Disclaimer: I don't own any of the SM or DBZ characters

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the SM or DBZ characters.

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Goddess: Chapter 12

An eerie hush descended upon the group and Trunks felt strangely detached from the whole incident. It felt unreal. Nothing seemed right. The woman he loved was … dead? Was that true? He stretched his Saiyajin senses out to feel her familiar ki, waiting for the warmth to envelop him. Her ki, like herself, was filled with life, laughter, and love. Nothing returned. A deep sadness and pain unlike anything he had ever known welled up from within him, and a shout came out of him, echoing the depths of his despair. The only person who had ever meant the world to him was gone. He howled his grief, and he was uncaring about the tears that fell freely down his face. He didn't care if his father would think that he was weak, and although he didn't know it, a single tear had slid down Vegeta's emotionless countenance.

Usagi… he would never see her smiling so brilliantly at him and how it never failed to brighten up his day no matter what… her beautiful face that would cause such love and joy to flood in his heart… her generous personality, her giving soul, her passionate nature… everything that symbolised Usagi to him… she was his family… she was his life. He would never feel her softness against his body again and how she made him feel so unbelievably happy… the silky golden locks that he loved running his fingers through… the deep blue eyes that captivated his heart would never shine at him again… her soft skin… he would saw images of happy, laughing children vanish into nothingness. He saw the images of them growing old together, being together forever till the end of time all disappear like everything else in his life. He had once again lost someone that mattered, someone who meant the world to him. Pain and agony surged against his heart and soul, and he didn't think he could survive the pain. He fell to his knees and he stared up at the being that had invaded Usagi's body and taken her away from him. My love… how could you leave me alone like this? Didn't you promise me… his eyes widened as he remembered something she said.

"Never willingly." She had known she was dying, and she never told him.

Unbearably hurt, harsh sobs wracked through his body. Usagi… why did you not tell me? Did you think I'd be unable to handle it? Yes, she would've… she couldn't have born causing him any more pain. She wouldn't have wanted him to believe that he was meant to be alone in this life. She wanted to be with him more than life itself. So we could've fought it together. We could've beaten this stupid thing together. Something tickled the back of his mind, and there was a nagging feeling that something wasn't right. She wouldn't have left so suddenly… not like this. A thought occurred to him without warning. What if her ki was simply being masked?


Deep inside her body, a big battle had emerged between her own soul and a different Megami-sama's. Usagi had felt the difference. Pure evil energy had entered her system, filling every single ounce and slowly pushed aside her own. Fight it… I know you can. She watched in horror as Trunks fell to his knees sobbing with grief. I'm sorry, my love… I'm trying my best. Why is my best never enough? Trunks believes I'm dead… I'm here… I haven't left you. I could never leave you… A rage burned within her over the actions of Freiza and how she had been manipulated to hurt those she cared about. A powerful blast left her hands and anger descended upon her soul as she saw a few of her senshi being injured. She couldn't just sit here and do nothing. She had to fight back.

Stop trying, you fool. You can't beat me.

I know you're good. Fight it, Megami-sama. Fight it.

I gave you what you wanted to see, fed you lies so you would give in to me… so I could begin taking over your body.

Iie! I don't believe that for a moment… you're lying.

Watch me…

She felt the tingle in her blood as another energy ball formed in her palm. A smirk crossed her lips as she stared right at Trunks. IIE! You can't!! Not him!! Usagi felt an unbearable pain flood through her. Moments flashed in her mind, drowning out all thought.

What are you doing?? The entity screeched in her head.

Trunks holding her close to him. The feel of his strong arms around her, surrounding her with warmth and security. The way his smile affected her, and the beautiful lavender hair that she had once jokingly told him she was jealous of. Memories of every single moment spent with him ran through her mind and Usagi felt herself growing stronger. For you, my love… I would give up my life for you. A power deep within the recesses of her soul sparked and slowly began spreading, eradicating all traces of evil. The dark eight-pointed star that had once been on her forehead disappeared, only to be replaced by the insignia of a silver moon. Only Megami-sama has the power to defeat Freiza… Tell him I love him. So much. And we will be together in our next lives. Tell everyone I'm sorry. The silver energy flowed deep through her blood and flashed outwards in a powerful beam of light. Usagi felt the last of her powers leaving her, and a small smile appeared on her lips before she collapsed on the ground.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he quickly raced to grab Usagi before she hit the hard ground beneath. Cold. She was so cold. Her eyes were closed, and there was a serene smile on her lips. And as he looked up in confusion, an ethereal creature floated high above them, and smiled sadly at him.

She's sorry, Trunks. She loves you so very much.

No. It couldn't be. He pressed his fingers against her wrist, desperate to find a pulse. Anything. "Beat for me damn you, beat for me Usagi!!! Come back to me!!" He shouted out, shaking her lifeless body. "Don't you dare!!! No!!"

She gave up her life for you, to save you from Freiza.

"I defeated Freiza before!!" He yelled at the goddess-like creature before the realisation dawned upon him. Usagi had never known that.

She never knew, did she?

"It's my own damned fault. I never shared any details about my past with her," he whispered as the tears reappeared in his eyes. Guilt pounded deep within his heart, and he felt like he was going to die. Usagi had given up her life to save him when she didn't have to. "It's all my fault…"

Freiza glared at the goddess in anger. "You should not have been able to break free of my chains!"

Usagi's no mere mortal. You didn't realise that you had placed me within the moon princess herself?

"Nani?!" He shrieked incredulously.

The grief kept building in his system, and he brushed aside a golden lock, tenderly rubbing his hand against the soft skin of her cheek. The surge of energy came out of the blue, rushing through his system, and with familiarity, he shouted out, a hoarse cry of the loss of the only woman he had ever loved. It spiraled through him, turning his hair blonde. He laid her down gently, and with glazed eyes, he looked at Freiza coldly. "You will pay. For all the stuff you put Usagi through, and for taking her away from me, I swear you will pay."

The rest of the group watched in shock and disbelief at what had just happened. Usagi was now officially dead. Her body lay there as hard cold evidence and the goddess-like creature hovered over them with a sad look in her deep blue eyes. A sadness swept over the group, and Vegeta stood off to the side, clenching his fist in anger. Usagi had been like a daughter to him, and now this bakayero had caused her to die. He felt a strange sensation rush through his system as he stared at the grief falling from his son's eyes. With a sudden start, he realised it was compassion.

Trunks transformed in front of them, drawing gasps of disbelief from the senshi and Mamoru. It was as if they had been frozen in place, unable to do anything. Trunks hair was now spiked up, not to mention blonde. His eyes were terrifying, a glazed shade of green that almost seemed to reflect the emptiness and pain that existed within his heart. With blinding speed, he somehow appeared behind Freiza, and kicked him cruelly in the back. The sound of bone cracking caused most of the senshi to almost pity the creature, though the smirk on Vegeta's face was almost blinding. In a series of movements that they could not follow, bruises and cuts began appearing on Freiza's face. Stopping briefly, Trunks began taunting him.

"I want you to suffer. I want you to feel each and every blow I'm about to hit you with, so you can know what I'm going through."

Throwing punch after punch on the creature's stomach, blood spurted out of his mouth as it received massive internal damage. A glowing light appeared on its hand as it flung it towards Trunks, who managed to dodge it.

"You still have life in you? Good. I was getting bored with beating you senselessly."

"Silence Wall!" Sailor Saturn cried out as the beam headed straight for them. The goddess merely smiled above them and absorbed its energy. Distracted, Hotaru looked at her curiously.

Trunks needs to do this, Hotaru-chan. Otherwise, he'll never be able to forgive himself.

Nodding in understanding, she returned her purple gaze to watch the blonde Trunks pummeling Freiza with ruthless efficiency.

"Finish him off," Vegeta growled under his breath. Freiza had never stood a chance to begin with, and Trunks was merely prolonging the match.

As if hearing his father, he reached behind him and his sword glinted, catching everyone's eye. "Enough playing. I want you to feel just as dead as I do inside." With a speed that somehow appeared like a series of light flashes that danced across their eyes, Freiza's expression was frozen on his face as what was once his body suddenly split into a tumbling sequence of body parts that thudded to the ground.

There was a look of immense satisfaction on his face as he resheathed his sword. Then it crumbled just as quickly, feeling no joy in defeating an opponent that was woefully inferior, and had caused him to lose the only person that had meant the world to him. He trudged slowly towards Usagi's body, laying so still. A sob sounded from behind it, and dimly he registered that it was Minako. He caught his father's eye on his way over and saw the sadness that shone from its black depths. Usagi… how am I going to live now that you're gone? Ever since the first day I met you… it was as if every moment I had before that was nothing. I have lived for you… I don't know… I don't know how I can go on, Usagi. Kneeling beside her body, he took her cold hand into his own, gripping it tightly.

"Did you know about my surprise?" He said softly. "Did you know why I used to leave for hours at a time? I was building a house for us, a place where we could call our own. I used to have the stupidest dreams… thinking about how our children would look like, and how their golden hair would shine in the sun, and they would have a smile as beautiful as their mother's was. And we were so happy in my dreams, Usagi… we were." Tears were streaming down a few of the senshi's face, and even Haruka could no longer keep her emotionless exterior. Michiru wrapped her arms around her lover and leaned her head against Haruka's own in shared grief. "This can't be how it ends. It can't be. Answer me, Usagi! Why did you leave me? Didn't you know how easy it was for me to defeat Freiza? I'd killed him before… I did it again, and you didn't have to sacrifice yourself for me. Oh god. What am I going to do? Tell me…" He hung his head, long lavender hair shielding the tears from the group present, though the floor beneath him became wet.

Trunks…for Usagi's sacrifice, I can grant your fondest wish.

The goddess smiled benevolently as the powerful silver beam came from the heavens above. It pulsated with intensity and almost like a camera flash, it blinded everyone with its brilliance.

Thank you, Usagi… thank you for giving me my life.

You're welcome, Megami-sama.

As each body tumbled into unconsciousness, Usagi's own began glowing and the goddess looked upon the young woman's body with fondness. Raising her hands above her head, she closed her eyes, and imposed her will upon the rules of existence and destiny.

My will shall be.


Drinking in the sight of each other, their fingers reached forward, yearning to reassure themselves that the other was indeed in front of them. A tentative first touch and breaths rushed out in absolute relief. Tears trailed down an exquisite porcelain cheek, and his own blue eyes shone with the happiness he was feeling inside. Reaching with his other hand, he pulled her body against his own, tucking her head against his chest. As he rested his chin on top of her head, she could hear his solid heartbeat that thrummed steadily beneath her ears. He could feel the tears dampening his shirt and he pressed a gentle kiss against the silky golden tresses, rubbing his hand reassuringly down her back. A perfect moment. In their world, at that very moment, that was exactly what it was. Without physical communication, their hearts beat in unison, in silent promise.


"Hai, Trunks?"

"Do you know you have silver mixed in your hair now?"


Haruka smiled, and held Michiru tight with Hotaru not too far away.

"Our princess is back with us once again," Michiru commented softly.

"Hai, I don't think I've ever seen koneko-chan so happy."

"She will be happy," Hotaru said cryptically, much to her parents' dismay.


Minako curved her lips as Vegeta contented himself with a "hmmph" beside her. Elbowing him, she grinned mischievously. "You're glad your daughter-in-law is back. Admit it."

"Stupid girl. What do you know?" He growled though there was an unusual glint in his eyes. Thank God she was back. Thank God.

"What will we do now?" Makoto motioned to the goddess who was now standing nearby, with obvious amusement in her expression.

I have a solution. Let Usagi go. And I will be your ultimate weapon, while your princess remains safe. No one will ever know.

The inner senshi glanced over at their princess, the one they had let down and disappointed. The one who they had failed to serve and protect. Did she deserve a chance at happiness? A soft smile appeared on each of their faces though none of them realised it.

"With all my love, odango atama…"

"Take care, Usagi-chan…"

"All my best to you, Usako…"

"Be happy my friend, and be free." Makoto whispered.


Her left hand wrapped around his neck, and she was oblivious to everything else but him. Her senses were being filled with him as his arms tightened around her tiny waist protectively.

"Do you like your surprise?" Trunks said hesitantly.

She nodded enthusiastically, and with a brilliant dazzling smile turned his whole world upside down momentarily.

"I can't believe you and Vegeta-tousan would keep this a secret from me though," she replied with a mock pout.

"Father still hasn't forgiven you for getting him drunk at the wedding dinner."

"Or making him sing Like a Virgin. He still won't speak to me…"

Chuckling at his wife, he kissed her soft lips, feeling the familiar passion rise between them. They were newly weds after all. With obvious reluctance, he pulled away from her, and she had a dazed look on her face that still made him marvel at how lucky he was.


"You know Minako and Gohan are due to show up at any time now…"

"I'm sure Gohan's distracting the living daylights out of Mina-chan too," she grinned mischievously as she pulled his head down for another kiss. And he never had the heart to deny her anything, much less a request as enjoyable as this.


"Do you think we should interrupt them?" Minako whispered, hanging on to her housewarming present, as Gohan slipped his arms around her waist.

"Nah, I'm getting ideas of my own."

With a squeak, she was spun around as Gohan kissed her and made her forget whatever it was she was going to say next.


Somewhere in another dimension, a platinum haired, blue eyed goddess smiled to herself.

With my blessings Usagi, be free, and be happy.



Whoever said that giving birth was painless either had uttered those words after being shot with elephant tranquilizers or never had to push a ten pound baby from her stomach. She moaned, groaned, and made various noises. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she yelled colourful curses that made most of the medical staff present (not to mention the rest of the patients at the hospital) cringe slightly. This delicate, beautiful woman was saying things that no person should ever hear.

"Think of the children, ma'am!" A nurse begged as they struggled to restrain her motions.

"I hate you for doing this to me! It's all your fault!" Usagi shrieked at her husband, who just stood there, held her hand, and swiped away the hair that was matted on her forehead.

"Sir, you're incredible." A doctor said with an almost hero worship look on his face.

"You should've seen her mood swings," was all Trunks would say.

"Don't… talk… about… me… like I'm… not a part… of the conversation! Stop being such a … condescending jerk!! AAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Push ma'am push!"

"I hate you!!!"

After much swearing and panic attacks from various nurses (and doctors), the squalling of a baby's cries could be heard. The medical staff (and the rest of the hospital) breathed a sigh of relief at the tears that broke down on her face, and the female members gave an envious sigh of happiness at the handsome man who had the most tender look on his face.

"My baby… can I hold her?" She pleaded, still slightly out of breath and drained from her efforts. Yet, the joy that flooded her was nothing like she had ever imagined it would be like. All thoughts of the pain and indignity of the process fled from her head as she gazed upon the red-faced, wailing infant. The tiny fingers, the delicate form that she had nursed in her womb for nine months all added up to a miracle. Her eyes flew up to meet Trunks', who had moved over to sit by her side, as the doctor gently passed the baby to her. Her precious bundle, the baby that they had created together. She cried at the sight of the infant, which in turn made the baby cry even harder upon such harsh noises.

"Look at this…" He whispered softly, a reverent light on his face as he took in the face of their child for the first time. How could mere words ever describe such perfection or the emotions that he had felt?

"I… it's… oh my god…"

Smiling gently at his wife, Trunks kissed her forehead as she struggled to control her emotions.

"A symbol of our love… and like it, perfection." The baby stopped wailing upon hearing its mother's cries stop and began cooing at them. His heart absolutely melted, and from the watering pot Usagi had become upon that sight, he could safely say that she was feeling the same thing.

"You are the proud parents of an extremely healthy baby. Congratulations." The doctor said, slightly relieved to get the couple out of his hair. He nodded in the other man's direction, who backed out quickly and could not get out of the room fast enough.

"What shall we name her?"

With his arms securely around his family, he vowed to protect them for always. Never would any harm come to them, and he would not lose them. Things would be different. He would make sure that his precious baby girl would never get hurt, that no boy would ever toy with her heart. If she fell, he wanted to be there to catch her, and make her better. She and her mother were his life. It was as simple as that.


Smiling at her husband, she saw the intensity of his emotions on his face, the tears that were almost free from their prison. Remembering his past and all he had experienced, she felt so touched, and so loved.

"It's perfect," Usagi whispered, and pressed a soft kiss on her daughter's forehead. Some strange imp of mischief had gotten to her however and she couldn't resist adding, "So how old do you think she should be before she starts dating?"

Her husband's shouts could be heard all throughout the hospital as people ran for cover. And in her arms, the baby smiled delightedly, motioning her tiny arms towards the apparition that had appeared in the back of the room, unbeknownst to her parents. Though they didn't know that day, what would happen after this was something that would change their lives forever. But for that moment, and for that day, life as they knew it was perfect.


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