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"Do you have feelings for my sister Ranma-kun?" Kasumi asked as she searched his surprised blue eyes.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ranma panicked. None of this made sense to him.

"Do you like Nabiki, Ranma-kun?" Kasumi continued to question him, as she searched his eyes for any signs that may betray him.

"Of course I like Nabiki! Just like you and Aka…" but he never got to finished as Kasumi simply once again shook her head negatively.

"I think you know exactly what I'm asking you Ranma-kun." Kasumi replied back to him, effectively cutting off any reasoning or excuses that Ranma may have been thinking about.

Ranma was speechless as he contemplated Kasumi's words and his own feelings. Did he really like Nabiki?

Taking advantage of Ranma's silence Kasumi continued. "If you really do have feelings for Nabiki could you do something for her?" she asked as her heart constricted painfully in her chest. "If you really do care for her I ask you humbly to do this,"

Ranma looked into Kasumi's eyes. Wondering what was causing the normally serene and peaceful girl so much distress. "What is it Kasumi? I'll do anything if it will ease your worries."

Kasumi felt a pang of guilt as Ranma spoke those words but even though it pained Kasumi, even though she knew her heart constricted as though razor sharp barb wires slowly tightened around her chest, she still managed to say the words that she knew will drive the boy before her, that she treated like her own brother away.

"Stay away from her." she managed to voiced out rather shakily but with so much conviction that she can muster.

"What? I don't understand…" Ranma immediately replied back, shock and surprise showed on his face as he shot up from his seat. "What do you mean stay away from her?!" he found his voice slowly rising.

"Please Ranma-kun," Kasumi pleaded as she took his hands into her own to try and calm him down. "It's both for your own good."

"But?" he tried to protest.

"Please, I beg of you." Kasumi continued to plead as she slowly found herself in tears.

"Kasumi, I-I," Ranma struggled to reign in the emotions that ran rampant within him. Anger, resentment, confusion, betrayal and many more emotions assailed him. He felt Kasumi hold on to his hands as though he was her lifeline and it tore him apart to see the gentlest person he knew was reduced to tears. He could see the huge amount of pain in her soft brown eyes, her shoulders were slumped as though something heavy weighed on her shoulders.

She was begging him. Begging him to stay away from Nabiki.

He saw her broke down and cry and Ranma found himself engulfing the eldest Tendo into a warm embrace. It hurt him to see her suffering like this but at the same time the pain in his heart escalated and twisted by her mere request. He found himself muttering words he didn't mean. Words that he knew will sooth her but at the same time, cut through him like a sharp blade.

"Don't cry Kasumi, please don't cry. I'll… I'll do as you say… so please stop," Ranma managed to whisper to her, even though his gut felt heavy and there seemed to be a large lump forming in his throat every time he said those words.

But hearing him adhere to her request only made Kasumi feel worst as she continued to cry. She knew she had hurt him, both him and Nabiki by such a request but she knew that more people will be hurt if this continued. She never noticed that a lone tear escaped Ranma's eyes as he continued to acknowledge her request in order to calm her down.

In Nabiki's room,

Nabiki followed her father obediently as she stared nervously at her father's muscular back. It had been so long since she had seen her father this angry before and for the life of her she had no idea what brought about such anger.

She felt like a little girl once again, afraid of her father's ire, afraid that she had disappointed or failed him in some way. She knew she should have been indifferent to his anger. After all, with all the trouble she had gotten into over the years, she had learned to shrug off her father's ire but this time it felt different.

Her father never lifted a hand on any of them, no matter how much trouble they got themselves into. He only gave them lectures that left them feeling guilty, regretful and at the very least, shameful for their actions.

She watched her father warily as he paced around in her room back and forth. She closed the door carefully and just managed to hear the audible click as the door closed.

"Daddy, I think you should sit down," she reasoned to her clearly agitated father. Whatever got her father riled up had to be really big if he's trying to suppress his emotions to this extreme.

"Perhaps you are right," he replied back surprised that his voice sounded strained and tired. He took in a couple of more deep breaths to calm himself before taking a seat at her bed. He looked up at his teenage daughter surprised at how really grown up Nabiki looked with her faded jeans and a simple tank top.

Again regret filled his whole being at once again he was physically reminded that he had little to nothing to do in bringing his daughters up. They had basically raised themselves and each other, adapting to their ever changing environment and at the same time, took care of him when he was rendered almost useless from being too preoccupied living in past memories, rather than moving on with his life.

"Daddy what's wrong?" Nabiki asked in concern, not bothering to make any smart-aleck comment she normally used to when talking to her father.

"Would you sit beside me Nabiki?" Soun tiredly requested as he patted the space beside him by the bed. He watched as his daughter tentatively approached him, still a bit skittish from nervousness.

Nabiki sat beside her father still wondering what was wrong. She waited patiently for him to answer or at least ask questions to give her clues as to why her father was so upset with her. She can't fathom any reason for her father to be angry. She hadn't been misbehaving at school and certainly haven't been fuelling any rumours to upset the Nerima Wrecking Crew (NWC). She was left completely in the dark.

"Where were you today daughter?" her father questioned her, using a tone that brook no argument and to give him the answers he needed.

"I told you daddy, I went out today." Nabiki tiredly replied, wondering why her father had grown suddenly concerned about her whereabouts.

"Were you with… Ranma?" Soun asked once again, this time he said the boy's name with so much conviction.

Nabiki sighed heavily. She was getting around to explaining to her father that she was indeed with the boy in question but her father made it sound so scandalous. She knew for a fact that her father knew she was with Ranma simply because they arrived home together so what were the 20 questions for?

"I see," Soun replied back sombrely as though she had just confirmed his worst fears. "Nabiki you know I love you and your sisters right?"

Nabiki blinked rather comically at the sudden turn the conversation was heading. "Of course daddy," she replied still unsure where her father wanted to take their conversation.

"Then you do know that I will do everything in my power to see that you are all happy right?" Soun continued.

"Wether we want to or not," Nabiki couldn't help but quip. "I know daddy, I know,"

Nabiki's little commentary made Soun smile a little, out of all his daughters Nabiki had always had such an incorrigible personality. To Nabiki's surprise, her father held her hand firmly within his. "Then you should also know that what I'm about to do is for your own good,"

"Daddy?" Nabiki asked rather nervously. For some reason her heart began to pound loudly in her ears, something about her father's actions was giving her bad vibes.

"Stay away from Ranma, Nabiki," She heard her father say in an almost pleading tone. His request seemed to echo with her mind, almost enough to make her hyperventilate.

"What do you mean?" Nabiki asked in confusion as she felt her heart constrict.

Soun sighed as he tried to avoid his daughter's eyes but he knew he had to look at her, to make her understand. "Nabiki, please don't take this as it is, I know that you have grown fond of the boy over the last couple of… days," he tried to explain without being judgemental or let on that he had a feeling that she had been closer to the boy the couple of past weeks. "But what I want you to understand is that there are consequences to your actions,"

"But daddy, me and Ranma are just friends," Nabiki tried to reason, even though her affection was slowly growing as each time they spent together but that doesn't mean she will try and pursue a relationship with him.

"I know Nabiki, and I'm not putting any wrong ideas in your friendship with him. In fact, I am happy that you and Ranma seems to be getting along now," Soun tried to explain, Nabiki was about to protest when he cut her off, "But your growing friendship with the boy is causing a lot of rift between him and Akane."

"Ranma and Akane always fought even before that," Nabiki once again pointed out. Her chest constricting every time her father pointed out that even being friends with Ranma was wrong.

"Yes, indeed they do but did you ever wonder that they take longer to reconcile than they used to? I'm not saying its your fault but have you ever thought how his other would be pursuers would think about your friendship with him?" Soun continued, ignoring how the light in his daughter's eyes was slowly fading. It hurts him that it had to be this way. That he was the reason why that shine in his daughter's eyes was slowly dimming because of him but he knew he must protect her and Akane.

Nabiki stood up abruptly, snatching her hand away from her father's. Her emotions were starting to get out of control. "So, I'm not even allowed to be friends with Ranma is that it daddy?" she said in a tone that sounded like a sneer but her father's voice remained neutral, almost cold.

"Is that what you're really after Nabiki? Friendship?" Soun looked directly looking into her eyes, questioning her motives. "Because if it truly was friendship then I will support you, you know that,"

Nabiki took a step back. How did her father know? Her hand clutched her chest, as the pain in her intensified.

"It's not just friendship is it?' Soun sighed melancholically, his eyes left hers and was now staring at his lap before once again sought to look into hers once more. "You're slowly falling for him,"

Tears, Nabiki didn't know that were brimming in her eyes began to fall. A silent answer to her father's question.

Soun stood up and wrapped his arms around his daughter in a warm embrace but Nabiki remained unresponsive.

"Do you understand why I'm doing this?" he murmured into her hair before holding her at arms length and search her pain filled eyes. "Akane, your sister is in love with him. She may not voice it but I know you know that already."

Nabiki's silent tears continued to fall. She knew Akane cared for Ranma. But not once in her mind did she thought about hurting her sister. "But I would never…" she tried to protest, but her voice sounded weak. Sounded so small.

"I know, I know you won't hurt your sister but in a way you're already hurting both Akane and yourself if you continue to be with Ranma this way." Soun answered as he led her to sit back on the bed. "You may not be aware of this but suppose that you spend time with the boy. As you spend time with him, your affection will only continue to grow. This will leave you blind sighted to anything else, either that or you will grow resentful when your affection is not returned." Soun continued to explain trying to make his middle daughter understand that he wasn't doing this merely for the sake of Akane but for hers as well.

"But daddy," her heart didn't want her to stop her protests, even though her chest was growing heavy.

"You are a smart and beautiful Nabiki, there are a lot of guys out there that are more deserving of your affection." Soun cooed to her, "But not Ranma. You are a smart girl and I know you will understand where I'm coming from."

Soun held his middle daughter tightly against him as she began to suppress her sobs. "Believe me Nabiki, this is hurting me as well." he continued to hold her as few tears also began to run down his eyes as the emotions he tried to keep at bay began to flow. "More than you'll ever know,"


Soun had come down the stairs looking worst for wear, too tired to wonder what had happened to the rest of the household when he and Nabiki had a heart to heart talk. Until now, Soun's chest was still aching. He could almost feel his trembling daughter in his arms from earlier. He held her until she had cried herself to sleep, in which he then tucked her in.

The house itself was deathly quiet. Soun didn't know if he preferred the house to stay that way. He was too exhausted and just wanted to erase the vision of his daughter in tears from his mind. He made his way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water to drink but thought better of it and just made his way to his room. He began to head to where he usually kept his secret stash of sake and began to open the bottle. It was going to be a long night and he preferred to not remember any of it the next day. He didn't want to dwell on his negative feelings and emotions and just wanted to pass out into a dreamless sleep.

Almost too soon, the bottle was more than half empty and it's desired effect began to affect him.

"Kimiko," he whispered softly through his drunken haze, "Am I doing the right thing?" he asked no one but himself hoping that in doing so, his troubled mind will ease.



Ranma couldn't sleep as he tossed and turned next to his deeply slumbering father. He was deeply bothered by the sudden turned of events and Kasumi's difficult request.

"Why?" he kept asking himself softly. Why should he stay away from Nabiki? Nabiki who had become closer to him and had been a great support to him. "Why?"

His own words of promise, began to drift back into his mind. He promised to stay away from Nabiki and he always kept his word but why did his chest felt heavy? What really happened within a couple of measly hours while he was in the movies with Nabiki?

"I gave her my word," Ranma whispered softly to himself, as though trying to convince himself to keep his promise even though he had began to sit up and checked on his father to make sure he was indeed still asleep.

He found himself closing his eyes as he focused on his hearing. Listening to his surroundings, trying to determine if everyone else in the house were already slumbering. With nothing but the sound of crickets and the slight breeze that rustled through the trees, Ranma made his way out of their bedroom window towards another room.


Nabiki woke up from the familiar gentle rapping against her window and knew who it was at once. In her troubled sleep, she had wished to see him and now it seemed she had gotten her wish. She was by the window, remnants of troubled sleep seem to vanish as she opened the window for him. She waited almost impatiently as he stepped into her bedroom before throwing herself against him. Seeking his warm comfort.

Ranma almost stumbled back when Nabiki threw herself against him. Automatically his arms wrapped her in a warm and comforting embrace. His chest muffled what he knew were heart melting sobs coming from the woman he held. Ranma held her, his breathing almost ragged.

"I should have came earlier," his mind reprimanded him. What ever had transpired earlier clearly distressed Nabiki.

They stood there, holding each other. It seemed like it was forever until finally Nabiki had once again gained control of her emotions and her sobs began to subside. Ranma sensing Nabiki was already exhausted, gently picked her up and laid her down the bed but Nabiki didn't seem like she was ready to let him go and didn't release her hold on him. So Ranma stayed silently by her side. The two had yet to exchange any words between them and just relished the time to hold and comfort each other.

Deep in Ranma's mind he knew he should talk to Nabiki. He knew he had to explain to her that he was to stay away from her. He had given his word to Kasumi and yet he couldn't say those words. Worried that once he had said what would be his goodbye to her, then he wouldn't be able to be able to seek her out anymore. It would mean that he was to remove his presence from her right away and at this very moment he just couldn't do it.

Nabiki on the other hand tried to process her father's words. She didn't want to loose the man that held her so comfortingly. She didn't want to give him up even though her whole life had been thrown out of balance simply because she had realised she cared for him. She did admit to herself that while her life seemed to be imbalanced since she had realised her feelings, she found that she didn't mind all the changes that have occurred. It gave her grief, yes but it also gave her comfort that she needed.

"Ranma?" She asked almost tentatively as she bit her lower lip.


"Nothing," Nabiki found herself saying as she snuggled closer to him. She knew she will owe him an explanation about what her father had asked her but at the moment she didn't feel like talking to him about it. It would only ruin their quiet moment together. If this was to be the last time she was to be with him like this then so be it, but she won't be the one to ruin this moment.

"I've been thinking," Ranma whispered as he broke the silence between them.

"That's a first," Nabiki couldn't help but playfully quip.

"Haha, very funny Nabs," he retorted back sarcastically.

"I thought so too," Nabiki replied back "And don't call me Nabs,"

Ranma just gave her a wide grin that clearly indicated that he didn't listen to her and will continue to call her by that nickname but grew sombre when he recalled the subject he wanted to ask her. Seeing him frown however only reminded Nabiki of her earlier conversation with her father so before Ranma could speak, Nabiki had pressed her finger against his lips to silence him.

"What ever it is you are about to tell me, I know it's bad," Nabiki sighed warily, as she tried to search his eyes and found that his eyes told her the truth as the briefest flash of sadness passed through them. "Can you just hold me tonight?" she asked in an almost pleading voice.

Ranma knew this was probably the last time he may hold her like this and complied. He knew at dawn, things will change and wether he wanted to or not, he was bound to his words.

He held her against him comfortably until he felt her gentle breathing become even from sleep. Almost painfully Ranma untangled himself from the sleeping middle Tendo, and tucked her into the bed. With one fleeting glance, he brushed away a couple of strands of her hair that obstructed his view of her slumbering face.

With a heavy heart, he kissed her forehead. An action that even though made him fluster from his daring resolve, also made his heart ache because in his own way he was also saying his goodbye to her. He silently slipped out of her window and returned to his room, unaware that a lone tear escaped Nabiki's closed eyes.

The next day was an unusually silent affair at the Tendo residence. Kasumi had prepared a wonderful breakfast for everyone but her smile didn't quite reach her eyes as she greeted everyone at the table. Kasumi had let Nabiki sleep in a little later than normal, not only because it was the weekend but she had a feeling that after the talk she had with their father, she might need some extra space right now.

Kasumi couldn't help but let her gaze wonder to Ranma who tried to look occupied with his meal and guarding it against his gluttonous father. Kasumi knew she have overstepped her boundaries and had meddled into Ranma's affairs but deep within her heart she knew she just had to. Ranma was too oblivious to his actions about where his affections laid. It was bad enough that there were nice women who chased after him but for two of her beloved sisters to get involved was just too much. She wouldn't let both of her sisters get hurt when she knew it could be easily prevented. It's better to hurt them now rather than later when the pain would have been much too strong for everyone involved.

"Easy indeed," she murmured rather dubiously to herself. What had happened last night was far from easy. She still felt emotionally drained and every time she looked at the pigtailed martial artist, she couldn't help but feel her heart sink at the pit of her stomach. She closed her eyes trying to push the dreadful feelings away, after all, if she felt that way just by looking at Ranma she can only imagine what type of emotion she will feel when she faces Nabiki whom she knew would seek her to find answers once she realises that Ranma's avoiding her.

"Is there something wrong Kasumi?" Soun asked his eldest daughter as he peered over his newspaper, who didn't look too well either.

Kasumi shook her head and smiled at her father, "Nothing father, nothing at all." she tried to reassure him as he once again turned his attention to the newspaper he was reading. She sighed in relief only to feel someone's eyes upon her person. Her gaze met Ranma's soulful eyes who once again resumed his attention to the food he was eating. At that very moment Kasumi wanted to cry from the loneliness she felt from his eyes and the guilt, knowing that she was the one to do that to him.

With such tumult of emotions and guilt, she excused herself to the kitchen. Once she had reached her safe haven, she couldn't help but let the tears she tried to hold back fall from her eyes as she cried silently from the guilt of her actions.


If the start of the morning was hard, the day didn't get better as it progress. Akane had returned late afternoon and was unaware of the unspoken melancholy which seemed to have fallen in her home. She didn't even realised that Nabiki had spent the majority of the day in her room and just brushed it off that her sister was having a bad day.

Kasumi looked distracted but Akane also brushed it off knowing that if there was something wrong, her sister would talk to her about it. But the person that bothered her the most was her fiance, Ranma. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts and seemed out of it. Every time she tried to make conversation with him, he seemed almost too lost in his own thoughts to converse with her properly and give her his undivided attention. She thought about talking to him about it but pushed the urge aside.

Besides, the jerk seemed like was ignoring her. That was the perception he was giving her. He barely spoke to her and he seems to keep looking at the direction of Nabiki's room.

"Fine then, be a jerk Ranma," she muttered to herself as she left her fiancé at the dojo until a sudden realisation made her fume. From her fiance's actions it seems like he was guilty at something and the looks he's been giving to her older sister's bedroom made her put everything together. Ranma had done something to upset her older sister Nabiki, she just knew it. That is until she caught sight of her eldest sister Kasumi giving Ranma a sympathetic look as she entered the house. Was it Akane or did Kasumi had trouble making eye contact with Ranma?

"Just what did happen while I was away?" Akane asked no one but herself but was surprised when her uncle Genma walked passed her in his cursed form and shrugged non-committantly, answering her rhetorical question.


Nabiki had stayed locked in her room for the majority of the day, only coming out to perform her basic activities such as eating, grabbing something to drink, taking a shower, etc. She didn't linger or spoke to anybody else in the house, not when her thoughts were preoccupied with the events the night before. She just wanted to be left alone by herself for a little while.

After she had fallen asleep the night before, she wasn't surprised that Ranma had left her side. Probably during the early hours of the morning. Nabiki guessed she should really get used to that but the thought made her dwell on her father's words.

"As you spend time with him, your affection will only continue to grow. This will leave you blind sighted to anything else, either that or you will grow resentful when your affection is not returned."

There was some brutal truth in her father's words. The fact that she found herself missing his presence when she woke up confused her greatly, as well as brought great sadness to her.

"And I'm not even with him," she sighed forlornly. She was acting like some love struck teenager straight out from those sappy romance books and mangas she's been reading. She buried her head in her hands wondering how things have gotten so complicated so fast.

"It was only suppose to be a simple crush," she told herself, yet as time passed by it started growing. "There's no way in hell I'm falling in love with him! am I?" she asked herself, which made her shiver in fear. Love? How can she fall in love with him? He was far from the ideal man she had pictured herself to be with. Sure he had his gorgeous looks, great physique, kind, funny…

"OH HELL!" she cursed, more to herself than anyone as her mind began to mentally tally all his positive characteristics.

Nabiki, for another time in her life found herself unsure of herself. She once again found herself in deep water and had no idea how to get herself away from it.

A gentle knock upon her door interrupted her thoughts.

"Nabiki? It's Akane, can I talk to you?" she heard Akane's voice of concern from the other side of her bedroom door.

"This is just great," Nabiki's mind sarcastically told her, "the very person I least wanted to speak to."

"I'm coming in," Akane warned and without waiting for Nabiki's permission, she entered her room and closed the door.

"Bloody hell,"


Akane made herself at home and immediately sat beside her sister. She ignored Nabiki's displeased blatant look at her audacity of inviting herself in without her permission. Akane merely rolled her eyes as a response to her older sibling, after all, she was curious what had happened the day before while she was away and Nabiki was the person to go to for such information. Everybody knew that.

"What's up with you?" Akane asked.

"Nothing is up Akane," Nabiki sighed rather irritably, wanting to terminate the conversation as abruptly as she can and be left alone.

"Could have fooled me. What happened yesterday? Everybody's acting weird," Akane continued, ignoring the hints that her older sister didn't feel like talking right now.

"Nothing," Nabiki deadpanned.

Akane huffed in irritation as she crossed her arms against her chest. "I know something happened,"

"If you knew something happened then why are you asking me when I already said nothing happened?" Nabiki tried to control her tone of voice. She was on the verge at snapping at Akane and probably direct her anger towards her.

Akane sighed as she finally let got of the subject seeing as Nabiki was being stubborn. When Nabiki was like this, it's impossible to move her. She still felt uncomfortable about how cold the house seems to be since yesterday and it seemed it affected Nabiki too. Akane knew she can't stand the house like this and she doubts her sisters could too.

"Nabiki, do you want to go out shopping with me?" Akane asked suddenly completely surprising her and breaking the silence between them.

"What?" Nabiki replied back rather incredulously.

"Come on Nabiki, It seems like you need to get out of the house, maybe going out will clear out whatever's upsetting you. We can even ask Kasumi and make it as a sister thing," Akane suggested as she smiled serenely at her older sister.

When Akane saw the hesitation in her normally stoic sister, she decided to urge her until she relented. "Come on oneechan, how long has it been since me, you and Kasumi had a time to ourselves?" she urged, pleading to her and using her puppy dog eyes on her.

Nabiki looked at Akane and found herself smiling. Her youngest sister had a knack at cheering her up and she had to admit, Akane can be adorable and sweet when the mood suited her. Maybe she was right, getting out of the house might be what she needed to clear her depressing thoughts.

"Why not?" She found herself giving a smirk at her sister as Akane happily hopped off her bed.

"That's great! I'll tell Kasumi now and tell dad! Get ready and we'll go in 10mins!" Akane excitedly as she rushed out of her room to seek Kasumi and gain their father's permission.

As Nabiki watched her sister's departing back, she couldn't help but feel slightly better from her sister's suggestion and found herself getting ready and looking forward to go out with her siblings.


The Tendo sisters found themselves walking around the neighbourhood, sharing and exchanging stories of their childhood experiences and memories. They even managed to go visit their mother's grave site and offered her flowers and their prayers.

The walk home seemed to have lifted Nabiki and Kasumi's feelings a great deal, as Akane continued to ramble about her stories and from time to time earned her a couple of teasing remarks from her older sisters.

"This is great don't you think?" Akane couldn't help but remark as she walked along with her sisters. "We should do this more often!"

"I agree," Kasumi smiled serenely while Nabiki merely nodded.

"Next time, we'll drag dad too!" Akane enthusiastically replied, "We can make it as a family thing!" Akane couldn't help but add.

Upon their way home, they happened to walk pass the old playground where they used to play.

It looked so small now compared to their younger days when everything looked so big and wonderful.

Nabiki looked at her sisters rather mischievously as she looked at the swings. Her sisters met her gaze and all shared the same look of glee. Then began to run towards it. "I'll race yah!" She called out as she found herself and sisters heading towards the swings.

The Tendo sisters relieved their childhood days as they played in the playground. Ignoring how old they were and simply enjoyed each other's company. From the corner of her eyes, Nabiki couldn't help but smile as she watched Akane swing herself higher and higher from the swings as she tried to compete with her.

Nabiki smiled a honest smile. Her sister had no idea how much she meant to her and made a mental note to herself that she will not be the one to ruin her sister's happiness or the one to hurt her. She ignored a slight pang of pain in her chest as she came to a decision. She looked from Akane to Kasumi and found that her sisters are all she really need. She may not tell them everything but they mean a lot to her. Her family meant a lot to her and she will not loose her family.

"As long as they are happy, I'll be happy," Nabiki found herself whispering to herself. It was enough to soothe the pain she had in her chest.

Kasumi on the other hand watched her two sisters' play merrily and couldn't help but pray that she had made the right decision to intervene.

Their laughter could be heard all around the grounds, and if everybody cared to listen well enough, there seemed to be an echo of giggling girls that resonated at the park as the three sisters played with each other and laughed merrily. Putting their troubles away.


At the Tendo Residence,

Soun couldn't help but smile as the sound of his little girls' laughter seemed to drift through the wind, reaching his ears and making his heart swell. His little girls were happy and he prayed that it would stay that way.


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