Operation Get Away – Chapter 2

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Cassie and Mr. Cross stood just inside the doorway, inspecting their new room. Their luggage was placed just inside the door as the captain had said. The wallpaper and linens were all navy blue. A desk sat in the corner, and off to their right was a small bathroom.

"Wow, this is nice."

"Yeah, and look, there's even chocolate mints on our pillows."

They walked into the room to look at things more closely.

"I still don't see why they sent us on a cruise," Cassie wondered. "Have we been arguing more than usual? Did they think we needed some time alone?"

"I don't know," he looked over at her. "I thought we were getting along well enough... aren't we?"

"Yeah, of course. I'm just trying to figure this out."

"Well, why don't we figure this out over dinner? Captain Daggert said the dining room was open till 10."


Although it was 9:30 when they reached the dining room, the place was full. Beautiful crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling causing the cutlery and china to glitter as they caught the light.

"I just had a thought. Who's paying for all of this?" Cassie wondered as they were escorted to a table.

"My guess is the taxpayers if the chairman is involved. Either that or Shane, DD, and Duncan are feeling really generous."

"So we're on a luxury cruise with all the amenities, and we don't have to pay for a thing?"

Quentin caught her eye with a knowing look. Oh yes, they were going to milk this for all it was worth.

"Have you made you selection?" a waiter approached their table.

"Uh, yes, I'll have the lobster with mashed potatoes and gravy, and a chef's salad."

"Good choice," Cassie approved. "I'll have the same. Oh, and I want the German chocolate truffles for dessert."

The waiter left to deliver their order.

"I heard a lady mention they had a spa. Apparently Yuri is the masseuse to go for. You can even book him to come to your room."

"Sounds nice."

"Yeah. So what are you going to do to make the most of this trip?"

"Oh, I think getting as much room service as possible, extra pillows, complementary bathrobes, and more of those chocolate mints suit me just fine."

They shared a smile as their food arrived.

"I haven't had lobster since I was a kid," Cassie poked at the exoskeleton with her fork. "My dad thought he was getting us this great treat. I ended up throwing it all up."

"And you want to try it again?"

"I'm sure my taste buds have matured. But I suppose it's a good thing you changed out of that really expensive sweater."

Quentin looked down at his perfectly pressed grey dress shirt.

"This is Armani."

"Oh. Maybe I'll just have a taste." She made an attempt to break into the meat.

"Just take both ends and break it," he showed her as he broke into his.

Cassie took a firm grip on either end of the lobster. It looked tough enough. This was going to take some work. So she snapped it. Hard.


Quentin used his index finger to swipe a piece of the meat from his cheek and used his napkin to remove more from his shirt.

"Excuse me!" an irate man from another table turned around to face them while rubbing at his hair. "Watch what you're doing!"

Cassie winced. "Sorry." The man gave her one final scowl before turning back to his own meal.

"Eesh," Cassie rolled her eyes before returning to what was left of her lobster. "What?" she questioned Quentin as she noticed he was still looking over at the other table, his hands frozen over his food.

"I think I know that man... from somewhere."

"Maybe someone you knew from another life," Cassie joked.

Quentin looked at her strangely. "Maybe." Shrugging off his reverie, he returned to his meal.


Cassie came out of the bathroom having just brushed her teeth.

"Well, I guess here comes the big question. Who sleeps where?" she asked while eyeing the one and only bed in the room.

"I'll take the floor," Mr. Cross offered.

"That's not fair to you though. I can sleep on the floor just as well as the next person... How about we order a cot?"

"That might cause some raised eyebrows since they think we're happily married," he pointed out.

"Hey, they don't know that we're happily married. They just know we're married."

"We're not happy?"

"I don't know, maybe we need to work some things out."

"We're having problems?"

"We could say that because we're always at work, our relationship has become strained, so we've taken this vacation to spend some quality time together and rediscover our passionate love for each other."



Cassie woke up. Looking at the clock, she realized it was only 2:30 in the morning. What had woken her? She lay quietly, listening for any sound that might have disturbed her. Nothing. No wait. There it was again. Muttering. Mr. Cross was muttering. She wasn't sure what to do. Should she wake him up? It didn't sound like that bad of a dream though she couldn't make out what he was saying. She decided to wait. Waiting. Waiting. No, she couldn't take much more of this. Getting up, she made her way over to his cot.

"Mr. Cross," she whispered loudly while she shook his shoulder. "Mr. Cross, wake up. You're having a dream. A rather loud, annoying dream." Still nothing. "You know, it's not smart for a spy to talk in his sleep." Good grief. "Mr. Cross, DD's finally snapped. She's taken Duncan hostage in the break room, and she's warding us off with a stapler, and Shane's backing her up with a hole punch!"

"Whoa! DD! Shane! What?" Mr. Cross sat straight up, his eyes wide.

Cassie laughed. "Sorry Mr. Cross, you were talking in your sleep."

Quentin rubbed a hand over his face. "Oh... sorry Cassie."

"That's okay. Must have been some dream," Cassie smiled suggestively.

"Actually, it was. The man in the dining room. His name is Jaron Cain."


"He's an assassin and a drug dealer."

"No wonder we're having marital problems."


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