Love's Talent

Chapter One: The Contestants Confer


A talent contest and performing class brings new alliances and blooming romance, but is a sinister force trying to prevent it from being successful?

Pairings: GW/DM; KS/DS; some HP/LL and HG/RW

Disclaimer: I don't own the Harry Potter Universe/Characters, I do own Darien Solaro and Kassara Saravati. This is in Ginny's sixth year and some of the characters might seem OOC, but bear with me. Feedback is appreciated, but please try to keep criticism constructive, Thanx in advance

Dumbledore walked towards the podium on the first night. His eyes flitted over the new students who sat at their new tables and saw the old students smile at their discomfort.

"Good evening! Congratulations to all of you who are newly sorted and welcome to everyone who is returning. I have a few announcements before we begin this new term. First of all as always the Forbidden Forest is, obviously, forbidden. We have a few new additions to the festivities of the year. The night after the Halloween feast, which this year is a costumed event, we will have a talent contest. Those who participate will be eligible for certain prizes and will perform at the end of the year Costume Ball that has been instated this year." He paused as an excited murmuring began among the students and soon quieted down. "In addition, we have a new teacher, Oriana Barrington, who will teach performing classes, those in her class will give a recital at the end of the year, and who will allow some students to be instructed in voice and instruments, she will choose her students after the talent contest, and now on to the festivities, Lorenlust," he finished in a booming voice. As he stepped away the great hall was filled with food.

He sat down and surveyed the staff table. Many of the teachers looked uninterested, but Severus and McGonagall looked at each other with the intent of showing their houses superiority. His eyes alighted on the Gryffindor table, a group of redheads and a few other students were talking avidly. He then inspected the Slytherin table, a platinum head was talking quickly to those around him, already planning something. At the other tables a few children were talking excitedly but most were eating pleasantly.

Ginny smiled widely, she had always wished for training in performing. She loved to sing, it was her favorite thing to do, though not many people knew. Her mind was already searching for songs that she could sing. It was her 6th year and she knew it would be one of her best. Ron, Hermione and Harry were talking about the changes the schedule that would occur.

"What are you going to do?" she heard a lilting voice ask. She turned her head and saw her best friend, Kassara, looking at her with bright green eyes. Her blonde hair was swept up under her hat but wisps of the luxurious hair tumbled from underneath it.

"I don't know, I mean I'm going to sing, but I don't know what song," she told her friend. She chewed on her lip, while poking at the food on her plate.

"Well, the only talent I have is designing so can I do your costume and your competition outfit?" her friend asked eagerly. Kassara had transferred during the summer from America and she was distant cousin of Sirius, her mother was his second cousin, or something like that. She was an orphan and Dumbledore had brought her to the Black house. Over the summer the two had become inseparable and were the best of friends. Kassara was the only person who knew that her crush on Harry was more hero-worship and desire to be him than an actual crush.

"Kasi, I would love it if you did, I mean if you designed my clothes no one would care what I sound like they'd be to busy being in love with your clothes," she responded and the two giggled. They continued talking about the year ahead, ignoring almost everybody else.

"Well, old boy, what are you going to attempt for your talent," a heavily accented brunette asked his friend.

"Stop calling me that ridiculous nickname," he demanded. "I will be singing, since I don't know any girl I would be willing to dance with here, they're all uncoordinated oafs," he said, impatiently brushing his platinum hair out of inscrutable grey eyes. "What about you Darien, are you going to show us any talents?" he asked the brunette. The two behemoths that sat across from them observed the exchange mutely.

"Well, old boy, other than displaying my remarkable seduction tactics and amazing style I have no talent that is suitable for the public." He replied while smiling mischievously at some younger girls down the table. They turned pink and began whispering and giggling.

"Stop that, Dare, I hate it when you call me that, besides, it just so happens that they are only impressed because you happen to be sitting next to me," he told his best friend. Darien was from France, he was the son of one of father's friends. He had moved to England with his family this summer. "You could always sing you know," he told the guy, who laughed derisively.

"Draco you know I hate performing in front of people," the boy replied. "What's more, if I don't help you with your wardrobe you will be in a sorry position," he told the blonde boy who smiled wryly. They started talking about the new girls and things around Hogwarts.

"Harry, I don't think I have a talent, what about you?" Ron asked. He was filling his plate as he glanced at his best friend.

"Ron, I don't think you should worry about the talent thing, I mean I don't think it's all that important," Harry responded while forking up some potatoes. His friend looked over at the Ravenclaw table, his eyes sliding to a sandy haired girl. She waved slightly her dreamy eyes focusing on Harry's. Harry smiled and returned the gesture.

"What about you, 'Mione?" Ron asked worriedly, realizing his friend wasn't going to help him out on this one. Hermione turned to look at him and she smiled widely, he smiled back, feeling the pull he always felt when Hermione looked at him. He was desperately attracted to her but didn't know if she returned his feelings.

"I don't know, I might play something on the guitar and sing," she told them. He knew Hermione had learned how to play guitar when she had gone home the previous summer. She was pretty good too. Harry heard that remark and turned back to his friends.

"That's great Hermione," Harry told her before returning to his food.

"Yeah, I wonder who is going to perform," Hermione pondered. She looked around at the House tables, evaluating the students.

"I wonder who the judges are going to be," Ron stated while looking at Hermione sideways. She nodded thoughtfully before meeting his eyes.

"If I had to hazard a guess, I would bet it's that new woman and some of the staff," Hermione explained while gesturing to the table at the head of the great hall with a negligent hand. They continued discussing the rules and judging of the contest.


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