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Chapter one: Jasmine Scented soap.

She'd been top of the class. Her tests flawless her spells like her tests. She wasn't a model but she was lovely. She had a certain charm that could make almost everyone fall in love with her.

Not to mention she was the famous Harry potter's best friend, which had its advantages at times.

Through her seven years at Hogwarts she was a prefect, head girl, and 'Valedictorian" as the mothers would call it, in other words she was the tops of her class. And barely after three weeks of graduation she was rushed into The Ministry of Magic. Where she worked for two years as a high-ranking manager of magical creature abuse.

Her face was in the newspapers almost as much as Mr. Potter was. Even though she wasn't as popular as her male counter parts she was still well known as the only female member of the golden trio. Harry and Ron trained diligently as aurors in an undisclosed place.

She was practically the presses only tie to the golden boys. Then one day, her face stopped showing up. She stopped coming to work. Owls never fluttered to the lonely red headed and messy haired boys. Her smile was gone. Her hair her job was even dismissed.

Hermione Granger had simply disappeared from the wizarding world. So, gradually like most famous people do, she was forgotten.

And that's how it was suppose to be


Harry Potter graduated with top marks. Him and Ron ruled the school, and the threat of the dark lord seemed to bother the public very little now that Harry was around again.

Ron and Harry had grown even closer during their years of training, and they never forgot their missing Hermione. They worried for some time until Dumbldore had to take them and explain the situation. Reluctantly they had to agree to what was said.

Hermione was better off lost.

Harmony Garnet held her robe tightly around her thin but short body. She let the water run a bit more before she added the strawberry scented bubbles. She sighed contently as the aroma filled her nose. Yes this is what she needed after a long day of crying children and disgruntled parents claiming to have the sickest child of all.

Harmony happened to be an in demand pediatric, the best in the country and even perhaps the world. She seemed to touch the children and their wounds would flitter away, or the pain atleast. She was very talented and brilliant and kind. But most of all, she was lonely.

Everyday after work she would come home to an empty house, well empty except for her rather strange cat. She'd walk through the door, take her shoes of before she stepped on the carpet and walk over to the closet and place her purse on a rack (labeled 'Purses' of course).

Next on Harmony's daily routine was to take her shoes to her bedroom closet, which was exactly 42 paces down the hall. Then, after neatly putting down her heels in the proper place, she'd walk over to the bathroom (10 paces form the closet 38 from the front door) and wash her hands with Dove soap.

Then she'd go to the kitchen and get a lovely chilled bowl out of the fridge and put her spotless white apron on. Tying it correctly and making the tails of the bow even she'd take out lettuce, tomatoes, celery, and croutons (homemade), then slice of the vegetables and mix them together.

With her fresh salad in tow and a lovely book she would lounge on the couch (in a proper position) and sit there and eat and read.

That was Miss. Garnet's daily routine. Then every other day she would take a precious half hour off her schedule and take a long hot soothing bath.

Which is what brings us to where we are now.

She slipped the robe off her shoulders and put one foot in after the other. Then slid into the hot water with a satisfied sigh. Next to her she lifted a remote control and clicked a button and classical music began to play.

Her thoughts lingered.

"Hmm... Justin Trey sure had a rather high fever today.. Perhaps I should of given him a stronger prescription... I do wish I had...."

"Katy sure did look better from the last time I saw her.... She's getting used to those crutches! Perhaps I should give her a lollipop next time....... She is such a cute little strong girl!"

"Her dad isn't so bad either. In fact he's got the build of Hercules and I sure as heck wouldn't mind giving him daily check up-WOAH! Patients father. Harmony get your head checked you useless git!"

"When did I start saying git? I never have.... Then why...."

"What does git mean anyway?" she asked outoud.

"I think its sort of like prat, but I might be wrong of course..."

"What in heavens name is Prat?!"

"Something similar to brat I suppose... except with a slightly different meaning"

"Oh yes I should of known that. Could you pass me the soap I think its to the le-"She blinked realizing she had been talking out loud. And SOMEONE else had been answering her eyes snapped open to meet those of a jade color and she blinked rapidly.

"Who in gods name are you?!?!"

"I could ask you the same but I know who you are."

"How in gods name do you know me? If you do then what's my name?!"

"Hermione Granger."

"It is not!"

"Oh yes I forgot, excuse its Miss. Harmony Garnet. Lovely name.. You should be lucky you weren't named "Lemon Drop" Dumbldore would of got a kick out of that...."

"Excuse me but who are you and who is this Dumbldore and what on earth does this Dumbldore have to do with my name?!"

"Well he named you of course, and im your best friend."

"My.. best.. Fire-"Reality hit her.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THE BATHTUB WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Her scream echoed through the house and the man winced. Then a lop-sided grin appeared on his face.

"Am I?"


"Weird way to use cuss words if I do say so myself Miss. Garnet you don't seem like a girl who curses....you seem too dignified to do such....."

She was now slightly ticked and took a lovely shampoo bottle and smashed it in a dignified away across his messy black head.

He knew that was coming. but let her hit him anyway. Atleast that's what he said to himself. ((Men are so prideful.)) "Oy! Ok well you see, I haven't even glanced at anything but your face and now that you mention it I am a tad bit wet...oh and heres the soap you asked me to hand you earlier"

He saw her glare.

Oh shit.

Her eyes seemed to want to kill him.

Oh crap.

Her lovely white hand flew to the air, causing bubbles to soar.

Oh dear.. This isn't going to end to pretty I kno-




He starred at her like she had green hair.


"Your telling me the reason you slapped me was because I touched your soap?" His voice was calm and he was trying hard to hide his amusement.

"YES! SOAP IS WHAT-"she lowered her pitch "helps me keep clean. Only I can touch my soap with a clean rag, which by the way was washed in detergent."

"Oh my gosh. You've become completely insane. Don't get me wrong Mione' you were insane before but this is just madness" He started to laugh and decided it best to get out of the tub as fast as he could.

She boiled again "WHO ARE YOU!"

"Why im Mr. Harry Potter." He said flatly as he escorted himself to her living room.

She blinked at his retreating back and looked at the soap in her hand which she he had started to rub all over her.

"Oh dear... it's the lavender scented one...it won't match the strawberry bubbles" a slight pout crossed her features as her schedule was thrown off. She then decided there were more important things to do. So she quickly finished her bathing and jumped out of her nice hot tub... perfect temperature.. and pulled a fuzzy red robe over her and slipped on matching slippers, wrapped her head in a matching towel, and then strided into then living room to get a better look at her company.

"So Ron where is Harry today?"

Ron shifted uncomfortably. "Umm-err.. Well you see Professor.. He erm-"He paused not very sure of what to say to keep Harry out of trouble....

"Visiting a certain muggle perhaps?" Dumbldore said lightly as he slipped a peppermint into his mouth a knowing gleam in his eye.

Ron blinked; he knew he couldn't fool the Great elderly wizard before him. "Yes sir.... I mean. He hasn't seen her in years.. he does miss her.. I do as well but.." His ears turned red "I think Harry has a different view then me...."

"Indeed Mr. Weasly I believe your correct in your assumption, well its very good. We'll need Miss. Grangers assistance in the up coming battle soon. Her healing abilities are very unique. She has become rather good at her new job." Ron nodded and the subject subtly changed to peppermints and how dandy they tasted.....

Harry sat in the very clean room. His eyes were wide as he noticed she didn't have a television. What sane person didn't have a television? WIZARDS even had televisions! But no, not miss neat and tidy. Her carpet was spotless everything was neatly labeled; even the cats litter box was labeled!

What was even worse was the fact that all the food in the fridge was.. was...

It hurt to think of the word.


It was all fricken Veggies and Fruits! This girl must be in a perfect healthy state!

She jogged in the mornings before work as well. How did he know this? Well her schedule was taped to the fridge, the wall, and the bookshelf. The first bookshelf, she had 4. Her own mini library.

Harry smiled. Atleast she hasn't changed that much. Sure she might not know who I am and call the police on me, and sure she's somewhat became an intolerable neat freak. She still read books, though. She still had an amazing figure and angelic face, and she still was brilliant. Harry sighed contently as he thought of the girl he'd fallen in love with. He had been so happy to see her he had just watched her for a while.

Her eyebrows still knitted, in an attractive way, as she thought. He chuckled softly, he was a fool, but in a blissful state.

She walked in, in absolute perfect posture and sat on the chair across from the coach. He sat down as well and smiled at her.

"So who are you? Why are you in my house, and how in heaven and earth did you get in my bathtub without me knowing?!"

He decided not to take the long route and dived in "I all ready told you im Harry Potter, and im here because I wanted to visit my best friend Hermione Granger." His smile enlarged at the sight of her puzzled face and added in quickly "Which happens to be you.."

"But im not-"

"Im not done. Don't interrupt its rude" She glared at him but let him continue, "And I apparated into your bath tub. Simple as that, I meant to apparate into your room, but my mind wondered...."

She starred at him "Are you an escaped convict? Are you mentally unstable?"

HE laughed. "Perhaps the second one is the closest. But no. Your Hermione Granger, you attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you were head girl and prefect and you got top marks. In a few weeks you were hired for a job in the ministry and were very faithful to your friend, me and Ron."

"Your nuts. Get out of my house."

"You must listen. You're a Witch Hermione-Harmony. How do you think you heal the children so well? You're a very talented witch Harmony. You even have the ability to do some magic without a wand, your healing for instance. We need you back! The Dark Lord is rising and we need your talent Hermione you must understand!"

"My name is Harmony. Harmony Garnet. Witches are for fairytales, and your defiantly not a princess!" she took a breath, and was slightly confused by the hurt look on his face. "Now please, get out of my house!"

"Your Hermione! Hermione Granger! Don't you remember anything?!" he groaned, how could Dumbldore had done this to her! Even if it was for her own safety....He sighed, "You don't even remember me..." he ran his hands in his unruly hair his fingers tangling in his locks.

"I'm sorry but no.," she said rather stiffly.

"This isn't going very well,..." he mumbled to himself, then an idea hit him and he grinned. "Harmony. Do you have an attic by chance?"

"Yes-"she said suspiciously "Why do you ask?"

"Could I possibly go through it...?"

She shrugged "There really nothing in it.... I've never even been up there, that I remember..."

He jumped to his feet "Show me!" and as an after thought he added, "Please."

She lifted an eyebrow and cautiously stood up "Fine then if it will humor you, follow me" She walked to the hall and stopped looking up she tugged on a string, which made a ladder spiral down. She stepped aside and crossed her hands over her chest.

"Thanks!" he rushed up stairs and blinked in surprise, it was a complete mess! Apparently she'd never been up here...HE rummaged through the boxes for a couple of minutes and his eyes lit up as he found what he was looking for. He tugged the box and through it down.

"OUCH!" She yelped as a box came flying at her head nearly hitting her head but instead slamming on her foot. "Assaulting me with my own storage items! That's low."

He laughed good heartedly and walked down the ladder kneeling next to thaw box while Harmony/Hermione was looking at her injured body part.

"That really hurt you know,..." she mumbled as she rubbed her swelling foot.

"Yes yes, do you have any scissors?"

"You're a wizard right? You should be able to open it..."

He glared at her "Scissors would be faster."

"Use your magic, wizard-boy."

HE sighed and withdrew his wand and mumbled a spell and the box opened "Happy?"

She stared "How did you do that?"





He sighed and rolled his eyes. : Can't even believe what you see with your own eyes? My my... that is very sad indeed..."

"Watch it buster! I can have you arrested for many different things." She pointed to her foot "Assault as one."

"Get over it! You're a healer simply touch your stupid foot!"

He rummaged in the box and brought out an old scarf. "Touch this it might bring back memories."

She looked at it hesitantly then drew nearer to the box and gently took the fabric from him. "Its so warm.. Even though it was in that cold attic..."

"It has a spell on it. You casted it infact, on all our scarves. That won us 50 points for Gryffendor because of our creative abilities to stay warm when it's freezing. You were very proud."

She looked at him with wide eyes, a strange feeling clung to her heart, was what he was saying true?

Next he withdrew a rather large book. She gasped softly and he laughed. "This was one of your best friends. "Hogwarts a History." I suggest you read it again. Come now hold it see what happens" He passed the book to her and watched as a wide range of emotions crossed her face, mostly confusion.

"This... is so weird." She said in a dazed voice "I feel.. Slightly.. I think.. I think I somewhat believe you. "She looked at him with wide Hershey's eyes.

He could see the fear in her eyes and decided this was enough for one night. "Ill tell you some more stuff tomorrow. You should get some rest."

She stood up shakily and nodded her head and walked down the hall to her room before she closed the door she said softly "Hermione...."

Harry grinned. "Im making progress!" He felt like the happiest person alive, or dead for that matter. She was remembering things! Oh god thank you...

Now to check in with Dumbldore.

"Nice to see you Harry."

He looked at his old professor and smiled

"How'd it go?"

"It went well.. She is confused right now.. But I think im breaking through at first I was so scared she wouldn't even take me serious..."

"Don't get too excited yet.. But I do believe were making quick progress, which is good. The Dark Lord is getting stronger quickly."

Harry's' expression turned cold. "I know." He turned away, he had been so happy, now Dubledore's had to bring up this.

"You know.. what will happen of course?"

His jaw clenched. "Im not an idiot."

"I know very well that you're far from idiocy, but many of the most brilliant minds, make the most devastating mistakes."

"I know.." he whispered softly thinking of how he had made many a mistake in the past. "I know all to well.."

"Perhaps its time for you to get some rest. You've had a very eventful day, and I predict tomorrow will turn out as rewarding as this, and you wouldn't want to fall asleep now would you?"

He yawned and nodded his head "Im going to sleep on her couch."

Dumbldore winked "Remember to clean up after yourself so you don't ruin her routine."

Harry laughed and waved as he apparated back to her home.

He walked silently into her room and stared at her sleeping form for a while he had missed her so much.

She said something softly and he had the fleeting feeling that she had said his name. His spirits rose and he turned around determined to get some rest.

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