out a sigh and turns his seat around to find a red-shelled insect flying down next to him.

"How's it coming, buddy?" Tentomon asked.

"Hard and stressful, but I'll manage."

"Why don't you take a break, Izzy? Tai's going to be coming back today."

"I know, but I really would like to get this finished."

"Tentomon's right, honey," Talley said as she came walking in. "We both deserve a break. This is your best friend we're talking about you know."

Talley looked no different except that she had let her hair grown out and tied it up to pigtails. She bent over and took her husband's hand.

"You're right. This can wait."

"Now that's the spirit," Talley nodded.

"Mommy! Daddy!" a little girl's voice rang out.

Izzy and Talley watched as a little eight year old girl with short red hair came running in. The girl was wearing a little blue dress with a white shirt underneath. Most notable is the cute little bow on her head. Her face has a striking resemblance to her mother's, but she inherited her father's hair color and eyes.

"Mina. How was school today?" Talley asked as she kneeled over to touch her daughter's left cheek.

"Same as usual," Mina yawned. "I'm already the best artist in my class."

"That's wonderful dear," Izzy smiled. "Mind to show us your masterpieces?"

"Sure! Oh, are we going to see that man you two have been talking about?"

"Tai? Yeah, you finally get to meet him, Mina. He's been a friend of mine since we were kids. You're going to like him."

"I can't wait!" Mina nodded.

"What do you say we get going and get a bite to eat on the way?" Talley suggested. "Hopefully traffic won't be a problem."

"As long as it's before five-thirty," Izzy reminded her.

"I know… That's why I suggested we leave now. Besides, I'm sure Mina is hungry."

"Don't forget me," Tentomon raised his hand madly.

"Tentomon! You're always hungry!" Mina exclaimed.


"I'm a growing kid! You're just a bug!"

"Well I'm a growing bug that needs the energy to survive."

"And why do you always have such a geeky voice?"

"You're a geek, too! In fact, you are just like your father when I first met him!"

"Guys! That's enough!" Izzy barked.

"Or it's no McDonalds for either one of you!" Talley shouted.

This threatening statement alone was enough to silence the bickering of the girl and the digimon. Both bowed to each other as a method to 'apologize' to one another.

"I swear you two argue as if you were siblings," Izzy rubbed his head. "Ok, guys. Let's get going!"

"Yay!" Mina cheered.

Motomiya Residence. 4:45 P.M.

Inside the home of the Motomiya residence, the noodle shop was at the bottom floor and still in business. Davis came walking down from the stairs without his goggles. He had retired those years ago after Zeed's defeat. However, he still continues to preserve peace in the Digital World as Ultima X.

"Dad! I'm home!" David came walking inside.

"Glad you're home, son!"

David had grown up since the battle against Zeed. He has grown into a young man. His hair and face was very similar to his father's during his youth. He wore his father's goggles to honor the good name of the Digi-Destined.

Racing down from the stairs, a small boy came down and looked exactly like David did years ago. In fact, this particular child was born a year after the final battle. Davis and Sonja finally had themselves a child when it was realized that the artificial woman still had a female sex organ. The way Datamon constructed her was very perplexing to say the least. Even Yolei, Ken and Izzy confirmed that she can give birth to an organic baby.

Following behind the little boy, a young woman came walking down with her raven hair tied up into a ponytail. Her outfit consisted of a white t-shirt, black baggy pants and pair of high heel shoes. Her blue eyes fixed a glare on Davis and a sly grin forms across her face.

"So, Tai's finally coming back. Isn't he?" Sonja asked.

"Yeah. Finally, it's been too long. I wonder if he's gotten older. He'll be about forty years old."

"Well, you haven't gotten much older dad," the little boy smile

"Thanks, David Jr."

"So, how was training with Tike?" Sonja asked her adopted son.

"Good. We caught up with some great results. He had to leave to go see his dad. So I came back here and realized that Tai was coming back."

"That he is, son. We'll leave here by five thirty."

"Hey, Davish!" Veemon calls out. "Did you manage to get the oil checked?"

"Sure did, Veemon. Don't worry even if the car breaks down, we can just fusion evolve and fly there."

"But I hate flying," David Jr. quipped.

"Even though you can," David sighed.

"There's no way I'm going to miss out on Tai coming back. This is the day I've been waiting for," Davis thought.

Meanwhile as the family continued their conversation, there was a familiar figure standing outside. It was none other than the revived Jax. He had been restored thanks in part to the Digicores' last great wish. He was a victim of those killed since he was used by Datamon and Dr. Myuumon. A faint smile forms across his face once he realized that his older sister had found a happy life with Davis. The artificial walks off as he came into contact with a blonde-haired woman with a little girl with a matching hair color as her mother. But, he has inherited her father's majestic blue eyes. This was the French Digi-Destined Catherine. Jax found himself in a relationship with Catherine and eventually married her during the ten year period. Their child is named Mika.

"Ready to go honey?" Catherine asked her husband.

"Yes. Let's go," nodded Jax.

"Will we ever see Aunt Sonja and Uncle Davis?" Mika innocently asked her father.

"Yes, one day, Mika. That's a promise. C'mon, you two. Let's go."

As they started walking off, Sonja looked out and gives a smile.

"Brother, I'm glad you have found someone who can look out for you. I hope we'll see each other again."

Matsuda Bakery. 4:45 P.M.

Looking at his watch, an older Takato Matsuda made it official to close the bakery early. He was anticipating the return of the original goggle head general himself. He was taller and slightly built than before. His hair was a little longer, with a tiny ponytail tied at the end. His outfit consisted of an old AC/DC t-shirt, a pair of black pants and matching color shoes. On his right arm was a tattoo of the Hazard. He locked the front door and calls out for his partner.

"Guilmon! We're leaving now!"

"Coming Takato!"

"I'd rather close up now and get there early. Like they say, the early bird gets the worm. Tai, it'll be awesome to have you back."

ShibuyaPark4:50 P.M.

A pair of individuals came walking down a walkway while having a conversation with each other. One of them was a young adult male with brown hair. His clothes consisted of a red t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of flaming red tennis shoes. The other is a blonde-haired girl with its length reaching down to her shoulders. Her outfit consisted of a purple halter top, a blue jean skirt and purple flip flops. It was Takuya and Zoe. Both were twenty two years with Zoe being a few months older, of course. Both have already graduated out of Shibuya University and are enjoying a few years off before moving on with their career occupations. Zoe has taken interest in culinary arts and wants to become a great Italian cook while Takuya has sought interest in mechanics.

"Look at the time, Zoe," Takuya looked down at his watch. "Tai's coming back. I say we get there early. What do you say?"

"Sure. Besides, there's nothing else to do and I really want to see him again."

"So do I. It's been ten years already. Tai, wait till you see how much I've grown."

"But I'm still older than you, Takuya," Zoe teased the 'youngin'.

"So what? Haven't we already gone through with this already?"

"Well, it brings back memories of me picking on you. I love teasing you, kid."


"Come on! Let's hurry or we'll be caught in traffic!" Zoe calls out as she run ahead of the male.

"Can't argue with that. Five thirty traffic is a bitch."

Several kilometers above town. 4:55 P.M.

Already finished eating their buffet meal, the D3 trio stretched out while belching above the city.

"Man! That really hit the spot!" Max laughed. "It's four fifty-five now. My mom said that he won't be here until at least six o' clock. Only an hour left. What do you want to do now?"

"Well, I have to get back home with mom. I have to go help some stuff out with her and I should be over at the beach by six-fifteen."

"Ok, sounds like a plan. Well, Keke. It's just you and me then," Max said.

"I'm sure we can fly around the skies in the meantime," Keke suggested.

"Ok, I'm up for that. How about a little race?"

"You're on!"

"You two lovebirds have fun. I'm off!" Dimitri gives a salute to the pair and flies off across towards the city.

Facing each other off, Max and Keke were prepared to test each other in a game of speed. They made a stance as if they were marathon runners. Both were preparing to speed off with everything they've got.

"Ok, Keke. Ready?"


"On your mark…


"…get set…"



Both of them formed explosive golden auras and immediately raced off against one another across the heavens. A trail of golden light streaked across the skies as the citizens below looked on with astonishment. Keke and Max were already in their Ascendant forms. They shared a friendly laugh together but not long before Max launches himself across.

"HEY! NO FAIR, YOU MEANIE!" Keke laughed.

Keke powers up and races across to give chase to her boyfriend. She managed to catch up with Max and was determined to beat him in this race.

"Whoops! Looks like I overdid it!" Max smiled.

"You ought to give a lady a head start! It's the polite thing to do!"

"Sorry, but this is a competition."

"Oh, is that how it is?" Keke smiled devilishly.

Gathering more ki energy, Keke powered up her aura and launched herself across. Max was perplexed by the rate she was traveling at.

"Holy crap! I didn't think you had it in you! Ok, then! No more holdbacks!"

Screaming out, Max powered up and flew across to match speed with Keke. They encircled each other while leaving a trail of hoola-hoop like golden rings along their way.

"Looks like my training has done you some favors, Keke. Our speed is about the same," Max thought. "Only one more hour left until my dad gets here. I can't wait!"

The pair flew across the skies and further out towards the distance. They would travel out so fast that they would already have encircled the entire globe at least a few hundred times before their Ascendant ki wears off. Amazing feat for a group of teens. They would continue this until at least five-thirty to rest and head off to the beach to await the return of Taichi Kamiya.

Shintomon's Sacred Sanctuary

Sitting on a rocking chair, the demigoddess Lady Moinanea held a child in her arms. She cooed with it playfully and looked ahead to find a small, elf-like boy with spiked turquoise hair streaked across his back head. His outfit was a Chinese-style scholar suit. This was the first child of Lady Moinanea and Shintomon. This boy is named Legolas, named after the Lord of the Rings character. The baby in Lady Moinanea's arms is a little girl with elf-like ears and short turquoise hair. Her eyes were heavenly blue-green.

"Honey! It's going to be six-thirty on earth's time. We had better get going," Shintomon calls out.

"Yes, dear. We're fortunate enough to have seen Taichi's progress in his training. I hear that he has improved," nodded Lady Moinanea.

"He has even though he lost in the Digi-Universal tournament."

"That really doesn't matter since his boy won the event," Gosenzomon replied.

"Yes and he's done quite a splendid job as Supreme Guardian and protector of Earth," Buddamon spoke.

"Yes, it's great having Max helping us in the time of need especially since I've become a father of two," Shintomon nodded. "Ready to go, my lady?"

"Yes," Lady Moinanea nodded her head.

Beach away from RainbowBridge6:30 P.M.

The ocean view was quite the beautiful view with the sun already beginning to give way to dusk. The skies were mixed with a hue coloration of red, blue and dark purple. The roaring oceans washed against the sandy shores and there was a person standing away from the waves. The figure was feminine and serene. A closer look at this woman and one would say she is lost mistress waiting for her beloved. In fact, this was Sora Takenouchi Kamiya waiting for her husband to arrive. Her attire consisted of a blue dress with a white t-shirt underneath. She had let her hair to grow out longer than she had before. It reached down to her back. She stood out looking towards the sea and let out a deep sigh.

"Tai… You're late…"

"Just give him a few more minutes. He even said he's be here," Biyomon reassured the woman.

"She's right. Just be a little more impatient," another woman's voice speaks up.

Standing behind Sora was Mimi. She was wearing a pink Indian style outfit with her brown-blonde hair let loose. Standing by her side was Palmon. Not even Mimi was successful in attempting to bring her friend back to reality. Sora starts walking the opposite direction, snorts and kicks the sand away from her feet.

"Stupid Tai…"

"Poor Sora," Palmon sighed. "So he didn't come after all."

Sora marched across the beach while Takato, Guilmon, Davis, Veemon and his family watched her. Takato attempted to stop her but was cut off by Biyomon.

"Please let her be, Takato," Biyomon said. "It appears Tai won't be coming after all."

"Its only five minutes past! We can wait a little longer," Davis replied. "Besides, I'm sure something simply detoured him. He'll be here."

"Let's hope you're right, Davis. For Sora's sake," Sonja stated.

Even Max, Keke and Dimitri were upset with the way Sora is acting. It's only been five minutes and the woman is already walking off. She felt betrayed after the promise and the kiss Tai had given her before he left.

"Mom! Wait! Just wait a little longer!" Max pleaded.

"Max…" Keke sighed. "I'm sorry…"

"No! My dad said he'd be here! He promised me and mom he'd be here! I guess he's too caught up with being the best that he's going to forget us, his own family… I just might follow mom's lead if I wait any longer."

More people were starting to arrive, including Rika and Ruki. Then along came Kari, Gatomon and Kara. TK and Tike arrived at just about the same time. Kari stopped to find Sora walking away with tears pouring down her eyes.

"Sora! You're going the wrong way!" TK calls out to the woman.

"So, he didn't come back after all," Kari whispered.

"No, he trick us like this," Gatomon said. "I know he's known to pull pranks but he was dead serious when he made that promise to Sora."

"What! You mean Uncle Tai isn't coming back!" Tike and Kara exclaimed in unison.

"What could have triggered my brother not to come? Tai… I can't believe you're choosing to stay in that damn place to train and forget about us, the ones who helped you through many conflicts. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but you are a liar, brother…"

"No! Tai wouldn't do something like this! I just know he wouldn't!" Patamon nodded.

"Poor Sora," Rika said. "Why should she wait for him? She ought to just leave, go home and forget about the guy. He even made the promise to her! Hell, I was touched when he kissed her."

"Mommy? Why are you mad?" Ruki innocently asked.

"I'm mad because another mommy is heartbroken by the man she loves."

Looking on from across a cliff were Pikkan and Leomon. They, too, were disappointed with the outcome. However, they stopped for a moment and felt a rising power about to arrive.

"What? Are you feeling this Pikkan?"

"Yes. So, he came after all," the Alterian smiled.

Suddenly, a massive portal opened up and caught everyone by surprise. The Digi-Destined and their allies gathered over to where the portal hole was imminent. Max gasped happily and calls out for his mother.

"Mom! Don't go! It's dad! He's here!"

Stopping almost immediately, Sora turns around to watch a male figure emerging from out with an orange reptilian creature. Sora's eyes fluttered open and her heart raced rapidly.

The man emerging out of the portal was medium-sized yet built. His hair was a little longer and spiked up. He walked out with an orange-red martial arts gi, blue boots with red laces, a blue belt and blue wristbands. He gave his usual trademark grin and waved out to everyone awaiting for him.

"Told ya'll I'd be back!"



The whole Digi-Destined and Tamer group gathered around Tai. One minute they were doubting his chances of returning and nearly turned their backs on him for 'lying' about his arrival. Now they were flocking back to him. He lived up to his promise and became fully reunited with his loved ones after ten years. Max runs up towards his father and wrapped his arms around him.


"Hey, there, Max! Man, you have grown since I last talked to you! You aren't kidding about your size!"

"We're about the same height now."

"Wow, that's incredible! You must have been eating healthy! You ought to tell me what vitamins you've been taking!"

"Hi, Mr. Kamiya!" Keke cried out.

"Keke! Wow, you too! You kids need to stop growing!"

"Great to have you back," BW said.

"Agumon! I've missed you, pal!" Guilmon slapped his fellow digimon a tail slap.

"Right back at ya, Guilmon!"

"Ha! I knew you wouldn't go back on your word, Tai! I didn't lose doubt!" Takato said.

"Thanks, Takato…"

Just then, X was the to arrive on the scene and he joined in with the whole group.

"Tai! So you managed to finally make it," X approached Tai to give him a friendly hug. "I knew you wouldn't let us down."

"Way to keep us in suspense again, man," Davis gives a thumbs up to the leader.

"Hey! Don't go and forget about us!" Dorothy's calls out from the distance.

Tai turns to find Dorothy, Henry, Terriermon and Yoko heading his direction. He gives Dorothy a hug and lowers down to greet Yoko.

"So, you're the one who taught my mommy how to fight?" Yoko asked.

"Well, sort of… Yeah. What else has your momma told you about me?"

"That you're a really funny and a brave man."

"Well, your mommy is right."

"It's good to have you back, Tai," Dorothy bowed her head.

"I knew you and Henry would get together. You have a cute little kid. She'll grow up to be a fine person," Tai nodded. "Raise her well, you two."

"Taichi Kamiya!"

Quickly turning around, Tai found a hand slamming against his face. He goes reeling back from the blow and felt his welting cheek. He looks across and saw Sora with her hand red. Everyone gasped out in shock. The woman had finally let out her frustrations on Tai after making her wait. Now it looked like Sora was ready to beat the living crap out of Tai. Even Max and X were unaware as to what she was preparing to do next.

To everyone's surprise, Sora leaped out in front of Tai and embraced the man. Tai hoisted Sora up and spun around with her laughing out happily. He places Sora down. The group gathered to cast their eyes on the reunited couple.

"We're finally back together as a family," Max whispered.

"I'm happy for you, Max," Keke smiled. "We, as a whole, have become complete. All that's left is one last thing…"


Pointing out ahead, Max looks over and watches his parents kissing one another passionately. Tai embraced Sora and kissed her deeply. Their hands rubbed each other's backs and Max's felt his heart warm up. But, he felt a hand tug on his left arm. He turns and from out of nowhere… Keke plants a kiss of her own to Max. The teens shared their own romantic moment as love was blossoming between these two couples.

Everyone else clapped their hands in support for the couples. From out of a corner, Matt and Gabumon finally arrived. They stopped and found Mimi standing on the sidelines. He slowly approaches her and gets behind her to cover her eyes with his hands.

"Guess who?"


Mimi turns and faces Matt. She embraces the man and poured out her tears. After having spatial differences ever since the incident with Mukuromon, Matt decided to make things right by patching things up with Mimi.

Finally, everyone that had attended the beach party ten years ago had arrived. Joe, Cody, Izzy, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, Suzie, all of their digimon partners, Shintomon, Lady Moinanea and even Gennai arrived to join in the reunion gathering.

Looking on from a far distance is was an orange gargoyle-like creature perched against a cliff. He looks on and smiles for the fact that Tai had returned The being was none other than Novadramon, who was revived just like Jax. He takes off into the distance and hoped to meet Taichi again one day for another sparring match.

"Good to have you back my friend," Novadramon whispered under his breath.

Tai carried Sora along as he walked past through the group and stared off into the moonlight shining down across the ocean blue sea. The Digi-Destined of Courage inhales the fresh breeze and immediately looks back to all the memories of the adventures and battles he has endured during the last two decades. Everything from the arrival on File Island to the universal war against Zeed. Also fresh on his memories were the confrontation with Toushinmon, his participation in the Digi-Universal Tournament and his reunion with his loved ones.

"It's been such a long road… Who would think we'd be here enjoying life and not worrying about some maniac trying to kill us. We've all grown up, endured many great challenges and yet we still prospered in the end. I don't know what the future lies in store for us, but I will say this… We're enduring the phase of new era. The era of Digital Fusion is a thing of the past. We must step aside to give rise to the next generation. Max and the kids. They are the future. We, as their predecessors, will help guide them, but it's up to them to find out which road life will take them. I've done my part and all I want to do is spend time with my family. My mission… My fun… It's been real. I give the closing to the final chapter of the Digital Fusion era. This is Taichi Kamiya. Forty years old. Married to Sora Takenouchi and have a son, Max Kamiya. For, me, it's the end of one era. But for Max and the kids, it's only the first step into a new adventure. but it's time to walk off into the sunset. For this last statement, I say to you all: Thank you and may the spirits guide you."

Finally with those thoughts already becoming an after thought within Tai's mind, the couple watched as a pair of white butterflies flew across the oceans. Soon, everyone else viewed the beautiful butterflies flying out towards harbor. Each face knew that a new era was in store for them and they were going to make it count.

The Digi-Destined: Taichi, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi, Davis, TK, Kari, Yolei, Ken and Cody. All were already at least in their mid to late thirties. All with children. Tai and Sora had Max; Mimi and Matt have their two children: Dimitri and Keke; Davis and Sonja had their adopted son, David, and a biological son of their own, David Jr. TK and Kari had their twin children: Tike and Kara; Yolei and Ken had Sam, Naomi and Shinobu; only Sam really gained the Ascendant power. All of these children have inherited incredible powers from their parents, including the strength of the Digital warriors. The DNA and data was intertwined to give these children the powers. As a result, they have become Ascendants: super humans. Out of the couples, only three did not give birth to a super human. That was Izzy and Talley. They had married during the ten year period and have a daughter, Mina Izumi. Joe and his wife, Diana, have their son Joseph. Last but certainly not least, Cody and his wife, Marie, have their daughter, Sara.

The Tamers: Takato, Rika, Henry, Kazu, Kenta, Jeri and Suzie. Most already in their twenties with Suzie as a teen. Takato and Rika have a daughter of their: Ruki. Jeri and Pikkan actually have two children: a son named Solar and a daughter named Mary. Both are half brred human and digimon, since their mother is human and their father is a digimon. They make up the first successful half breed family. Henry is married to Dorothy with a daughter, Yoko. Kazu and Kenta are still single yet will not give up to find themselves a woman. It's only a matter of time for those two. The fallen Ryo Akiyama was honored for his selfless, courageous act, but will not live on to see his fellow Tamers giving birth to a new generation of Tamers.

The Legendary Warriors: Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Zoe, JP and Tommy. Everyone of them, except Tommy, is in their early twenties. Some attended college, Takuya, Zoe and the brothers are the most notable; others have taken occupations, both Tommy and JP. The boy named Tyler is actually the son of Takuya and Zoe, and he would often visit his 'parents' and the warriors every now and then. Huanlongmon prefers to keep Tyler safely sealed since his powers of Infernomon are too unpredictable to control. Finding out their son was Tyler, both Takuya and Zoe have gotten closer than actual friends. Marriage seems to be inevitable since they both have finished college.

Everyone looked across and watched the butterflies take flight across the oceans. Memories and images of the last three decades started to become visualized through the ocean's reflection. It all started on File Island…

(The eight Digi-Destined viewed their first digimon battle during the Highton View Terrance Incident. The two digimon were Greymon and Parrotmon, with Greymon emerging victorious.)

(Nearly four years after that event, the seven Digi-Destined arrived in the Digital World. They landed on FileIsland and met their digimon partners. Agumon was the first to digivolve from Koromon and eventually became Greymon to find off Shellmon. Soon after him, Garurumon, Birdramon, Kabuterimon, Togemon and Ikkakumon.)

(The Digi-Destined would meet many new allies, including Leomon. Their first official enemy was Devimon. Proving to be quite a strong opposition, it led to Patamon digivolving into Angemon. The angel of Hope vanquished the devil man with a finishing blow with his Hand of Fate)

(Soon afterwards, Etemon would be next for the children. The journey to the Server Continent allowed the children to gain their Crests and Tags. Tapping into the true power of his Crest, after his failure with Skull Greymon, Tai allowed Greymon to evolve into Metal Greymon. He blasted away Etemon, thus leading Tai and Metal Greymon to enter through a portal back to the real world. He became reacquainted with his sister, Kari, but left back to the Digital World to regroup with his friends.)

(Little did Kari realize that the eighth digivice appeared in her home. Myotismon became aware of the situation with the eighth child and gathered his troops, including Gatomon, to enter the real world. Coincidentally, Gatomon's prey would turn out to be the partner she was searching for. When they became united, Myotismon was on the hunt.)

(The Digi-Destined moved out in attempt to rescue Kari and Gatomon. Thanks to a selfless sacrifice on Wizardmon's part, the Crest of Light shone. With Gatomon urge to avenge her deceased friend and Kari's Light, she digivolved into Angewomon. Striking down the heartless villain with her Celestial Arrow, the angel of Light slain the aristocratic Myotismon. Or she so thought…)

(Myotismon committed a foul and digivolved into Venom Myotismon. Using their arrows of Light and Hope, the angel pair used their powers to grant Agumon and Gabumon the ability to digivolve into their mega forms. War Greymon and Metal Garurumon were born. With the eight children united, they overcame Venom Myotismon's wrath and saved their planet. Unfortunately, they were unaware of the fact that the earth's skies were being covered with global view of the Digital World. The two worlds were somehow become intertwined with one another.)

(As the Digi-Destined returned, Matt had somehow left the team after an argument with Tai. Then, the lives of the Digi-Destined would officially change. Enter Neo Devimon. The devil man revealed that Agumon was originally intended to destroy the Digital World in the name of an unknown terrorist empire. Neo Devimon proved to be much stronger than Venom Myotismon and he was only merely a champion-level, an experienced one. It took both Leomon and War Greymon to put down the villain. The masked man, X, would arrive on the scene to help train both Tai and Agumon)

(Eventually, the Digital Invaders would arrive. Causalities mounted. Tai and War Greymon returned to aid their comrades. Etemon, one of the invaders and stronger than the previous counterpart, was easily defeated by War Greymon. What was even more earth shattering was the fact that Matt and Metal Garurumon were amongst the invaders. They revealed that they were recruited by a 'being', but wouldn't reveal the name. Matt vowed to kill Tai and take TK back. Their rivalry would lead to perhaps one of the greatest battles ever witnessed in the Digital World: War Greymon vs. Metal Garurumon! More specifically, it was Courage vs. Friendship! The rivals would become witnesses to this historical event.)

(It battle was close and easily surpassed the expectations of many. Every battle before paled in comparison to this one. In the end, it was Courage who defeated Friendship. It was Hope. TK and Angemon purified Metal Garurumon. Tai confronted Matt and made him 'wake up' to see the error of his ways. Unfortunately, Matt left the Digital World and returned back to meet with 'him'.)

(After learned about the mystical four Digicores, X lent his spaceship to the Digi-Destined. Tai and Agumon stayed behind to heal their injuries. By the time the children arrived on SpiralMountain planet, Matt came at just about moments after the children. Burizalor and his forces had arrived before any of the two parties. Battling through many of Burizalor's elite soldiers, including Machinedramon, Metal Seadramon, and another Myotismon, Matt and the Digi-Destined gathered the digicores. By the time a large percentage of his forces were slain, Burizalor had called for the Demon Corps.)

(Enter the Demon Corps. The team was led by Piedmon; his associates being Metal Tyrannus, Marine Devilin, Skull Satan and Puppetmon. The leader had stolen away the digicores to hand them to Burizalor. The Digi-Destined were left to engage combat with the other four Demon Corp members. Metal Garurumon had dispatched Puppetmon, but not long before Metal Tyrannus crushed him. Tai and War Greymon arrived on the planet to save their comrades. The warrior proved how superior his strength was when he easily put down both Metal Tyrannus and Marine Devilin. Skull Satan escaped to return back with Piedmon. Meanwhile, Burizalor left to gain the password from Gennai to officially activate the Digicores after their long dormancy. With all of the Digi-Destined, except TK and Kari, turned into key chains, the angels were left to handle Piedmon and Skull Satan. Angewomon finishes Skull Satan, while Angemon finally digivolved into Magna Angemon to send Piedmon through the Gate of Destiny)

(With the Digital World restored and Leomon revived, the Digi-Destined only had Burizalor to worry about. The tyrant proved to be more than a match for any of them. Tai and Agumon were both once again on the sidelines. Undergoing three horrifying transformations, Burizalor showed his ruthlessness by inflicting punishment on the Digi-Destined. Most notable was his slaying of Matt 'Yamato' Ishida. Tai arrived in time to see his rival and friend die before his very own eyes. Thus, this led to War Greymon's next greatest battle: against Burizalor.)

(Burizalor proved to be a powerful opponent and nearly killed War Greymon. Using the Life Bomb as a last resort, he gathered energy from the digital life on the Digital World. The Life Bomb was strong enough to send Burizalor plunging. It looked like the Digi-Destined had finally claimed victory. They would return home but mourned for the loss of Matt. They couldn't restore him since the Digicores' lost their power once Gennai had passed away before due to the pain of loss. The Life Bomb had failed… Burizalor survived. But he made the biggest mistake of his miserable life, he took away Sora's life with a single energy beam. This event led to a historical event the Digital Universe would never forget: the merging of Tai and Agumon. Omega X was officially born.)

(This significant event thus led to the beginning of a new era: the Digital Fusion Era. The final portions of the battle were intense and nearly shook the Digital World to its core. It got so insane that the battle itself was settled within the Dark Dimension, a sub-dimension that is outside the actual Dark Realm. The Digicores had their powers restored thanks in part to the children of Hope and Light. Azulongmon and the Holy Beasts were released to send the children to the Digital World. Burizalor and Omega X finished their historic battle within the Dark Dimension. In the end, Omega X dealt the finishing blow that ended the tyrant's reign of terror. Omega X had no chance to escape and supposedly died within the implosion of the dimension. The Digi-Destined, along with a revived Matt, returned home. It was thought Tai and Agumon had died, but Azulongmon would later reveal that they had survived. They would be returning home within four years. During the last four years, Burizalor's father, Mutalior, attempted to avenge his son as he laid predatory sights on Taichi. But, the monster was defeated by Omnimon, the fusion of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon. Omega X would emerge out of the royal knight to really give the finishing blow to Burizalor's father. Thus, the bloodline was ended or so everyone thought…)

(Four years have passed… Three new Digi-Destined were selected. New Digimentals and Armor Evolution. A new enemy, the Digimon Kaiser. The new Digi-Destined, led by Davis, managed to overcome the Kaiser's many weapons. Wizardmon had given a message to the Digi-Destined that a great evil would return and prophesized about the 'golden radiance'. The golden radiance would be the Golden Digimental that allowed Veemon to armor evolve into Magnamon. Magnamon finished off Chimeramon with his golden light. Leomon slain Shadramon, a subordinate of Burizalor's already broken empire. The Kaiser saw the error of his ways and once again became Ken Ichijouji. Ken becomes the Digi-Destined of Kindess. However, he wouldn't officially join until…)

(Burizalor returned. He was given a new cybernetic body and planned to open a portal to the real world with Lady Myotismon. The Digi-Destined, New and Old, arrived in time to stop the restored villain. Tai and Agumon had not returned yet. Instead, a freedom fighter from the future arrived. He, too can merge with his digimon partner. He became Angemon X right before everyone's eyes. In a matter of minutes, Angemon X dispatched both Burizalor and Lady Myotismon. At long last, the icy tyrant was killed off. As Tai and Agumon returned, the youthful freedom fighter and his partner, Faith, warned him about a new upcoming threat, even more formidable than Burizalor. A trio of terrible artificials would arrive at Kyoto in one year. The boy told Tai that in his time the cyborgs and a deadly virus took the lives of the Digi-Destined. Tai was the first during that time period to catch the virus and died from it. The young man would reveal himself as Dimitri Ishida, the son of Matt and Mimi. Returning back to his time, Dimitri left Tai to warn the other Digi-Destined about the upcoming artificial threat.)

(One year passed since the boy's ominous warning, the Digi-Destined waited… Then, the artificials would make their presence felt. They were Elfmon, Iceladydevimon and Funkymon. Of these three, Funkymon was actually Datamon in disguise. Omega X fought Elfmon but his health was deteriorating from the virus. Matt stepped in and became the third human to merge with his digimon. Thus, Metalla X was born. Using his new powers, he took out his frustrations out on Elfmon and destroyed him. Ladydevimon would follow the same fate. Datamon was left to do battle with the Digi-Destined. Dimitri would return to realize that these weren't the same artificials from his time. In fact, they are different. The real ones Dimitri had spoken of were still sealed in their capsules.)

(Activating the capsules, Datamon released the true cyborgs, Jax and Sonja. Then, the third one was released and he wad dubbed 'Black War Greymon'. Their assignment was to terminate Taichi and Agumon. However, Jax and Sonja rebelled against Datamon. With Datamon dispatched, Metalla X left to battle these new threats. But the artificials simply proved to be too much. Davis attempted to talk them out of killing his friends, but they revealed that they showed on interest in Davis' friends. This would actually plant the seeds for the relationship between Davis and Sonja. But, these artificials weren't the actual threats for the planet to worry about. A time capsule arrived from another alternate future, which harbored an egg of some sorts.)

(Leomon would go to Shinjuku to confront the new enemy. It turned out to be another creation of Datamon. The creature's name is Virus, a bio-android created from the cells of the strongest warriors within the Digital Universe. His goal is to absorb Sonja and Jax to achieve his perfect form. Eventually Tai and Agumon recover after taking medicine given to him by Dimitri. Tai was prepared to use the Time Room again like he has done beforehand, but Kari and Gatomon wanted to join her brother. Kari was ready to achieve the Digital Fusion status. Tai acknowledged his sister's wishes, but allowed Matt and Dimitri to enter before him. As Jax and Leomon engaged in a breathtaking duel, Virus would intervene and defeated Leomon. Thus led to Black War Greymon to fend off the bio-weapon monster, but he was too late to save Jax. The artificial was absorbed by Virus and evolved into his semi-perfect form. Sonja was next…)

(Metalla X and Angemon X left the Time Room as they set off to stop the earth's new threat. The warrior of friendship proved his worth by ascending past the first level of digital fusion and dominated Virus. Davis would arrive with the emergency suspension remote, which Izzy had constructed beforehand. Meanwhile, Tai and Agumon were training Gatomon to reach the mega level. Soon, she and Kari would merge to form one single entity. By the time Davis destroyed the switch controller, he tried saving Sonja by leading her off to hiding. Virus would intervene, capture the female and absorb her into his being. At last, Virus has reached his full evolution. He gained the ultimate power. Metalla X was the first to go down. Angemon X stepped in to avenge the loss of his loved ones from his future world and retorted all of his angry towards Virus himself. It looked as though Angemon X had victory clenched at the palm of his hands, but Virus was still superior in the speed department. Then came the shocking revelation…)

(The announcement of the War Games. They would be held within ten days on December 31, 2004. The Digi-Destined were up for the greatest challenge to date. Emerging out of the time chamber, Omega X led out a blonde-haired female warrior. This warrior was none other than Kari and Gatomon. Their digital fusion was a success. With nine days remaining, Matt, Dimitri, Leomon and TK used the room just when they needed it. TK and Patamon would eventually merge together to become War Angemon. During the countdown to the War Games event, a crisis had occurred on earth. It seemed digital portals were being activated worldwide by a mysterious force, later the perpetrator was revealed as none other than Virus himself. The Digi-Destined traveled across the world to meet many new Digi-Destined, including ones from Russia, Mexico, Hong Kong, New York City, Australia, Paris and many more countries. With their help, they sent the rogue digimon back to their home in the Digital World. At some point, Black War Greymon would get his showdown with War Greymon in a short, but sweet duel. There was no winner to determine on that day.)

(Finally, the War Games was ready to commence. Mummymon attempted to intervene and was amongst the first to be swept aside. Once Omega X stepped into the ring, Virus would have himself quite the opponent. The match itself turned out to be one of the most legendary fights the two worlds have ever witnessed. It was evenly match with neither warrior giving out. In the end, Omega X had done the unthinkable: he forfeited the match. He gave his spot to his sister, Kari AKA Celesta X. The young female stepped in and tried to prove her worth, but Virus was simply too great of an opponent for her. Unleashing his Chibi Viruses, the devious villain sought to draw out the hidden power out of the child of light by angering her. It was too no avail as Kari watched her friends and brother getting massacred by the devilish imps. Then, came the turning point. Black War Greymon intervened and was killed off right before Kari's very own eyes. In a sudden flash of light, something snapped within the child as she let go of her restraints and faced up to her greatest fear: self doubt. Having being intimidated by the likes of Myotismon as an eight year old, Kari would not stand for anymore people to die because of her. Wizardmon died and now Black War Greymon was the next to join him. With that action set in place, Celesta X released her Amazing Grace powers.)

(Once achieving her 'Amazing Grace' powers, Celesta X destroyed the Chibi Viruses and set her sights on Virus himself. The bio-android was shocked when he couldn't even land a blow on the young warrior. Kari surpassed Virus through strength, speed and durability. She even deflected his charged up Positron Laser/Terra Beam combinations. Forcing to cough out Sonja, Celesta X was close to ending Virus. However, the villain set about to detonate himself and take the two worlds along with him. Kari cursed herself for not finishing Virus sooner. Then, came the unthinkable. War Angemon intervened, shared his feelings to Celesta X and displayed his true affection for the child of light. The Warrior of Hope transported himself out with Virus to another dimension and died within the explosion. Celesta X had lost yet another loved one. Pouring her heart out, she no longer considered herself a valuable asset of them team since death always manages to creep up to take the life of a beloved friend of hers from out of the blue. But, the War Games were far from finished.)

(Virus returned from near death to deliver the final blow to the Digi-Destined. Killing off Dimitri, Virus managed to anger Metalla X. However, the Warrior of Friendship was easily dispatched and came close to finishing him with an energy shot. Celesta X intervenes to save Matt and get her right arm injured. Like a shark smelling blood, Virus levitated down to face off with Hikari for one intense power struggle that shook both worlds to their foundation. With enough energy to destroy the two worlds and perhaps the solar system, Virus launches his Positron Laser blast. Gaining encouragement from TK beyond another world, Celesta X gained enough confidence to retaliate with an attack on Virus. Both sides pushed each other to their limits, and it seemed Virus was on the verge of victory. However, one shot from Metalla X helped to turn the tables against Virus. Unleashing her full power blast, Celesta X reduced Virus' body into ashes and destroyed his core in the process. Datamon's nightmarish ambition was at last sealed.)

(With Virus gone, the Digi-Destined used the Digicores to restore all the victims of Virus. That includes Jax and Dimitri. TK, on the other hand, remained within the other world to run an errand for the Gate Keeper. Helping Paladin lock away the deceased villains in Digital Limbo, TK returned back home just in time to reunite with his friends. Dimitri returned back to his time period to finally vanquish the artificials and destroyed Virus of that timeline. The futures were now altered and changed for the better. But, life for the Digi-Destined changed forever during the next seven years. During this period, Kari was sent back to the DarkOcean as Dagomon attempted to take her. TK and Davis managed to save her in time before returning home to battle a new enemy named Zeta Demon. Much like her situation with Virus, Kari tapped into her 'Amazing Grace' strength and easily overwhelmed Zeta Demon. After that event, the seven year period was peaceful. Davis eventually got closer to Sonja and married the woman. Other married couples included Tai and Sora, even Ken and Yolei.)

(Seven years after the War Games event, the people of Hypnos put Japan under heavy surveillance thanks to the efforts of Yamaki. They were to track down the bio-emergence of digimon entering the real world. Kari had become a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Shinjuku and met with Takato Matsuda. Eventually, she would meet several new children that would form a group known as the Digimon Tamers. Takato was one of the witnesses of the infamous War Games event and drew a digimon partner of his own named Guilmon. That dream partner would eventually come to life thanks to the appearance of a new digivice for the new goggle head. Next came the power hungry Digimon Queen, Rika Nonaka, and her partner, Renamon. Henry Wong would arrive on the scene with Terriermon. Eventually, even Leomon would return to become Jeri's partner. The enemies during this time weren't that very strong for the Digital Warriors, but proved to be formidable opponents for the Tamers. Eventually, the tiny viral Impmon would show up out of random. Eventually, the Devas would make their presence felt. Mihiramon being the first. As each Deva was defeated, it became clear that they were sent by an evil force. Hints of that were shown as King Devimon observed the Devas' battles. They were up to something and that plan would eventually become revealed much later.)

(After Vikaralymon was defeated, the Digi-Destined and the Tamers were confronted by Shintomon and Buddamon. The two higher powers warned the heroes about a new threat set to emerge from the Digital World of the Southern Quadrant: the D-Reaper. As soon as they arrived there, they split into two groups. One group went about to find Calumon, the source to digivolution; meanwhile, the other group set out to raid Dark Magimon's spaceship. Inside Magimon's spaceship, several strong opponents were selected to draw out energy to free the D-Reaper out of its closed shell. Matt and Tai wasted two Devas, while Kari battled King Devimon. Growing frustrated with Celesta X's deteriorated combat skills, Metalla X threatened to destroy the ship. King Devimon and Magimon exploited the warrior's dark heart. The wizard used his magic to release the darkness within Metalla X and charmed him with newfound strength to destroy his friends. But, Metalla X overcame Magimon's control and simply wanted to challenge Omega X from the last battle they left off years ago.)

(Bursting onto the scene, Beelzebumon arrived on the scene to carry out his bargain. By nearly taking Rika's life, Takato became enraged and that anger forced Guilmon to digivolve into Megidramon. Realizing his own paradox, Takato managed to overcome his self doubt and helped Megidramon revert back to Guilmon. As a result, Guilmon and Takato underwent a new evolution, but quite similar to Digital Fusion: Bio-Mergence. Gallantmon was born. As Gallantmon and Beelzebumon settled it, Omega X and Metalla X resolved their old differences in a rematch of epic proportions. They seemed dead even with no end in sight. As these two battles occurred, the others left to stop Magimon from releasing the D-Reaper. Unfortunately, thanks to the energy released from the two major battles, the D-Reaper's release was eminent. This lead to perhaps the most difficult and drawn out conflict with an unstoppable enemy.)

(D-Reaper made an example out of King Devimon and absorbed his data. Taking out Celesta X with ease, there was doubt on who would stop the monster. Enter Metalla X. He had knocked Omega X out earlier once calling off the battle as a draw. Even though he stood no chance, Yamato fought the D-Reaper. He even staked his life and made the ultimate sacrifice. Upon his second death, Metalla X detonated and took the D-Reaper with him in a grand explosion. Mourning the loss of their loved one, they were relieved that this meant the end of the D-Reaper. They were wrong… The D-Reaper survived the explosion. Now, she and Dark Magimon set about destroying Zhuqiaomon's Digital World. Once releasing the light of digivolution from calumon, the Sovereigns hoped to increase enough digimon troops to fend off this ancient force. Omega X stepped up to the plate and demonstrated a new power: Third level Digital Fusion. The Warrior of Courage showed impressive tenacity as he took it to the D-Reaper. Giving his friends enough time to make it out through the portal back home, Omega X left D-Reaper to consider her alliance with Dark Magimon and reminded her of a new set of challengers. Realizing he was no longer needed, D-Reaper killed Magimon. The D-Reaper was free to continue her path of destruction.)

(Buddamon and Shintomon did their parts in training the warriors Tai had spoken fondly of. Shintomon trained Kari and her partner to use the legendary Omega Blade. Meanwhile, Buddamon taught Davis and TK the art of two digital warriors merging into one form. Once they've mastered the technique, they merged to form the powerful yet arrogant War Dramon. The Omega Blade was shattered and released the old Gosenzomon, previous Supreme Guardian from nearly seventeen generations ago. The old digimon used his mystical powers to give Kari and Angemon the power needed to defeat D-Reaper. Thus, Mystic Celesta emerged and was ten times more powerful than before. As War Dramon was losing the war against D-Reaper on earth, the warrior of light returned to face off against the D-Reaper. She had victory at the palm of her hands until… D-Reaper sprang a trap! She successfully absorbed War Dramon and Buddamon to form a new Super Reaper. Omega X saw through to this and returned to Earth. Given new mystical earrings from Gosenzomon, Omega X attempted to merge bodies with his sister, but that came with no success. Having lost War Dramon's strength due to the time limit, D-Reaper absorbed Mystic Celesta into her being and became twice as powerful. D-Reaper was at the level of a god. Omega X had no chance of merging with anyone until…)

(Metalla X returned! The Warrior of Courage tried talking his rival out of his bitterness. No, Metalla X accused Omega X of holding back on his full power and was led to believe he was weaker. Seeing no other option, Metalla X gives in to his rival's plead. The two used the earrings and merged into the strongest warrior in many worlds: Kaiser X! Meanwhile, Pikkan arrived on the scene to confront Demon. With the help of some famous heroes, Pikkan was able to overcome Demon. The Tamers themselves had their share of problems with the D-Reaper's mass along with the agents. Beelzebumon and Gallantmon attempted to crack the Kernal Sphere but that led to Beelzebumon nearly sacrificing his life. The Tamers were forced to regroup with the other Digi-Destined. Their main focus was on the battle at hand between D-Reaper and Kaiser X.)

(Displaying powers that caused the heavens to tremble, the two warriors were already at Skyfather-power levels. Kaiser X demonstrated his superiority over D-Reaper without breaking a sweat. Rather than finishing off the D-Reaper, Kaiser X allowed himself to be absorbed by her to save his friends inside. Once their fusion wore off, Omega X and Metalla X removed the pods containing their friends. Once pulling out the pod containing the first D-Reaper, the beast was undergoing a transformation of epic proportions. Once escaping, it was thought the D-Reaper would become weaker. Instead, the monster became an out of control, psychopath with a healthy obsession of planetary destruction. D-Reaper launched a sphere of destruction to do the unthinkable: the destruction of planet earth. The third planet in the solar system was gone without a trace. In the nick of time, Omega X and Shintomon helped to transport their allies back to the Holy Realm Planet.)

(The final battle of the D-Reaper wars was set. Omega X and Gallantmon were the first to step up against the D-Reaper. Proving her vicious tenacity, the monster successfully fended off both the goggle heads. During the course of this battle, Metalla X had finally admitted that Tai was indeed number one. His self bitterness towards Tai had faded and would stake his life to protect his loved ones. With Mystic Celesta, War Dramon, Metalla X, Beelzebumon and Sakuyamon entering the battle, there was one last weapon: the Life Bomb. Gathering the energy from earth and the Digital Worlds, Omega X gathered the spirit power necessary to form the largest Life Bomb at the time. Using the digicores, the Earth was restored along with its inhabitants. D-Reaper was relentlessly overwhelming the warriors, but not long before Pikkan, Leomon and Garudamon entered the battlefield. With Mummymon's help, the Life Bomb was complete. However, Tai had asked Gallantmon to use the weapon. The Tamer was more than happy to oblige as he recently achieved his new Crimson form. Launching the Life Bomb, Gallantmon put down the D-Reaper and ended her near reign of terror. At long last, peace arrived and the heroes would celebrate their biggest victory to date. Tai would become confronted with a girl named Dorothy Kaimodosu, who was the actual reincarnation of the D-Reaper. He gladly offered her a spot amongst the team and agreed to help train her.)

(Five years later… The majority of the Digi-Destined had children. Most notable are Max Kamiya, Dimitri & Keke Ishida, Sam Ichijouji the II, Tike & Kara Takaishi, and David Motomiya, technically adopted. Through an accidental procedure from one of Izzy's projects, Tai was reverted back to a ten year old kid. With Azulongmon's digicores inactive, X and Shintomon lent the Digi-Destined a spaceship to travel to the Digital World within the Western quadrant. They would find the Black Digicores there. Tai, Max, Takato, Kari, Rika, Davis, Keke and their digimon partners left to go on the trip. However, they weren't alone. The Celestial Angels summoned forth the six children inheriting the spirits of the legendary warriors: Takuya, Zoe, Kouji, JP, Kouichi and Tommy. Once the two parties met, the angels had asked of them to gather the four Black Digicores. But they had to defeat the Mystical Dragon. Once capturing the four items, they defeated the dragon to free a beautiful demigoddess named Lady Moinanea. She was the rightful ruler of the Western Digital World before Lucemon arrived. Unbeknownst to them, a new enemy was on the horizon…)

(Seeking control of the Digital World, the M-5 Machine empire sent their troops to defeat the Digi-Destined and their allies. Putting up a heavy resistance, Tai and his team defeated the M-5 Machine empire. Dr. Myuumon's plans were pushed back but he wasn't the mastermind behind the whole scheme. It was Bebimon, the last surviving Tufflesurian. He set his sights on earth. Assimilating himself with other bodies, Bebimon found Metalla X and become a force to be reckoned with.)

(Returning home, the heroes found out that earth had become enslaved through Bebimon's mind control seeds. Omega X put up a fight against the powerful Bebi-Metalla X. However, his strength wasn't enough even at level three. Launching a Death Ball, it seemed like the end for the warrior. In actuality, Omega X was transported to another dimension to come contested against BW, the reincarnated Black War Greymon. The Warrior of Courage once again proved his medal against BW and immediately gained a spirit from Shintomon. Bebi-Metalla X had revived his old home planet using the Black Digicores, which were used on earth and that meant it would detonate within a year's time. Omega X returned to battle, used the spirit and made a grave error. He had transformed into an uncontrollable beast. But thanks to the pleading cries of Max, the beast contained his rage and underwent a transformation. Finally, Omega X had reached a new level of power: Level Four. The warrior resumed his fight with Bebimon and dominated the fight. Thanks to Hypnos' satellite to attract Brutes Waves, the Tufflesurian had his power increased and transformed into a massive wolf-like monster of titanic proportions. Omega X had a tougher fighter on his hands, but had help from the unified legendary warrior, Susanoomon. Biding enough time, Omega X was restored back to full power. Mystic Celesta and the other warriors held Bebimon back as Omega X was restored back to full power. With help from his fellow goggle heads, Omega X defeated Bebi-Metalla X and forced Bebimon out of his best friend. Bebimon attempted to make a quick get away on a ship, but the Warrior of Courage would have none of it. He launches a Terra Beam and sent Bebimon into the sun. Thus, the last Tufflesurian was destroyed, but earth was still in danger. Before it had a chance to detonate within a few short weeks, the Black Digicores were immediately brought back and Lady Moinanea was spared from sacrificing her life. She would then wed Shintomon, but not long before the Digicores were used to restore Taichi's age.)

(A new threat would emerge on the earth, thus beginning a series of events that would create a chain catastrophic events for the next few days. A hole was breached through Digital Limbo and the old enemies were released. The Digi-Destined and their allies aided the International Digi-Destined to vanquish the enemies. Most notable of the returning villains were Burizalor and Virus. Omega X and Gallantmon battled these two in Digital Limbo but not long before getting trapped. With the help of Paladin, they defeated the villain pair and escaped back to earth. Unbeknownst to them, the digicores were cracked and an evil force was at work behind them. Meanwhile, Datamon and Dr. Myuumon fused Artificial Jax and a Black War Greymon replica to form Super Artificial Jax. The heroes of earth were easily dispatched but not long before Tai and Takato returned. Having learned that Jax had killed Ken, Saber Veemon, Davis, had set off to battle the Super Artificial. With the help of Sonja, Davis tapped into a new power and became Ultima X. The duo defeated Super Artificial Jax. However, that wasn't the end of the conflict. It was merely the beginning.)

(Having learned that the Digicores were contaminated by Millenniumon, the Digi-Destined set off to stop the seven monsters created. However, there was another problem at hand. It seemed there was an accomplice in cahoots with the Dark God. This person would be revealed to be Himo Saitou, the former apprentice of X. Having seen the evil atrocities of mankind, Saitou sought to kill the human race by opening a tunnel leading to the Dark Realm. He had help with six other spell casters. They were Dr. Akira, Rei Saiba, Mari, Sigma and Hideto. One by one, as each monster and spell caster were defeated, it became clear that the tunnel should not be allowed to be opened. Saitou had Max kidnapped when it was revealed that the boy had a special power to cut down the barrier between the worlds. Tai and his allies went through many challenging adversaries including Novdramon and Doomsdramon. Novadramon himself became an unlikely ally for Taichi until he was killed. Inside the caverns, TK and Kari were confronted by their old enemy, Virus; while Davis was stopped by Burizalor. The villains proved to be trouble once they gained power-ups from Millenniumon. History once again repeated itself as Mystic Celesta defeated Virus; Ultima X ended Burizalor once and for all. Once they reunited with their other allies, the final showdown against Saitou was set.)

(The showdown between apprentices was set: Taichi vs. Saitou. It seemed Omega X would once again claim victory but Saitou demonstrated he had seven different personalities. Becoming his purest form, Himo Saitou displayed his Saint Light ki and sued it to end Omega X's life. This was the first time Taichi had ever faced death and it was truly an emotional event. Attempting to avenge his death, the warriors set off into the Dark Realm to stop Saitou. Saitou unleashed his armor to once again dominate his likely adversaries. When it was thought Taichi had been done I, the DW-STF were proven wrong. Tai had somehow inherited the blood of the Digi-Mazoku, an ancient warlord from the Dark Realm. As the Digi-Mazoku's son, Omega X was resurrected and set off to finish his battle with Saitou. The two men clashed in a heart-pounding fight that caused the Dark realm itself to tremble under their might. Then, came the biggest turn around, the Digi-Mazoku lord Toushimon helped to release the hidden strength within Omega X. The warrior of courage reached his Wargod Mode and level five was achieved.)

(Using his full Digi-Mazoku power, Omega X avenged his own death as he slaughtered the Dark Angel. With one blast of his Terra Beam, Omega X nearly killed Saitou and regretted the shot he fired. This did not come from his own strength, but through Toushinmon himself. As it was revealed Saitou only had a short time to live, Saitou had gained what he wanted: being a witness to the Dark Realm and becoming marveled with its uniqueness. With Saitou transported out with Neo, Rei Saiba followed her brother and bid her farewell to her friends. However, that was not the end of the entire war. Millenniumon emerged out of Monodramon and merged with his second half to become the unstoppable Zeed. Unlike many villains before him, the Dark God slaughtered at least seventy-five percent of the Digi-Destined. Only a few selective few were left to battle the monster. Soon more causalities mounted. There was only one option left: the Life Bomb. With the help of Goddess Moinanea, Omega X gained the energy from not just his world and the Digital Realms, but those from every hero across many alternate earths. As the Life Bomb became complete, Omega X used it to intertwine with a spirit given to him by Goddess Moinanea. As a result of this mergence, Galactic X was born! The battle itself would take place in outer space. Both Zeed and Galactic X caused the fabrics of space to tremble under their might. Goddess Moinanea destroyed the Dark God's planet, which in turn allowed Galactic X to finish off Zeed. The final enemy was at last defeated and order was restored. The Digicores were purified and used for one final time to repair the damage inflicted on Earth. Lives taken away were restored, including those killed by the Super Artificial, Saitou and Zeed.)

(During the next ten years, the lives of the Digi-Destined changed forever. Marriages became abound and a new generation was born. Rika and Jeri had given birth to children for their husbands, Takato and Pikkan. The most notable event during this time was the Digi-Universal tournament to determine Shintomon's substitute. Amongst these participants were Omega X, Metalla X, Gallantmon, Mystic Celesta and many other of the Digital Warriors. Other new faces arrived including Toushinmon, Mukuromon, Hadesmon, Athenamon and a few selective others. Tai returned home after a promise he made with Sora. The Digi-Destined now look back to the chain of events leading up to the present day. It was a memorable three decades, but it was time for a new generation to rise and take claim as heroes.)

An explosion of fireworks streaked across the darkened skies. The Digi-Destined, the D3s, the digimon the Tamers and the Legendary Warriors watched with enjoyment. They had finally earned their long break and wanted to spend the rest of their lives peacefully. However, whenever another dark force arrives, they would be sure to be ready. The next generation would step up and defend their planet.

The Saga of Digimon Fusion. The Digital Fusion Era is a thing of the past. It was time to move on with a bright future. However, just in case there is a great darkness that the new generation can't handle, there is one who will step out of the shadows to fight alongside the children in the name of justice and truth.

Taichi looks across the moonlight to find a pair of butterflies fluttering about while giving off a beautiful radiation of light. He turns around and gives a thumbs up before saying these last words.

"Thank you and until we meet again, everyone! Good bye!"

(Play Digimon Adventure theme Butterfly for ending credits)

(End theme)

"Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It is how we evolved from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward"- Jean Grey, X2: X-Men United, last quote before the end credits.


And with that, the Era of Digimon Fusion has ended. Ok, there's still the movie and OVA fics, but the series is finished. Done. Fin. Unless there's a miracle and I decide to write another season, I'm not going any further than this. I've done everything I could. It's been a long four years and I'm proud to say that I have finished the series. Man, what a long run. I'm happy to become recognized because of this story and thank everyone that has ever read my stories.

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I think that pretty much covers the credits. If I missed anything then please, remind me. A big shout out to all of my supporters and readers. Anthony1, Dark Qiviut, Max Acorn, Crimson G, Wolfbane420, Dark Warrior, Ninetalesuk, Belltiger, Youkai Youko, AnT, Digi fan, fett, Gundamknight, ZeroEX, Alan Wilkinson, Gundamvid, SR71will, Taichi Kamiya, Magician of Black Chaos, Noble Skuld the Legend Killer, Michael Bulaich, tobey's wife, dbzgtfan2004, josh6243, DigiDestined of Courage, Dragi, Dragonstar, Saberlightning, Berserker, Hero Takeru, Blackout12, SerpentTreize and many others. I thank you all for taking the time to read my exciting D-Fusion sagas. You all helped me to continue forth with my series and it's you that keeps me writing. Thanks for the support, ideas and allowing me to use your characters for the finale battle against Zeed.

Now we move on with more pressing matters. Time to give my final thoughts on the series. I'll make this one clear. :D

It all started during the summer of 2001. I was reading some Dragonball Z/Digimon crossovers online. Some were decent while most were pretty crappy. I wasn't that big of an author then. Hell, I barely even posted at at the time. Back then, I wrote an ALIEN/Digimon crossover that never managed to come out right and I wasn't very pleased with it. Then, I wrote a digimon fic implementing the ideas of Spawn. TK played Spawn while Kari married Davis. No, it was NOT a bash fic! Anyway, this one wasn't very successful either. Soon, I decided to toy around with the ideas of mixing DBZ and Digimon together to see how the elements would work out in a crossover. I was even preparing to write a set of stories based on the Saiyan Saga using the 01 characters. Turns out by the time 9/11 occurred, I was horrified by the tragic events and wasn't in any mood to continue writing. One month after the event, I went about continuing my work. Back then, I wasn't an excellent writer as I am now. It was all in script format and I'm not pleased with the results. I had actually written the Digital Invaders Saga back in 2001, but I never bothered to post it up on That's how bad the fic was.

So, came the winter break of 2001. I skipped ahead to write the original version of the Burizalor Saga. It had script format but I had quickly strayed away from that pathetic format. Now, where did I get the term 'Digimon Fusion'? Well, it was all thanks in part to Digimon Tamers. I had watched a video clip of the Japanese version of the Tamers series showing Takato and Guilmon bio-merging into the awesome Dukemon/Gallantmon. I was intrigued and stunned to say the least. Then, it hit me. 'That's it! That's what I'm looking for! Fusion!' So thus Digimon Fusion was born. I liked the concept of Digimon and humans merging into supreme warriors. So, as soon as I reached near the Burizalor Saga end, I had Tai and Agumon merge using elements of Tamers and DBZ. I've always wanted to see how Digimon would work if they fought just like the Z-Warriors. To this very day, the concept lives on without any signs of slowing down. :P

As the series rolled on through the Virus and D-Reaper Sagas, I've received a growing fan base. I wasn't sure whether to be stunned or surprised. People like Dark Warrior, Max Acorn, Anthony and AnT were all stunned with my work. I was commended for the idea. Heck, AnT even told me through a review that he wrote his popular Digimon Tribute after reading my D-Tamers season. What do you think, guys? I've managed to influence other authors out there in the Digimon secion of ;) Eventually, I would be the first other than DDOC to use Max Acorn's D3 characters with his permission. Turns out, I've successfully merged his characters into my fic universe. As I finished the original Bebimon Saga, I looked back and said to myself, 'I can write better than this.' So, I went into a major overhaul and started all the way back with my originally intended 'Digital Invaders Saga'. That particular saga received rave reviews and that convinced me to rewrite the whole series from top to bottom. Burizalor, Digimon Kaiser, Artificials, Virus, Tamers Unite, Dark Magimon and D-Reaper. All those were rewritten from June 2003 until mid-December 2003. The rewrites turned out better than I expected.

The Digimon Fusion series is the one series that has led me to become a recognized and an elite author of that particular anime section. According to Dark Qiviut, I'm one of the top elites. Thanks again, buddy. :D

Coming off the success of this series, I was even confident enough to write a crossover series entitled The Wrath of Pharaohmon. Here I thought it wouldn't be a success, but it turns out it did. This particular has no connection with my D-Fusion series, but once again shows I can write a good crossover when need be. I hope to get this series done this summer at the latest.

Enter D-Frontier. This is the final season and I've been complimented for writing a BETTER adaptation to the actual DBGT series, eventually to become intertwined with the Yu Yu Hakusho Sensui storyline arc. Can't say whether to be shocked or not. Oh well. The Black Digicores, Bebimon and Super Artificial turned out great, but I wanted to go out with a big with this final saga. The Millenniumon Saga was indeed a success and has garnered the most reviews out of every one of my D-Fusion Sagas. Only the Burizalor Saga Rewrite comes close to reaching such a high number of review counts. Now, you guys have just witnessed the end of an era. The end of the Digimon Fusion series. It's sad I know, but all good things must come to an end. Hell, I'm saddened, too. ;.; The idea all started in August of 2001, the first story was written in early September 2001 before the tragic events of 9/11, the first posted story was in January of 2002, the rewrite overhaul in June 2003 and the final chapter posted April 17, 2005. Not a bad way to end, eh? Nearly four years!

Now the series maybe over, but the movie and OVA fics based on the D-Fusion will resume. Hopefully starting this week, I can post the first chapter of my first movie fic entitled Hope and Light Captured! Daimaomon's Conquest for Power!. The reminder of this year I will focus on those and my Pharaohmon fic. I'm riding the waves of success without any signs of stopping. You can rest assured that I'll keep writing fics for a long time to come. Writing is a hobby and a major of mine. I want to become a historical writer and this is the perfect way to enhance my writing skills, plus combine that with college writing. :D

If you guys are wondering if I'll be writing a movie fic based on Toushinmon, Tai meeting his ancestral digi-father, the Digital Amazons and the Digi-Universal Tournament, then yes I will be writing that. I should get started on that towards the end of this year. I promise it'll be a long movie fic but one to never forget about. Anthony1, I know I was supposed to work on the Dimitri fic special last year but this year I'm sure to have that one up as well. So, looks like you'll be getting the story you've been anticipating for. ;) In fact, this one goes to AnT, I'm even considering the idea of the D-Fusion/Dragonball Z crossover one day. It just might be a possibility. :D

But there will be no further stories after the events of this epilogue. Maybe before it like during the past ten years or so, but nothing further beyond that.

With that all said, I really don't have any further comments. I'll post up my question survey through the review section. I'm going to go ahead and grade myself on a scale of 1-10. The originals receive a 7.3 out 10. My rewrites plus the new added sagas earn a 9.3 out of 10. There are still some flaws and inconsistencies for me to correct, but every author makes those mistakes. I can admit that to myself. I've had fun and really enjoyed writing this series. It was a pleasure to share the D-Fusion series with everyone of you and I'm happy to know that it has gained quite a popularity on the Digimon section of I'm honored.

That's all she wrote ladies and gents. The end of the Digimon Fusion series. Time to move on with my other projects like my upcoming Digimon Fusion movies and OVAs, not to mention the continuation of my Pharaohmon arc. Even though I think my Digimon Fusion has reached legendary status and even my popular Pharaohmon series won't be able to touch it. Only one thing left to say and this: THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU ALL!


(Update 4/28/05: Lyrics have been removed.)