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She smiled prettily up at him once more, their eyes locked, as thoughts ran through both their heads. Harry took a small step closer and.


If there was one ting Ron was exceedingly good at it was his timing.

It happened to constantly bad.

"HARRY WHERE ARE Y- OMGOD MY ROOM IS LAVANDER!" Ron stared in shock as he stood in the doorway.

"WHAT HAD VE YOU DONE TO IT? ITS ITS ITS- absolutely magnificent!"

Harmony and Harry were staring at him with weird expressions on his face, Harry thinking he'd like to throttle Ron about now, and Harmony thinking he really is gay.

Ron rushed to the closet and looked at all the clothes. "Ok. The girly clothes have got to go."

He collapsed on Harmony/Hermione's couch and lounged feeling at home.

"The couch can stay."

Harry scooted over to Ron and glared at him, "Ron think I made it clear that you cant live here anymore. Not only do you have your own flat but a maid!"

Ron gasped, "You-don't-don't love me anymore!"

"There I told you he was a homosexual! I told you!" Harmony said as she pointed at Ron.

Ron jumped up and glowered at Harmony/Hermione. "I am most certainly not! How dare you accuse me of being… of being? GAY!"

"Well I mean come on there was so much evidence and," she gulped as Ron glared at her.

"I AIM NOT GAY AND ILL PROVE IT!" He grabbed her shoulders, and slammed his lips on hers in a very, slightly brutal, kiss.

Harmony blinked eyes wide opened.


She tried to pull back but his hand was on the back of her head, and he was 'glued' to her.


Ron suddenly bounced in the air and slammed against the wall.

A fuming Harry held his wand out pointed at where Ron was. "I can't believe you, RON!"

Ron was too busy counting the stars whirling above him to pay attention; he was only trying to prove a point. Geeze

Harry bristled and turned back to Harmony his wand safely back in his pocket, "Are you all right?"

Harmony was to busy staring at the wall to pay attention either.

"Well then." Harry grumbled and folded himself into Indian style on the bed, glowering at the ground.

A shock went through Harmony's body and she lifted her head and regarded Harry with curiosity. It was apparent he was jealous, but was it because Ron kissed Hermione's lips? Or was it because he kissed Harmony's lips?

"What?" Harry said after a few minutes of her staring.

"You puzzle me."

"Glad to be known as a board game."

"No seriously. I can't figure you out. Another man came and kissed the girl who you fight constantly with. Me! Harmony. "

"I am very aware of that factor." Harry replied, rather stiffly.

"Me. Harmony Garnet."

There wasn't an answer and she searched his face, which was carefully blank, frustrating and confusing her even more.

"So. What your telling me is that you knocked this gay man over for kissing HARMONY GARNET."

Still no answer.

She sighed and shook her head, deciding that she needed another cup of coffee, and a good mouthwash. The gay man had tasted like vinegar.

Harry watched her back as she left the room and he said very softly, "Yes. I'm aware of that Harmony."

He shook his head and walked over to the twirling Ron.



"No Ron its Harry."


"No! HARRY!"

"Kiss me!" Ron swung his arms around Harry and kissed him.

Now ensues another incantation and Ron seeing stars.

And the loud screaming of Harry and ten minutes later, he was joined by a now fully scared of himself Ron.

Before the loud scream-fest Harmony was doing some serious thinking.

What was wrong with her? She was cozily in a big armchair upholstered with a micro-fiber material that was rather soft. She leaned her head back, her hands wrapped around a mug that was always warm.

She found it amusing.

A few moments earlier she had even put it in a bucket of ice for a minute and it seemed to be warmer.


Yet ever so much fun.

She decided that tomorrow she would explore the amazing home in which she now lived. She placed the mug down on a coffee table that scooted closer to her, and repositioned her so she was hugging her legs to her.

She thought a second about how rudely she was positioned with her feet in his chair, but she had more serious problems to deal with.

Like the small fluttering of her heart.

And the amazing acrobatic acts of her stomach.

And emerald eyes.

So many problems, and where to start?

She could buy him contacts so they were a nasty color, say like purplishgrey.


Ok maybe not so eww, they'd probably look interesting with his features, not that he was handsome (obviously thought in reassurance.)

She could take ant-acid for her stomach; perhaps her cycle was coming up… she shook her head.

Nope, too early.

And she could clip the wings of her ever so troublesome heart.

There, now she had very unrealalistic answers to her problems.


Now she could sleep happily, cough.

She was just about to venture upon how unrealalistic the whole situation was when she heard screaming.

With a great sigh she stood up and took her time walking to the room.

Only to see a wide-eyed hysterical Harry and a gaping Gay man, AKA Ron.

"What are you to going on about?"

Harry continued to scream and Ron continued to gape.

She shook her head and walked over to Ron, placing her fingers under his chin she pushed it upward, well that solved the gaping gander.

She now walked over to the screaming Harry.

She tried many different ways to shut him up.

She cupped her hand over his mouth.

She stomped on his toe, only making him scream louder.

She repeatedly told him to shut up.

She threatened to point his own wand at him and ramble on about different incantations that she had no sense about.

Then she just shrugged her shoulders and kissed him soundly.

Or in this case soundlessly

A very uncharacteristic thing for her to do, but the acrobats in her stomach didn't quiet and the wings to her heart regrew and the contacts fell out of his eyes, not that they were ever there..

Well atleast on problem was solved.

Everything was quiet.

Ron stared, gaping again, as Harmony/Hermione kissed Harry.

And Harry kissed Harmony.

And Ron kissed nobody,

And nobody kissed Ron.

His shoulders slumped in defeat as he apparated out of their apartment.

He figured they needed some alone time.

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