Seeing that Harry was asleep, Blasdel, the man that had shown Harry into the castle made his way to another chamber where he knew that the elemental council was there waiting for him.

Upon entering the chamber, Blasdel bowed, and then waited on the side of the room for the council to ask him their questions.

The light around the council intensified as a voice began to speak "Blasdel," the voice began, "How goes it with our young Harry?"

"My Lady," Blasdel addressed the head of the council, "He is doing well, he is asleep, but tomorrow I will start his training as an elemental."

"Good, we must cultivate his power while it is still young. We do not want to make the same mistake as we did with Tom," the head of council said to Blasdel. "No mistakes."

"Yes my lady."

"Please go Blasdel and I will come and check on him tomorrow. Prepare your self, you might be surprised."

With that Blasdel exited the council room and walked slowly up to his rooms where he thought about Tom, the student that he failed because the young boy had turned dark.


Harry woke up the next morning with sunlight streaming in one of the many windows onto his face. Realizing that he had no idea where he was or what he was doing in this strange place called Trillium Harry thought he might as Blasdel a few questions later on in the day. Deciding to put new clothes on after he showered he would explore the castle that he was in.

Blasdel went to Harry's room and decided to let him know that he was going to start his training as soon as he ate breakfast.

Blasdel knocked on Harry's door hoping that Harry would at least remember that he was now safe in the castle.

Upon hearing a "Come in," from Harry, Blasdel entered the room. He saw that Harry was dressed in muggle clothing that was way too big for him. Seeing that, he mentally summoned some of the apprentice robes that where in his rooms.

As the robes came in he turned to Harry and said, "Please, put these on, and then we will go down to breakfast."

Harry mumbled a thanks and took off his old clothes that the Dursley's had given him and put on the new robes that fit him perfectly.

Blasdel and Harry made their way down out of Harry's room and into another, which was a small kitchen, where small bowls of fruit were laid out on the table. Sitting down Harry took a bite of an apple while Blasdel started to explain what Harry was going to be doing in the coming weeks.

"Harry, I am Blasdel and I am going to be teaching you elemental magic for the next week. Time in Trillium is faster than that of the world that you are used to. I know that you do not trust many people and I am to ensure you that Dumbledore had nothing to do with this." He said seeing the look on Harry's face evident that there was no trust in those emerald green eyes at the moment.

"Then how can I trust you?" Harry asked cautiously. Trying to think of any reasons that he should not be here, but no reasons came up to protest.

"You can't fully trust anyone in your life, but I can help you find your way to defeat Voldemort."

"Since Dumbledore did not send you to help me, why are you?" Harry asked.

"We, the elemental council have named you as the last bearer of the elemental powers that we have passed down for many generations. Because of you being the last only the elements will follow your command even though I might have more experience than you," Blasdel said looking into Harry's eyes looking deep into his soul. There was no evil in him except the doubt that Harry within himself.

Harry locked eyes with Blasdel and saw a small glimmer of trust in this man.

Seeing that he had at least a minimum of Harry's trust he spoke, "Harry we only have a short amount of time to learn everything, so it would be best if we started to train." Harry nodded his head in silent agreement and followed Blasdel out of the kitchen and castle to the very center of the ring of stones.

Blasdel sat down in a cross-legged position motioning for Harry to do the same, and then he addressed Harry, "We will begin with the basics of mediation and how to channel your energy through your own body. Please close your eyes and try and feel the earth's energy flowing through your body and try and become one with the earth."

Harry did not want to let his guard down but shut his eyes and soon settled into a meditative trance, as soon as he did that he started to feel and thrumming all around him. Soon the thrumming of rhythm and vibrations were flowing through his body channeling its own life force within him.

Soon the earth was all around him, speaking to him, telling him about all the awful things that had happened when humans and wizards lived together, destroying the earth for their own purposes. The earth was stained with the blood of so many men that had killed each other over wars and inconsequential things.

The meditation went on too long for comfort for Blasdel. He could not interrupt Harry because he was talking to the earth and was transferring her powers to him while they talked. Even though he was still in a meditative state Blasdel no longer felt the earth's rhythms flowing through him. Harry was now the rightful person that the earth listened to.

As the earth bonded to Harry, a blinding white flash came and hit Harry on the head, but as soon a the light disappeared you could see elemental symbols being burned into his arms, it was the first part of seven symbols that would soon cover his body making it impossible to harm him.

Harry felt ancient magic coming into his body and white hot lines being drawn on him he knew that he would be the only person to command the elements once he was bonded to all of them.

Opening his eyes and realizing that everything was blurry Harry took off his glasses and discovered that he had perfect sight.

Blasdel knew that once the ancient writings where written on Harry, he would no longer needed to meditate. Getting up he turned towards Trillium walking slowly inside with a sense of disappointment following him.

Seeing Blasdel leave, Harry got up and went to his rooms Harry knew he would need to get some sleep before he went to his water training later that day.


Severus sat alone in his dungeons thinking about what had happened with Harry. Why did he not do anything to help the boy when Voldemort was attacking him? It was all because of Dumbledore's Order that he was still alive but at the same time dead. He did not want to take part in any of the Death Eater meetings again. Albus ordered him to continue thus giving up everything that he worked so hard to get back, and become a Death Eater again.

"So much for choices," he muttered. Deciding to see what had happened to the invisibility cloak that was Potter's, Severus got up and took one of the secret passageways to Hogsmead, so that he could apparate away to number four Privet Drive.

When he arrived he immediately noticed that everything that was inside the house was being cleared out starting with the bottom floors. Casting an invisible charm on him, Severus made his way into the house and up the stairs to the bedroom door that used to have five padlocks on it; they were no longer there because he blasted them off during the attack.

Opening the door slowly after checking it for traps that might have been set by other death eaters, Severus made his way into the room, the window was still open. He looked around the room, his eyes settled to the cloak still nestled in the middle of the floor with its edges turned up, and it was the only way he could see the cloak as the wind silently blew across the floor lifting its edges in the breeze.

Picking up the cloak and removing the invisibility charm that was on him, he threw the cloak around his shoulders and walked out of the room and down the stairs without even being seen.

As Severus was walking down the stairs he noticed a small closet that was under the stairs with the door wide open. Pulling out his wand he crept cautiously into the cupboard.

When he muttered, "Lumos," he was shocked to see small traces of blood splattered across the floor and ceiling. Muttering another charm that collected blood so that he could analyze it in his potions lab to see whose blood it was, Severus exited the room and apparated back to Hogsmead heading back to the comforts and security of his dungeon.

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