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"Not long now" Sookie said clapping her hands excitedly

"I can't quite believe it, it doesn't seem real some how" Lorelai smiled as she and Sookie gossiped over coffee in the Inn's kitchen.

"But you're excited right, I mean you're not having second thoughts or anything are you?" Sookie asked in a panic

"No way... well... only about the fact that I think Luke & I should have eloped"

"No, then you would miss out on this, the lead up, the anticipation"

"The fights with my mother" Lorelai replied sarcastically

"I thought things are going well with you two now?"

"They are, just force of habit" Lorelai shrugged "We're getting on okay but it

is Friday and well Friday night dinner tonight, who knows" Lorelai shrugged

again "Anyway onto happier topics, one week exactly to my hens night"

"Yes, oh this is exciting. I can't wait. A chance for us girls to get out and

shake our groove thang"

Lorelai laughed "Right. So we're doing dinner in Hartford first and then…?"

"…And then Miss Gilmore it's a surprise"

"I hate surprises" Lorelai pouted

"Too bad"

"Okay but it's legal right and it's a place Rory can come too because I want

her with me all the way"

"Yes, we've been over this and I've discussed it with Rory we're all good"


Sookie clapped her hands together "I'm just so excited"

"Geez Sookie who's getting married here you or me?"

"Sorry, It's just, I'm really, really happy for you"

"Thanks Sookie"

"Is there anything else we need to go over, get ready?"

"No I think we're all done. I picked up my present for Luke the other day, everything else has been organised. I'm really surprised it's been kinda stress free"

"Wow, well just sit back and relax and enjoy the next two weeks of freedom"


"So Sookie's got my bachlorette party all organised. It's a week from today"

Lorelai told Luke as she changed from her work clothes to her clothes for

dinner at the Gilmore's

"And your mother's been invited?"

"Just to the dinner but I'm not sure where we're going after, Sookie wouldn't

tell me. Apparently Rory knows so remind me to get that out of her later" Lorelai

turned around "Hey Luke, have you organised your bachelor party yet?"


"Why not?"

Luke shrugged "Don't think I'll have one"

"What? why? Luke you have to have a bachelor party it's all part of the ritual

of marriage, you have to"

"I don't have to. I'm not really a bachelor party guy"

"Have you had a bachelor party before?" Lorelai asked placing her hands on her hips


"So how do you know?"

"I have been to bachelor parties before. A bunch of blokes getting drunk, ogling

women at strip clubs. That's just not me"

"You don't have to do that, you can have any sort of party you want"

"How about a non-existent party?"

"Luke come on, please have one"

"I'd rather just spend a night here with you. You and I can have a bachelor


"Luke that's not a bachelor party. Come on why not invite a few friends, go to a

bar or something. I really think you need to do this"

Luke rolled his eyes "I'll think about it"

"Thank you" Lorelai kissed him "Are you heading back to the diner?"

"Yeah I should probably be there for the dinner rush"

"Okay well we'll walk out with you. How do I look?" Lorelai twirled around in a


"Beautiful" Luke kissed her cheek "Come on let's go"


Later that night Lorelai climbed the stairs to her room, she stopped in the

doorway "Hey I didn't think you'd be here" Lorelai smiled as she saw Luke lying

on their bed reading

"Yeah well, the diner was quiet so I closed early" Lorelai leaned down and

kissed him "and besides I wanted to be here when you got home, you know, in case dinner was


"You're Sweet" Lorelai replied as she took her jacket off and hung it in her closet.

"So…How was dinner?"

"It was fine. I mean, it was okay but we're not going to be happy family full

of laughter overnight but it was nice. I think my parents only rolled their

eyes at me 3 times during the whole night"

"Wow big improvement" Luke laughed

"I know"

"Is Rory home?"

"Yeah, she paged Dean on the way back and they're out the front sucking face"


"What?" Lorelai shrugged "That's what they're doing"

"But I didn't need… never mind"

"Hey hon, what are you doing tomorrow?"


"Tomorrow..What are you doing, what are your movements for the day?"

"Checking up on me hey?"


"Well I got Caesar and Michael to open the diner tomorrow and I was going to go

in later in the morning, why?"

"Do you think you could open and Caser could work late morning and close up"

"Lorelai I can cook you breakfast here"

"No I mean,… look Rory and I want to spend the day with you tomorrow. We've got

the whole day planned but in order for the plan of spending the day with you to work, you need to actually be with us."

"I don't like the sound of this"

"Geez don't be a baby. We just want to spend the day with you, how bad can that


"Well you could want me to come shopping with you to carry all the bags or you

could take me to a restaurant that only serves deep fried food and try to force

feed me or you could go dress shopping and try on endless dress and want my

opinion on all of them"

"Oh all good ideas… lets do that" Lorelai laughed "No actually we want to spend

the day with you, doing things, just things we can all enjoy together - a

family day"

"and you promise there will be no shopping involved?"

Lorelai held up her hand "I promise"

"Okay I'll give Caesar a call"

"Thank you"

"Hey you guys decent?" Luke and Lorelai heard Rory call out as she climbed the


"I am but Luke's refusing to put clothes on"

"LORELAI" Luke's face reddened "Geez.. Rory you can come in"

Lorelai giggled as Luke glared at her

"So did you tell him?" Rory asked as she sat on the bed

"Yeah and it only took me promising that you'd give up coffee for him to agree"

"Hey" Rory pouted

"Oh good pout sweetie, Dean doesn't stand a chance"

"Poor Guy" Luke muttered

"Hey" Lorelai swatted his chest

"I mean… poor guy… he's not here to see how… beautiful you two are at this moment"

Luke stammered

"Better. Anyway Luke's going to open the diner tomorrow. I think we'll head

there for breakfast then we can go"

"Sounds good to me" Rory nodded "Thanks Luke"

"I'm just going to call Caesar"

Both Lorelai and Rory starred at him as he picked up the phone next to the

bed "What?" He looked at them for a few seconds "Downstairs?" Luke questioned

and walk out of the room when they nodded

"Thanks Hun, just some girl talk"

"Call when it's safe to come back" Luke called over his shoulder

When Lorelai was sure Luke was down stairs she turned to Rory "So did you ask Dean?"

"Yeah, he's going to meet us at the Diner tomorrow morning"

"Okay so you, me, Luke and Dean. Its going to be so much fun" Lorelai smiled "Well as long as it doesn't end like the night at the carnival"

"I can't believe you're getting excited about this"

"What? Us girls and our men spending the day together"

"Playing sport?"

"Hey who said we're playing? In my plan the boys play and we watch them being all strong and physical while we shove copious amounts of junk food into our mouths"

"Oh I love this plan. Family day is going to be so much fun!" Rory giggled