Baby, It's been a long time waiting
Such a long, long time
And I can't stop smiling
No I can't stop now
And do you hear my heart beating?
Can you hear that sound?
Cause I can't help crying And I won't look down


She realised, as she looked at them, that this had taken a very long time. And now that she had it, it all felt so perfect she wanted to cry.

Happy little tears that he would take the wrong way, wrapping his arms around her, pull her close to comfort her. Happy little tears that he never shed himself but knew he felt, that overwhelming rightness that life was.


If he could see what she was looking at right now, his heart would probably explode because Sam's was close to doing so. She knew a photo would never do it justice.

She couldn't look down at them anymore; it was too much for her to take.

She didn't have moments like these often, moments where she looked back at what she had, and how much they had gone through and how long it had taken them to get what they wanted and needed. She didn't let her have these moments because she knew it would reduce her to goo and she would miss out on enjoying her present by thinking too much about it instead.

Which he accused her of doing too much anyway.

She took another glance at her family on the floor, tucked up in sleeping bags and blankets. A mop of brown hair and a tuft of blonde peeking out from under blankets, faces content and relaxed against his chest, his own face relaxed, his hair sticking up everywhere a casualty of a night camping in the lounge. They would normally do this in the garden but the night had been rained off and he couldn't let them down, couldn't say no to them. Sam could but only just, it didn't help that they both had their daddy's puppy dog brown eyes.

Her family, two little girls with their daddy wrapped around their little fingers. He liked to think he was in charge of the house, that he made the rules and everyone was to listen to him. Becca would remind him however that mommy never listened to him and that neither did Ella. She'd tell him that she listened, but only when he had something interesting to say and never when he was shouting. It was true. Ella usually just laughed at him, he was hoping she would grow out of it but she was nearly four now and the more he shouted the harder she laughed. Ella listened to Becca more than her daddy.

This was how life was going right now and this was how it should be. She still saved the world and he still watched her six while she did so. But she had that extra part that she had wanted and needed all this time. That she had tried to have with a couple of others, Pete, Eric, but nothing had come close to this, to what she felt when she saw the man she loved fast asleep on the lounge floor with their children tucked up in blankets beside him.

She didn't think she was this woman. This family girl but at the same time she realised she wasn't. She was in fact, Sam Carter and was in love. Everything else came along with that, with him.

It had taken a long time to get here and now she was, well she was smiling and crying so much that she had to stop looking.