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Chapter 7 Back to Your Arms

Sunlight was shining in through the window, but Danny refused to greet the day. No, the draw of sleep was too strong. Instead he rolled over and reached for Sam.

However, rather than hitting her form, or even the soft bedspread, Danny's arm hit a sort of metal bar. What the, his mind wondered as he opened his eyes a crack.

White walls surrounded him. There was a plain blue chair sitting next to the window with white curtains. Next to the chair was a table that had a vase of flowers on it.

He groaned as he tried to sit up and figure out where he was. Pain shot through his whole body, however, making him grunt as he slipped back into the bed. Where was he? Danny didn't remember anyplace like this.

Brushing his bangs out of his face, he noticed that a sort of cord was sticking in the back of his hand. It hurt. He couldn't figure out why he had this thing sticking in his hand.

With a frown he began picked at the tape that held the cord thing to his hand.

"Danny! Don't take that off!" a voice cried.

Looking up Danny saw that Sam was standing in a doorway on the other side of the room. Behind her was a white hallway. His brow creased in wonder, what happened?


She sighed and shook her head as she walked into the room. Taking a seat in the chair, she placed a can of pop on the table. "It figures. I let them talk me out of leaving for two minutes and you wake up. You know, it's a good thing that I found you before you tried to pull that IV out. The nurse is really mean, and I'm sure she would have taken your head off."

"Huh? What's going on?"

"You don't remember?" she asked taking his hand in hers. Her eyes got slightly teary.

"I remember, but how did I get here?"

"Tucker, Jessica, and I called 911. You have no idea how scared I was Danny. I thought I was going to lose you." A tear slipped down her cheek and Danny wiped it away.

"I don't remember that. I remember fighting the ghost, and then I woke up in this big bed."

"It's not that much bigger than your bed, Danny," she said looking concerned.

"No, not this one. It was like a king sized bed. And I had the strangest day." Danny smiled at her, "You looked so pretty."

Sam looked at him in wonder. She looked pretty? Her eyes were puffy and slightly bloodshot, and she was sure that she had circles under her eyes.

As she opened her mouth to question him Tucker and Jessica came bursting into the room.

"Sam! We told you to get some air."

"Danny?" Jessica asked.

"When did he wake up? Why didn't you call us Sam?" Tucker asked looking slightly hurt.

"Tucker!" Jessica said elbowing him. "I'm sure she wanted a minute alone with him."

"Well, excuse me. I only helped carry him for two blocks."

"Whiner," Jessica taunted him.

"Guys, will you just sit down," Sam asked, her voice sounding tired.

"Are you okay Sam?" Danny asked her.

This caused Jessica to giggle. "He wakes up from a coma, and wonders if she's okay. I have to remember this moment."

"A coma?" Danny asked looking between the three of them.

Tucker nodded.

"Yeah. The ghost knocked you out cold Danny," Jessica offered.

"Did you get him? You got him, right?" he asked Sam.

"Um, no. He got away. I'm sorry Danny. I couldn't even think to fight; I was too worried about you. I'm not a very good partner, am I?"

"No, of course not. It's all right. We'll get him, don't worry about."

"So, as we were saying," Tucker butted in. "You got knocked out and the ghost took off. I think he may have thought you were dead."

"And we carried you out to the park, where we called 911. And I'm guessing you can figure out the rest of the story," Jessica said waving her hand in a circular motion.

"I was in a coma?" he wondered aloud.

"A mild one. You've only been out for like three days."

"Three days! But only a day had passed in… Wait, are you saying that was a dream?"

"Most likely," Jessica shrugged.

"What did you dream about?" Tucker wondered.

"Um, well, it was really sort of odd. It was 12 years in the future."

"Sweet, what was it like?" Jessica asked inching closer to the edge of her seat.

"Different, very different."

"Yeah? Was I bad ass?" Tucker asked.

"I guess you could say that. You were a butcher. And Jessica, you helped him out, but you were really annoyed with him."

"Really? Why?" the girl wondered.

"Because he wouldn't propose to you." This caused both Tucker and Jessica to go bright red.

Sam laughed and looked at Danny. "And me? Was I saving the whales or something?"

"Something like that," Danny said with a huge blush.

"What was it Danny? Was it something bad? Come on! Tell us!" Jessica whined.

"We-we were married," he muttered, his face going redder.

This caused Sam to blush too. "Well, that's sweet. I mean it wasn't like we had kids or anything like that."

Danny shielded his eyes from Sam, his blush growing deeper.

"Danny? We didn't have kids, right?"

Tucker and Jessica's eyes widened. "You did! How many? How many, Danny?" Tucker pressed.

"Two," Danny said in a very quiet voice.

"I couldn't hear you," Jessica taunted while Sam tried to hide her face.

"Two. A boy and a girl." Tucker and Jessica fell into a fit of giggles.

The four teenagers talked for another half an hour or so about Danny's dream and things that had gone on at school while he was out. Danny was embarrassed to find out that Sam had been skipping school to sit with him. Tucker was in the middle of the story about what happened when Dash found out that Jessica really didn't work for the paper, and there was going to be no article on him when the nurse Sam had mentioned came in due to the noise.

She started to yell at them that this was a hospital until she noticed that Danny was awake as well. Then she went on to yell at them about how they should have called her the moment he woke up. She left to get the doctor, muttering something about teenagers. This caused the four of them to break into laugher.

"Well, we should be heading home. Homework you know," Tucker said as he and Jessica got up. "We'll see you tomorrow in school hopefully."

"Yeah. Later you guys," Danny said.

It was quiet for a moment after the two had left. Finally Danny broke the silence. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you Sam. You know, I had no control over what my brain was thinking."

"No, I know Danny," she said smiling at him. "It's actually kinda sweet. Our children," she said thoughtfully. "They were beautiful right?"

"Just as beautiful as their mother."

Sam blushed, but couldn't hide her smile. "Where they, you know, Halfas?"

"Yeah, but don't worry. Trust me when I say the world will be a much better place."

"The world couldn't get any better with you by my side," Sam said touching his face softly.