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Summary: Starts the summer after Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts. Threatened and attacked Harry runs away only to find out that he is the last elemental and that it is time for him to be trained. While being trained Harry discovers his true feelings for Snape and then the story begins to unfold. OotP spoilers HPSS.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter sat on his bed back at Number four Privet Drive. The Dursleys had basically left him alone except for cooking an occasional meal. The nightmares that he once had during the past years with such frequency were somehow non-existent at the moment . Harry knew it wasn't because of his ability at Occlumency , thus was the reason he was now writing a letter to Albus Dumbledore, current headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Headmaster Dumbledore,

I am writing to tell you that I've not had any dreams what so ever since I have returned to my uncle's house. I am really concerned about what to do because I have no connections or informants that know any information about what Voldie is doing.

At this point in the letter Harry was wondering if he really should ask the headmaster if it was okay to continue with Occlumency even though he wasn't having dreams.

I was wondering if it is okay with the Weasley's that I might be able to go over towards the end of the summer.


Harry re-read the letter and got up and went over to his owl Hedwig.

"Do you feel up to taking a letter to the headmaster?"

She nipped at his finger lovingly saying that it was okay. Harry tied the letter to her leg, opened the window and watched as Hedwig flew off in the direction of the school.

After shutting the window and looking at the clock that read 11:37, Harry made his way to his bed and soon drifted off to sleep thinking of Ron and his family.

Harry woke up to the soft sound of knocking at his door, he clumsily made his way to the door and asked who it was . The reply that he got was unnaturally kind. Harry started to wonder what was going on.

After opening the door that revealed his aunt, Harry stepped out into the small hallway and asked her what she wanted.

"Your uncle, Dudley, and I are going away for a week," she said rather weakly.

"Yeah, I don't see what this has to do with me?" Harry replied rather sarcastically.

"Well, anyways," she huffed out looking rather irritated. "We have left you enough food to survive the week. And that means no going out of the house or touching anything that is not yours. If we find one hair out of place except in your room we will personally make sure that you never go back to that freak school of yours again . Is that understood?!"

"Yes," Harry replied.

"Then go back to your room," his aunt commanded sternly.

Harry went back into his room and sat down on his bed looking rather glumly out the window into the hazy sky of nothingness. He was considering writing a letter to his friends asking for more parchment because his uncle would not let him get anything and the small supply of writing materials that he hid in his overly large clothes was now down to one or two scraps. But he quickly forgot that thought when he saw Hedwig coming back to his window.

After opening the window and letting his owl have some water from the long trip, Harry untied the letter from her leg and read it.

Dear Harry,

I hope your summer has been well so far. I have thought about your dreamless nights and have decided that in a few days that a Professor will come and pick you up and then take you directly to headquarters.

In this short amount of time I would like to ask you to continue clearing your mind from any thought before you sleep just to keep practicing.

Damn, he still wants me to continue Occlumency.

I know you would like to go to the Weasley's but that is impossible due to the fact that Voldemort would make them a target.

I have more information that I need to talk to you about but it is too important to talk about in a letter.

Please feel free to owl me if you have any concerns.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry sat there holding the letter in his hands thinking about what the headmaster had just told him.

Severus Snape sat in his dungeon thinking about the recent events. Sirius Black his most hated enemy had just gone through the veil in the department of mysteries and he was actually sad. Wondering how Remus Lupin the last remaining Marauder, well the only true marauder, was feeling right now.

Feeling the presence of sleep over powering his senses, Severus went to sleep.

Not long past midnight the dark mark on his arm began to burn with an intensity that was never there before.

Many miles away Harry Potter woke with a start.

As Severus got dressed in his death eater robes, wondering what was so important that the dark lord had to call this late in the night, but then again he thought about the fact that there had not been a meeting for over three weeks and that meant that the dark lord was up to something big. Severus fire called the headmaster to inform him that he'd been summoned.

As he left the safety of the wards surrounding the castle, and apparated to the Malfoy manor where the meeting was being held. Wishing that he would have ended his life much sooner, that way he would not have to go through the pain and suffering that the Dark lord loved to give him as a present.

When he got to the manor he saw that it was alight with a strange eerie glow if green. This meant that there were people being tortured and killed this instant.

Walking swiftly down into the dungeons where he knew that the meeting was due to the rancid odor he was following, the smell of wet and dried blood was overpowering his senses.

Harry having just awoke to the first twinge in his scar for the first time in three weeks. He knew that something was terribly wrong and wrote a quick letter to Arthur Weasley.

Mr. Weasley.

I just woke up to my scar hurting really badly. Something bad is going to happen tonight. Please come and get me out of my uncle's house, no one is here they went away for a week. Hurry please I'm afraid something is going to happen my scar is hurting, it hasn't been doing that for a while.


After tying the letter to Hedwig and urging her to fly swift and safe. Harry got out his invisibility cloak and wand from under the lose floor board under his bed, and wrapped himself up in the cloak and held his wand tightly in his hand.

At the burrow, Molly Weasley was sitting down for a cup of tea with Remus Lupin and was discussing what to do with Harry since he was not allowed by the order to stay at the burrow for any part of the summer. Just then Remus decided to sniff the air because he got the feeling that something was out of place as the hair on this neck stood up informing him of danger. He tensed up waiting as if a trap would be ready to spring if he moved any part of his body.

Just at that moment Hedwig flew in the window looking rather distressed.

"What is it old girl?" Remus asked the snowy owl.

Hedwig replied by sticking out her leg and bobbing her head up and down really fast.

Remus tore the letter off her leg and read it quickly. He paled at the hasty scrawl on the parchment. Shaking slightly he passed Molly, who was now quietly reading the letter.

Molly's face went white as a sheet as she ran into the living room towards the fireplace. She grabbed a handful of silver powder and threw it into the fireplace as she shouted "Albus Dumbledore!" at the top of her lungs.

Albus materialized out of the fireplace and immediately looked around the room for the cause of the disturbance.

"Yes Molly?" He said very calmly.

"Look at this!" she shrieked.

As Albus read the small piece of parchment, he just stared.

"Well is there anything that we can do?" Molly asked.

"Not until we here back from Severus Molly, he has just been summoned." Albus looked at the poor woman that was too shocked to say anything.

"Please Albus," Remus said quietly. "Please can't we help?"

"I'm afraid not my son, this is the only way for the ministry to realize what they need to do."

"And put the boy's life in danger, he's been through that enough times already." Molly said, looking at Albus like he had just grown another head.

"It's a shame too, because even though the ministry confessed that Voldemort is back they still won't lift the underage restrictions on Harry."

"That is why I fear for his life." Remus stared off towards the window.

"Please don't worry Remus, Harry will be fine" Albus tried to reassure him.

"And what if he is not fine Albus," spat Remus.

"Then I don't know, we can only wait." Albus said looking at the others the twinkle had vanished from his eyes.

The three adults just lapsed into silence.

"My faithful followers," Voldemort addressed the gathered death eaters that were standing in a circle around him. "Tonight we have a great opportunity, we have captured Harry Potter's muggle relatives. Once we kill them the wards surrounding the house will be non-existent, thus providing us with the opportunity to kill Potter while he is sleeping."

"My lord?" asked Severus coming forward and kissing the hem of Voldemort robes. "How will we know that Dumbledore and his order won't be waiting for us?"

"Ah, always the wise one, Severus. We know everything that goes on at the Weasley house because of my newest spy, Percy Weasley." He paused to look around the room. "Alas he is not here tonight because he is making sure that no one can leave the house even if they enter it with out first dying, thus since no one can help Potter, he will be ours tonight!"

A collective shudder ran around the circle, as death eaters were waiting with anticipation.

"Now to show that muggle loving fool just exactly what he gets for trying to protect his precious Potter with his relatives. Bring them to me! NOW!"

Harry made his way silently down the steps to where the cupboard under stairs was located so that he could get his trunk and broom. Since he was not allowed to use magic during the summer holidays unless under life threatening circumstances, Harry had to pick the lock with the old lock set that he had received from Fred and George Weasley for Christmas several years ago.

"Ah, here are the worthless muggles that were sent to protect Harry Potter, My lord," said Mancair as he brought Dudley, Petunia, and Vernon into the dark chamber where Voldemort was waiting.

"My dear followers," said Voldemort as he addressed the gathered death eaters. "Avada Kedavra." A jet of green light came out of the end of his wand and flew towards Dudley. Looking up to his death as it came closer and closer, Dudley flew back ten feet as the light hit him and killed him instantly.

Vernon Looked at his son and said, "You murderous bastard, I'm going to kill you!"

Voldemort just looked at the man and then said in Parseltongue, Nagini, I give you the pleasure of having your dinner alive

Nagini slid forward and looked at the poor man that was shaking on the ground and let out a slow hiss, thank you master and then delivered the fateful bite that would send the man to his death.

Vernon watched as the snake came forward, and then bit him on the neck. Slowly he felt his vision clouding over with black haze.

Voldemort laughed. He was happy now having the most ridiculous looking set of muggles out of the way. He slowly turned to face Petunia, Lily Potter's sister.

"Muggle, I will spare you your life if you willingly tell me where your house is located. If not I will kill you and I will still be able to find the house without your help." Voldemort stopped and looked at her. "It is your choice now."

Petunia looked at the dead bodies of her husband and son and then looked at Voldemort.

"You were the one that killed my sister and landed us with the boy." It wasn't a question but a realization of what had happened on that fateful night in October.

"Yes that is what happened, now please answer my question soon because I don't have all night."

"I will die to protect what is mine and you cannot take that away from me." She stated as proudly as she could, knowing that she was facing her death in the eyes of this monster.

"So be it foolish woman. Avada Kedavra." Voldemort said with no emotion. Green light issued forth from his wand and hit Petunia squarely in the chest.

Harry looked up after he finished picking the lock and saw a small glimmer of silver flicker and die. 'The wards must be down. I have to hurry.' And then he heard the sound that he feared the most, the swishing of cloaks and people apparating to the perimeter of the house.

"Death eaters." He breathed

Grabbing his broom and shrinking his trunk, to fit into his pocket, Harry quickly made his way back upstairs so that he could have a way to climb out a window and fly away. He knew that the ministry would come now that he had used underage magic outside of school.

Running back into his bedroom. Harry heard the sound of the front door being blasted off its hinges and as a swarm of death eaters entered the house.

Throwing open his window and mounting his Firebolt, Harry heard his room door open and the fateful words of death being spoken. He jumped out the window and leveled himself onto the broom.

Severus Snape ran up the stairs to Harry's bedroom, throwing the door open he ran inside closely followed by Lucius Malfoy, who would doubt his loyalties if he didn't do something fast.

"Avada Kedavra!" Severus shouted just as Harry's invisibility cloak flew off of his shoulders, as he jumped out of the window.

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