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High on that Mountain

Kim and Ron were at Bueno Nacho eating a snack after school and before cheerleading practice. They had not been called on a mission for some time and were adjusting to not having to save the world and just being teenagers. This was their senior year, and they were having the time of their lives. "Hey, Kim" said Ron "it's almost time to head back to school for practice and you don't want Bonnie see you come in late" "OK, Ron" said Kim, "I just want to speak to Josh a minute" Kim knew from the expression on Ron's face that she had said the wrong thing. She knew that Ron did not like Josh and had to work at not letting it show, which was something he failed to do most of the time. Kim walked over to Josh, who was sitting a table full of other jocks. "Hi, Josh" said Kim. "Hi" said Josh, "Like, what's up? Got any plans this weekend other than spending time helping Ron find a life?" All the other jocks at the table laughed at the joke. Kim looked Josh in the face and said "Well, he has a life with me, which apparently you don't!" The laughing expression on Josh's face immediately melted as all the other jocks said "ouuuuuu" and laughed at him. Kim grinned and turned away and left the restaurant. Josh may be cute she thought but he could really be such a pain sometimes. She looked up the see Ron walking up the street dejectedly with his hands in his pockets. Ron on the other hand she thought has always been there for me and never has hurt me or any of my friends in anyway. She ran up to catch up to Ron and took his arm. He turned to look at her. "Well are you and Josh going out this weekend?" he asked. She turned to him and said "Well, I thought I would spend some time with my favorite person" "So, what do you want to do this weekend." Ron turned and looked at Kim with a big smile, "Well, I think we can figure something out" They joined hands and ran to the school. They meet some of the team members coming out of the school. "What's up?" asked Kim. "Practice is canceled." said Bonnie. "They are working on the gym." "Well, Kim" said Ron, "It looks like our weekend just started early. Let's head for my house, we'll figure things out on the way." He looked over at those wonderful green eyes and said "Booyah" He grabbed her hand as she started to laugh and they ran up the street toward his house. On the way to Ron's house Kim saw a small park. She remembered a swing set that she and Ron used to play at. She also remembered that Ron would push her for what seemed like forever. He never really wanted to swing himself. He seemed to get enjoyment out of pushing her on the swing. "Ron, push me on the swing" said Kim as she dragged him toward the swing set in the park. "What?" said Ron. "Pwwease" said Kim giving him her patented puppy dog pout. "No, please not the puppy dog pout, swings it is!" said Ron. Kim laughed and giggled and ran ahead to the swings. Ron got behind her and started to push Kim. He started to smile as he thought back to the times they had spent here together. Kim giggled as Ron pushed her higher and higher. She looked back and saw Ron smiling a little smile. One that he seemed to have just for her. Something in her sparked and she had a wonderful warm feeling. The words to a poem came to her as Ron pushed her on the swing.

He touches me in mysterious ways

Only my heart can understand.

The feelings he evokes when his eyes meet mine

Are almost more than I can stand.

He gently breathes, I close my eyes

And feel his love flow softly over me

Like a babbling brook, winding its way

Through the forest; An endless stream to the sea.

The stars in the sky spell out his name,

As the clouds come racing in

To hold him closer; As if even they,

Can not be without him.

He only has to speak my name

And my fragile heart skips a beat

And as his tender words are uttered,

All my doubts and troubled fears

Are put to sleep.

He touches me and I'm filled

With the most warm and wondrous light

It's as if before him, I was just as dark

As the dead of the longest night.

Just to gaze into his eyes

And feel his heart beat with mine,

It's all I'll ever, ever ask until the end of time!

She was so happy and felt so good. She secretly enjoyed feeling Ron's hands on her waist as he pushed her higher and higher. She kept glancing back to see him and a thought came to her mind. She knew that she would have to time it perfectly to work. "Hey, Ron, I got a secret to tell you" she said. "What is it KP" asked Ron? He stepped to the side so she would swing up by him. She watched carefully as she swung back to him and waiting for the perfect moment leaned over and gave Ron a little kiss as she passed by on the swing. She blushed a little and laughed at the bright smile that came to his face.

Monique rode by on her bike and saw the two friends on the swings. She remembered the two playing as kids on the swing and got a thrill to see the two together at the swings again. She had been dropping hints to Kim and Ron about the other. She could tell the way the two of them looked at each other and knew that the two belonged together. She had made it her mission that the two teens realized that. She didn't want to disturb the youths and went on. She had seen the little kiss and saw the joy that was in both their faces. Monique noticed some dark clouds bringing a shower so she pedaled for home. Ron saw Kim looking at him and she turned away blushing. He was enjoying pushing Kim. It made Kim happy and that made him happy. He called out to Kim "Let's go get in the pool at my house" he said. "you have a couple of suits that you left there. We could order a takeout for Beauo Nacho and cool out around the pool." "Sounds good to me" she said. Suddenly it began to rain hard, "Ah man!" said Ron as he looked to the sky. Kim giggled and reached up to Ron and tapped him on the chest "Tag, Your it!" and ran off across the playground in the rain. "Oh, OK, you just wait" and Ron chase after Kim. The two laughed as they chased each other back and forth and through the trees during the rain. Ron finally was able to catch up with Kim and grabbed her around the waist. She screeched with delight and turned to him laughing. The rain had stopped and the sun had come back out. Ron was standing there looking at Kim, her damp hair hanging down, her cheerleader uniform clinging close to her body. "She is so beautiful" he thought, "I am lucky to have her as a friend, and maybe someday more" Kim saw Ron looking at her and smiled. Ron's blond hair was plastered to his head. Kim's heart was fluttering as she reached up and put her hands on his chest. Even though she was wet she felt very warm all of a sudden. "Uhh, Kim, let's head for the house and we can get in the pool." Said Ron. "Okay" said Kim and they joined hands as they walked off to Ron's house. They got to Ron's house and went straight out to the pool. "Your suits are out in the bathhouse, you can change out there, I'll be back as soon as I change" said Ron as he headed for his room.

Kim headed for the pool house and went in she found a couple of suits that she had left there. She picked out a black one piece with high cut legs. This was one of her favorites. Ron had picked out this suit. For a guy, Ron had a good eye for ladies fashions and had very good taste in that area. She had a lot of wonderful outfits that Ron had picked out for her. This was the reason she dragged him on several shopping trips. She wished he would have equally good taste with his own clothing but that was never the case. Ron was very special to Kim. He was almost always in her shadow both on missions and at school. Most of the villains they had fought could never remember his name and just called him the "buffoon". She knew that this hurt Ron, but he was always there at her side helping her and being there for her when she needed him. She could always count on him being there. She could not think of anyone she could count on as much as she counted on Ron. He wasn't a buffoon to her. In fact she wasn't sure how she felt about him now. It seemed that he was in most of her daydreams now and most of her dreams a night. She shook her head to clear those thoughts and headed out to the pool. She waited for Ron as she gazed to the horizon at the setting sun.

Ron ran up to his room and quickly changed into his trunks. Just before he reached for the door he saw Kim standing beside the pool. "She is so beautiful" thought Ron. "I am so lucky to have her as a friend. I do not know exactly what she thinks of me, but I know I care for her very much. She means everything to me. No matter what, I will always stand with her on any mission. I could not forgive myself if she was hurt during a mission. I love her. I hope that she one day can love me. Until then I will be the best friend that she has ever had." Ron came out the door quietly and ran to the side of the pool. He screamed "Cannonball" and leaped into the pool near Kim causing a tremendous splash that soaked her. Kim turned when she heard Ron yell only the see a wall of water coming at her. The next second she was completely soaked with very cold water. "RON!" she screamed. She saw him hanging on the other side of the pool smiling his own smile that he had just for her. "Oh, you are so in troublllle." She said. Ron just grinned back at her. She took one step and dove into the pool planning to come up under him. When Ron saw her dive into the pool, he dove under the water to meet her. They almost collided under the water and were surprised that the other was so close, as they came to the surface they were nearly arm in arm. They instinctively reached out for each other. Their arms were around each other before they knew what was happening. Ron looked into her eyes and marveled at their depth. Kim saw surprise and then saw a look that made her feel so warm. She realized that he had his arms around her. She placed her arms around his neck. She moved in closer and placed her head on his shoulder. She had never felt so completely at peace as she felt right now with his arms around her and her head on his shoulder. Ron felt Kim place her head on his shoulder and settle against him. He felt so good with her in his arms. It felt so right. He reached up and stroked her hair. She lifted her head and stared into his brown eyes; she raised her hand and placed it under his chin guiding his lips to hers. For a brief moment their lips touched and they felt emotions that they had never felt course through them. Kim pulled back and gave Ron a little smile, Ron smiled back at her and moved in again. At that moment the Kimmunicator rang its familiar tunes. The two teens jerked back then swam to where the device lay in some towels. Kim activated the Kimmunicator and said "What's the stitch, Wade?" "Hi, Kim" said Wade, "What's going on, you looked a little flushed are you feeling ok?" "Hi, Wade" said Ron. "What's going on with you two, you both look a flushed" Ron and Kim looked at each other and Kim blushed a little deeper red. "Ookkaayy" said Wade "never mind." "Kim, I just got the strangest distress call on the website." "What do you mean by strange" asked Kim. "Well, said one thing is that the distress call is from Drakken's latest lair and the second is that it is from Shego." "What?" said Kim and Ron at the same time. "This isn't some trick, Kim" said Wade. "Something is really wrong." "You said it" said Kim. "Wade, arrange transportation and have it pick us up here at Ron's house." "First part of your transport is on the way Kim" said Wade. In a few hours, Kim and Ron were on a flight heading for the site of the distress call at Drakken's lair.

The poem that Kim remembered was He Touches Me by Eliza Dunn. This is my first fanfic. I am no expert on the show or the characters in the show so if I make a mistake don't flame me. Please read and review. Thanks, CaptainKodak1