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Chapter 1 Sirens and Stretchers

Tucker and Jessica could only stare on in shock. Out of nowhere a ghost had attacked Danny. It was doubtful that Danny had had a chance to prepare himself for the attack. It was moments until the Halfa was down and the ghost was gone.

"DANNY!" Sam screamed again. Her whole body was shaking and Tucker was sure that she was fighting the urge to shake him.

Jessica was shifting from one foot to the other. It was clear to see that she was finally understanding.

"She's going to wake someone up," Jessica whispered. Tucker knew she had a point. If someone woke up there was a very good chance that they would call the police.

He slowly walked over to her and kneeled next to her. "Sam," he said placing a hand on her shoulder.

She turned abruptly as if she had realized that someone else was there.

"Tucker," she whispered. Her voice sounded horse. "He won't wake up." A tear fell down her cheek.

"I know, Sam. I know," he said wiping the tear away.

Jessica came over and wrapped her arms around her friend. "He's going to be fine. It'll be okay."

Sam wrapped her arms around Jessica and cried into her shoulder. Danny's life-less form lay peacefully in her lap. If Tucker hadn't known any better he would think him merely sleeping. However, Tucker did know better. And the blood on the boy's face and body would be testament enough.

Time passed slowly as Sam fell into silent sobs. Jessica clamed her and Tucker had never been more thankful to have her around. He doubted he would ever understand girls.

"Better?" Jessica asked. Sam nodded but it was a minute until she released her friend.

"Yeah, I think so. Thanks."

"Don't worry about it."

"Well, this is all every touching. However I think maybe we should be calling an ambulance for him," Tucker said motioning towards Danny.

Sam nodded but Jessica released her and stood up. "Excuse me? Are you mad?"

"Jessica, he needs to get to the hospital. I doubt we can carry him there."

"I was not suggesting we carry him to the hospital. But wouldn't it look bad if we were to call them from here?"

"What else are we supposed to do?" Tucker asked.

"Stop. You both need to stop fighting," Sam said then brushed Danny's bangs out of his face. "We will carry him to the park and call from there. It isn't far from here. We will tell them that we saw him getting beaten up by a gang. We were able to drive them about, but not before he hit the ground."

Tucker and Jessica nodded in silence.

Together the three of them carried Danny to the park. After Tucker nearly dropped him twice Sam hit him.

"Don't you dare," she had told him after the whack.

When they reached the playground the group stopped. "Okay, drop 'em," Tucker joked. After they set him down Sam gave him another love tap.

"Who's the one with ghost powers boy?"

"Him," Tucker commented pointing at Danny. That earned him another tap.

"Ow," he complained as Sam pulled out her cell phone. In a moments time she was giving directions to the person on the phone.

Tucker couldn't believe how horrible this night had been. Danny had said the plan was flawless, or so he had hoped.

His friend knew that if his plan hadn't broken the spell that he would be killed.

Tucker had refused the idea, calling Danny mad.

"You're right Tucker. I am mad, madly in love. And love makes you do crazy things. I promised to protect her, and if I can't then I deserve to die," he had told him.

The sirens woke Tucker from his thoughts. Help was coming and Danny was going to be fine. At least he hoped so.

Lights flickered on as the sirens came closer. The ambulance pulled to a halt on the street and three paramedics climbed out. They rushed over to the group. Sam, who was kneeling next to Danny again, was pushed out of the way by two of the paramedics. The third one asked Sam if she could answer some questions.

Sam nodded and followed the woman back towards the ambulance.

Jessica clung to Tucker's arm as they watched on. The two paramedics spoke in whispers. Finally them seemed to come to an agreement and one went back to the ambulance.

The other stood up and turned to the pair. "You're lucky that you got to him when you did."

"Is he okay?" Tucker and Jessica asked at the same time.

"We hope so, but we're going to have to take him in to get a better reading."

The other paramedic came back with a stretcher. They then moved Danny onto the stretched and hauled him into the ambulance.

Sam and the woman appeared from behind the vehicle. The woman climbed in and Sam nodded towards her. "Come on if you're coming," she called to her friends.

The two hurried over and they all climbed into the back. The woman ushered them into some seats and told them to buckle up while the other two paramedics got ready up in the front.

Danny was strapped down to the stretcher and had an oxygen mask covering his nose and mouth. The woman fussed over Danny making sure that everything was in order before they left.

Tucker could tell the sight was breaking Sam's heart. He patted her hand in comfort while the sirens started up again. In a moment they were off zooming down the streets towards Amity Hospital. Jessica wrapped her arm around Sam to comfort her and support the two of them as they turned a corner.

A few rocking minutes later the ambulance pulled to a halt in front of the hospital. The two men hurriedly unhooked Danny and pushed him into the hospital. The woman put a hand on Sam's shoulder, "We'll take good care of him. Now, I think you should call his family while they get him checked over. Once they're done with that I'll meet you in the waiting room and show you into his room."

Sam could only nod in response and let the woman show her inside. Tucker and Jessica followed like two lost chicks.

The woman took Sam to a room where she could call Danny's parents. Jessica and Tucker sat down in the waiting room. With a sigh Tucker picked up a magazine. It was at least two years old, he noticed looking at the cover. The main article was about the first Harry Potter movie. He threw it down and put his face in his hands.

"He'll be okay," Jessica whispered. Tucker nodded, but part of him didn't believe it.

A moment later Sam walked over to them and sat down in a chair facing the two of them. "Did you get a hold of them?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, Jazz is on her way." It was the first time the pair had heard her speak since they called the ambulance.

"What did the lady need?" Jessica asked now, referring to when the woman took Sam behind the ambulance.

"Questions, you know. Name, family, allergies, medical conditions, that sort of thing. I don't think I was much help, but she said I helped a great deal."

The group fell silent for a moment. "Hey Sam, there's an article in this magazine about the Harry Potter movie," Tucker said picking up the magazine again. "I know you said that you were into Harry Potter."

Sam smiled weakly, like it was the last thing she wanted to be thinking about, but she took it anyway. A small laugh escaped her lips. "Tucker, this is for the first movie. That came out years ago."

"Really? Damn they must not change the reading martial all that often."

"Are you guys okay? No one else got hurt?" Jazz asked as she rushed over. "Oh Sam are you okay?" The older girl threw her arms around Sam. "I'm so glad no one else got hurt. What happened?" The red-hared girl sat down next to Sam and took hold of her hand for comfort.

"We were out for a walk," Tucker said motioning towards the three of them. "And we were taking Jessica home, she lives near the park, and we saw this group of people beating Danny up."

"I think it was some kind of gang," Jessica added rubbing her hands together idly.

"We went after them and managed to scare them away, but it was too late," Sam whispered.

"We called 911 and that's how we got here," Tucker said finishing the lie they had come up with.

Jazz nodded silently. "I'm so glad no one else got hurt. That was a stupid thing to do, you know? It doesn't matter though. Just so long as you're okay. You don't know why they were attacking Danny?"

"No, I know Danny wouldn't go anywhere near a gang. He's not like that," Sam said as if she was trying to get the rest of them to believe it.

"Where are your parents? I thought they would have come along too," Sam asked after a long pause.

"Out of town. Someone called in with a tip on a haunted apartment building down in Florida a few days ago," Jazz said with a slight smile. It wasn't the first time the group had wondered if Danny's sister knew more than she was letting on.

"Miss Manson?" the woman from early asked coming up from behind them.

"Yes? Oh, this is Danny's older sister, Jasmine."

"I'm so glad you're here. I'd like to let you know that we're doing everything we can for your brother."

Jazz nodded, "Thank you. Here, I brought the insurance information. I figured that you'd need that." She handed the woman a card.

The older woman nodded, taking it. "Yes, this will be very helpful. Please, I will show you all to his room."

She led the way down a few halls, and then into the elevator. The group got out on the fourth floor and walked down a few more hallways. A man in a white coat was closing a door behind him. He looked up as the group approached him.

"This is Dr. Smith," the woman told them introducing the man. Everyone muttered a hello.

"I'm so sorry about all of this, but I assure you that we're doing the best that we can."

They all nodded and the woman excused herself.

"Now, Mr. Fenton isn't in e condition, but it is fairly severe. His right arm is broken in three places. Both of his legs have a couple shattered bones. Three of his ribs are damaged, and we believe that he might have a concussion."

Sam gasped and held back tears as she grabbed hold of Jazz. "Is he going to recover?" Jazz asked as she smoothed Sam's hair.

"Yes, but it's going to take time. I would say thankfully, but there is nothing good about it," Dr. Smith started but was cut off by Tucker.

"But what? What else is there?"

"Well, this will keep him from trying to move too much, making it easier for the bones to heal faster, however he is in a mild coma."

Sam broke down into sobs now and Jazz had to take her down the hall to calm her down.

"Mild coma? What do you mean by that?" Jessica asked.

"It means that he could wake up tomorrow, in a week, or in a month. The important thing is that he will wake up; it's just very hard to tell when. No one has been in a mild coma for more than a couple of months, at the most. The majority wake up after a week or two not remembering anything that happened to cause the accident."

Tucker and Jessica nodded as Sam and Jasmine came back. Sam had stopped crying but looked at wits end.

"If you would like to see him, he's sleeping peacefully. A nurse will be in to check on him in an hour or so. Please feel free to stay as long as you like. If you'd excuse me though, I have another patient that I need to check on."

"Of course. Thank you doctor," Jazz said as he left. "Sam would you like a moment alone with Danny?"

"Could I?"

"Of course. Just call if you need us," Jazz said opening the door for Sam.

The black-hared girl quietly entered the room and sat down in chair next to the bed. Danny lay peacefully, but Sam was unnerved by the oxygen mask and I.V. sticking in his arm. His right arm was in a cast, and she imagined both of his legs were as well.

She carefully took hold of his left hand, making sure not to disturb the I.V.

"Danny," she whispered. "Danny can you hear me? It's Sam." She paused wiping away a tear that fell down her face. "Everything's okay now. I'm okay, thanks to you. The ghost got away for now, but I will make sure that he pays for what he did you to. He will pay, I swear to you Danny. All you need to do is get better. Just please get better. It won't be the same without you. Please, I need you Danny.

"Who will help me deal with Dash and Paulina? And what about our English project? Don't think I'm going to pick up your slack... Okay, you know I will, but I won't be happy about it. Just please get better soon. There's supposed to be another dance at school and I thought this time I might actually have a real date this time."

She paused again to wipe another tear away and then to touch his cheek. "I knew you were the one who made Tucker ask me. That was the sweetest thing that anyone had ever done for me... No, no it wasn't. Taking care of me the way you have is the sweetest thing. You stayed by me and helped me learn about my powers. You saved me from Rurik, and now from that spell. You saved me even though I was rude to you and wanted to kill you. You've been there through it all.

"No one else has ever been so nice to me. I love you Danny. I love you more than anyone else and I'll be by your side until you wake up."