This is just a poem I had to do for creative writing...and I based it on Ra...don't know if its' material... ;;;; but...why the hell not?! This is the Sun God...Ra!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or the Winged Dragon of Ra (::Cough:: But the m odel kit, fake card, and blankie ish mine!::CoughCough:: ) so...enjoy!

"Death And Rebirth"

Being born, steadily rising

Taking his time to preserve his serene beauty

In an explosion of soft yellows and gentle gingers, he has risen

Piercing the sky with a new hope, being reborn in a flash of light

Spreading wings, enveloping the land below it with his soft glow

Letting out a shrill cry, unheard by those who still sleep under him

With majestic glory unmatched by the envious moon

With eyes that shame the shimmering stars

Glowing fiercely with the ferocity of the Egyptian God Ra himself

With the light of a thousand suns, he flies

Gracing the world with his glorious glow

Stinging the eyes of his followers with his sharp shine

His flight in a long one, the dragon with the golden scales

The fierce dragon with horn that tear up the sky just as the sun's rays

Glorious sanctuary of a heavenly glow

Ablaze with a fiery passion, a need to press on

A need to live a life that ends in the coming darkness

Falling behind the horizon, sorrowful and defeated

But to return another day, the golden dragon retreats

Darkness taking its place, stars dancing victoriously

Fear not, the dragon will return to reclaim the sky

The dawn will be reborn

Embers will dance in distant daydreams

The dragon will soar once again