"A normal day should always consist of a healthy dose of man-slaughter followed by an even more substantial fuck," Beatrix pointed out through an even breath. If that didn't clue in that she was more than pleased with her payment than nothing would. She was lying on her stomach, the sheet messily spread over her lower half, and arms folded on top of the plush pillow. Bill certainly knew how to please and Beatrix loved it. But, what she loved even more was that sex with Bill was never just sex. Sure, it was arousing, pleasurable, and an experience, but there was something more to it that she'd never get from anyone else.

Having sex in the middle of the day was different. One difference being she certainly wasn't physically exhausted and she didn't feel that washed out after sex feeling. She felt energized but not enough for another round. She turned her head in her lover's direction, her features glowing with sweat as well as inner warmth. "You know," she began in a softened tone, but she kept the level of amusement brimming, "You could save a shit load of money if you paid me like that all the time." Her lips stretched into a slyer smile.

Again, Bill laughed quite heartily for the umpteenth time that day, from his sitting position up against the headboard. He was now wearing, what Beatrix knew well, as a pair of typical silk boxers and the button up shirt he'd been wearing earlier, now unbuttoned. All was missing was a martini in one hand and a cigar in the other to make the picture complete.

"I could have," he chuckled, not even having to tell her that he would have enjoyed that form of payment far more than the stale transferring of some funds to her bank account. "Thing is," he shifted against the wooden headboard, "you would probably have permanently disabled my ability to pay you if I'd even tried." He smirked, "Not that I didn't think about it of course. Although...I will keep that in mind for future assignments," he grinned, brimming with amusement...and with Bill, that wasn't necessarily a silly lie.

Honestly, Bill would count these last few months as the happiest of his life. Not that his life had been so happy that there was any sort of tough contest. But, he liked to believe, that even a man who'd lived every day giddy out of his fucking mind, would find Bill's life at the moment…..amazingly happy.

He glanced out the partially shaded window, squinting into the afternoon sun, an unsaid but obviously content run of thoughts going through his mind. His warm look quickly returned to Beatrix. There were a few moments where he didn't say anything, but just watched her with unparalleled affection, whatever words he could say then, were communicated nonverbally. Finally, he spoke up, "I have to say, between everything that has happened post breakfast...I'm pretty damn hungry."

Beatrix let out a hearty laugh. Her brows knit together mockingly scrutinizing him. "I'm not that hungry," she began as she picked her head up from the pillow. "But, I could go for a light dinner." It was already three o'clock in the afternoon and that wasn't quite dinner and it certainly wasn't brunch. So, by the time they figured out exactly what they wanted to do it would be in the later hours, and that was a more acceptable eating time considering she wasn't that hungry.

This being acknowledged the pretty blonde realized she had to actually get out of bed in order for this to happen. She nonchalantly turned away from Bill, extended an arm, and snatched up her bra along with her shirt that had been haphazardly discarded hours before. She clipped on her bra and pulled her shirt over her head. "Do you have a dining preference?"

Bill frowned in thought, "Not really...but I do know of a number of good places of course." With some remorse, he crawled out of bed and padded across the room over to his large closet. "We could go up to San Diego...or stay closer in." His voice faded away for a moment, as he stepped further into the huge walk in closet. "There's always El Bueno Casa," he called out. El Bueno Casa was one of Bill's usual 'haunts' in the area, the one with the amazing mariachi band. It was good, but it wasn't always charming...as it was generally full of locals.

After a few minutes, Bill emerged from the closet with a neatly piled set of clothing. "I don't have a strong preference," slipped off his shirt, replacing it with the other one he'd just picked out. There was seemingly nothing wrong with the shirt he'd had on earlier, but this was Bill, "...as long as it's not too snobby...oh," he looked pointedly at Beatrix with a slight smirk, "...and no pizza."

He fell silent, more concentrated on finishing getting dressed. If he took a moment to really think about it, he would have thought the last few minutes rather amusing...in just how 'normal couple' they'd been.

The pudge in Beatrix's lower lip could signify a pout of disappointment upon hearing no pizza but it was cutely short lived and perhaps not even seen as she moved around to get the rest of her clothing on. If she had been paying attention she would have noticed the normalcy of what had just transpired, and knowing it would have made her even happier. Quite frankly, Beatrix had been in pure bliss for the past few months or so, ever since they'd first fucked and gained their relationship. It was so perfect in such a fucked up way that she found that she couldn't fully take it in and appreciate it or accept it as something worth holding on to. It just was and it seemingly always would be.

Fully clothed, she stood up and went over to the mirror above the dresser to pull long blonde locks up into a characteristically high pony tail. Blue eyes, brimming with warmth peered over to Bill from his reflection cast in the mirror. She watched as he finished dressing and she finished grooming, but in the process she had been thinking and soon an idea sparked. "Instead of going out to dinner we could order in," she suggested casually with a placid demeanor. The restaurants that did take-out weren't of the greatest finery but it was editable and as noted before, she wasn't up for a large lavish meal.

Glancing up from the edge of the bed, where'd he'd been sitting putting on his socks, Bill just as neatly removed them. "Agreed," he replied with a look of contentment. Back to his preferable state of barefoot, he put away the socks and joined Beatrix at the mirror.

"And it just so happens El Bueno Casa does take out," he grinned, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. He dipped his head down, kissed her neck, and then rested his chin on her shoulder. It used to bother him slightly that she was just about the same height he was, but now...he loved it.

He gazed at their reflection in the mirror for a moment...finding them the strange and fearsome, but somehow fitting pair that they were. "I'll call it in," he spoke up, still looking at their mirrored image. Finally, Bill broke away and dug his cell phone out of his jacket, which had been somewhat haphazardly thrown over the corner of the bed. "Don't worry Kiddo, I'll get you something small," he said with a slight smile as he dialed.

Meandering slowly down the hallway, he began placing the order in Spanish. Bill knew the restaurant quite well and pretty much had the menu memorized at this point.

Beatrix didn't stalk out after Bill as he placed the order. She had enough confidence that he knew her well enough to know what she liked and disliked. It was almost disconcerting how much he 'knew' but that was something else she wasn't keen on thinking about. So she just went back into the bathroom. Inside she popped another three aspirin. Her head ache from earlier was making a comeback. Perhaps she was hungry and that was the reason for her head ache, hunger, rather than it just being fucking annoying.

When she entered back into the living room Bill was hovering by the bar with the cell phone on the counter. She kept a warm temperature glint in those blue eyes and a placidly thin smile on her face as she plopped down on a stool. "What did you order me?" She casually asked but with a hint of curiosity lingering in her tone.

Bill leaned across the bar towards her, "For you, I ordered their jumbo spicy burrito combo...with the full spectrum of peppers and chilis included. ….as well as a complete dousing of green chili sauce over the top. They say," he over dramatized, "the jumbo burrito is as big as a man's forearm." A smart ass grin spread across his face, as he watched her. He stood up straight, the grin dying down into a smirk, "I got you a soft shelled taco...regular toppings and a small enchilada. They make killer enchiladas; you at least have to try it."

He rounded the bar, sliding into the stool next to her. "They said it would be about thirty minutes for delivery...that's decent." His warm look settled on Beatrix, then lingered over to the back patio. "We should sit outside and wait," he decided suddenly and grabbing her by the hand, they went out back.

As he often did, Bill left the patio doors open, making it fairly easy to hear the front doorbell. The back patio was in its typical well kept, stylish but casual state. There were a number of wooden patio chairs, including more couch-like double chairs. They settled into one of these. Bill leaned back, legs outstretched, his arm around the back of Beatrix's shoulders.

The patio gave a nice view of the moderately large backyard and the Oriental garden/courtyard area that dominated one side. The late afternoon sun, slowly dipping down, was doing so from the left hand side...as to not fully glare into the eyes of those on the patio...no mistake on Bill's choice of course. The sunlight reflected oranges and deep yellows off of the garden's number of fountains and small pools underneath. The subtle stone and wood statues, which ran the gamut from snakes, dragons, Native American totems, Mayan gods, and Japanese figures, stood out in the silhouette of the sun.

It was all relatively silent, save for the soft trickle of the fountains, chirping of various birds and the distant hum of a passing airplane. "I'm definitely going to miss this," Bill spoke up into the quiet, his gaze fondly settled on the backyard. He would of course, but there was a tone of finality there, as if he'd already let it go. This was necessary to do when one was forced to move on at somewhat frequent intervals in their life.

His gaze turned back to Beatrix at his side, who was radiantly glowing under the rich sunlight, "We had some good times here...," he chuckled, "...and perhaps some not so good ones as well."

Beatrix gave a solemn nod of agreement. She was going to miss this hacienda as it had been her second home for so many years. She did recall that Bill changed locale in-between her three year period with Pai Mei but that had been to another hacienda within the state, which was the one he was currently residing in. So, that move didn't impact her as directly.

There were a shitload of memories connected with this place, good, bad, and mediocre. She would miss it, and she knew Bill would miss it, but they'd get over it, besides, it wasn't as if they had to leave the memories behind, she'd always keep them fondly locked away. She stretched her legs out and crossed them daintily at her ankles. Her pretty blonde head was tilted to the side and blue eyes were cast to watch a grouping of sparrows bouncing from limb to limb on a far off tree. She watched as one single sparrow glided down to the cobblestones where a small pool of water was forming from drippings of the garden hose. Budd must have finished his car washing duties and left some time ago. She couldn't blame him for wanting to leave as soon as possible, as car washing wasn't the greatest job in the world. The sparrow was joined by fellow friends and they merrily began chirping as they took a mid afternoon bath.

"I'd like to think where ever we are planned to move will be as nice, or nicer than here," she quietly commented. Bea was still curious as to where Bill had plans for their move, and even if she tried to clue in that she wanted to know she knew that he wasn't going to tell her. Her head now tilted against his shoulder and her fingers began idly twiddling at her sides. She was relatively tranquil at the present moment. The essence of the backyard had that effect on her quite often. But, she wasn't tired, just…blissful.

"I'd like to think that too Kiddo," Bill replied softly, "Although, I think you will find the new place acceptable." Bill knew she wanted to know the locale of the DiVA's next move, and honestly...he really did want to tell her. It wasn't that he didn't trust Beatrix, when in fact, he trusted her more than anybody. But, it was just too much of a security risk at this point. People can say the damndest true things under torture, and when one was an assassin, that was not an unlikely situation. Also, with the very recent killing of Bob, there was likely to be some sort of repercussion from the remainder of the CPA. That thought alone almost made Bill shift the moving date up sooner, but he wasn't the type to run either.

Bill leaned back a little further, slouching down slightly in a more comfortable position. "I will tell you though...it's just as hot as here, but I think, far more beautiful. It's a place I've never actually lived, but have a family connection to." Leave it to Bill to turn it into a riddle of sorts. He glanced at Beatrix, "You'll know soon enough...I imagine I'll let everybody in on it in a few weeks."

He wrapped his arm a little tighter around her shoulders, enjoying a few long moments in relative silence, save for the pleasant backyard noises. He let his mind wander; as he absently watched the group of sparrows kick around in the small puddle on the cobblestones. It was difficult to read his expression.

"Besides," he spoke up as if that long pause had never happened, "...you know I have good taste. It will be nice, I promise."

Beatrix was well aware of the tight context of moving and the reasons he couldn't give her the details. The last thing they needed was the CPA up their asses. It wouldn't be that big a deal and it was probably more avoidable than first perceived. So, she respected Bill's obscure riddle-like details by not prying any more, but deep down in her subconscious he had given her an enormous clue she wouldn't realize for many years.

Of course she knew Bill had good taste, she liked his taste, it was unique and different and classic 'Bill' and that left no complaints on her side. Lids idly drifted over shining blue hues. "Now I will be looking forward to seeing it more so than before," she stated and nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder in appropriate affection. "But," her tone sparked with devious intentions. "I'd like to help decorate…If not the main bedroom than the spare room because," she noted the motion in his fingers against her shoulder. She added, "I am going to be spending the night more often and as much as I love reusing my clothes from the other day…and…borrowing your shirts…I think it'd be nice to not have to…worry about it." This was a fairly simple request and it wasn't that out of context as she had been trying to remember to bring extra clothes to the hacienda numerous times before and kept on forgetting. It wasn't just a couple's thing and she wasn't insinuating it as such, it was a topic of conversation.

Bill turned to look at her, a somewhat atypical look on his face. It was a hard look to place, one of slight surprise, complete contentment and perhaps...the full realization that Beatrix really and truly wanted to be with him. Of course, he already knew that...but...there was something about her request that really touched at him. It wasn't exactly a, 'I'm moving in with you' sort of request, but….on the other hand it spoke of a sort of long term permanence that made him more happy than he could possibly describe in words.

A rather silly smile spread across his face, that...if put on another sort of face than Bill's, could almost be called giddy. "Of course you can help decorate," he said in a soft and somewhat emotionally raw tone. "Both bedrooms...," he continued, eyes searching her face intensely. He squeezed her shoulder affectionately, looking as if he wanted to say more. Instead, he settled on a barely audible, "I love you...", which was interrupted halfway through by the doorbell ringing. Blinking, as if coming out of a daze, he flashed a smile...standing up, "Food..." he mumbled, still looking a little dazed and headed into the house to answer the door.

Beatrix was perplexed by Bill's initial reaction to her 'I'm moving in but I'm not really moving in, oh, and I'm redecorating' request. She wasn't sure what she had been expecting and she hadn't been clear in her own request. Actually, she only bought it up because she noted in the back of her mind that she couldn't stay the night tonight due to the fact all of her clothes were at her apartment and she had plans to leave on assignment early in the morning. But, she liked how Bill took it, so she wasn't going to question it. She slowly shifted her position in the chair and felt a creak in her stiffened muscles. This insinuated she had been sitting too long and rose up to her feet. She stretched long arms over her head and then flopped them down to her sides.

The tall blonde then began a slow saunter across the cobblestone path and back inside. She could hear the soft murmurs of Spanish down the hallway. Bill was most likely having a pleasant conversation with his restaurant buddy. A subtle smirk graced her deadly glowing features as she moved into the kitchen and began to take out necessary eating utensils.

A few minutes later when Bill came back into the living room with food parcels in hand, he found that Beatrix wasn't there but that she was outside. And outside; the small wooden square table was set with two plates, silverware, napkins, and iced glasses of water. "I thought," she began smoothly, "That since we were outside we could stay outside."

Bill emerged onto the patio looking slightly quizzical, but his look quickly turned into one of pleasant surprise when he saw that Beatrix had set the outside table.

"Excellent idea Kiddo," he replied with a smile and went back inside to get the food that he'd momentarily left on the bar. Reemerging with the take out bags, he carefully transferred the food onto the plates. After a few moments, one could almost believe it had been a home cooked meal.

Disposing of the bags, Bill returned to the table and sat down across from Beatrix. He took a moment to survey the whole set up, and obviously pleased with it, he cast a deeply affectionate look across the table at the tall blonde.

Then with a rare spell of silence, he turned to his plate of food and picking up the neatly set silverware, began neatly cutting up his meal.

It was a perfect night to be eating outside; warm but not uncomfortably so, very few annoying bugs were out and the sky was completely clear. The sun was now dipping low on the horizon, casting long shadows across the backyard and a hazy warm glow over everything else.

After a few moments of mutually silent eating, Bill glanced up at Beatrix, "How's the enchilada?"

"It's good," she replied after swallowing a portion of food in her mouth. It was actually very good and she was enjoying her light dinner. The food was helping to make her head ache enduring. which brought her to the conclusion that she must have been hungry all along.

The remainder of dinner consisted of eating and casual conversation. It wasn't that they didn't have anything to say, Bill never didn't have anything to say, they were just engrossed in their meal portions and their own thoughts. Beatrix wasn't thinking much. She was contently eating and sometimes not thinking held more pros than cons.

Long white fingers were aimlessly plucking up cheese shreds from the plate and redecorating it on the soft shell taco when she brought up a new topic. "I'm going to let my hair grow out," she informed characteristically. She was only telling him this because he loved her hair so fucking much it was only fair to inform him of her current choices on such subject.

Bill raised a brow, taking a sip of his water, "Mrm, good," he replied to Beatrix's hair growing comment with utmost casual agreement. Of course he did, for a man who loved blondes, the more blonde the better. Besides, like many men of the more 'traditionalist' school, long hair was the ultimate sexy.

"Maybe I'll grow mine out longer as well then," he commented coyly, neatly folding up his napkin. He was certainly heading that direction, seeing as Bill's hair was at the longer extreme of how he had worn it the last few years, falling somewhat past his shoulders. He'd worn it far longer of course, when he was younger, but he preferred not to have hair past his shoulder blades nowadays.

He pushed his plate a little away from him, so he could rest his elbows on the wood table. "Then again," he shrugged, "….maybe I'll just shave it all off...go for the Shoulin monk look." He was joking of course, like hell Bill was ever going to part with his hair...if he could help it that is. Nature had at least been kind to him in that category. He smirked at the tall blonde across from him, "But, back to your hair...you look beautiful no matter what your hair looks like Kiddo...but," he smiled, "...you won't hear any objections from me."

Beatrix returned the smile. "I wouldn't think so." As to Bill growing his hair out, she held no objections to it. She always liked Bill's hair and found it almost perplexing that he managed to keep it at such a longer length. Most of the older men she came in contact with didn't have the advantage of growing their hair out but Bill did. She found that trait about him appealing.

Well, now that the daunting topic of hair length was settled Bea silently finished off her taco. The relatively 'licked clean' plate was pushed aside and she slouched back comfortably in the wooden chair, her arms extended on both arms of the chair, and head canted slightly to the side. She was slowly returning to that tranquil state and that was obvious by the way she was looking at the man across from her. She tightened her lips as if she wanted to say something, but changed her mind to something else. "Did you enjoy your dinner?"

"Very much so," Bill replied with a soft smile, sitting in a similar slouched and contented posture as Beatrix. "I have yet to be disappointed by El Beuno Casa," he added, standing up with a little food induced sluggishness and began stacking the plates and utensils.

The sun had finally set, a hazy halo of orange over the trees to the West the last reminder of its presence. The sky above was now a deep turquoise and a few faint stars had begun to appear. The soft lights of the garden had come on at their programmed time, bathing the backyard in a pleasant yellow light.

When Bill went into the house with the dishes, he flipped on the porch lights, which were separate from the other backyard lighting, but just as aesthetically pleasing. This left the porch and all the surrounding area very well lit with a pleasant atmosphere.

After a few moments inside, Bill returned to the patio. He strolled up behind Beatrix's chair and let his hands fall on her shoulders in a very affectionate manner. Without much conscious thought he began softly massaging her shoulders. Head tilted down to look upon her with a look of pure adoration, he appeared as if he was gong to say something...but apparently changed his mind and fell silent.

It was hard not to melt into a shoulder rub especially when one was tense and Beatrix was tense. She wasn't tense for any emotional reason but more physically so with all of the 'hard labor' her days consisted of. Her chin tilted down to her chest and her muscles loosened at his touch. Bill gave good shoulder messages, she'd give him that. A content smile was on her face as she soaked in it a minute longer before she nonchalantly rolled her head up to look at him. Blue eyes were a prominent warm temperature.

"I should head home," she began with obvious reluctance in her tone, "…Because someone wants me to get up at the fucking crack of dawn to go to LA."

Bill chuckled, "Whoever that guy is, he's a real bastard." His hands lingered for a moment longer at her shoulders. Finally, he pulled away, fingertips raking though locks of blonde on their way.

He watched her stand up, "But...yes...you probably should." He hated to see her leave, it had been a strange but wonderful day...probably one of the best days they'd ever had together.

He'd never forget it. But, she was right. The flight to LA was an early one and it had been a long day. Beatrix would need all of her energy for Lisa Wong. Bill knew he had to stop being selfish. He wanted her to stay, but had to let her go home and get some sleep at a decent hour. His hand on the small of her back, they went inside. He watched her intensely as she rounded up the small amount of things she'd brought with her the day before; nothing more than a small bag really.

He realized with a slight smirk, that he probably had all sorts of her stuff around his place. No matter, he'd pack it up with his own for the move. With Beatrix ready, he followed her as she slowly made her way towards the front door.

The tall blonde ceased her steps at the closed doorway and turned to the man before her. A blissful smile was etched across her features and blue eyes flared with a warmth towards him, that would in time freeze over, but for now they were bright. She leaned in, an open palm coming to cup his cheek, and she kissed him; a casual but affectionate kiss to end the night. She then pulled back and stepped out as Bill opened the door for her. "Goodnight, Bill."

The soft glow of morning began to slip through the cracks in the curtain of the small apartment. A contour of body was nestled beneath the confines of the covers in the bedroom and that body did not move. Even with the distinctive and obnoxious buzzing of a nearby alarm clock echoed throughout the area, the room was dead silent. This continued for another five minutes until the alarm clock was violently knocked to the floor and a loud muffled groan came from the covers.

Thus emerged Beatrix Kiddo. She pulled off the covers and traveled to the washroom at a groggy pace. An hour went by until she came out of the washroom. She was clad in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans, taut with a brown suede belt that was decorated with a Native American styling, and a black v-neck t-shirt. Locks of layered blonde hair were pulled up into a typically high pony tail with loose strands mingling with her bangs. To put into finer words she was gorgeous…..well, gorgeous on days she didn't feel like shit.

Her usually bright, hard assed, deadly facial features were sunken in with prominent bags under blue eyes and her skin was a clammy white. She never felt like shit and if she did she usually sucked it up, but today she didn't want to suck it up. Why the fuck did she feel like shit in the first place? Her first thought was to blame Bill and his choice for take out last night. She'd blame him for the next hour until she thought up another reason for her dilemma. She wanted to dive back under the covers and go to sleep but she couldn't, she had to go on assignment.

Her next assignment, Lisa Wong. This assignment was given to her by Bill. She was a killer who worked for Bill, killed for Bill, and she was his woman. Bill's precious Black Mamba his little kiddo.

So, thus she sucked it up and went. The airport was deserted. No one took 4:30 AM flights to LA, which made it a hell of a lot easier to get on the plane without any problems, not that Beatrix packed that much to begin with. Although the plane was fuller than she expected, but not by much. There was a random group of business men on the plane, a family couple, one or two elderly couples, and about two singles, not including Bea. She took her assigned seat near the window and rummaged in her bag for that corn muffin she grabbed at the concession stand before boarding. Her stomach was doing back flips and she needed to calm it down quick. Dammit.

The flight continued to fill up a little more, although...it was far from full. So, it seemed a little weird when a woman sat down right next to Beatrix, when there were than enough fully empty rows of seats.

This woman, middle aged, slightly overweight, large horn rimmed glasses, dark brown frizzled hair, obnoxious clothing and a purse the size of Texas, plopped right next to the tall blonde. She was one of those people who seemed to take up a lot of room and make a lot of noise no matter what she was doing.

She began rummaging through her purse, looking for who knows what. Finally, she found what she was looking for after a good two minutes of loud digging. Popping a few sticks of gum in her mouth, she began chewing furiously...her earrings and numerous bracelets clanging away.

She was also one of those people who felt the need to talk to strangers, without provocation. "Gum honey?" She offered Beatrix; sticking the gum packet nearly in her face. The woman's voice was nasal and heavily accented in the upper New York style. "You look like you could use some dear...all pale and willowy that you are..." As this was happening, the plane began taxiing in preparation for take off.

Beatrix slowly tilted her head to the woman beside her and then to the extended stick of gum. Her stomach rolled over and she shook her head fiercely. "No thank you," she muttered quietly. The plane was empty and yet Beatrix had to get stuck with one of those 'annoying but trying to be nice' people. She turned back to her muffin. The muffin was turning into crumbs in the tinfoil packaging from her pervious finger poking at it. The muffin was no less appealing than the gum. So, she not-so-neatly repackaged the item and stuffed it in her bag which she sat at her feet.

Her attention turned to stare at the window and from there she used the tactic of staring at one thing to help calm her stomach as the plane began to take off.

It took the woman sitting next to Beatrix, all of two minutes to get into a full blown conversation with her...well, more like...she was talking and Beatrix was pretending to listen.

"...so, that's how I lost five hundred Paso's! Have you ever been to the Gulf of Mexico? Oh my goodness...it's beautiful!" She patted Beatrix's forearm in excitement, "...you see my son in law, he's a lawyer...he and his wife, my daughter of course...they rent out a small getaway every summer...and they invited me this time...," she woman smacked away on her gum, "...and I have to tell you honey….it's all it's cracked up to be...and

I tell ya, if I was twenty years younger..." She continued on and on like this as they took off and leveled out...mouth yapping, jewelry clanging, fingernails flailing in the air.

A few minutes after the seat belt sign had been turned off; a stewardess came by to take drink orders. She paused at Beatrix and the other woman's row.

"I'll have a V8," the loud woman spoke up before she was even asked what she wanted, "And two bags of peanuts...you people are far too stingy, if I-"

"What can I get you ma'am," the calm and professional stewardess cut the other woman off, addressing Beatrix, "Are you alright ma'am?" She added after a moment of looking at the pale blonde.

"No," Beatrix abruptly replied. In a matter of seconds like a snake springing from the grasses, she had unbuckled her seatbelt, sprung out of the chair, performed a rather surprising leap over the obnoxious woman blocking her path, moved past the stewardess, and shot down the aisle to the restroom.

Thank God, no one was using the facilities and Beatrix went in and locked the door. Inside the tall blonde did something she never thought she would. A foul taste began to form in her mouth and she vomited…on an air plane. Not a gondola, an air plane, an air plane that she had been on countless, millions of times in her life and she never ever got sick from flying. Never.

But she was sick, very sick and vomiting ones brains out in a small cramped porter-potty spoke volumes.

When the pretty blonde had suddenly bolted up the aisle towards the small restroom, both the stewardess and the annoying woman stared after her...along with a number of passengers.

It was pretty obvious now what the blonde had been pale about.

"Happens all the time," the woman who'd been sitting next to Beatrix blurted out, as if she somehow worked on the plane and was an expert at such things.

The stewardess glared at the woman and said nothing in return, looking somewhat concerned. She swiftly walked up the aisle and halted at the locked restroom door.

"Ma'am? Can we get you anything?" She said kindly but loud enough to be heard over the faint sounds of one being rather sick that were emitting from behind the door. There was little that could be done, but it was her job to make sure people were as comfortable as possible. People got sick on planes fairly often and she was reasonably well versed in the matter of sickness.

"Tell her to lie on her back!" She loud woman called up the aisle.

The stewardess glared. That was the most ridiculous thing she'd heard all morning. She turned back to the closed restroom door, feeling rather sorry for the young woman. Not only was she sick, but she was stuck sitting next to an obnoxious cow.

"I'm fine," Beatrix called over the loud swoosh of the toilet flushing. No, she wasn't fine; she was far, far from fine. She unsteadily rose to her feet and turned on the faucet, letting the water run, but instead of washing out her mouth, she slipped down to the cheap tiled flooring of the porter-potty, her back up against the wall, legs hugged tight to her chest, bent her head, and yelled. She didn't scream, she wanted to, but that'd draw more attention than she already had.

The deadliest woman in the world was crying on the floor of an airplane restroom. She was sick, not a flu-bug sick but something else. Beatrix had to put two and two together and when she had she broke down. It hadn't been the take out food from last night, she knew that now. She had a head ache yesterday, she had been lacking an appetite and occasional mood swings, she had been tired for the past few weeks, and she was way more then a month late on her cycle. Conclusion; she was pregnant.

She could still blame the take out because Bill ordered the take out, but then again she could still blame Bill…because Bill got her pregnant…Oh god, Bill…This time she yelled out with more anguish and further tears. Crying like a scared little girl wasn't going to help her situation but subconsciously it really was helping.

The stewardess moved away from the door with a flinch. It was hard to hear over the water, but the woman inside sounded...upset...then again, maybe it was just the water….but she'd swore she'd heard a cry of what almost could be called anguish. Most of the rest of the plane had gone back to sleeping, reading or zoning out. The annoying woman was still watching the stewardess, her large body twisted around to peer at the situation. Thankfully, she'd remained silent for a few seconds.

Leaning against the door once again, the kindly stewardess spoke up,

"Ma'am...," her voice was gentle, "...ma'am? Can I get you anything? Do you need assistance?" All she could hear from behind the door was the running water and below that...a frightened silence.

Silence in this instance was a good thing because silence meant that Beatrix was calming down; if calm could be a fitting word. She had gotten off the floor and almost literally put her head under the faucet. Her head was tilted enough so the cool liquid glided over her clammy facial features and she took in a few sips to distinguish the foul taste on her tongue. Once through, she dabbed the water droplets with a paper towel and hung on to the sink for a few moments.

She couldn't step outside of the restroom without being relatively put together.

Beatrix suddenly stifled a laugh at herself. Okay, so she could be pregnant. She most likely was pregnant, and denying it was only going to make her throw up again, and she was having a shitty time swallowing the truth to begin with. But, she wasn't sure, she could not be pregnant, she could be jumping to conclusions and getting herself worked up over nothing. She had to pull herself together. She put on a hard façade that didn't do much for her still green and clammy appearance and stepped out of the restroom.

The stewardess looked at her with the utmost concern. Beatrix's lips parted as if she wanted to ask if they happened to carry home pregnancy tests on the airplane but instead she softly muttered, "Could I have a ginger ale, please?"

The stewardess offered Beatrix a gentle smile, "Yes, of course...I'll get one for you right away." She turned away to get the drink, but quickly turned back to the tall blonde, "Let me reseat you as well...more space might be good for you." In other words, getting her away from that obnoxious woman.

The stewardess sat Beatrix a few rows in front of her former seat and left to get her a ginger ale. When she passed by Beatrix's prior seat mate, she informed the woman that she had reseated the young lady because it was best she sit alone in her current state...which certainly held some truth to it. The larger woman, nodded congenially, "Oh yes, of course...poor thing needs some space...poor, poor thing..." She continued to mumble to herself in-between chomps of gum...apparently unable to completely cease talking.

A minute or two later, the stewardess set a cup of ginger ale, along with the halfway empty can on the tray in front of Beatrix. She gave the blonde a reassuring look, "If you need anything at all...just press that button," she indicated the large call button on the ceiling, next to the lighting and air flow controls. "Please, don't hesitate to use that." She smiled once more and then left Beatrix, moving onto her other many tasks.

Beatrix almost wished the stewardess hadn't left, because if she didn't leave, than Beatrix wouldn't have been left alone to think. She didn't want to think but there was no stopping a speeding train.

It's said that when one is faced with a life changing situation they go through phases. Beatrix was smack in the distressful and angst phase. Unfortunately this half consisted of a great deal of negative thoughts. What if she really was pregnant? That would fuck up everything and not literally, she'd already did that. She hadn't planned to get pregnant and deep down she didn't think she could. Well, she knew she could, but she didn't think Bill could. Ah, but that was stupid on her part, and negligent, but she had been fucking and during those fucks she wasn't exactly thinking she had to play it safe.

This then brought her back to Bill. She cared about Bill…she loved Bill…she fucked Bill and now there was a high probability she was carrying his baby. That mere thought alone scared the shit out of her. Bill wasn't a father. Bill was a murdering bastard.

The tall sickly distraught blonde hit her head hard against the back of the seat. She wasn't trying to knock herself out, but the impact numbed her head and she soon fell into an uneasy slumber.

A young woman wearing a blue apron and a nametag that read "Jaclyn", stood looking rather bored behind her check stand, chewing idly on her light pink painted fingernail. Her dark hair was pulled back in a sloppy pony tail, freckles standing out under the harsh florescent lighting. She'd been zoning out, staring at the black and white security camera by her register, but for all she knew...somebody could have stolen just about anything...she wasn't paying much attention.

That was until a tall, very pretty blonde woman came strolling in. Nobody came into the Quick E Mart at 7am and bought a pregnancy test, not even in L.A...until now that this.

Jaclyn gave the tall blonde a long look as she approached the counter with the rectangular box, her young face still set in an expression of teenage boredom. Although, she was pretty intrigued...she still wasn't about to go and be all fucking interested in some lady's knocked up ass.

She pulled herself up into a slightly less crouched position and pulled the pregnancy test over the scanner. She glanced at the register display, "That's 16.47 with tax," she droned, dull blue eyes focused on the blonde woman. "This is a good test," Jaclyn piped up suddenly as the woman was retrieving her cash, "My friend Marissa got knocked up by this real asshole gang banger dick...and she used this test...she was fucked alright….and this thing told her so..." She wasn't sure why she'd talked to the woman, she never talked to customers...she hated customers...they were all a bunch of stupid sheep. But, there was something about the blonde that made her want to share that bit of 'enlightening' information.

Beatrix put a crisp twenty on the counter and watched somewhat stoically as the young teenage cashier counted out the change. The tall blonde was feeling noticeably better after getting off the plane. She wasn't as pale or green or sickly looking but that didn't mean she still didn't feel like shit on the inside. Her emotions were running on full swing, but she wasn't a trained killer for nothing. She was able to pull off that stoic and calm assed façade the whole way to the Quick E Mart and she still had it.

Jaclyn seemed like a well mannered kid and Beatrix felt obliged to be pleasant, or at least those maternal instincts kicked in. She put on a forced tight smile and replied lightly, "I wasn't knocked up by one of those…" A spark went off in those void blue eyes. "But, thanks for the tip."

"Fuck," Beatrix profusely swore. Then those blue eyes slowly and methodically stared down at the strip clenched in her fingers. The blue strip. Blue meant pregnant. She was pregnant! And in that moment of sheer shock, all previous feelings of being distressed or even close to angst were gone. She was going to be a mother!

She was swept over with a feeling euphoria and she walked out of the bathroom clinging to her blue strip and the box as if it were the baby itself. She was pregnant. This was what she'd always wanted, and now realizing it, she held no regrets or doubts only pure bliss. She was going to have a little baby boy or girl. A baby that was half her own and half Bill's.

Beatrix stopped in the middle of the hotel room and gaped. This was Bill's baby too and he had the right to know. He had the right to be just as happy as she was. She dashed to the bed side table and picked up the receiver. She dialed quick and effectively, her heart pounding in anticipation. The phone rang….rang….rang a third time…a forth…fifth…The door bell rang? Her brows furrowed in sudden curiosity and minor caution. She hung up the phone and with her blue strip and home pregnancy box in hand she went to answer the door.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Hello, I'm Karen Kim, I'm the hospitality manager of the hotel. I have a welcome gift from the management."

"Oh, that's nice…Um…" Dammit, she dropped her blue strip. "…Could you just leave it by the door…? ..."

Bill had been performing the same morning routine for nearly every morning for the past fifteen years or so. It only changed if he was traveling or there were more important or tantalizing reasons to skip it.

Now, whoever said routines were always good...?

This morning, his morning routine, and consequently the missing of Beatrix's phone call, would forever shape the remainder of his life...and in turn, shape the end of it. The events that would follow that morning were, like a line of toppling dominos, a series of fate driven consequences that had been set in motion the second that Bill had set his dark gaze on Beatrix over five years ago.

But that reality had not yet reached Bill.

Completely unaware that he was now the father of Beatrix's unborn child, Bill sat meditating in the middle of his Oriental courtyard. It was past sunrise, but he'd felt like sitting there longer than usual. The morning was clear and utterly still.

Cross legged and straight backed, wearing a black silk Mandarin collared shirt and loose black pants, bare footed, hair loosely falling past his shoulders, he sat unmoving. While, appearing quite stoic, if one who knew him well were to look at him, they'd know that Bill was a happy man. There was just the slightest upturn of his mouth, the softening of his normally hard features. This was Bill's new look...his recent look. He wasn't going to have this look for very much longer. It was about time he return to the scowl and glare that he knew and portrayed so well. Unknowingly, he was enjoying some of the last moments of that other, softer Bill...a side of him that would only be brought out again in him by his own child.

Inside his hacienda, a hundred feet away or so, sitting on the nightstand next to his bed, his cell phone rang five times. It didn't forward to his voicemail...that took six rings; it simply stopped ringing...or in the case of the receiving end, stopped playing that silly monotonic version of The Eagles "One of These Nights."

All Bill heard from his cross-legged vantage point out in the courtyard was the soft chirping of morning birds. His thoughts were equally as pleasant as the soundtrack around him. His mental wanderings drifted to Beatrix of course, amongst everything else. He reflected at length on the day before...that had been one hell of a day...a day to remember. But, he realized that any day he spent with Beatrix was a day to remember. It would seem he'd have quite sometime to remember those days in the years to come.

He thought briefly of skipping his work out and just going inside. But, he resisted the temptation, besides, it was remarkably nice outside. Standing up slowly, he made a slow walk around the courtyard to stretch his legs, bare feet padding on the cobblestone, hair blowing in the soft breeze. Then, setting himself up with enough room...Bill began the Tai Chi Chuan long form, Chen-style...his preferred style of the soft martial art form. When he did this, he tended to mentally melt away into an almost blank state...but, before he did, he had a few fleeting thoughts of Beatrix and the anticipation of seeing, his woman, his lover, that very evening.

She would no doubt have an interesting story or two to tell him.

"Congratulations." And that was that. In the midst of the hotel room, staring at the door with the hole blasted through it, was Beatrix. She finally snapped, letting the cool metal in her hands drop on to the bed, she made a mad crawling dash across the shaggy rug and retrieved her blue strip. She then moved to the back corner of the room and sat there in a fetal position.

That disheveled woman with the labored breathing was Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad…or that is what she had been. Facing Karen Kim had been one of the most frightening experiences of her life because she hadn't been a killer, not in that moment, she was a mother scared for the safety of her unborn child. And if she remained Black Mamba, her child would always be in danger. She couldn't live like that. Her child didn't deserve to live like that.

She had to make a choice, right then, in that very hotel room, a choice that would change her life for better or for worse. It wasn't about Bill…or was it? Well, Bill had a lot to do with her daunting choice. If she went back home she'd have to face Bill, she'd have to tell him it was his. Minutes before she had no problem trying to get a hold of Bill and telling him the good news but now, after having a gun pointed at her head, her thoughts turned down a different road. If Bill knew he'd claim the baby and she didn't want that. Her baby deserved that clean slate that Beatrix longed for. A clean slate with no blood stains to speak of, and in order to gain that clean slate she had to drop out.

It wasn't about Bill anymore and it certainly wasn't about herself, it was about 'their' child and the right choice. She had to choose; Bill or the baby.

Beatrix chose the baby.

She wasn't running away, per say, well she was running away from Bill, that much was true. She was running away from one life, to pick up another that she was going to make work. So a good two hours later the mother-to-be packed up her small duffle bag, left the hotel and went home. It wasn't exactly her 'home' but it was home enough; El Paso, Texas.

Author's Notes:

From Mel (Moneypenny1979)

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for actually taking the time to read this entire story!

This story took nearly eight months to write. It began really as a free form role play between Jess and I. Jess was a Bea fanatic, and I was a Bill fanatic...it just made sense we each write a character and see what happened. Little did I know just how well this would all work out. Jess and I did not actually know each other until we started writing this story, and I'm still amazed at how well our writing meshed together and how well we worked together as a writing team; coming up with ideas and agreeing on the direction of this story along the way. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive when Jess first suggested we put the story on this site. I wasn't sure if people would enjoy reading it as much as Jess and I enjoyed writing it. But, now I'm so glad that she suggested it and I'm really happy that you guys were just as involved as we were. I cringe when I go back and read the first few chapters of this story. But, I think as the things went on, Jess and I began to get a much better grasp on the characters and how we wanted to handle this fic. In the end, I'm pleasantly surprised at the results of all those months of scheming, chatting and writing.

This story really is, in my opinion, a Bill/Bea fic. But, I hope that we did a decent job at re-creating a cast of other characters around them. Writing Vernita and Elle was always a challenge. But Elle brought me great joy in her truly vile sadistic moments of humor and Vernita, with so little to go on from the movies, was an interesting character to develop a little more.

Bill, of course, was my main focus. He certainly isn't the easiest character to understand, but I did the best I could to convey the sort of character that I felt he was. I didn't want to over idealize him, but on the other hand, I wanted, through his portrayal, to show some things from "his side" along the way. I have always been fascinated by the antihero that easily borders on the villain, and so he was very fun for me to write. I will also make a shameless little plug for my KB fanfic "The Life And Times Of A Murdering Bastard" (on this site) If you liked how I wrote Bill in this fic, you might be interested. Likewise, Jess will be writing Beatrix for my story, when I get to that point...which at the pace I'm going may take awhile. :P Also, a number of characters and references from this story will show up in that one, including the other Vipers, Paco, Pai Mei, Hanzo, Estiban, and so on. But enough of my plug.

I will admit, it was so easy to get a little too emotionally involved with this story...almost to a scary point. There were moments when I was genuinely frustrated, intrigued and pissed off at Beatrix. And the worst came when Jess and I knew we had to end this story. We were both really sad to see it end. But, we knew it had to. In the end, I'm just glad that we are not the only ones that felt that way. Like many of you have said, I think watching the movies now is very different. And I think that is pretty cool.

Some thank yous. I'd like to thank all of you guys who reviewed this story, specifically those who stuck with us all along (you know who are are, we know who you are :D). Your kind words were very encouraging to us and we went over single review.. I'd also like to thank Q&U for coming up with such a cool world, a great story and a wonderful cast of characters. Jess and I (neither of us whom wish to be sued) very much enjoyed delving further into these characters. I'd like to give a special thanks to Mr. David Carradine, whom I have adored ever since I was a kid, and who's portrayal of Bill fueled me to want to explore his character more. I even made a few subtle references to David's autobiography "Endless Highway" in this story (the peyote trip, the sun god Apollo, etc.), which I highly recommend reading if you are a fan of his.

And most of all, I'd like to thank my friend Jess, for writing this story with me, for putting up with my moments of weirdness, and for her writing the most amazingly perfect Bea to my Bill.

Again, writing this story has been a fun and surprisingly really rewarding experience; I learned some new things and I gained a great friend. I hope I can look back on this story in a few years and still enjoy reading it. Maybe you guys can too.

Take care, and remember...even sadistic murdering bastards need love every now and again :D

From Jess bloodysatisfactn

Hello everyone!

Well, Mel basically said everything for me. huggles Mel I feel exactly the same way about everything she said…let's see…

I first met Mel through a KB role play group I started because after seeing volume two I was obsessed. I've been role playing for well over seven years, my skills as a writer have drastically improved since, and I'd like to think role playing had a lot to do with it. Anyway, I love role playing characters from my favorite movies and when KB became one of my favorite movies I became intrigued by Beatrix Kiddo. Her character seemed amazingly intriguing, not your typical 'kick-ass-female-fighter' and I decided to try her out.

You all must know, as I've told Mel a thousand times, I am the COMPLETE opposite of Beatrix. I would tend to play your classic 'damsel in distress' characters; shy, overly nice, generous, let's her man fight for her…yup…And as well all know Beatrix is far from shy, she isn't all that nice or generous, and she sure as hell doesn't need 'her man' fighting for her. So, she was a challenge. But, as you all seem to think, and I haven't heard any complaints everyone liked my Bea. I didn't base her off of anything or anyone…basically used what I learned from the volumes and the original script…oh…and watching Uma throughout the film and watching other various QT movies. I didn't have a good autobiography to go off of like Mel…but my main tactic was looking at the situation...and thinking…what would I do….and then altering that to what I wouldn't do.

Throughout the story I tried to show her 'maturing' of sorts, how she became so jaded, hard assed, why she acted certain ways, things to help bring her into what we know her as in the volumes. In conclusion by writing Beatrix and fleshing her out completely and trying to understand her because I think she confuses herself sometimes…I've taken Beatrix as my alter-ego.

As for the other characters; Budd and O-Ren. Budd was easy actually. Even after what he did to Bea; the rock salt, burying her a live…being a moron…I always kinda liked him and didn't think he was all that terrible. Thus, in the earlier years of the DiVAs Budd was decent guy. As for O-Ren…I was never happy she turned out. I tried hard. But, luckily she was in Tokyo a lot…doing all of her top secret 'taking over the underground' plans…so it worked.

This is defiantly a Bill/Bea fanfic but I also like to think it is a pre-Kill Bill. Mel and I really wanted to explain to ourselves mostly why things happened the way they did. How'd Elle and Bea work up such a rivalry? And yes, the arguments between them, when writing were hilarious. What was Beatrix's deal with the truth? This was really hard to figure out…I think we figured it out…good enough. And of course, the relationship between Bill and Beatrix. This we felt was the most important and worked very hard on. I don't think it'd turn out as good as it did if Mel and I didn't mesh so well. We talked everything out. Oh, and Bill pissed me off countless times. Bastard….

And yes, sometimes we became frustrated with both of them. Especially when we tried moving their relationship up a level.

As for you, the readers, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed this fan fic as much as we enjoyed writing. It truly means a lot to get those great reviews!

Well, that's it….it's over….


Okay, Mel and I, after finishing this fic were in denial. So, we thought real hard about how we could keep on writing and hence we figured it out! We left off in this fic with Bea having left Bill…which eventually leads into Two Pines…BUT!

What happened within those three months Bea was gone? Remember when Bill said 'I mourned you for three months. And in the third month of mourning you, I track you down…" Well, what happened during those months of mourning? How did he track her down? How did Beatrix meet Tommy? And what did happen in the chapel at Two Pines? You can find out in…our next KB fan fic. Name yet to figure out…Be prepared for large amounts of character angst and all out character abuse….not our faults. It does in a way take off where we left off in KB: Prequel V2 but it can also be read as a separate story. We've enjoyed writing this other fic…we hope you do too…

And again, thank you!

NOTE: Our next fan fic can be found under the name Kill Bill: Three Months.