Teikei frowned as the principal paced around his office. "Kiriha-san, you know what has to be done."

"I understand what the rules say," the principal returned. "It just doesn't seem appropriate in this situation."

"If we make an exception here, we'd have to make an exception for others as well. Otherwise it would not be fair to the other students," Teikei intoned coldly.

"So we should punish a girl for living the life she wants?" Kiriha shot back.

"She knew the rules, yet she chose against the school. She can return to school once she corrects the situation, but not before," Teikei pressed.

The principal shook his head. "You know very well she won't 'correct' this. This is everything she wants, and we're the ones standing in the way."

"Be that as it may, she must be suspended or the rules become meaningless," Teikei insisted.

"But we do not have proof she is guilty, just hearsay and rumors," Kiriha noted. "We won't be able to enforce anything until we do."

"That would be easy enough to obtain," Teikei retorted.

"If we do not obtain the evidence, we would remain without proof and have no reason to suspend her," Kiriha suggested.

"The truth of the matter is that she and her friends have been setting a dangerous example to others," Teikei stated evenly. "If it was just this one violation I might've agreed with you. However, her classroom is more sexually experienced than most of the Seiryu High's classrooms. An example needs to be set else we may need to 'ignore' other cases that the Department of Education has deemed automatic suspension."

Kiriha looked at the school disciplinarian with wide eyes. "You're not going to take care of this quietly?"

"Trying to take care of a 'minor bullying issue' quietly and carefully got us multiple rape victims. This school has gotten out of hand. We need reign in the trouble. Make sure the students know we're serious about the rules, else they will grow bolder and cause even more damage to the school and themselves." Teikei got up from his desk and marched out of the room.

Kiriha shook his head. This was not going to go well.

Card Captor Sakura: Shadow of the Dragon

Chapter 30: Sakura and the School Rebellion

By: Lord Archive

Card Captor Sakura belongs to the fine ladies of CLAMP. Used without consent, all rights reserved.

Author's Warnings:

This contains mature themes not intended for children under thirteen.

This series contains:

Adult situations. Sexual situations withOUT detailed description of sex nor the naked human body. Brief moments of violence, some cases involving people getting severely injured and possibly death. Occasional use of vulgar language. Japanese humor: which include bathroom jokes, panty fetish and shocking situations. Depictions of criminal activity committed by fictional characters. References of homosexuality.

"Lunch under the tree?" Sakura questioned loudly.

Rika knew the question wasn't just for Syaoran and Meiling, but for her, Naoko, Chiharu and possibly Tomoyo as well. She frowned at the response it got.

Chiharu loudly slid her desk next to her husband.

Naoko pulled out a notebook and began jotting down something.

Tomoyo looked over at Sakura, but her answer came from the slight shaking of Syaoran's head.

Rika stood up and started to move toward Naoko, as neither Sakura nor Chiharu would be alone while Tomoyo was the source of the troubles.

Teikei stormed into the classroom, went straight to Naoko's desk and snatched the notebook from her.

"Wha?" Naoko stared in surprise. "Teikei-sensei?!"

Teikei looked at what was written on the page. "Increase suspicion of remaining suspects: Laridae by making him more gay. Increase Repressa's odd behavior to suggest multiple personalities. Draw attention to Corone."

Naoko backed away slightly. "Ah, um, Teikei-sensei, I wasn't writing any of that in class..."

"I'm sure if I looked through this I'd find out who Black Wolf really is," Teikei growled at her. "You know very well that having a job is against the rules without obtaining a worker's permit."

"Ah..." Naoko tried to think of what to say. She was literally caught red handed.

Shinji jumped up. "Naoko-chan helps Konagi-sama write her stories!"

Teikei glared at the boy. "If that is so, why is it that Yanagisawa's recent troubles with you were referenced in the author's notes?" He then glanced at Naoko. "And would you be able to produce this Konagi to prove you are not her?"

Tomoyo stood up. "Konagi-san is a very private person, but to help Naoko-chan I'm sure she could be made available."

"I suspect one of your would be bodyguards playing that part. And would you really have someone ready who knows both the story and Yanagisawa well enough?" Teikei shot at her as he flipped through the notebook. "And why would Yanagisawa write nearly word for word a chapter from three months ago?"

Naoko bowed her head. "It was that stupid animation company, wasn't it? They petitioned for a workers permit for me."

Teikei nodded. "They did not give your name, but the recent author's notes said enough."

Naoko looked away. "Had I left that notebook at home, you'd have no proof. So, do I get a worker's permit or suspended until I'm unemployed?"

"As there are a number of students who have been denied worker's permits, we are not about to reward you because you kept it hidden," Teikei told her harshly.

"Then I shall leave my textbooks here as I won't be returning," Naoko informed bitterly as she snatched her notebook back and started to pack away her personal belongings and school supplies.

The students all looked at each other with surprise.

"You mean she really is Konagi?" Misora cried out.

Tomoyo clenched her fists. "Teikei-sensei, even though my application for a worker's permit was denied, I still design clothes for one of my mother's companies. As such I too have a job, and I will not stop working towards the future I want because school rules get in the way.

Shinji jumped onto his chair. "Knowing Naoko-chan is Konagi, then you also know I've had inappropriate relationships with two girls!"

"I was the one who slugged him for fucking Inoue!" Tsuda added.

Chiharu gave her husband's hand a squeeze. "I too am working towards the future I want. I'm pregnant, which apparently is a bigger rules issue."

Sakura stared at Chiharu in surprise, but then shook her head.

The athletes of the classroom looked at each other and stood up as one. "We all fucked Ichimai, some of us have been with Kinomoto, and other girls."

"That wasn't me!" Sakura fidgeted nervously. "I... I know you've suspected that I was involved with some of the vandalism in the past... I was partly responsible."

Meiling smirked. "Assault and remember all the damage to Penguin Park? That was me venting frustration that Syaoran choose her over me."

Syaoran moved to stand next to Sakura. "I was also involved with some of that vandalism."

Misora stood up. "I've been involved in an ongoing inappropriate relationship."

Gotoh looked away. "I've been with two girls."

Misora stared at him. "Wha? Two? WHO?!"

Gotoh remained silent.

Misora began to tear up and then bolted out of the classroom.

Sakura's eyes were wide. "But... but... oh, this isn't good at all!" She ran out of the room after the crying girl.

"The option we didn't want to do?" Meiling asked.

Tomoyo frowned. "Yes. We're going to do that."

The girls in the classroom began to add their own rules violations, one of them admitting to having slept with one of the jocks.

Rika shook. There was but one violation, one thing she could admit to in order to support Naoko. But the risks were beyond what anyone else in the class faced. But if she didn't help her friend, she might lose this chance to mend what has been broken. "Teikei-sensei, my rumored older boyfriend is a teacher. And no, I will not say who he is."

Naoko looked at her classmates with tears in her eyes. She could not believe the support they were giving her. To admit to such things, to be put in trouble just because she was being suspended for having a job.

Teikei stood their in shock, wondering what the hell just happened. An entire classroom admitted to acts of rules breaking where many of them were bad enough that suspension was a viable punishment. He suspected that some cases were fabricated, but in many cases the students were admitting to existing school rumors to be true.

The Principal stepped into the room. "You are all dismissed for the rest of today and are to leave the school grounds immediately. We will look into your claims of misbehavior and deal with them appropriately."

Teikei stared at the man. "Principal, this is hardly-"

"As you told me before, rules are rules," the Principal intoned. He then whispered. "If we have them stay, word of Yanagisawa's suspension will spread and the whole school may follow suit."

Yamazaki remained the only student in the classroom. "Would you classify being with ones wife as inappropriate?"

"If a group punishment is decided for the class, you will share in it as a member. We will not pursue issues of your marriage," Teikei intoned.

"There is no sense keeping you here by yourself. Go find your wife," the Principal added.

"Misora-chan!" Sakura cried out.

"Leave me alone!" Misora shot at her.

Sakura pouted at the girl. "I know you've been having... issues with Gotoh lately. I can certainly understand them."

"Can you really?" Misora shot at her.

Sakura nodded. "I may not have been, you know, WITH Syaoran-kun yet, but I know once I do... you may as well call me Li Sakura. It just seems so much."

Misora glared at her. "Your boyfriend didn't cheat on you."

"Did Gotoh-kun?" Sakura wondered. "He said he was with two girls, but he didn't say who. He might've been with Ichimai before you became his lover."

Misora clenched his teeth. "It's more likely Inoue. The selfish jerk hasn't been thinking about me for a while."

Sakura pouted. "Are you sure that's the case?"

"Of course I am!" Misora retorted. "Last Saturday he wasted an entire day looking at expensive hobby stuff claiming he's looking at it to be a job. Which is bullshit. Even if he made a hundred thousand yen for something he made, it'd cost at least twice that to make it!"

"So that wouldn't work as a real job, but he was at least looking at ways to get a job to support you. It is important to check for options. He wouldn't be able to support you and your baby if all he did was work at some restaurant," Sakura pointed out.

Misora's eyes widened. "What did you say?!"

"Ah? He does need to look for jobs to support you?" Sakura replied uncertainly.

"You said 'me and my baby!" Misora shot back.

Sakura backed away with a panicked look. "Did I?"

"I'm NOT pregnant!" Misora hissed. "I can't be. I just can't. Especially not NOW!"

Sakura pouted. "But you suspect that you are."

"How would you possibly think that I am?" Misora insisted.

"It's... just a feeling. You've been over reacting to Gotoh recently, even though you had come to an understanding with your relationship," Sakura pointed out. "I know you're scared about everything right now, but do yourself a favor and find out if you are or not."

"Tomoeda Junior High!" Naoko cried out when she got to the school gate. "I, Yanagisawa Naoko, have a job against the school rules. I am true author of Bloody Sword Detective, Konagi Noa! I will not miss this school!" This was certainly one way to get out of detention and she would certainly get more time writing.

"I suspect you'll be back soon," Tomoyo noted with a giggle. "There's no way the Parent Teacher Association won't get involved in this."

"We can only hope that you won't be gone long," Rika voiced.

"You should've come up with something else to admit to," Chiharu noted.

"Then I would've had to lie. I've kept my record clean," Rika pointed out.

"Don't want to be viewed as an abuse victim," Tomoyo observed.

"Of course not. Just because I'm seeing a teacher doesn't mean he's hurting me. I'm still a virgin," Rika stressed as there were other classmates around her.

"Wonder what the school will do now?" Naoko questioned.

"Investigate our claims of wrong doing," Tomoyo replied simply. "I suspect we may have some punishment as an entire class in order to give most of us a slap on the wrist whether for 'inappropriate behavior' for being sexually aware, 'vandalism' for Sakura-chan, or my freelance clothes designing."

Rika pouted. "The ones to worry about most would be my admission and that the school will undoubtedly tell our parents."

Tomoyo nodded. "I know you've been trying to help us all be friends again, but in this you should've remained silent."

"Naoko-chan is our friend. How could I say nothing to support her?" Rika retorted.

"Because you have the most to lose," Naoko retorted. "Even if the junior high leaves me suspended, I can still apply to Seiryu High and get a permit from them. I'd only be out of school for a few months."

"I will do everything I can to protect you." Tomoyo quickly glanced at Naoko. "And this time I'll make sure if private investigators get involved they will find out nothing."

Naoko raised an eyebrow. "Did Kurogane-san rat me out?"

"I don't know, nor did I ask. However he is in a position to not only keep his own company from getting involved, but to throw off other investigators from the truth. I had not thought they would've pursued you like this," Tomoyo replied with a submissive bow.

"Yeah, well, you did protect me up to this point, I should be thankful for that." Naoko folded her arms. "Though I'll want to borrow your lawyer again. I think it's time to talk to some animation companies. I can certainly tell you which one I won't be talking to."

Chiharu giggled. "I'd say they shot themselves in the foot on that one."

Tomoyo pouted at her. "Are you really pregnant?"

"Yup." Chiharu shook her head. "Wasn't planning on telling them until the end of this year. But you know how plans go."

"How far along are you?" Tomoyo asked in delight, grabbing the girl by the hands.

"About two months or so. I haven't been to a doctor yet to check everything. Things have been... troublesome these past few weeks," Chiharu admitted.

Tomoyo frowned deeply. "I know no matter how many times I've said it, just saying 'I'm sorry' repeatedly will never be enough. What I did was unforgivable."

Rika looked away. "I just hope one of your videos showing me on a date isn't 'discovered.'"

"Or some of the other proofs of poor behavior," Takashi added as he joined the group.

Tomoyo nodded. "Indeed. I have recorded too much, and discarded too few. I've really been starting to realize that memories are sometimes better than capturing moments on tape."

"And yet you've got a camera man recording this, don't you?" Chiharu shot at her.

Tomoyo flushed and took a nervous step back. "Guilty, I'm afraid."

"Well I don't think this a bad moment to record," Naoko observed. "Let's go get something to eat. My treat. We really need to figure out what to do next, especially for Rika-chan." She pointed at Tomoyo. "Bring Kurogane-san. And Meiling-chan..." She turned to the silent observer. "Once you find out where Li-kun and Sakura-chan ran off to, meet up with us at Aries Restaurant."

"I'll call Syaoran." Meiling held up her cellphone. "There's something to discuss before Kinomoto gets there."

"You knew this would happen," Teikei accused as he strode down the hallway.

"I knew the other students wouldn't take the situation lightly, especially her friends. You've already noted how Yanagisawa has protected her friends. It was foolish to think they would not do the same for her," the Principal retorted, following behind the school disciplinarian.

"Her friends, certainly, but the entire class?" Teikei shot back.

"Once Asaba and Daidouji moved to protect Yanagisawa, others would follow suit." Kiriha looked at the notepad he was carrying where he had wrote down the students' confessions. "Though we can't be sure if some of them lied and in many cases it is just a matter of confirming rumors. A simple phone call to their parents would suffice."

"More will need to be done for a few of them," Teikei growled out. "They are doing a good job of destroying their own future."

"I will not deny things have gotten out of hand. That we are aware of more trouble than the past five years combined. It does not mean such issues didn't happen, we didn't necessarily know about it," Kiriha observed.

"We've never had to deal with inappropriate relationships let alone rape before," Teikei shot at him.

"That we didn't DEAL with it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Every year there are a number of our students are working jobs without permits. Sasaki isn't the first student rumored to be dating a teacher. More than one girl has mysteriously transferred out of the school in the middle of the school year and we did not get a request for their records until at least a year later. And almost twenty years ago the school I worked for at the time had an issue with a student who starred in a tape with her own uncle," Kiriha rattled off. "Just because we didn't know of issues like this before doesn't mean they never happened before."

"And that's supposed to make it okay?" Teikei hissed.

"Of course not. I think you need to take a step back and look at this not as some epidemic of rules violations, but an opportunity to help the students. Without the students' confessions we would not know of their problems. It's too late to try to stamp out all the issues, we must now pick the battles to fight or we won't be able to help any of them," Kiriha suggested strongly.

Teikei turned the corner and clenched his fists as he saw a line of students waiting by his office. "What were you saying about this not being an epidemic?"

Kiriha patted him on the back. "More opportunities to help. Now let's see what they have to say."

"That's pure evil!" Rika squeaked out.

"Not sure that would actually do anything to Inoue," Kurogane commented.

"How could it not?" Rika returned.

"The same reason that we haven't been able to come up with any other ideas," Tomoyo admitted. "Inoue-san doesn't seem to care about anything, even herself. With this we may do more than teach her a lesson. I still feel it may be going too far."

"I still like the idea of beating the shit out of her," Meiling voiced.

"Except the worst case scenario for that would be deportation for you, possibly Li as well," Kurogane countered. "And when they send you off, you'd be lucky to have the clothes you were wearing when they arrested you. Everything else would be confiscated as evidence and subsequently 'lost.'"

"If any of us was to beat up Inoue-san, Sakura-chan is the only one with the ability to do it and won't get into serious trouble for it," Tomoyo added. "Though she could never bring herself to do such a thing."

"Maybe if Inoue bedded Syaoran," Meiling joked.

"Well if the plan doesn't do much to her, we can try something else," Naoko voted before she stood up and waved at the couple that just entered the restaurant.

"Um, hi," Sakura greeted with a nervous blush.

Naoko motioned toward the empty seats. "We've got a bit of damage control to deal with. Rika-chan admitted that her boyfriend is a teacher."

Syaoran glanced at Sasaki. "You really should've come up with something else, even if it was a lie."

Tomoyo frowned. "I don't think anyone lied in their admissions."

"I'm not sure about that. I mean, Chiharu-chan said she was pregnant," Sakura mentioned.

"I am pregnant," Chiharu retorted strongly.

Sakura leaned in and gazed at her deeply. "No... I don't sense anything. You sure?"

Tomoyo blinked. "You can sense if someone is pregnant?"

Sakura nodded. "Ever sense I dealt with those videos."

Tomoyo cover her mouth as she gasped. "Misora-chan is pregnant isn't she?"

"Yeah..." Sakura looked away. "But she hasn't checked if she is yet, but I believe she's suspected it for a while."

"I HAVE tested it, twice," Chiharu insisted.

"Have you seen a doctor yet?" Sakura questioned.

Chiharu shook her head.

"Well, may as well go tomorrow, you can only return if you're not pregnant," Takashi told his wife.

"I'm not pregnant, right?" Naoko questioned with a nervous tone.

"Nope," Sakura assured her. "I should be able to tell by now if you were."

Naoko let out a breath. "Good." She then looked over. "I can go with you, if you like."

Chiharu pouted. "Sure, but I think Sakura-chan is wrong. I've been tired and nauseous for weeks."

"Best to check to make certain," Takashi stressed.

"With a plan for that issue, we should focus on Rika-chan's problem," Tomoyo voiced. "It would be good to find out Chiharu-chan isn't pregnant, as she could then say she lied, and could help give rise to the notion Rika-chan lied as well."

"I've already informed my company they are not to take any cases in Tomoeda without running it past me first," Kurogane added.

Rika smirked. "Nice and general enough, but I doubt they'd go as far as a private investigator. The real issue is that Teikei-sensei and the other teachers will be sure to investigate."

"Much like the investigation on me, they're liable to initially look in the wrong place," Naoko observed.

"But that won't last for long," Tomoyo informed sadly.

Sakura tilted her head. "Well, if we want to make it look like she lied, I could use The Illusion on her boyfriend and she could go on a rather public date."

Rika smirked. "A college student learning to be a teacher."

Takashi grinned. "The best lies are the ones based on truth."

"Still doesn't help with the school undoubtedly telling my mother," Rika noted sadly. "She may know my boyfriend is older, but not that he's old enough to be a teacher."

"You know while Sakura-chan's idea to make that seem like a lie to her as well would only be a temporary solution," Naoko added somberly. "Eventually she will learn the truth and lying to her would only make things worse for you later."

Chiharu looked confused. "She'd would be a hypocrite if she does get upset. She helped support Sakura-chan's parents getting married."

"Maybe she did, but I don't think she'd consider it the same," Rika returned.

"My mother might have something to say if she does," Tomoyo informed. "If she does get upset about it, call me."

Sakura skipped down the street before whirling around to look at her boyfriend. "I've missed being around my friends."

"Don't think all has been forgiven," Syaoran warned.

Sakura pouted. "I know that things won't go back to the way they were, but we've at least made some progress."

Syaoran nodded.

Sakura let out a sigh seeing her home down the street and her father's car was in the driveway. "The school has probably called Dad by now."

"Maybe, but you've got nothing to worry about. He knows the truth already," Syaoran encouraged.

Sakura grabbed him by the hands. "Well, I'm worried about what the school will be doing."

"I suppose I should go in with you to find out for myself," Syaoran suggested.

"It'll at least make me feel better," Sakura agreed.

The girl was still nervous as she entered her home and called out, "I'm home!"

Fujitaka walked out of the kitchen. "Welcome home, Sakura-chan, Li-san. You're here early."

"Did the school call you?" Sakura fretted.

Fujitaka shook his head. "Haven't had any phone calls. Is something wrong?"

Sakura shook her head nervously. "Not really. I mean well..."

"The school found out that Yanagisawa has a job as a professional writer and has been suspended indefinitely. We then all admitted to serious rules violations," Syaoran told him.

"And by 'all,' you mean?" Fujitaka pressed.

"The entire class," Syaoran intoned.

"What did you two admit too?" Fujitaka wondered.

Sakura shifted nervously. "Um... vandalism."

"Even if it was caused by her cards and Hiiragizawa, Sakura and I do hold some responsibility to the damages they had caused," Syaoran related.

Fujitaka nodded. "I may not even get a phone call if it's just that. They've already told me you were suspected in those incidents. And with all the damages long since covered and dealt with, it would be viewed as childish pranks."

"We suspect that will be the case," Syaoran agreed. "That for Sakura and me, we'd only have to deal with a punishment given to our entire class."

The phone began to ring.

Fujitaka smirked. "And that would be your school." He picked up the phone and greeted, "Hello. Kinomoto residence, Fujitaka speaking." He then nodded. "Yes, my daughter and Li Syaoran just explained everything to me already... Yes, he is here at the moment... I see... Thank you. Good bye."

Sakura nervously waited for the verdict.

"That was indeed your school. Class will be held tomorrow for most students, including both of you and Meiling-chan, and the Parent Teacher Association will be holding an emergency meeting tomorrow night at the school to discuss how to handle the numerous admissions of rules violations," Fujitaka told them.

Syaoran nodded. "Just as we thought."

"I suspect the ones who will be told not to go to school tomorrow won't be allowed until the school has talked to their parents directly," Fujitaka informed, remembering the time from when he was a high school teacher.

"Hopefully Naoko-chan will be back soon," Sakura prayed.

Fujitaka nodded. "Diner will be early tomorrow so I can attend the PTA and see what I can do to help your friends."

Sakura clapped her hands together. "Thank you, Dad. You're the best!"

Tomoyo picked up her cellphone as it began to chime. "Hello, Daidouji Tomoyo speaking."

"Hi, it's Rika," Sasaki informed over the phone. "I was right, Mom's not taking the news that he's old enough to be a teacher well."

"I see," Tomoyo replied with a frown. "What's the school doing about it?"

"While I'm expected to attend class tomorrow, during lunch my mother and I will have to see the principal and Teikei-sensei," Rika answered.

"Would that be at a quarter past twelve?" Tomoyo wondered.

"Mom will actually be there by noon," Rika corrected.

Tomoyo smirked. "I have the perfect plan to help you, and the school was nice enough to set it up for us."

"What do you mean?" Rika questioned and had to laugh at what she was told.

Author's Notes:

Coming Next: Chapter 31 - Sakura and the School Inquisition Because the parents and teachers didn't expect this.

Today was proving to be a weird day, and that was saying something about a guy who could see ghosts. Some huge monster had been chasing after a spirit of a girl who had died a week ago when she had been hit by a car. Then the creature was stopped by the ghost of a Japanese girl in flowery samurai garb. He was ready to go to bed and forget it all happened.

The black butterfly that flew straight into his closed window only to emerge as the same auburn haired Japanese samurai girl he saw earlier apparently had a different ideas.

"Why can't I sense it?" the girl said to herself.

"Hey! What's going on?" Syaoran demanded.

The girl looked around the room and only saw the boy from the earlier attack and he was staring straight at... She pointed at herself.

"Yes, you. What's going on?" Syaoran repeated.

"You can see me?" the girl wondered.

"Of course I can see you. I've been able to see ghosts all my life," Syaoran stated evenly.

She then jumped. "Hoe? Ghosts? Where? Where?"

Syaoran pointed right at her. "You."

She started to giggle nervously. "Sorry. Had the biggest fear of ghosts when I was alive."

Syaoran folded his arms. "A ghost afraid of ghosts."

"Soul reaper," the girl corrected. "I'm supposed to send the souls of the dead to the afterlife."

"Oh, really," Syaoran replied in a disbelieving tone.

"It's not a job I'd have chosen, I assure you," she replied.

"What is with the monster earlier?" Syaoran questioned.

"That's a Hollow. It eats g-ghosts and those with strong spiritual presences," she explained.

"Why haven't I seen Hollows or Soul Reapers before?" Syaoran questioned.

She shrugged. "I don't have a clue."

"And how is someone, like you, supposed to fight these things?" Syaoran seriously asked.

"Just because I died young doesn't mean I'm not capable of fighting. I'm a LOT older than I look," she protested. "It's more a matter of spiritual energy and ability. And they keep telling me I have a lot of energy."

"And not so much on ability," Syaoran guessed.

"HEY!" she protested.

"What's with that howling?" Syaoran wondered.

She pointed at herself.

"No there's something howling out there," Syaoran noted.

"I don't..." A loud soul grating bellow from hell scraped across her being. "Hooooeeeee?! The other Hollow is here! Stay here! I'll take care of it."

A loud crash echoed through the home and Syaoran heard the screams of his sisters. He bolted past the Soul Reaper and out of his room regardless of the danger ahead.

* The storyline and Hollows are from Bleach and belongs to Tite Kubo and Shounen Jump, all rights reserved.

* The flip side of Card Captor Ichigo, CCS troupe involved in the events of Bleach.